2011 年寒假培训九年级英语第 9 讲:综合练习一
一、单项选择 在下列各题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选择一个能填入题干空白处的最佳答案。
  1. -- Jimmy! Have you got an MP4 player? -- Yes, I have . And I bought last Sunday morning. A. it, that B. it, one C. one, it D. one, this
  2. -- Excuse me, what does “∴” mean in English?-- It means . A. and B. because C. therefore D. plus
  3. -- Can I help you?-- Well, I’m afraid the bag is heavy for you, but thank you all the same. A. so B. too C. quite D. very
  4. -- What does your brother look like? -- . A. He likes watching TV. B. He is a worker in a factory. C. He is very tall and strong. D. he plays basketball every day.
  5. -- How many times not to play with fire? -- I’m sorry. I’ll never do that again. A. do you tell B. had you told C. are you told D. have you been told
  6. -- Drugs have done great harm to some people and their families. -- I quite agree with you, so we should them. A. keep away from B. shut down C. get on with D. put off
  7. -- Evans, congratulations! You came first in the 2009 National English Proficiency Contest for Secondary Students ( 全 国 中 学 生 英 语 竞 赛 ), and the award is recognized by many universities. -- . A. Thank you B. Just so so C. Let’s do better D. You can make it too.
  8. -- Do you know the girl is sitting next to Vivien? -- Yes. She is Vivien’s friend. They are celebrating her birthday. A. who; ninth B. that; nineth C. /; nineth D. which; ninth
  9. -- Laura, did you have a good time in Disneyland yesterday? -- Yes, of course. Indeed, it’s a long time I enjoyed myself so much. A. when B. as C. after D. since
  10. -- The 2010 World Expo (世博会) which will last 184 days will be held in Shanghai on May 1st. -- news! We shall try our best to support it. A. How exciting B. How excited C. What exciting D. What excited
  11. -- Would you like a cup of tea or coffee? -- . Just some water. A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. None
  12. -- Is that island you’ve been to recently? -- Yes, it’s the most beautiful one I’ve visited before. A. that B. which C. the one which D. the one that
  13. -- Fantastic! Nothing tastes . -- Thank you, it’s kind of you to say so like this. A. nice B. terrible C. better D. worse
  14. -- Did you see a little boy in red pass by just now? -- No, madam. I a magazine. A. read B. am reading C. would read D. was reading
  15. -- Amy, we’ll take the Studying-abroad lessons in SFLYU (扬州大学外国语学院). Will you join us? -- I’m not sure, but I something about it at www.21500
  88.com. I’ll ask my Dad’s advice. A. find B. have found C. search D. look for 二、完型填空 阅读下列短文,从文后各题所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 Have you ever had a dream to make your home a happier place? Maybe there are some 16 you can follow. Sometimes you don’t think your parents are fair to you. When you want to dress 17 a modern way, your mum doesn’t 18 you wearing a mini-skirt. When you are making phone
calls to friends, they ask 19 you are speaking to a boy or a girl. Sometimes it seems that you’re not as close to your parents as you used to be. How can you 20 close again? Closing the gap by American writer Jay McGraw gives advice on how to have a better 22 your parents. When you think, relationship with your 21 . He gives ways to help you “my parents don’t want me to have any fun,” that usually means your parents want you to be 23 . Both parents and children have 24 . They need to feel they are important and loved. You should 25 your parents your needs, and find out what their needs are. Then, you can think of a way to make all of you 26 . He gives you some ideas: Make time to 27 . You could talk about your school life and your plans for the future. 28 a diary. This is to help you understand more about yourself and your feelings. Show your parents you are growing up. Wash your 29 and help clean the house. Your parents will feel that you are no longer a little child. If you follow these you will be able to break down the walls between your parents and 30 .
  16. A. way B. advices C. suggestion D. points
  17. A. with B. in C. of D. by
  18. A. hate B. mind C. like D. enjoy
  19. A. if B. what C. why D. how
  20. A. go B. look C. become D. come
  21. A. friends B. teachers C. children D. parents
  22. A. listen to B. understand C. listen D. obey
  23. A. safe B. dangerous C. angry D. sad
  24. A. need B. needs C. needed D. loved
  25. A. speak B. say C. tell D. told
  26. A. nervous B. joyless C. excited D. happy
  27. A. talk B. tell C. smile D. learn
  28. A. Write B. Have C. Keep D. Read
  29. A. hands B. face C. socks D. clothes
  30. A. you B. yourself C. yourselves D. myself 三、阅读理解 阅读下列内容,从每小题所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 A You go to a store. You see many new things. You know about them before you get to the store. How do you know? You saw these things on TV. You learned about them through advertising. People have been advertising for thousands of years. Long ago, men called “criers” walked up and down the street. They shouted about things that were being sold. Later, people met at one place. This place was a market. Some people came to sell. Other people came to buy. But only those people who were at the market knew what was being sold. When people learned about printing, things changed. Soon there were newspapers. Many people read the newspapers. They saw many advertisements on TV. Are the people who sell to us “criers”?
  31. According to the passage, we go to the store to . A. read the newspaper B. buy things we hear about C. look at the ads on TV D. know other people
  32. People have been advertising for . A. hundreds of years. B. three hundred years C. thousands of years D. three thousand years
  33. The main idea of the whole story is . A. People advertise to sell things B. people cried when they had to advertise C. people went to the market D. people never advertise B
This blue curly hair looks like the waves of the sea. Its smile is a sign of the healthy spirit of China. The thumbs-up (翘拇指) will welcome millions of people to Shanghai form around the world. It’s Haibao, the mascot of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. “it’s very cute,” said Gu Hui, a school kid. “I want a big toy like the mascot.” Haibao looks like the Chinese character “人”, which means people or a person. The name comes from the Chinese phrases “Si Hai Zhi Bao” ? the treasure of four seas. Haibao also means the treasure of Shanghai, which lies beside the sea. Haibao was made by two artists. The design is about people living together in the city. The designers want it to fit in with the theme of the Shanghai World Expo: Better City, Better Life.
  34. The word “mascot” in the passage means . A. 会徽 B. 吉祥物 C. 象征 D. 主题语
  35. Which is the mascot of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo?
B. C. D. A.
  36. What is the theme of the Shanghai World Exposition? A. One world, one dream. B. Better City, Better Life. C. One ever burning flame. D. The celebration of the century.
  37. Which of the following is WRONG according to the passage? A. Haibao’s hair looks like the waves of the sea. B. Haibao looks like a Chinese character. C. Haibao is made by a famous artist from Beijing. D. Haibao looks very lovely. 四、词汇运用 根据句子意思,用括号中所给汉语提示或英语单词的适当形式填空。 (每空一词)
  38. This book is well worth . It’s one of the most useful study helpers, I think. (看)
  39. Look at the sign; we are not to park cars here. (允许)
  40. Don’t complain the weather; it will be much tomorrow. (多雾)
  41. It is important for us to plan before we start. (提前)
  42. By local doctors and nurses, we can help more people. (训练)
  43. So far, eleven of the seniors have received the admission notice from SFLYU. (twelve)
  44. Mum was so that she mistook my skirt for hers. (care)
  45. It’s said that there’re new in the Golden Eagle Shopping Centre. (arrive)
  46. ? You said once I did, you’ll support me? (what) -- But you couldn’t do against the law.
  47. The boy is more than 2 meters in . (high) 五、任务型阅读 An Event of Imagination The year is 20
  94. It has been announced that a comet is heading towards the Earth. Most of it will miss our planet, but two pieces will probably hit the southern half of the Earth. On 17 July, a piece four kilometers wide enters the Earth's atmosphere with a massive explosion. About half of the piece is destroyed, but the remaining part hits the South Atlantic at 200 times the speed of sound. The sea boils and a huge hole is made in the seabed. Huge waves are created and spread outwards from the hole. The wall of water, a kilometer high, rushes towards southern Africa at 800 kilometers an hour. Cities on the African coast are totally destroyed and millions of people are drowned.
Before the waves reach South America, the second piece of the comet lands in Argentina. Earthquakes and volcanoes are set off in the Andes Mountains. The shock waves move north into California and all around the Pacific Ocean. The cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Tokyo are completely destroyed by earthquakes. Millions of people in the southern half of the earth are already dead, but the north won't escape for long. Because of the explosions, the sun is hidden by clouds of dust, and temperature around the world falls to almost zero. Crops are ruined. The sun won't be seen again for many years. Wars break out as countries fight for food. A year later, no more than 10 million remain alive. Could it really happen? In fact, it has already happened more than once in the history of the Earth. The dinosaurs (恐龙) were on the Earth for over 160 million years. Then 65 million years ago they suddenly disappeared. Many scientists believe that the Earth was hit by a piece of object in space. The dinosaurs couldn't live through the cold climate that followed and they died out. Will we meet the same end? 请根据以上文章,完成下列表格: Reasons Results One piece hits the South Atlantic at 200 The sea boils and a huge hole is made in the seabed. A time 48 49 the speed tsunami(海啸) hits southern Africa, 50 cities of sound. millions of on the African coast, and 51 people. A 52 53 happens The sun is hidden by clouds of dust and the temperature when the four-kilometer-wide piece of falls to almost zero. Wars break out for 55 and . comet enters the Earth's 54 only 10 million people remain. The human beings are the danger of 57 out. 56 六、缺词填空 Many people find exams a frightening experience. Sitting down for an exam when everybody is so most people nervous. quiet and serious m But there are a few things you can do before you start. At the b of an exam, read all so you know exactly what you have to do. the instructions c Work out how much time you can s on each question. If you feel yourself getting nervous at any time, stop w you are doing and take a few deep breaths. However, the most useful things are always done b getting to the room. You may do some practice tests and r your lessons in a right way. And then the r things will seem much easier. Finally, you also need to remember that exams are not the most important things in the world. Even though you f , you can do better next time. The more you take, the l worried you will be. 七、书面表达
  1. 我想捐钱给玉树受地震灾害的孩子。
  2. 鸟瞰上海这个现代化的城市,感觉真是美好。
  3. 科学家们正在努力使得这个梦想成为现实。
  4. 你读的书越多,结果觉得知道的越少。
  5. 如果你犹豫不决,穿红色衣服会有帮助。



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