2011 年公共英语三级考试全真预测试题及答案 Section I Listening Comprehension (25 minutes) (略) Section Ⅱ Use of English (15 minutes) Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word or phrase for each numbered blank and mark A, B,C, or D on your ANSWER SHEET
  1. Text What do we mean by a perfect English pronunciation? In one 26 there are as many different kinds of English as there are speakers of it. 27 two speakers speak in exactly the same 28 . We can always hear differences 29 them, and the pronunciation of English 30 a great deal in different geographical 31 . How do we decide what sort of English to use as a 32? This is not a question that can be 33 in the same way for all foreign learners of English. 34 you live in a part of the world 35 India for West Africa, where there is a long 36 of speaking English for general communication purpose, you should 37 to acquire a good variety of the pronunciation of this area. It would be 38 in these circumstances to use as a model BBC English or 39 of the sort. On the other hand, if you live in a country 40 there is no traditional use of English, you must take 41 your model some form of 42 English pronunciation. It does not 43 very much which form you choose. The most 44 way is to take as your model the sort of English you can 45 most often.
  26. A. meaning B. Sense C. case D. situation
  27. A. Not B. No C. None D. Nor
  28. A. type B. Form C. sort D. way
  29. A. between B. Among C. of D. from
  30. A. changes B. varies C. shifts D. alters
  31. A. areas B. parts C. countries D. spaces
  32. A. direction B. guide C. symbol D. model
  33. A. given B. responded C. satisfied D. answered
  34. A. Because B. When C. If D. Whether
  35. A. as B. in C. like D. near
  36. A. custom B. use C. tradition D. habit
  37. A. aim B. propose C. select D. tend
  38. A. fashion B. mistake C. nonsense D. possibility
  39. A. everything B. nothing C. anything D. things
  40. A. where B. that C. which D. wherever
  41. A. to B. with C. on D. as
  42. A. practical B. domestic C. native D. new
  43. A. care B. affect C. trouble D. matter
  44. A. effective B. sensitive C. ordinary D. careful
  45. A. listen B. hear C. notice D. find
Section Ⅲ Reading Comprehension (40 minutes) Part A
Directions: Read the following three texts. Answer the questions on each text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on the ANSWER SHEET by drawing a thick line across the corresponding letter in the brackets. Text 1 After a busy day of work and play, the body needs to rest. Sleep is necessary for good health. During this time, the body recovers from the activities of the previous day. The rest that you get while sleeping enables your body to prepare itself for the next day. There are four levels of sleep, each being a little deeper than the one before. As you sleep, your muscles relax little by little. Your heart beats more slowly, and your brain slows down. After you reach the fourth level, your body shifts back and forth from one level of sleep to the other. Although your mind slows down, from time to time you will dream. Scientists who study sleep state that when dreaming occurs, your eyeballs begin to move more quickly (Although your eyelids are closed). This stage of sleep is called REM, which stands for rapid eye movement. If you have trouble falling asleep, some people recommend breathing very deeply. Other people believe that drinking warm milk will help make you drowsy. There is also an old suggestion the counting sheep will put you to sleep! 46 A good title for this passage is . A. Sleep B. Good Health C. Dreams D. Work and Rest

  47. The word drowsy in the last paragraph means . A. sick B. stand up C. asleep D. a little sleepy

  48. This passage suggests that not getting enough sleep might make you . A. dream more often B. have poor health C. nervous D. breathe quickly

  49. During REM, . A. your eyes move quickly C. you are restless B. you dream D. both A and B

  50. The average number of hours of sleep that an adult needs is . A. approximately six hours B. around ten hours Text 2 Obviously television has both advantages and disadvantages. In the first place, television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also a comparatively cheap one. With a TV set in the family people don’t have to pay for expensive seats at the theatre, the cinema, or the opera .All they have to so is to push a button or turn a knob, and they can see plays, films, operas and shows of every kind. Some people, however, think that this is where the danger lies. The television viewers need do nothing. He does not even have to use his legs if the has a remote control. He makes no choice and exercises, no judgment. He is completely passive and has everything presented to him without any effort in his part. Television, it is often said, keeps one informed about current events and the latest developments in science and politics. The most distant countries and the strangest customs are brought right into one’s sitting room. It could be argued that the radio performs this service as well; but on television everything is much more living, much more real. Yet here again there is a danger. The television screen itself has a terrible, almost physical charm for us. We get so used to looking at the movements on it ,so dependent on its pictures, that it begins to control our lives. People are often heard to say that their television sets have broken down and that they have suddenly found that they have far more time to C. about eight hours
D. not stated here
do things and the they have actually begin to talk to each other again. It makes one think, doesn’t it? There are many other arguments for and against television. We must realize that television itself is neither good nor bad. It is the uses that it is put to that determine its value to society.
  51. What is the major function of paragraph 1? A. To arouse the reader’s concern B. To introduce the theme of the whole passage C. To summarize the whole passage D. To sate the primary uses of TV
  52. Television, as a source of entertainment, is . A. not very convenient C. quite dangerous B. very expensive D. relatively cheap

  53. Why are some people against TV? A. Because TV programs re not interesting B. Because TV viewers are totally passive C. Because TV prices are very high. D. Because TV has both advantages and disadvantages
  54. One of the most obvious advantages of TV is that . A. it keeps us informed B. it is very cheap C. it enables us to have a rest D. it controls our lives
  55. According to the passage, whether TV is good or not depends on . A. its quality C. how we use it Text 3 Too often young people get themselves employed quite by accident, not knowing what lies in the way of opportunity for promotion, happiness and security. As a result, they are employed doing jobs that afford them little or no satisfaction. Our school leavers face so much competition that they seldom care what they do as long as they can earn a living . Some stay long at a job and learn to like it ;others quite from one to another looking for something to suit them, the young graduates who leave the university look for jobs that offer a salary up to their expectation. Very few go out into the world knowing exactly what they want and realizing their own abilities. The reason behind all this confusion is that there never has been a proper vocational guidance in our educational institution. Nearly all grope(摸索) in the dark and their chief concern when they look for a job is to ask what salary is like. They never bother to think whether they are suited for the job or, even more important, whether the job suits them, Having a job is more than merely providing yourself and your dependants with daily bread and some money for leisure and entertainment, It sets a pattern of life and, in many ways, determines social status in life, selection of friends, leisure and interest. In choosing a career you should first consider the type of work which will suit your interest .Noting is more pathetic than taking on a job in which you have no interest, for it will not only discourage your desire to succeed in life but also ruin your talents and ultimately make you an emotional wreck (受到严重伤害的人)and a bitter person.
  56. The reason why some people are unlikely to succeed in life is that they . A. have ruined their talents B. have taken on an unsuitable job C. think of nothing but their salary D. are not aware of their own potential B. people ’s attitude towards it D. when we use it

  57. The difficulty in choosing a suitable job lies mainly in that . A. much competition has to be faced B. many employees have no working experience C. the young people only care about how much they can earn D. schools fail to offer students appropriate vocational guidance
  58. Which of the following statements is most important according to the passage? A. Your job must suit your interest. B. Your job must set a pattern of life. C. Your job must offer you a high salary. D. Your job must not ruin your talents.
  59.The best title for this passage would be . A. What Can A Good Job Offer B. Earning A Living C. Correct Attitude On Job-hunting D. How To Choose A Job
  60. The word “pathetic”in paragraph 2 most probably means . A. splendid C. disgusted Part B Directions: The 12,000 members of the Electricity Workers’ Union on strike last week and since then there has been no electricity. For question 61-65, match the names with the statements below. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET
  1. Mr. Mike Smith: It wasn’t an easy decision, but we’ve been asking for a decent wage for years. Now at last people are beginning to listen to us. We’re only asking for a 25 percent increase in our wages. 250 dollars a week. That’s all. It’s pity so many people have to be inconvenienced by out strike. But please don’t blame us. Blame the government for refusing our claim. Mr. Tom Brown: It’s totally unreasonable to demand so much money when we are trying desperately to control inflation. If wages go up, so do prices. If we gave in to the electricity workers, all the other unions would want more, with the inevitable result that the crisis would become uncontrollable. What we’re trying to impress upon everybody is that inflation hurts everybody, especially the poor people. We offer the electricity workers a 10 percent increase. And that’s already too much. My stand at this meeting will be to persuade the Union to see reason. Mr. Bob Davis: Everybody will be hurt by this strike, including the electricity workers themselves. The economy will be destroyed and many people will lose their jobs. Already people are saying that the big unions have too much power and shouldn’t be allowed to strike. O course the electricity want to get more money. Don’t we all? Mr. Baker: My opinion is “Get the Army in”. All the power stations should be managed by the army. The strikers should be thrown into prison. That’s what this country needs. Why must we all suffer just because a few men are greedy? If they don’t like their jobs, nobody ‘s forcing them to work. They should try and live on 50 dollars a week like I have to. Perhaps they’d keep their mouths shut then. Miss Slater: Let’s face it. It’s neither here nor there. The electricity workers are in a strong position. Perhaps we can’t do anything bout it. What I say is: let them have their 250 dollars so we can return to work. I mean, the government wastes the B. miserable D. touching
taxpayers’ money all the time on trivial things. How can anyone say 250 dollars is “too much”? Pop singers get more. Nurses get less. It’s just one of those things. Now match each of the persons (61 to
  65) to the appropriate statement. Note: there are two extra statements. Statements
  61. Mr. Mike Smith
  62. Mr. Tom Brown
  63.Mr. Bob David
  64.Mrs. baker
  65. Miss Slater [A] A % increase is already too much, and I’m here to persuade the Union to see reason. [B] I hope that strikes should be banned in all sectors relating to the nation’s security and stability. [C] We will never go back to work until our goals are achieved. [D] I think that the government should give in to the electricity worker’s demands. [E] I strongly suggest that all the power stations should be run by the army and that the strikers should be put into prison. [F] I must take you clear that strikes will destroy the economy and that many people will lose their jobs. [G] We are forced to call a strike because the government rejected our wage claim. Section Ⅳ Writing (40 minutes) You should write your responses to both Part A and Part B of this section on ANSWER SHEET
  2. Part A
  66. Write a letter to a publishing house asking for information on a book about American culture. Your letter should include:
  1. the name of the book
  2. the price of the book
  3. the discount of group order
You should write approximately 100 words. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “Li Ping’ instead. You do not need to write the address. Part B For this part, you are required to write a composition approximately 120 words entitled Advertisement. You are advised to arrange your idea in three paragraphs with keys words for each paragraph given. The following are the word must use in your composition. Keywords: criticism, advertise, important, development, newspaper, TV, informati



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