2011 年公共英语三级考试口语常考问题 1

  1) 常用句子 Do you have any elder brothers?你有没有哥哥? Where does your father work?你父亲在哪工作? What's your father?你父亲是干什么的? How many people are there in your family?请问,你家有几口人? I have father, mother and a younger sister.我有父亲、母亲和妹妹。 Where do you live?你住哪儿? I live in Bejing. I'm a middle school student.我家在北京,我是一名中学生。 Does your mother work, too?你母亲也工作吗? She has already retired.她已退休了。 I'm a freshman in senior class.我是高一新生。 How's your grandpa?你爷爷(姥爷)好吗? Is your elder sister maried?你姐姐结婚了吗? He works in a bank.他在银行工作。 How old is your father?你父亲多大年纪了? My parents have two children, my sister and me.我父母有两个孩子,我妹妹和 我。
  2)常用对话 My Mother and Father Are Older Than I Teacher: Peter, do you have any brothers and sisters? Peter: Yeah. Teacher: Do you study English by yourself or in a class? Peter: I study in a class. I don't study by myself. Teacher: Do you prefer to go to the movies by yourself or with a friend? Peter: I prefer to go to the movies with a friend. I don't like to go by myself. Teacher: Do you live by yourself or with your family? Peter: Of course with my family. Teacher: Incidentally, Peter, are you the oldest person in your family? Peter: No, my mother and father are older than I.
  3. Weather and Climate
  1)询问天气情况时常用的句式 How's the weather tomorrow? 明天的天气怎么样? Is the weather always like this? 天气老是这样吗? What does the weather forecast say? 天气预报怎么说的? Does it rain very much here in April? 四月份这儿常下雨吗?
How cold it is? 天气有多冷? How do you like our weather? 你觉得我们这儿的天气怎么样?
  2)预期天气要变时常用的句式 It's going to be fine tomorrow. 明天是晴天。 It's going to cloud over, I'm afraid 恐怕天气要转阴了。 We're hoping for a change in the weather. 我们正希望天气有个变化。 Apparently the weather is changing. 显然天气在变。 I don't think the rain would last long. 我看雨不会下很久的。 It looks as if it is going to rain. 看来要下雨了。看上去像要下雨。 It seems to be clearing up.天似乎在转晴。 It's clearing up.天放晴了。
  3)评论天气时常用的句式 I hope it stays fine.我希望天气一直晴朗。 Isn't this lovely weather?这天气真好。 The air is close The Clouds are very heavy.空气沉闷,云层很厚。 It's raining fast.雨下大了。 It rains cats and dogs.下倾盆大雨。 What a lovely day it is!多好的天气啊! It's fairly warm for this time of the year.就这个时节来说,天气是相当暖和了。 A lovely day, isn't it?好天气,不是吗? It's been like this for a week.这种天气已持续一个星期了。 It's better than yesterday.今天天气比昨天好。 It's quite different from the weather forecast.这同天气预报所说的出入很大。 It's rather changeable, isn't is?天气相当多变,不是吗? It's rather windy today.今天风很大。 It's snowing heavily.正在下大雪。 Nice and bright today, isn't it?今天阳光明媚、气候宜人,不是吗? What a lovely weather we're having!多好的天气!
2011 年公共英语三级考试口语常考问题 2

  4.Food and Drink
No more, thank you.够了,谢谢。 No, I won't have any more, thank you.不了,谢谢你,我再也吃不下了。 Just a little, please.只要一点儿。 May I have just a little to taste? We don't have it in my country. 我只要一点尝尝好吗?我们国家没有这东西。 No, thank you.不要了,谢谢。 No, I enjoyed it very much, but I won't have any more.不,我很喜欢,可是再 也吃不下了。 Can I pass you anything?要我递给你什么吗? Do you take salt, or pepper?你要盐还是胡椒? Shall I cut you some bread 我给你切些面包好吗?
  2)常见重量、衡量单位 half-pint(1/2 pt.) 半品脱 pint (pt.) 品脱 quart (qt.) 夸脱 gallon(gal.) 加仑 ounce(oz.) 盎司 quarter-pound(1/4 1b) 四分之一磅 half-pound(1/2 1b) 半磅 pound (1b) 磅 LIQUID MEASURES 液量
  3)食品分类 dairy: milk, butter, cheese 乳制品: 牛奶 奶油 干 poultry: chicken, turkey, duck, goose 家禽: 鸡 火鸡 鸭 鹅 meat: beef, pork, lamb, veal, 肉: 牛肉 肉 羊肉 小牛肉 chops, fillet, steak, roast, 碎肉 去骨肉片 排骨 烤肉 leg of..., breast of ……腿肉 ……胸脯肉 fish: sole, flounder, cod, fillet 鱼: 鲽鱼 比目鱼 鳝鱼 去骨鱼片 shelled fish: shrimp, lobster, crabs 甲壳鱼: 虾 龙虾 蟹 canned foods: fruits, vegetables 罐装食品: 水果罐头 蔬菜罐头 beverages: soda, beer 饮料: 汽水 啤酒 starches: potato, rice, noodles 淀粉类食物: 土豆大米 (饭) 面条 proteins: meat, fish, egg
蛋白质食品: 肉 鱼 蛋 vegetables: cabbage, onion, cauliflower, carrot, 蔬菜: 包心菜 洋葱 椰菜(菜花) 胡萝卜 pea, asparagus, tring beaus spinach, 豌豆 芦笋 蚕豆 菠菜 turnip, eggplant, celery, beet, 萝卜 茄子 芹菜 甜菜 green pepper, mushroom, tomato, lettuce, 青辣椒 蘑菇 西红柿 莴苣 cucumber 黄瓜 fruits: apple, orange, banana, pear 水果: 苹果 橘子 香蕉 梨 cherry, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, 樱桃 菠萝 草毒 紫酱果 peach, nectarine, avocado, melon, 桃 油挑 鳄梨 甜瓜 grape, lemon 葡萄 柠檬 breads: white, rye, whole wheat, 面包: 白面包 黑面包 全麦面包 pumpernickel 裸麦粗面包 desserts: cake, pie, cookie, ice cream, 甜点心: 蛋糕 馅饼 饼干 冰淇淋。 candy(美)sweet(英)糖果
2011 年公共英语三级考试口语常考问题 3

  5. Sports
  1)常用句子 He is an amateur tennis player. 他是业余网球运动员。 Have you entered your name for any of the event?你报名参加什么比赛项目了 吗? Sports make the body strong.运动健体。 They withdrew from the competition.他们退出比赛。 The ball game is scheduled for 8:30 in the morning.球赛定于上午八点半举行。 The game was fixed for today but it has been postponed for a week. 比赛原定于今天举行,现已推迟一周。 Taking exercises is one way of keeping slim.参加运动是保持身材苗条的一个办 法。 How many entries are there for the high jump?有多少人报名参加跳高比赛了?
Several people went in for the race.好几个人参加比赛。 The contest will be stayed in the gymnasium.比赛将在体育馆举行。 The young swimmer has set up a new record for the back stroke. 那位年轻运动员创下了仰泳新纪录。 He made a good score in track and field events.他在田径赛中取得了好成绩。 The players tried to keep themselves in good shape.运动员们努力保持良好的 竞技状态。 The tug-of-war ended when both teams tumbled.拔河赛因两队跌倒而结束。
  2)常见对话 A: I haven't had much exercise lately. My only recreation has been watching TV or going to the movies. What do you do for recreation? B: I like to play tennis in the summer. My favorite winter sport is skiing. What's yours? A: My favorite sport is track. Have you ever been on a track team? B: No. In college, I was on the swimming team. A: I don't like to swim very much. However, I'd like to sit and fish. Do you like to go fishing? B: Yes ? oh all this talk about exercise has made me tired. Let's go to the movies.
  6. Shopping
  1)招呼顾客时常用的句式 Good morning,sir.Do you want to buy something here?早安,先生。您想在 这里买东西吗? Good morning,sir.Can I help you?早安,先生。买东西吗? May I help you?您买东西吗? What can I do for you?您想买什么? Anything I can do for you?您想买什么? Are you being served?有人在招呼您了吗? Can I be of any assistance to you?您想买什么东西吗? Can I help you in any way?您想买什么东西吗?
  2)买东西时常用的句式 Do you sell…?你们卖……吗? I prefer……我喜欢…… I want to see…我想看看…… I'd like to buy…我想买…… I'm looking for…,我想买…… Bring me…,please.请给我拿…… Can you show me…?可以把……给我看看吗? Could I have a look at…?给我看看……可以吗?
  3)询问顾客想买些什么时常用的句式 What material do you prefer?您喜欢什么料子的? What size do you want(take)?您要(买)多大尺寸的?
What size,please?请问要多大尺寸? What sort of … are you looking for?您要买哪种……? What style do you prefer?您喜欢什么式样?
  4)向顾客推荐某物时常用的句式 Are these all right?这些行吗? Do you like this design?您喜欢这花样吗? Any particular color?要什么颜色的? Can I get you anything else?还要买别的什么吗? Is there anything else I may show you?还有什么要买的吗? Is there anything else you'd like to buy?您还有什么要买的吗? What can I show you?您要买什么? What kind would you like?您想买什么样的? How about this one?这个怎么样? How's this one?这个怎么样? I could recommend something for you.我可以向您推荐一种货品。 It's of good quality.这是优质品。 It's the latest fashions,very popular.这是最新款式,非常流行。
2011 年公共英语三级考试口语常考问题 4

  5)询问价格时常用的句式 How much do I owe you?我该付多少钱? How much do you charge for…?要卖多少钱? How much do you ask for it?这个你要卖多少钱? How much does it cost?这个要多少钱? How much,please?请问要多少钱? What do you charge for it?这个你卖多少钱? What does it come to?一共多少钱? What does it cost?这个要卖多少钱? What's it worth?这值多少钱?
  6)说明价格时常用的句式 It costs…这个要…… It sells…这个卖…… The price depends on the quality.按质论价。 The price is marked on the tag,sir.价格就标在牌子上,先生。 They're 5 dollars each.每个 5 美元。
  7)告诉店员想买什么时常用的句式 Do you have anything ready-made that will fit me?你有适合我穿的现成的衣服 吗? I could also do with some aspirin.我还可以买些阿司匹林。 I wonder if you have any good bikes.不知你们有没有优质自行车。
I'm after a pair of glasses.我想买副眼镜。
  8)询问顾客想买些什么时常用的句式 What can I show you?您要买什么? What material do you have in mind,sir?先生,你想要什么料子的? What style do you prefer?您喜欢什么式样的?
  9)向店员了解商品信息时常用的句式 Are you likely to be having any cheaper ones in?你们会进些便宜点的吗? How long would I have to wait for it?我得等多久才能买到呢? Is this meat just in?这肉是刚进的货吗? Could you advise me what kind of shoes fit me best?你能不能指点我,哪种鞋 我穿最合适?
  10)告诉顾客某物没有货时常用的句式 All out now.全售完了。 I can do the size, but not the color.我们有这尺寸,但没有这颜色。 I'm afraid we are out of them today.今天恐怕没有货了。 Sorry,but we don't have that in your size.对不起,我们没有您要的尺寸。 We may get a supply tomorrow.我们明天可以供应。
  11)挑选货品时常用到的句式 Have you anything a size bigger?大一号尺寸的你们有吗? Have you anything that doesn't cost so much?价格不那么贵的你们有吗? How about showing me some samples?给我看一些样品好吗? It's a bit too loud.这个有点俗。 It's a bit too small on me.这个我穿着太小了一点。 Pick me out a good piece,please.请给我挑一个好的。 Yellow becomes me.黄色同我很相称。
  12)询问价格时常用到的句式 How do you sell the water melons? 这些西瓜怎么 卖? How much do you charge for the bunch of flowers?这束花你要卖多少钱? How much do you ask for it?这个你要卖多少钱? How much does the bill come to?这帐单一共多少钱? What's the price of the apples?这苹果的价格是多少?
  13)说明价格时常用的句式 It comes to 65 yuan,sir.先生,一共 65 元。 It sells at
  2.5 pounds a bottle.这卖
  2.5 英镑一瓶。 It's priced at 100 dollars.这个定价为 100 美元。 It's sold by the yard.这是按码出售的。 The price depends on the quality.按质论价。
  14)讨价还价时常用的句式 Can you come down a bit? Can you sell it for 3 pounds?3 英镑你卖吗? That's a bit more than I wanted to pay.这比我想出的价钱高了一点。 The price is not reasonable.这价格不公道。
I'll mett you half way.我让一半。 It's a real bargain.这是真正的便宜货。 It's our standard price.这是我们的标准价格。 How much would you like it to be?您想出多少钱?
2011 年公共英语三级考试口语常考问题 5

  7.Holidays and special occasions 常用句子 A happy New Year to you.祝你新年快乐(幸福)。 A merry Christmas to you.祝你圣诞快乐(幸福)。 A merry Christmas and a happy New Year!祝圣诞快乐,新年快乐! Have a good Christmas! Have a happy birthday!生日快乐! Have a happy Easter!复活节快乐!圣诞快乐! Have a happy wedding anniversary!结婚周年快乐! Thank you.And I wish you the same!谢谢你。同乐!同乐! Thank



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