2011 年广东省高考英语语法填空 8 篇专题(详细分析) 专题(详细分析) 语法填空
阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的词或 使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 (2011 汕头一模)Just up the road from my home is a field, with two horses in it. From a distance, each horse looks like any other horse. But if you get a 16( close) look you will notice one of them is blind. Instead of abandoning him, his owner has made him a safe and comfortable barn to live in. And if you stand nearby and listen, you will hear the sound of a bell17( come) from 18 smaller horse. Attached to 19 (it) halter is a small, copper-coloredbell assisting the blind friend to follow him. 20you watch them, you'll find the horse with the bell always checking on the blind one, and that the blind horse will listen for the bell and then slowly walk to 21 the other one is, trusting he will not 22( lead ) astray. When the horse with the bell returns to the barn each evening, he will stop 23( frequent ) to look back, making sure that the 24 isn't too far behind to hear the bell. Life does not throw us away just because we are not perfect or because we have problems or challenges. Sometimes we are the blind horse being guided by the little ringing bell of our acquaintances; __25other times we are the guide horse, who helps others to find their way.

  16. closer
  21. where

  17. coming
  22. be led

  18. a/the
  23. frequently

  19. its
  24. other

  20. As
  25. at

  2) (2011 深圳一模)Several times each year the Queen gives afternoon tea parties. But she simply sits beside a big silver plate, pouring cups of tea for everyone and 16 (skill) avoiding the cakes and sandwiches. At cocktail parities the Queen moves from group to group, chatting informally, and manages to make one glass of drink last 17 entire evening. Tours abroad are difficult because hosts seem to have a 18 (believe) that the warmth of their welcome must be shown with wonderful state banquets (宴会). But the Queen has perfected the art of appearing to enjoy her meal without actually eating much. During one visit 19 the Pacific islands of Tonga, a specially ? prepared dinner was arranged in her honor. The Queen looked uneasily at her plate 20 she discovered a whole roast pig was her serving. Then a turkey, some meat, an apple and bananas 21 (carry) in for each guest. But she depended 22 her old favorite trick of talking with her host, King Tupou IV, and carrying on a warm conversation. Sometimes the Queen will seem so carried away by foreign leader’s political chat 23 she simply never has time to finish a meal before it is time to get up and make her speech. She will lift her fork to swallow a mouthful, and then put 24 down again to make another point, leaving almost all of her meal 25 (touch).

skillfully。 考查在语境中词性转换的能力。 an。 考查语境中冠词的正确使用。 belief。 考查语境中词性转换的能力。 to。 考查语境中的常用介词搭配。 when/as。 考查语境中从属连词的使用。 were carried。考查动词的语态和主谓一致。 on。 考查介词搭配的实际运用。 that。 考查结果状语从句的运用。 it。 考查语境中宾格代词的使用。 untouched。 考查非谓语动词和逻辑思维能力。
  3) (2008 年佛山二模改编) Several men hit the Sao Paulo Museum of Art just before dawn on December 20th , 20
  07, and __1__ shocked the authorities as it took the thieves just three minutes to steal paintings __2__ two world? famous artists, Pablo Picasso __3__ Candido Poninari,__4__ are worth millions of dollars. Images from the secret camera show that two men began their action at 5∶09 a. m. ,__5__ the guards in the museum were going through their shift change(换岗). They broke through two glass doors,__6__(run) to the museum’s top floor and grabbed the two paintings from different rooms,somehow __7__(avoid) nearby guards. The alarm never rang,and by 5∶12 a. m. ,they were making their escape. After __8__,the police were interviewing the 30 museum employees. “Everything indicates thieves were sent to do it by some wealthy art lover for __9__ own collection. He was not rich enough to buy the paintings, __10__ he was wealthy,” said the lead police officer,Marcos Gomes de Moura.
  1.[解析] 第二分句前有 and,说明前后句为并列句,用人称代词 it,代替前句内容。[答案] it
  3. and
  4.[解析] 第二分句前无连词,说明此处是非限制性定语从句,用 which 引导。[答案] which
  5.[解析] 引导时间状语从句,意思是:当博物馆的保安换班的时候。[答案] when
  6.[解析] broke,ran,grabbed 三个动词作并列谓语。[答案] ran
  7.[解析] 现在分词作结果状语。[答案] avoiding
  9. his
  10. their (
  4) (2010 年深圳一模) It was a very cold evening, an old man was waiting for a ride across the river. He saw several horsemen pass by but he didn’t ask for any help. The wait seemed __1__(end).Then came another rider,the old man __2__(catch) his eye and said, “Sir, would you mind doing me a favor?” Stopping his horse,he replied, “Of course.” Almost __3__(freeze), the old man could not get __4__ the ground. The horseman helped him onto his horse. He took the old man not just across the river,__5__ to his home. “Sir, you didn’t even ask the other riders for help, why? What __6__ I had said ‘no’ and left you there?” the horseman asked. The old man looked at him straight in the eyes and said, “I looked into their eyes, I found they didn’t care,__7__ told me it would be useless, but when I looked into __8__, I saw kindness.” These words touched the rider deeply. “Thank you for __9__ you’ve said, I hope I will
never be too busy to help others.” with that, Thomas Jefferson, the __10__(three) president of the US, turned his horse around and went away.
  1.[解析] 在语境中考查构词法。[答案] endless
  2.[解析] 考查语境中动词的变形和对时态的使用。[答案] caught
  3.[解析] 在语境中考查分词的使用。[答案] frozen
  4.[解析] 考查意义与词组的搭配。[答案] off
  5.[解析] 考查语境中转折连词的使用。[答案] but
  6.[解析] 考查对 what if 结构的掌握情况。[答案] if
  7.[解析] 考查定语从句在语境中的运用。[答案] which
  8.[解析] 考查名词性物主代词的掌握。[答案] yours
  9.[解析] 考查名词性从句引导词的使用。[答案] what
  10.[解析] 考查在语境中序数词的运用。[答案] third (
  5) The woman often called the First Lady of New York died on August. Brooke Astor was one hundred five years old. The extremely wealthy and famous New Yorker spent much of her life __1__(help)the needy in her beloved city. She was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She was the only child of a high level military officer. After two earlier __2__(marry) ,she married Vincent Astor in 1953 again. He came from a family __3__ had been rich for least on hundred years. Among other things, he owed many buildings in New York City. Brooke Astor became one of the __4__(rich)women in the world when Vincent Astor died. She also became head of a huge charity organization_ _5__(found) by her husband. He repeatedly had told her she would have fun giving __6__ his money. And apparently she did. Missus Astor gave tens of millions of dollars __7__(main)to places and people in New York City. She said it was the sensible choice because that was __8__ the money had been made. She gave financial support to the city’s cultural centers,its poor and disabled as __9__ as to many other smaller charities. When she died, the mayor of New York said the city would not be what it is today __10__ her support.
  1.[解析] sb. spend time (in) doing sth.某人花(时间,精力)做某事。[答案] helping
  2.[解析] 从下文 she married Vincent Astor in 1953 again.得知,她以前经历了两次婚姻 [答案] marriages
  3.[解析] had been rich 前缺主语。这是定语从句,只能用 that/which。[答案] that/which
  4.[解析] 根据句意得知是最富有的。[答案] richest
  5.[解析] found 创办,成立;建立,过去分词短语作定语,表被动。[答案] founded
  6.[解析] give away 赠送;赠予;颁发。[答案] away
  7.[解析] adv.大部分地;主要地。[答案] mainly
  8.[解析] 句子 the money had been made 主谓齐全。根据句意是因为这些钱应该用于人 们和社会。[答案] where
  9.[解析] as well as 也,又,和。[答案] well
  10.[解析] 没有她的支持,就成就不了现在的纽约。[答案] without (
  6) A new campaign to ban smoking in taxis is part of a wider push to clean up the city’s image before the 2010 World Expo(2010 年世界博览会). The Shanghai Dazhong Taxi, a taxi company, said drivers __1__(find) smoking in their cabs could “possibly” be fined or even temporarily banned __2__ working. Signs __3__(place) in all of the taxi company’s 9,100 strong fleet (车队) saying “No Smoking in Taxis. Welcome to Shanghai World Expo”. “We hope the sanitation(卫生环境) of cabs in the city will be improved through our no-smoking campaign,__4__ is a mutual benefit for __5__ drivers and passengers. ” Dazhong said it would __6__(close) monitor the campaign’s progress. Drivers caught smoking will undergo the company’s training and inspection program. “Cabs found to have cigarette smell will be called back”, Zhao said.
Many taxi drivers smoke __7__(relax) from working long hours. The official admitted __8__ would not be an easy task to achieve a total smoke ban in a short time. “Promoting non-smoking taxis in the whole city is __9__ long journey,” Zhao said. “__10__ having a long way to go, we are confident of fulfilling our ‘smoke-free taxi’ program in the city through our diligence.”
  1.[解析] 过去分词作定语,表示“被发现抽烟的司机”。[答案] found
  2.[解析] 动词与介词的固定搭配,be banned from doing sth.意思是“被禁止做”。[答案] from
  3.[解析] 已经被放置,现在完成时态的被动语态。[答案] have been placed
  4.[解析] which 引导非限定性定语从句。[答案] which
  5.[解析] 根据上下文的意义,这项运动是对司机和乘客双方都有好处的,所以填 both。[答案] both
  6.[解析] 修饰动词 monitor,用副词 closely,表示接近地、严密地(监控)。[答案] closely
  7.[解析] 动词不定式作目的状语,许多出租车司机吸烟的目的是为了放松。[答案] to relax
  8.[解析] it 在这里充当 admitted 后面的宾语从句中的形式主语,真正的主语是后面的动词不 定式 to achieve a total smoke ban in a short time。[答案] it
  9.[解析] 不定冠词的用法,表示“一个,一段”。[答案] a
  10.[解析] 表示“尽管,虽然”。[答案] Despite (
  7) (2008 年梅州二模)阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处 填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 At one point along an open highway, came to a crossroads with a traffic light. I was alone I on the road by now, but __1__ I drove up to the light,it turned red,and I braked to a halt. I looked left, right,and behind me. Nothing,__2__a car,no suggestion of headlights, but there I sat,__3__(wait) the light to change,the only human being for at least a mile in any direction. I started wondering __4__I refused to run the light. I was not afraid of __5__(catch) by the police, because there was obviously no cop anywhere around and __6__ certainly would have been no danger in going __7__ it. Much later that night, __8__ question of why I’d stopped for that light came back to me. the I think I stopped because it’s part of a contract(合同) we all have with each other. It’s not only the law, but it’s an agreement we have,and we trust each other to honor __9__:We don’t go through red lights. Like most of us, I’m more ready to be stopped from doing something bad by the social agreement that disapproves of it __10__ by any law against it.
  1. [解析] 引导时间状语从句,“当我驶近红绿灯的时候”。[答案] as/when
  3. [解析] 现在分词作伴随状语。[答案] waiting
  4. [解析] 为什么我不愿闯红灯。[答案] why
  5. [解析] 介词后用动名词,这里指“害怕被抓”,用被动语态。[答案] being caught
  6. [解析] 引导存在句。[答案] there
  7. [解析] 闯红灯,后面也提到。[答案] through
  8. [解析] 同样的问题,即“为什么我不愿闯红灯”。[答案] same
  9. [解析] 指前面提到的 contract。[答案] it
  10.[解析] more...than 是固定句型。[答案] than (
  8) When you treat people and things in a kind,__1__(consider) ,and polite way,you are being respectful. Respect __2__ very important __3__ home, at school, and everywhere you go. __4__ you show respect, you show that you c



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