2011 年高考英语语法测试题(带解析答案) 年高考英语语法测试题 带解析答案) 英语语法测试

  1. Ms Nancy didn't mind at all to the ceremony. A. being not invited B. not being invited C. not inviting D. not to be invited
  2. " your meeting is!" he offered them his sincere congratulations. A. How a great success B. What a great success C. How great success D. What great success
  3. We must remember that fashion is not the most important thing in life. A. /; the B. /; / C. the; / D. the; the
  4. It quite a few years the accused was declared innocent and set free. A. was; since B. is; that C. will be; when D. was; before
  5. The professor said he could talk on interested the audience. A. any topic B. which topic C. whichever topic D. the topic he thought it
  6. Under no circumstance to tell lies to parents. A. children are allowed B. are children allowed C. children will allow D. will children allow
  7. Modern science and technology has communication between people far apart. A. made convenient B. made it convenient C. made it convenient for D. made it convenient to
  8. I heard that you really had a wonderful time at John's birthday party, ? A. didn't I B. didn't you C. hadn't you D. will you
  9. The great use of school education is not so much to teach you things to teach you the art of learning. A. as B. that C. than D. but
  10. No matter how frequently the works of Beethoven always attract a large number of people. A. performing B. performed C. to be performed D. being performed
  11. their real economic situations, they got some relief fund from the government. A. Considering B. Considered C. Having been considered D. Being considered
  12. Tina have known the truth, or she would have told us. A. mustn't B. shouldn't C. can't D. needn't
  13. There are some police cars in front. What do you suppose ? A. is the matter B. is happened C. is the wrong D. the trouble is
  14. of water makes Death Valley a desert, but it is by no means devoid. A. Lacking B. Being lack C. Because of lack D. Lack
  15. In recent years much more emphasis has been put developing the students productive skills. A. onto B. in C. over D. on
  16. A survey was carried out on the death rate of those who were infected by SARS, were surprising. A. as results B. which results
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C. the results of it D. the results of which
  17. The organization broke no rules, but had it acted responsibly. A. neither B. so C. either D. both
  18. Many workers were organized to clear away remained of the World Trade Center. A. those B. that C. what D. where
  19. My train arrive in New York at eight o'clock tonight. The plane I would like to take from there by then. A. would leave B. will have left C. has left D. had left
  20. The professor could hardly find sufficient grounds his arguments in favor of the new theory. A. to be based on B. to base on C. which to base on D. on which to base 21 . evidence that language acquiring ability must be stimulated. A. If being B. It is C. There is D. There being
  22. Professor Wang , for his informative lectures, was warmly received by his students. A. knowing B. known C. to be known D. having known
  23.. In fact Peter would rather have left for San Francisco than in New York.. A. to stay B. stayed C. stay D. having stayed
  24. You him so closely; you should have kept your distance. A. shouldn't follow B. mustn't follow D. shouldn't have been following C. couldn't have been following
  25. There has been a great increase in retail sales , ? A. does there B. isn't there C. hasn't there D. isn't it
  26. It is the news most parents of the hope that there is a safe and socially approved road to a kind of life they themselves have not had, but their children can. A. that deprive B. that it deprives D. when it deprives C. that deprives
  27. We hadn't met for 20 years, but I recognized her I saw her. A. the moment B. for the moment C. the moment when D. at the moment when
  28. On hearing a great noise, Mike looked forward through the window what happened outside the room. A. to seeing B. to see C. seeing D. to have seen
  29. You be driven out of the school if you dare to cheat in the exam. A. should B. would C. will D. shall
  30. Everyone hopes that we can do something to make things better, so we can't help under the stress. A. but working B. but to work C. work D. but work
  31. We all think that no need to make laws to prevent the young from getting married during their college life. A. it is B. there has C. it has D. there is
  32. Postage , the necklace will cost you at least 650 yuan. A. including B. included C. include D. to be included
  33. With his eyes on the family album, he thought of the fun he had when he lived with his parents.
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A. fixing B. fixed C. to be fixed D. being fixed
  34. George applied for the position three times he finally got it. A. before B. until C. when D. after
  35. This robot is supposed to save a lot of labor, but it remains a problem if it . A. is B. saves C. does D. has
  36. There were many more people who got injured in the big fire than . A. was reported B. it was reported C. were reported D. they were reported
  37. He doesn't know what to say, for it is the first time that he with a girl. A. went out B. goes out C. has gone out D. had gone out
  38. which way to take, the little boy behaved like a real gentleman who comforted his sister from time to time. A. Leaving to wonder B. Having left to wonder C. Left wondering D. Left to wonder
  39. During the tourist season, there are many people wandering in this city to see the old castles in the sixteenth century. A. to be built B. being built C. having been built D. built
  40. When do you think start the new attack? A. they will B. will they C. they can D. can they
  41. Some 25,000 people were reported in the ever recorded worst earthquake in Iran, which occurred late this month. A. were killed B. to be killed C. killing D. to have been killed
  42. the teacher's suggestion, Tom finally found a way to settle the problem. A. Following B. To follow C. Follow D. He followed
  43. that no one was ever prepared for it. A. So suddenly did the bad news come B. So suddenly the bad news came C. So did the bad news come suddenly D. Did the bad news come so suddenly
  44. " the friendship between our two people last forever!", and with this sincere hope, the president concluded his speech. A. Could B. May C. Would D. Must
  45. We need a more capable leader, with strong will and as well as good humour. A. who B. that C. one D. which
  46. Many people attend various public lectures, chiefly themselves familiar with the latest development of different fields. A. getting B. to get C. to have got D. got
  47. It is no longer a problem the poor children in this district can go to school. A. that B. whether C. so D. because
  48. Of all the applicants, do you think is fit for the position? A. who B. whoever C. whomever D. whichever
  49. Part of the work is to be finished today and by this weekend. A. another B. the others C. the rest D. the other
  50. Generally speaking, the hard one works, . A. the better he gets result B. the better result he gets C. he gets better result D. does he get better result
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With the worldwide oil crisis, the price of oil has been raised 15%. A. about B. with C. of D. by
  52. The lectures, the current international issues, are well received. A. are covered B. covered C. covering D. to cover
  53. Peter is very angry about of the changed timetable. A. not informing B. not being informed C. being not informed D. not to be informed
  54. It is that terrorism is a great threat to world peace. A. widely accepted B. widely accepting C. wide accepted D. wide accepting
  55. The house built of stone lasts longer than built of wood. A. the one B. one C. that D. its
  56. E-mail as well as telephones more and more popular in daily communication. A. have become B. become C. are becoming D. is becoming
  57. This kind of cloth well. A. washes B. wash C. is washed D. is washing
  58. What do you mean saying that you've never heard of it before? A. in B. by C. as D. with
  59. He's an intelligent boy. He made such a foolish mistake. A. can't have B. may not have C. might not have D. mustn't have
  60. Each of the engineers and professors is working hard at their posts, to accomplish the goal as soon as possible. A. wish B. for wishing C. wishing D. to wish
  61. It is just as hard to persuade my wife not to dance to keep me from the football field. A. so it is B. as it is C. so is it D. as is it
  62. It was dark and cold. They had to find a house and some wood . A. to stay in…to make a fire with B. to stay…to make a fire with C. to stay in…to make a fire D. to stay…to make a fire 63 Some of the middle-aged people to the meeting were famous professors. A. were invited B. who invited C. inviting D. invited 64 Most green vegetables, for too long, will lose nutrition. A. if to be cooked B. if cooked C. if cooking D. if being cooked
  65. you dislike ancient buildings, Warrick Castle is worth a visit. A. As B. If C. Even if D. Now that
  66. the expense, I a round-the-world tour. A. Were it not … would take B. If it were not… take C. Weren't it for… will take D. If it hadn't been for… would have taken
  67. from the top of the mountain, the whole city looks beautiful. A. Seen B. Seeing C. See D. Looked
  68. the essay a second time, the hidden meaning will become clearer to you. A. While reading B. After reading C. Your having read D. When you read
  69. impressed the visitors deeply was the workers made with their hands. A. What…that B. That…that C. What…what D. That…what
  70. The newspaper's owner and editor away on holiday. A. is B. are C. be D. have been
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Recent estimates show that more than two million bird-watchers in the United States. A. there are among B. are there the C. there are D. among the .
  72. Ellis Haizlip began his stage career in Washington, D.C., supervised the Howard University Players during their summer season. A. he was B. where he was C .which he D. where he
  73. Some people hold that the more conservative the world becomes, have old furniture, old houses and old paintings. A. the smarter is to B. the smarter it is to C. is it the smarter so D. is one to the smarter
  74. She was just about to explain she hadn't passed her maths test chiefly out of carelessness her uncle came. A. her mother … when B. to her mother why … that C. her mother that … when D. to her mother that … when
  75. With the shining water before you and the wind , trees behind you, you can not help . A. blown … but feel relaxed B. blowing … feeling relaxed C. blown … but feel relaxing D. blowing … but feel relaxing
  76. "Will you be able to finish the job this week?" " ." A. I can't say it B. I don't know that C. I'm not sure this D. I don't expect so
  77. It's impossible for a child to do so much work within a short period of time, ? A. isn't it B. is it C. has it D. hasn't it
  78. that Mr Thomson got such rare fishes ? A. When and where was it B. When and where it was C. Was it when and where D. When and where were it
  79. Only after a baby seal is pushed into the sea by its mother to swim. A. how will it learn B. it will learn how C. will it learn how D. and it will learn how
  80. Peter and Bob both did well, but Peter is of the two. A. more talented B. the most talented C. most talented D. the more talented
  81. When the farmer came back from work, his pet dog jumped out the door to welcome him. A. from B. from behind C. of D. of behind
  82. he was ill, I was expected to take his place greatly surprised me for I didn't have much working experience. A. If B. That if C. That D. If that
  83. scenery in national parks is usually attractive. A. A B. An C. The D. One
  84. If you have a cold, stay at home so that you won't spread it to . A. another B. the other C. others D. the others
  85. Those to go to the exhibition should inform the office. A. not wanting B. who not want C. not wanted D. are not want
  86. The children and we will never neglected them. A. brought up well B. was brought up well C. had been well brought up D. have been well brought up
  87. The mountain village is my hometown. I spent merry night there when I was young.
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A. a great many B. plenty of C. many a D. a great deal
  88. In all English towns there is a speed limit of 30 miles an hour, ? A. is there B. isn't there C. is it D. isn't it
  89. Why are you always making the same mistake? Think of I told you. A. that B. when C. how D. what
  90. Nothing is time; yet nothing is less valued. A. more precious than B. less precious than C. most precious D. as precious as
  91. Could have been who helped Sunny get her work done? A. they … it B. they … them C. it … them D. it … they
  92. I know a place I can get a calculator on sale. I'll pick one up for you tomorrow. A. where B. wherever C. how D. which
  93. H



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