2011 年公共英语三级(PETS
  3)口试过关斩将篇 7 口试主题??jobs,occupation and current affairs 口试主题

  1)想当老师 想当老师
I will become a teacher in the future.because it is a noble profession.I can teach stud ent,and enable them learn about much knowledge.I know taching is very challenging profe ssion.becuase i am a timid boy.If I can see many students looking at me,I feel very unco nfortable very much.but I believe I can overcome the problem.

  2)想当软件工程师 想当软件工程师
I will become a software developer.
I have been studying computer for three years.I have passed ncre-2 exam,and I take ncre-2 certificate.ncre is a national computer exam. 2-level is to test you programme abilit y.I took aprt in c.language. of course,there are many subjects in the ncre-2,including vb.c+ +,and java.I am going to take part in ncre-3 next year.there are many subjects in the ncre -3,including network technology,and pc technology.I decide to take part in the network tec hnology,because network is very popular in recent years.of course,if you only passed natio nal computer exam is not enoguh.I should take part in international computer such as mic rosoft exam.

  3)北京申办奥运会 北京申办奥运会
everybody knows that beijing is going to host 2008 olympics.I remember when i was watching tv,as soon as I listen to the news,I am very exciting.threfore,I go out home,call
phone my friends,and I appointed with them at 10:00 pm at the restaurant.I am very cra zy at that time.a lot of people went to the people square that day.I can many young peop le were kissing each other.

  4)奥运会引起的学习英语热 奥运会引起的学习英语热
i think many citizen begin to study english,especially service line,such as taxi drivers, public transportation service,and shop assistant. In the bookstores ,you will have to wait in a long line if you want to buy a english edition books.

  5)歧视妇女 歧视妇女
there are many woman going to a interview.many interviers don't like woman,and don 't hire women.there are at least two reasons to explain the phenomenon.
firstly,according to chinese traditional culture,woman stay at home and they do house work,and their husband go to work every day and make money.
secondly,men think that they have absolute power. women should listern to them.wom en should care about baby,and bring up them,enable them grow up.
recently one of my friends has been looking for a job,but because she is a female,shi can't get the chance for an inteview.
nowadays, women get equal chances of education with men,and many women have hi gh degrees and excelllent academic recordI think they should get a good job.

  6)面试求职 面试求职
A:More and more people are having a job interview.if you want to pass interview ,I think there are at least four point that you have to think of.
firstly, you should know about the company,such as main business,organization structu re and company culture.
secondly,you should tell them that you have abundant work experience.you did it befo re.
thirdly,you should carefully pick up you clothes.it is very important to show you app earance in front of them.although we shouldn't judge people with their appearance.
last,you should a test before the interview. No interviewer like an interfviewee who l ook weary and exhausted.
B:Job interview is an important part of job search,because the attitude and impression can make the interview accept you or refuse you.I think at the interview period,you shou ld not exagerate the truth and be honest,and you should also show thay you have confide nce to do the job
7 关于再就业
A:with the future development of our economic reform,many people have to lose thei r job.
some people need care for their old parents and theirs young chuldren,but they don't have enough money.
our government take some measure to help them.
in order to help these jobless people,the government set a reremlpyment project.and m any reemployment service centers are set up.these center provide job-oriented training prog rams,such as computer classes or other special skills.many people are taking job trainings and gaining self-confidence again.som of them have already started new jobs.
B:every coins has two sides.technology made many worker jobless.but at the same ti me ,it creats new opportunity for many people.the government set up many reemployment service centers to help the people to get job.

  8)领导的眼睛 领导的眼睛
in the picture,there is a fat leader sitting in front of his desk.a note for 1000000 yua n blocks his eyes.and he smiles with pleasure.
in their eyes,money is everything.they care nothing but money.our country and people trust them.but they only try make money for themselves.
I think our government should make more meeasure to prevent the events.
firstly,if leader do it ,they should be punished severely by laws.
secondly,government should offer hot line,if leaders do something wrong,people should tell goverenment through hot line.
thirdly,government should educate leader,and tell them their duty to lead people to bu ild country thriving and prosperious,rich,and strong



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