2011 年公共英语一级模拟试题及答案
Ⅰ.听力理解:(略) Ⅱ.英语知识运用 第一节:单项填空:
  26. He won’t go to bed his father comes back from work. A. since B. until C. when

  27. He asked me I would like a cup of tea. A. that B. what C. if

  28. Be quiet! The children . A. sleep B. are sleeping C. slept

  29. Do you know this word? A. what to spell B. how to spell C. to spell
  30. The students couldn’t help when they heard the joke. A. to laugh B. laugh C. laughing

  31. I’ve never seen boy. A. so tall B. a such tall C. such a tall I don’t, .

  32. I don’t like milk. A. too B. neither
C. either

  33. I want to buy . A. something eat B. something to eat C. anything to eat
  34. I’m sorry I can’t help you. A. Not at all. .
B. You are welcome. C. It doesn’t matter.

  35. Mrs. Zhang is a friend of . A. John’s mother B. mother of John C. John’s mother’s
  36. There two cups of tea on the table. A. is B. are C. was

  37. There are thirty pupils in our class. of them is a young pioneer. A. Any B. Either C. All 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案

  38. There isn’t water here. Could you get for me? All right. A. some, any B. any, any C. any, some

  39. You look so beautiful in this white skirt. A. That’s all right. B. Thank you. C. Not at all.

  40. When she listens to a talk, she likes to sit . A. in front B. at front C. in front of
第二节:完型填空: The computer is fast, and never makes mistakes. People are sloe, and often _41 mistakes. That’s what people often say when they 42__ computer. For over 25 years, engineers have been making 43 computers. Now a computer can do ????__44 everyday jobs wonderfully. It is _45__ used in factories, hospitals, banks and schools. Many computer scientists are now thinking of 46__ the computer “think” like a man. 47__ the help of a person, a computer can do many things. Perhaps computer will one day __48 think and feel. Do you think people will be __49__ when they find that the computer is 50__ clever to listen to and serve the people?
  41. A. do B. make C. has C. talk about B. many and many C. little and little

  42. A. speak to
B. say

  43. A. better and better
  44. A. the number of 45 A. not
  46. A. asking
  47. A. by
B. a great deal C. a lot of C. widely C. making
B. hardly B. telling C. for
B. with

  48. A. really
  49. A. fearful
  50. A. too Ⅲ.阅读理解:
B. truly
C. true C. afraid
B. surprise C. much
B. very
第一节:词语配伍: 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
  51. like doing something A. call B. speak

  52. talk about something with someone else
  53. let somebody know something
  54. shout out D. tell C. ask

  55. try to find something out from someone E. discuss F. enjoy G. say
  1: Mr. Johnson is the boss of Acme Trucking. His office is in a mess. There are papers, books and boxes everywhere. Nothing is clean, and nothing is in order. He needs a good secretary. Mrs. Santana wants the job. She’s in his office for an interview. He’s surprised because she’s an old woman and she has no office experience. Mrs. Santana is talking, “I am the right person for this job. I’m a good talker and I’m friendly on the telephone. I’m a good word professor operator(文 字处理操作员). I can type sixty words a minute on a computer. Last year I took lessons in computers and keyboarding. I’m a mother. I have five children, and they knew more about computers than I did! Two of them helped me with these lessons. With five children, I have to be organized and I am. My house is clean and in order. I’m sure you want your office the same way. ” Mr. Johnson is interested. “Mr. Johnson, look at your office. Papers are everywhere. Your basket is full. The date on your calendar(日历) is fifth. Today is tenth. I can take care of everything in your office. And I am a hard worker. Mr. Johnson, I’m the right person for this job.” Mr. Johnson is sitting in his chair and smiling, “Mrs. Santana, when can you start?”
  56. Mr. Johnson wanted a young and beautiful secretary to help him. A. Right B. Wrong C. Doesn’t say 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案

  57. Mr. Johnson had an interview with Mrs. Santana on the telephone. A. Right B. Wrong C. Doesn’t say

  58. mares. Santana believed she could do the job well. A. Right B. Wrong C. Doesn’t say

  59. Mr. Santana agrees his wife to work as a secretary. A. Right B. Wrong C. Doesn’t say

  60. Mrs. Santana got the job easily. A. Right B. Wrong C. Doesn’t say
  2: Passage one: An old lady lived near Dr. Swift. She sent him presents occasionally by her servant. Dr. Swift took her presents but never gave the boy anything for his trouble. One day as Swift was busy with his writing, the boy rushed into his room, knocked some books out of their place, threw his bag on the desk and said, “My mistress has sent you two of her hares.” Swift turned round and said, “My boy, that is not polite. Now you sit in my chair, watch and learn your lesson.” The boy sat down. Swift went out, knocked at his door and waited. The boy said, “Come in.” Swift entered, walked to his desk and said, “My mistress sends her kind regards and hopes you will accept these hares.” The boy answered, “Thank you, my boy. Give your mistress my thanks for her kindness and here are two shillings for yourself.” Dr. swift laughed, and after that, Swift never forgot to give the boy his tip.
  61. What did the boy get for delivering presents at the beginning? A. Something. B. Nothing. C. Some money.

  62. Why did the boy one day deliver the bag rudely? A.Because he could not do it in a polite way. B.Because he was in such a hurry. 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
C.Because he was not satisfied with what swift had done for his work.
  63. What did Dr. Swift want to teach the boy? A. How to deliver things politely. B. How to ask for a tip politely. C. How to speak to others politely.
  64. What do we know about the boy from the story? A.He was clever enough to learn everything Dr. Swift taught him. B.He was clever enough to understand well what Swift did and said. C.He was clever enough to make Swift understand what he wanted.
  65. Why did Dr. Swift laugh after the lesson? A.Because he was glad to see that the boy learned to be polite. B.Because the boy gave him two shillings for the lesson. C.Because the boy told him what he wanted in an interesting way. Passage two: It was on April 10, 1912, when the Titanic sailed for New York. She was carrying more than 2200 people. At that time she was not only he biggest but also the finest of all ships, for she had six compartments(密封舱) with her. If four of them were broken, she would still be able to stay on the water. Four days after setting out, while the Titanic was sailing across the ocean, the man on watch suddenly saw a very large iceberg, 100 feet tall. The great ship turned in time, but before long there was a sudden sound from below. The noise was so low that no one knew what had happened. The captain went down and was greatly surprised to see that five of her compartments had been broken. The Titanic was going down fast. The captain gave the order to give up the ship and hundreds of people jumped out into the water. At least over 1500 people lost their lives because there were not enough lifeboats.
  66. The Titanic was the name of a . 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
A. woman
B. ship
C. captain

  67. Which statement is true according to the passage? A. Not a ship at that time had compartments with her. B. Not a ship at that time sailed between England and America. C. Not a ship at that time was the same size as the Titanic.
  68. What broke five compartments of the great ship? A. The low noise. B. The large iceberg. C. The sudden sound.

  69. Why did the captain decide to give up this ship? A. Because he knew he could do nothing to save it. B. Because a lot of people had jumped into the water. C. Because he knew the icebergs were not far away.
  70. How many people were saved in the end? A. Half of the passengers. B. About seven hundred. C. More than 15
  00. Ⅳ.写作 第一节:改写句子: 下面是关于 Mr. White 上英语课的三对句子。
  71. Mr. White drew a picture on a piece of paper so that he could show the meaning of an English word. Mr. White drew a picture on a piece of paper the meaning of an English word.
  72. Everybody in the class was asked to tell a story about the picture. Mr. White to tell a story about the picture.
  73. They spent more than twenty minutes on the work. It more than twenty minutes to do the work. 第二节:书面表达: 你的朋友 Alice 要来北京,但你有事不能去机场接她,委托 lily 去接她,但她 们二人互不认识,请给 Alice 写一封短信。你在短文中的名字是:li Ming. 你不能去接她; 由谁去接她; 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案
描述以下 Lily 的外貌:红裙子、二十多岁、个子不高,戴眼睛 免费提供各种资格考试真题、模拟题、练习题、精选题及答案



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