2011 年公共英语考试(PETS)三级阅读辅导 Read the following three texts. Answer the questions on each text by choosing A, B, C o r D. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET
Text 1
Rowena and Billy Wrangler are model high school students. They study hard and do extremely well on achievement tests. And next year, Rowena will be attending Harvard University. Billy, her younger brother, hopes to go to Cornell. What makes Rowena and Billy different from most students is that they don't go to school. In fact, they've never b een to school. Since kindergarten, they've studied at home. Neither Rowena nor Billy feels as if they've missed out on anything by being taught
at home. Like many of more than one million people who receive home schooling in the United States, they feel as if they've gotten a good education.
The home-schooling trend began in the U.S. in the 1980s with parents keeping their children out of public schools so they could provide religious education at home. Today, as the home-schooling trend continues to grow, parents are more likely to consider home schooling as an option because they believe schools don't do a very good job of teaching and are occasionally dangerous places. But can parents really do a better job?
The answer in many cases is yes. In many studies, students taught at home ranked a verage or above average when compared to students who went to public schools. More i mportantly, these students were often more self-directed and have a greater depth of know ledge. "They are very well prepared for academic challenges," says Patricia Riordan, the d ean of admissions at George Mason University.
One such student, Robert Conrad, now a sophomore at university, claims he really le arned how to study and schedule his time during his eight years of home schooling. Still, not every student is as successful as Robert.
"For every home-schooling success story, there are an equal number of failures," state s Henry Lipscomb, an educational researcher. "There are just so many disadvantages that students taught at home have to overcome. " For example, they have fewer chances to int eract with others of their own age. Consequently, they sometimes lack the usual social ski lls. "No matter what, though," states Lipscomb, "home-schooling is a growing trend. I thin k we'll be seeing more and more of this. "

  46. Compared with other students, the most different thing Rowena and Billy do is t hat.
A.they study hard
B.they do extremely well on achievement tests
C.they never go to school
D.they feel they have gotten a good education

  47. At first in the 1980s parents gave home-schooling to children for.
A.better education
B.religious education
D.all the above

  48. According to the article, what is NOT the advantage of being educated at home?
A.Home is a safer place for children.
B.Students taught at home are more self-directed.
C.Students taught at home have a greater depth of knowledge.
D.Students taught at home can go to good universities.

  49. The writer thinks.
A.parents can do a better job than schools
B.home-schooling will be more and more useful
C.students taught at home make greater achievements
D.home-schooling is good in some aspects

  50. The best title of this text might be
A.Home-schooling: A Growing Trend
B.Home-schooling: A Better Choice
C.Home-schooling: A Way to Success
D.Home-schooling: A New Method of Education
Text l
本文是一篇议论文。 文章一开始通过一个实例引出本文的话题??家庭学校潮流, 之后 介绍了家庭学校潮流的起源,此后作者提出了问题??家长能做得比学校更好吗?之后对此 问题展开了分析, 第三段和第四段论述家庭学校的好处以及成功的例子, 第五段则从另外一 方面论证家庭学校这种教育方式的缺陷。
You have read the following magazine advertisement in which an American girl is lookin g for pen-friends and you want to get in touch with her.
Name: Andy Lewis Age :21
Interest: collecting coins, stamps and postcards, learning foreign languages. All letters will be answered.
Address .20 Staten Street, Eylandt, DF8 3LF,USA
Write a letter to her (Andy Lewis), telling her about:

  1) your family

  2) your schooling or work

  3) your hobbies
When a 13-year-old Virginia girl started sneezing, her parents thought it was merely a col d. But when the sneezes continued for hours, they called in a doctor. Nearly two months later the girl was still sneezing, thousands of times a day, and her case had attracted worl dwide attention.
Hundreds of suggestions, ranging from"put a clothes pin on her nose"to "have her sta nd on her bead"poured in. But nothing did any good. Finally,she was taken to Johns Hop kins Hospital where Dr. Leo Kanner, one of the world's top authorities on sneezing, solve d the baffling (难以理解的) problem with great speed.
He used neither drugs nor surgery, curiously enough, the clue for the treatment was f ound in an ancient superstition about the amazing bodily reaction we call the sneeze. It w as all in her mind, he said a view which Aristotle, some 3,000 years earlier, would have agreed with heartily.
Dr. Kanner simply gave a modern psychological interpretation to the ancient belief th at too much sneezing was an indication that the spirit was troubled; and he began to treat the girl accordingly.
"Less than two days in a hospital room, a plan for better scholastic and vocational a djustment, and reassurance about her unreasonable fear of tuberculosis quickly changed her from a sneezer to an ex-sneezer," he reported.
Sneezing has always been a subject of wonder, awe and puzzlement. Dr. Kanner has collected thousands of superstitions concerning it. The most universal one is the custom of begging for the blessing of God when a person sneezes-a practice Dr. Kanner traces bac k to the ancient belief that a sneeze was an indication that the sneezer was possessed of an evil spirit. Strangely, people over the world still continue the custom with the tradition al, "God bless you" or its equivalent.
When scientists look at the sneeze, they see a remarkable mechanism which, without any conscious help from you, takes on a job that has to be done. when you need to snee
ze you sneeze, this being nature' s clever way of getting rid of an annoying object from t he nose. The object may be just some dust in the nose which nature is striving to remov e.

  46. The girl sneezed continuously because she
A.was ill
B.was mentally ill
C.had heavy mental burden
D.had attracted world-wide attention

  47. When the girl began to sneeze continuously
A.a lot of people offered their advice
B.she was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital
C.she was given a treatment found in ancient superstition
D.many doctors treated her in different ways

  48. Dr. Kanner cured the girl by
A.using Aristotle' s method
B.giving her psychological treatment
C.practicing superstition
D.treating her tuberculosis

  49. When a person sneezes, we say"God bless you"because
A.it' s a tradition
B.the person is possessed of an evil spirit
C.the person is ill
D.God will bless those who sneeze

  50. According to scientists people sneeze because
A.they are ill
B.to sneeze is human nature
C.they do not need any conscious help
D.there are unwanted things in their noses



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