2011 年惠来慈云实验中学九年级(上)奖学 年惠来慈云实验中学九年级( 金考试试题
(英语单项选择) 26 Mr
Green has
one-year-old son,doesn't he? 8-year-old daughter. C a;an D an;a
Yes,and he also has A a;a B an;an
27Mrs. Wang was so A excited;cry to cry
that she couldn't stop C exciting;crying D exciting
B excited;crying
28the old man began to learn to swim in his A fifties B fifty C fifth D fiftys 29the fantastic photos last week A were taken 30there September 14th A will be B will have,on C will be,in 31the post office isn't far from here. You A don't D will be ,on a taxi B taken C took D are taken a speech about the moon the morning of by the photographer were on display
B needn't to take C don't need to take D need to take a little girl can read C so;such D so;so many books
32I can't believe
A such ;so B such;such
33I don't think Tom went to see the movie last night, A do I B did I C did he 34 A what D does he
strong the wind is! I'm afraid we can't go to the sea today. B What a C How D such
35What did she say just now ?-she asked A whose bag is over there B which dag did you like C where she can put her bag D what was in your bag 36Have you decided where to go for our holiday,dad? What about the island A which B that we spent last summer holiday? C when D where China since B have been to;three years D have been in;three years ago at noon in summer
37Mrs.White with her children A has been in ;five years ago C has gone to;five years
38jim likes sleeping with the door A wide open B open wide
C widely open D open widely
39I'm worried very much because I'll miss my first class if the bus arrives A lately B late C latter D more late
40Can I get you a drink?--that's very nice of you .But I've already got A it B one C that D this
41I have
the English club for three terms
A joined
B been on
C taken part in
D been a member of them
42this pair of jeans A doesn't fit ;not to buy C don't fit ;not to buy 43What
you ,they are too big .You'd better B doesn't fit ;not buy D don't fit ;not buy
the forest of the USA in the last 350 years?
A has happened to B is happened to C has happened at D is happening
44jim enjoys listening to pop music. --A so does Helen C Helen likes also 45 thousand,and B Also is Helen D so Helen does
the students in the primary school is about three of them are girs. B The number of,two thirds D The number of,two thirds
A A number of ,two third C A number of, two thirds



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