In addition to their academic work,children in the United States a re offered a wide range of activites in the after-school hours.
They are designed to help _1__ their skills,ability and appreci ation of life; to give them a chance to practice leadership and __ 2_ responsibilities;_3__ school courses;and to provide additional outlets and stimuli.There is often a _4__ of activities from which to choose,such as nature clubs,musical organizations,science club s,art and drama groups,or language clubs.A _5__ selection of spo rt activities is always available.__6_ every school has a student-r un newspaper;often a photographic darkroom is also _7__,some of these activities take place during the school day,but _8__ are held after classes are over._9__ they’re optional they _10__ a pa rt of the American educational experience. Parents encourage thei r children to participate in those program that __11_ suit their o wn special talents and interests.Much is learned during these offduty hours,especially in _12__ of human "give-and-take".America ns believe this _13__ human relationships,social skills and a welltrained body,_14__ intellectual development .Both _15__ and coll ege admission officers in the United States carefully consider the extra curricular activities _16__ students have participated,both d uring their free time after school and also during the long holiday s.These indicate to them _17__ of a young person’s leadship pot ential enthusiasm,creativity,_18__ of interest,vitality and personali ty.They weigh these
qualities,together with the academic record,in order to _19__ a s tudent’s intelligence,perseverance and ability to use what he kno ws,_20__ merely repeating it by rot on examination papers.
  1) A broaden B extend C stretch D concentrate
  2) A resume B assume C adopt D presume
  3) A to supplement B supplemening C to support D supportin g
  4) A scale B specimen C ring D range
  5) A deep B long C wide D high
  6) A Lastly B Virtually C Finally D Consequently
  7) A possible B available C peobable D capable
  8) A many B few C other D some
  9) A Even though B in case C despite D however
  10) A consider B considered C are considering D are consider ed
  11) A most B best C least D worst
  12) A conditions B terms C condition D term
  13) A included B includes C to include D including
  14) A after all B except for C as well D as well as
  15) A employers B employees C parents D relatives
  16) A which B that C in that D in which
  17) A anything B something C everything D nothing
  18) A bread B butter C breadth D broad
  19) A assess B assume C assist D assign
  20) A no more than B rather than C better than D less than 参考答案:ABADC BBAAD BBBDA DBCAB



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