2011 年公共英语三级(PETS
  3)口试过关斩将篇 3 口试主题??weather,climate and places 口试主题
一:weather and climate

  1)天气总体概述 the seasons are very distinct.

  2)夏天好 there are many fresh fruits in summer,such as strawberry.I love fresh fruit very much.
I can swim every day.I am a keen swimmer.
夏天不好 It is too hot.my skin is easy to get dark in summer.I have to stay at home, and turn on the air-conditioner and have a ice drink.

  3)冬天好 snowman.
everything covers white blanket.I can play snow,for example I can make a
It is too cold.I have to stay at home and turn on the air-conditioner and
have a hot drink.winter is very easy to have a bad cold.

  4)春天好 In spring,it is very warm and comfortable.you can see many flower bloomin g and many trees budding,and many leaves turning green.everything is full of life.

the temperature is very good,and you can see many leaves turning yellow
or red.everything is very beautiful.it is not very cold and not very hot.
秋天不好 there are many trees falling and many flower fading.It is full of sadness
反驳 autumn is a season for harvest.everything will be alive again next spring.that is a natural law.

there are more skyscripers and more people in the city.everything
go fast.and air pollution is very severe.it is very bad for our health to live in a such kin d of city.
it is very convenient to go shopping .and you can get latest news in
the city.we have modern transportation and we have many modern facility,such as a grea t museum,a great cinema,and a great park,and a great airport.

in the countryside,although everything is very quite,and secnery is
very beautiful,and air is very fresh.but if you were sick,you will not get proper treatment, you have to come back to big city for treatment
喜欢住在郊区 because everything is very quiet,you can concentrate on doing everyth ing if you want to do.it is very good for you health.you can breathe fresh air and see a beauitful scenery.

  3) 度假住在海滨城市
I like living in seaside,because there are many modern facility. and it is still quite.yo u can also breathe fresh air.and you can also see beautiful scenery,because you are beside the sea.

  4)对于名胜古迹的描述 there are many historial places in china,such as forbidden citie s ,summer places,and qinshiwang tomb.they describe china's custom and culture.through kn owing abput history,we can know much china's custom.
对于特定名胜古迹描述比如说故宫 The forbidden city was build in Ming Dyansty in the 13 th century.after it was built,it served as ming and qing emperor for 500 years.no wadays it can be visited by tourists,it only open small part.
A: the picture show a great wall.as we all know,the great wall was built by qinshiwa ng
there are at least one reason to explain why qinshiwang want to build great wall.
that time,many people want to invade china,qibshiwang have to built the great wall to prevent their invasion.I think qinshiwang's decision accelerate his dynasty's destruction.
I have two reasons to support my opinion.
firstly,for building a great wall,he employed more than 100000 people,and it taked at least 10 years to complete it.people is very angry,because those employee don't receive an y money.
secondly,for building the great wall,country spend a large of money,and lead to count ry financial problem.and once country have no money,he order many people must donate t heir all property,so a large amount of people were dead because they have no moeny to buy some foods.
B:I agree with you,but after all qinshiwang built the great wall.and in 1987,UN procl aimed the great wall is a world heritage.thanks to a great wall,we can get world people's respect.in china,there is a saying, "if you don't go to the great wall.you aren't' a true man.



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