2011 年公共英语等级考试三级句型复习汇总 2 第二部份:Phrases and Sentence:

  1、 I don't ever want to have the effect on a person that this person had on me, wh ere I was just blown away by disappointment. It took a few years to get over it.这个句 子中重点解析的是“ever”的意思。
翻译为:我甚至从未想过要给“给我留下印象的人”留下印象,在这一点上我感到十分失 望。我用了许多年才克服这个毛病。
ever,在否定句中起加强语气的作用,not ever 从未。

  2、One thing I do is work with Make-A-wish. If an ill child's one wish to see a cel ebrity and he picks me, then I make time to see him. But I have to be very careful with these kids, because if you get too attached, you're just setting yourself up for loss.这个 句子中重点解析的是“because if you get too attached, you're just setting yourself up for l oss.”的意思。
翻译为: 我做的一件事就是带着许愿做事。 如果一个病了的孩子的愿望是想看一个名人 并且他选择的是我,然后我抽出时间去看望他。但是我必须非常小心的跟这些孩子相处,因 为如果你太依恋,你会感到不舍。
because if you get too attached, you're just setting yourself up for loss.因为如果你太 依恋,你会感到不舍。
其中 attach 是:使喜爱,使依恋:因情感因素,如爱戴或忠诚使联结。
set oneself up for loss 是引起自己处于受损失或失去的状态。

  3、Thank you for giving me the inspiration to stick around, at age 50, you have to f eel you're contributing to something.这个句子中重点解析的是“you have to feel you're cont ributing to something.”
翻译为:谢谢你给我关于等待的启示,在 50 岁时,你必须感到你正在做贡献。
“you have to fell you're contributing to something”这句话的意思就是:你必须感到你 正在对某些事情做贡献。

  4、We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton and just had a blast. Or I'll give everybody a ride i n the Ultra light-it's a flying kite.这个句子中重点解析的是“ride”在这里怎么翻译。
翻译为:我们待在 Ritz-Carlton 并开了个狂欢会。否则我会给每个人乘坐一下“超轻型” ??一个飞行的风筝。
ride 就是乘坐。

  5、"One day I'll have my own barbecue." In other words, every generation gets to i mprove on the dreams of the last generation.翻译为:“有朝一日,我将拥有自己的烤肉”(比 喻:实现自己的梦想)。换句话说,每代人必须在他上代人的梦想上有所提高。

  6、 But it came with a price because when he was drinking, we had jobs and money. When he quit, we traded alcoholism for being dirt-poor.这个句子中重点解析的是“we trade d alcoholism for being dirt-poor.”这句话的真正含义。
翻译为: 但是这有一定的代价: 因为当他饮酒的时候, 我们有工作和工钱。 当他戒酒了, 我们就只有借酒消愁穷困潦倒了。
we traded alcoholism for being dirt-poor:其中的 trade sth. for sth.以……和……交易, 以酗酒和穷困潦倒交易。

  7、It got so bad that he either quit or got fired.这个句子中重点解析的是“so……that” 在此句中的意义。
翻译为:一般 so……that 是如此……以至于……的意思,这里上下句不是因果关系: 变 得糟糕的是,他既没有辞职也没有被解雇。后半句 that he either quit or got fired 是 so ba d 的补充状语从句,补充说明 so bad 的细节,不要太拘泥语法结构,更应该注重的是:
  1. 英语语序特征,

  8、He was a tool pusher essentially, sold drill bits to oil-drilling companies.翻译为:他其 实是一个工具推销者,卖钻头给开采石油的公司。

  9、I never think that I'm doing eight-minute cures on television. But I think that 50 percent of the solution to any problem lies in defining it first. I can be an emotional com pass that points them down the path.这个句子中重点解析的是“cures”与“lies in”的意思,另 外“point…down”是词组吗?翻译为:我从未想过我在用电视做一个 8 分钟的治疗。但是我认 为任何问题 50%的解决方法在于先界定它。我可能是沿着路径指向它们的情感罗盘(指南 针)。
cure:名词,治疗。point 和后面的 down 可以认为没有关系,这里不是词组,down 这 里的意思是“沿着”,相当于 along.down the path 是介宾结构词组,在句中作 points them 的 补充状语。
建议:不要从语法分析着手来学习英语,因为这样效果很差。最好是提高阅读量,让一 切语法变为理所当然的事情,让记忆单词成为阅读时的副产品。
If a computer were to design the perfect U.N. Secretary-General, he or she would lo ok something like this: African born; European and American educated, with decades of s ervice in the U.N. system; married to a European; and possessing a quiet charisma and ca lm authority as chaos arises.
That the U.N. in 1996 found such a person to restore its sense of direction and purp ose was a near miracle. But out of the U.N.'s failures in Bosnia, Somalia and Rwanda ca me Kopi Annan, the career international civil servant who had participated in these disaste rs yet somehow survived and learned from them.
Today Annan is in the middle of his second term. His task is not finished, and the U.N. is still far from what it should be. But Annan has tested the limits of the job, accu mulating more authority-one cannot use the word power, given the constraints the U.N. sy stem places on him-than any of his predecessors.
His complex relationship with the U.S. government is little understood. When Annan takes positions in public that are displeasing to the bush administration, it unleashes its att ack dogs. Yet when administration officials found their policies in Iraq floundering, they a sked the U.N. for help. Some observers told Annan that he should responsibility was to t he cause of stabilizing Iraq. He began to work toward the decisive date of June 30, when the u.s. will hand over control to Iraqi authorities and an uncertain situation will prevail determined by factors way beyond his, or anyone else's, ability to control. But it is Anna n's destiny to be handed the very worst problems after they have been unsuccessfully addr essed by others. Anyone who knows him knows he wades into such problems with his us ual blend of courage, self-control, modesty and optimism.
如果让电脑来设计一个完美的联合国秘书长,他/她应该是这样的:出生在非洲;在欧洲 和美国接受教育;在联合国工作十年以上;配偶是欧洲人;出现混乱局面时能保持冷静、 富有领 导魅力的权威人士。
1996 年联合国找到了这样一个人来恢复它的方向感和目的性,这简直就是个奇迹。联 合国在波斯尼亚、索马里和卢旺达的行动失败后,科菲.安南却脱颖而出。身为国际公务员 的他对参与了这一系列的空难性行动,幸存下来,并且从中学到很多东西。
现在,安南的第二任期已过一半。然而,他的任务还没有圆满完成,联合国离其理想状 态还很远。 但安南已经体验到了他这份工作的局限性??因为联合国体制对他的限制, 他不 能利用言语力量,然而他却比他的前任们积累了更多的权威性。
他与美国政府的复杂关系鲜为人知,当安南在公众面前的表现不能取悦布什政府的时 候,美国就会攻击他。反过来,当美国政府官员发现他们的政策在伊拉克举步维艰的时候, 他们却向联合国寻求帮助。有些观察家建议安南不要帮助美国摆脱困境,但是安南明白,自 己最大责任是促成伊拉克局势的稳定。他开始朝 6 月 30 号这个决定性的日子努力,美国将 会在这天向伊拉克政府移交政权,这将千万动荡局面。不管是安南瓦还是其他任何人,在伊 拉克问题上的成功与否都不会取决于他个人的控制能力。 但是, 安南注定要处理这些棘手的 问题, 而这些问题是由别人的失败造成的。 所有熟悉安南的人都知道他将带着他一贯的勇气、 自我控制能力、谦恭和乐观来介入这一难题。



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