2011 年广州市普通高中毕业班综合测试(一)英语试题参考答案 zshunj.cn 高中英语教学交流网 I 语言知识及应用
  7. B A B
  8. B C
  4. C
  9. C
  10. D A
第一节 完形填空
  1. C
  6. A

  12. D

  13. B
  14. A

  15. D
第二节 语法填空
  16. why
  21. But
  17. when
  22. a
  18. probably
  23. Before
  19. dating
  24. raised
  20. since

  25. had been speaking/ was speaking/ had spoken/ spoke II
  26. B
  31. C
  36. D
  41. C 阅读理解
  27. B
  32. D
  37. A
  42. D
  28. A
  33. B
  38. D
  43. C
  29. C
  34. C
  39. A
  44. A
  30. D
  35. A
  40. B
  45. B
第一节 阅读理解
第二节 信息匹配
  46. F III
  47. D 写作
  48. E
  49. A
  50. C
第一节 基础写作 Version 1 Nowadays, the problem of traffic jams in cities is as serious as that of air pollu
tion. Somesuggested solutions to these problems include a reduction in the use of private cars and an increasein the practice of car-pooling, where one car is shared by several workmates or friends. In addition,the government could improve the public transport system in order to make it more convenient forpeople. The government should also encourage cycling by building more green lanes. This willhelp save money, time and energy as well as improve the environment. Version 2 The problems of traffic jams and air pollution have aroused increasing attention recently. Some of the possible solutions to these problems are as follows. First, car owners could share theircars with by their friends and workmates, thus reducing the use of private cars. S econd, thegovernment could make it more convenient for its citizens to use public transport improvingthe public transport system and encourage cycling by we could surely building more green lanes. By taking as well as improve t theabove measures, heenvironment. save money, time and energy
第二节 任务型写作 Version 1 In his speech Li Hua spoke of an overseas Chinese student who couldn’t find a job becauseof his dishonesty. The story shows us that honesty really is the best policy. After reading this speech, I felt really sorry for the student who had thrown away his years ofhard work, great academic achievements and a promising future just for some short-term benefits. Now, he knows better than anyone that dishonesty costs dearly. My classmate Wang Tao once made a similar mistake. During a math quiz, he was havingtrouble working out a problem. When the teacher looked away, he peeked and copied the answerfrom his classmate. He was glad that he had a high mark in the quiz. But when he came across asimilar question in the final exam, he didn’t know how to solve it and eventually failed the test. While dishonesty helped him in the short term during the quiz, it hurt him in the long termbecause of problem Version 2 Today I read an instructive speech, in which the speaker argues honesty is the best policy bytelling the story of an overseas Chinese student who couldn’t find a job because of his dishonesty. After reading this speech, I felt really sorry for the student who had ruined his own promisingfuture just for some short-term benefits. On the other hand, I also thought it was correct to punishsomeone who had been dishonest. I once read another story about dishonesty. In that story the author found himself alone in hisheadmaster’s office, where he accidentally found the writing contest paper. He was going to takepart in the competition t resist the temptation to and so couldn’ read it. As he prepared wellbeforehand, he won the first prize he didn’t revise that type shall always remember thislesson and be an honest person. for the final exam. I
in the contest. But instead of feeling happy and proud, he feltguilty. This feeling started the moment he decided to read the paper and it followed him all hislife. From these stories, I really learned the lesson that honesty is the best policy. In life we areoften tempted to be dishonest, but for a happy and guilt-free life we know what the best choice is.
2011 广州市普通高中毕业班综合测试-英语(一模)深度点评 完形填空 本次完形填空难度较大,原因在于内容比较抽象,理解需要一定时间。下面做详细分析: (
  1) pattern. 出自选修 6 单词。此处为“模式” 。诱惑项为“prediction”,但是我们不能说 “share prediction” 。本 句翻译:但是科学家知道几乎所有人都拥有清楚的模式。 (
  2) good. 答案的提示为“still”和“Certain important high-points come later in life.” (
  3) smartest. 由后面的“IQ”得知,说的是智商。 (
  4) experienced. Powerful 和 energetic 为同义词,不能选;与 wise 有关的应该是一种能力,而不是态度 satisfied. (
  5) particularly。 “尤其是”. (
  6) climb. “攀升,提高”. “但是,你完成其它任务的能力不断提高”. (
  7) possess. “拥有”, 同样出自选修 6 单词。 (
  8) adults. 本题很容易出错,由“Maturity” (成熟)可排除 babies 和 teenagers. 不选 elder 是因为 elder 仅仅指 “前辈,长者” ,不一定是老年人;而且“adults”已经包括老年人。
  9) physical. 由“energetic”可知指生理方面。 (
  10) come. “24 岁之前,我们相信我们快乐的时光还没到来。 ” (
  11) realistic. “现实的” (
  12) happiness “现实”体现在后文“我们不再视快乐为目标。如果我们拥有健康, 。 获得工作和感情的目标,那么我们觉得快乐也会随之而来。 ” (
  13) varies. 出自选修
  6. 由 “different” 可知。 (
  14) early. “许多诺贝尔得奖者在 20 到 30 岁期间完成了顶尖的研究”可知。 (
  15) limit. “但对于保持思维活跃的人,没有年龄上限的限制” 。 语法填空 本次一模的语法填空中规中矩,答案没有新意,依然固定在已相对稳定的候选答题范围内。 “相对稳定的候选范 围”是指:语法填空八大考点。 【
  1】 冠词 【
  2】 代词 【
  3】 介词 【
  4】 时态语态 【
  5】 非谓语动词 【
  6】 连接词 【
  7】 It 的用法和强调结构 【
  8】 词形变化 结合本次一模,可以看出: 考点 题目 答案 连接词 16 Why 连接词 17 When 词形变化 18 Probably 非谓语动词 19 Dating 连接词 20 Since 连接词 21 But 冠词 22 A 连接词 23 Before 非谓语动词
24 raised 时态语态 25 Was speaking/had spoken/ spoke 从表格看出,本次一模语法填空考点比较固定。下面做深入分析。
  16. why 考查了连接词中的宾语从句。根据文章意思, “历史上,它以工业著称,这就解释了为什么叫黑区” 。
  17. when 考查了连接词中的非限制性定语从句。先行词为“the industrial revolution”.
  18. probably 考查了词形变化的“形容词变副词” 。如果括号中文形容词,一般有两种思路,第一是变副词,一般 通过加词尾-ly; 第二种是变比较级或最高级。
  19. dating. 考查了非谓语动词中的“动名词做后置定语” ,或者“定语从句的省略” 。实际上,这是一个定语从句, 原型为“it has a history which dates back…” ,而 “which dates back”可变形为 “dating”, 这是我考前反复强调 的考点。
  20. since 考查了连接词的时间状语从句。本题的最大提示是前半句的现在完成时。我们有: 现在完成时+since+过去的时间点
  21.but 考查了连接词的转折词。根据“friendly”和“difficult to understand”的对比可知。
  22. a 考查了冠词中的不定冠词。这里是泛指一个来访朋友。
  23. before 考查了连接词中的时间状语从句。
  24.. raised 考查了非谓语动词中的“过去分词” 。本身“raise”是一个及物动词,因此决定了 eyebrows 和 raise 的关系只能是被动。分清及物和不及物是关键。
  25. was speaking/had spoken/spoke 考查了时态和语态。确定是主动,时态确定为过去。 阅读理解 本次一模的阅读理解,可以说难度非常大。最难的两篇为 A 和 D。而 D 篇的体裁更是近几年几乎没有出现过的 诗歌体裁。考生要引起对文学类阅读的重视。考生做阅读理解时,最好先做简单的文章。对于本次一模,最好先 完成 B 和 C 篇,然后再做 A 和 D 篇,原则是先保证容易题目的分拿到手。 (
  1)A 篇记叙文,讲述 California 船没能及时判断 Titanic 的求救信号,最终产生里历史上的重大沉船灾难。
  26.答案:B。题目问文章叙述的视角,本文主要从 California 船的 Evants 和船长 Lord 的视觉展开的。
  27.答案:B。 “the rockets were SOS rockets” 。SOS 是国际通用的呼叫信号。
  28.答案:A。做对这道题目的关键是读出最后一段打下划线的虚拟语气: this ship had not been there, Captain “If Lord would have recognized that the rockets were SOS rockets that came not from the mystery ship but from a more distant ship which the California could not see. If Cyril Evans had kept his radio on for just 30 minutes more he would have heard SOS signals coming from that distant ship he spoke with the night before.”虚拟语气的使用表示 California 船对没有及时判断出 Titanic 的求救信号的遗憾。
  29. 答案:C。从第三段第一句的“another”可以判断。这三艘船分别是:California, the mysterious ship and Titanic.
  30. 答案:D. 最后一段“he would have heard SOS signals coming from that distant ship he spoke with the night before.”和船长说过话的船正是第二段中不断发送电报的船。 (
  2) B 篇 说明文,讲述批判性思维的重要性
  31. 答案:C。Critical thinking is an important skill that can increase students’ ability to learn in any situation.
  32. 答案:D。指代题的原则是“承前指代”,找前面最近那个名词,看合不合适。 “Just passing a course” and “understanding the material well enough” so that what students learn from it will follow them throughout their life.可 以看出,it 最近的名词 material.
  33. 答案:B。定位在第二段,答案出处为:-reasoning in an effort to develop an argument of your own opinion.
  34. 答案:C。Such “mini-examples” will interest a student。
  35. 答案:A。这篇文章是关于提高学生的批判性思维,读者应为关注学生教学的老师。 (
  3) C 篇 说明文,讲说搭便车旅行的安全问题,现状以及未来。
  36. 答案: That no single women picked me up on my journey to Manchester no doubt reflects the safety fear: a large, D。
strangely dressed man is seen as dangerous.
  37. 答案:A。 B 和 D 的出处“Plenty of people still hitchhike in Poland and Romania. Perhaps the rising level of car ownership in the UK means the few people lift hitchhiking are usually considered strange.” C 的出处: “Three-quarters of the UK population have access to a car” 。
  38. 答案:D. 由句中的“mad enough to …”可知要搭车的人长得比较可怕。
  39. 答案:A。出处:The future of hitchhiking most likely lies with car-sharing organized over the Internet.
  40. 答案:B。How wonderful it would be to have another go,此处的 “go”意思为 “尝试”. (
  4)D 篇 诗歌,出自诗人 Taylor Mali 的诗歌“老师能创造什么” 。本篇阅读的关键是抓住”He” 和 “I” 的对 立。 ”He” 认为老师一无是处;而 I 则维护“老师”这个职业的崇高价值。
  41. 答案:C. 首先排除 A 和 D,因为 he 很明显在挑衅作为老师的作者,he 不喜欢的是老师这个职业。而 B 文 中没有根据支持。
  42. 答案: D. 关键是“and”这个表示并列的连接词,and 后面的内容是 and stop myself from reminding the other dinner guests that it’s also true what they say about lawyers。说明我忍住不说出律师的真相。
  43. 答案:C.由 “bravest”说明 Billy 的行为值得表扬。
  44. 答案:A。作者对 He 的挑衅充满愤怒体现在 “I have to teach him a lesson”和“I make a great difference! What about you?”的提问。骄傲体现在作者作为老师能创造许多。
  45. 答案:B。全文出现大量的表达“I make them…”,而作者正是老师本身。 信息匹配 建议学生在阅卷的 5 分钟内先把信息匹配做完。这样能争取更多的时间。
  46. F. 匹配词为“shade” “wet”
  47. D. 匹配词为“sunny” “dry”
  48. E 匹配词为“indoors” “cool”
  49. A 匹配词为“rich soil” “has attractive flowers throughout the year”
  50. C 匹配词为“summer time” “poor soil” “sun” 基础写作: 基础写作思路: 【
  1】 构思 5 句 结合本次一模: 第一句:存在的问题 第二、三、四句:建议 第五句:好处 【
  2】 关键词翻译 交通拥堵:traffic jams/traffic congestion 少开: (对于不可以直译的可以解构字面意思)reduce the use of 完善:improve 鼓励:encourage 节能:save energy 或 energy conservation(这是一个社会热点词汇,同学们一定要背熟) 【
  3】 添加连词 结合本次一模,建议有三条,可以用 first, second, third 来连接,彰显文章的清晰度。 其次,in light of this fact 用来作为原因和结果的连接。 个人版本: The problem of traffic jams and air pollution has caused growing public attention. In light of this fact, some suggested that first, the car owners should limit the use o


2011 年广州一模英语答案

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   英语 - 语法讲解 02[连词+时态 1+时态 2+动词语态+句子种类 1+句子种类 2+宾 语从句+状语从句] 2006-08-05 20:08 连词 好了, 现在我们在攻克词类的最后一个堡垒??连词。 连词更好对付了, 我们只讲几个常考的词组就可以了。 连词常考到的有以下几个词组: 连词常考到的有以下几个词组: both ...and:表示"两者都..."。注意:当 both...and 连接主语时,后面 注意: 注意 动词一般要用复数。如:Both Lily and ...


   2008 年小学毕业考试英语模拟试卷 友情提示: 1、周四上午; 2 本套试题满分为 70 分(不含听力部分),建议答题时间为 60分钟; 一、单词与词组。(16 分) 1.照样子改写单词(替换、增加、去掉都可以)并组成词组。(9 分) (1) bag big a big apple (2) cap (3) set (4) now (5) book (6) hat (7) same (8) shirt (9) nice (10) here 2.英汉互译。(7 分) (1) ...


   2010? 学年度第一学期四年级英语 四年级英语期末检测卷 2010?2011 学年度第一学期四年级英语期末检测卷 blanks.左邻右舍都来了 我呢?大小写要统一呀。 左邻右舍都来了, Ⅰ .Fill in the blanks. 左邻右舍都来了 ,我呢 ?大小写要统一呀。 (9 分) 1.__ l __ 4.__ P __ 7.__ n __ 2.__ s __ 5.__ U __ 8.__ Y __ 3.__ w 6.__ J 9.__ f __ __ __ write.看图片写单词, ...