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  1) 职称英语考试卫生类词汇选项习题(
下面每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语划有底横线,请为每处划线部分确定 1 个意义最为接近折选项。
  1.She was a puzzle. A girl B woman C problem D mystery

  2.Her speciality is heart surgery A region C field B site D platform

  3.France has kept intimate links with its former African territories A friendly B private C strong D secret

  4.You should have blended the butter with the sugar thoroughly, A spread B mixed C beaten D covered

  5.he industrial revolution modified the whole structure of English society. A destroyed C smashed B broke D changed

  6.Tickets are limited and will be allocated to those who apply first. A posted B sent C given D handed

  7.The change in that village was miraculous. A conservative C insignificant B amazing D unforgettable

  8.Customers often defer payment for as long as possible. A make C postpone
B demand D obtain
  9.Canada will prohibit smoking in all offices later this year. A ban B remove C eliminate D expel

  10. She read a poem which depicts the splendor of the sunset. A declares B asserts C describes D announces.
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  11.From my standpoint, this thing is just ridiculous A field C knowledge
B point of view D information
  12.The latest census is encouraging A statement B assessment C evaluation D count
  13.The curious looks from the strangers around her made her feel uneasy. A different B proud C uncomfortable D unconscious

  14.Reading the job ad, he wondered whether he was eligible to apply for it. A able C qualified
B fortunate D competent
  15.He was elevated to the post of prime minister. A pulled B promoted 答案: 1 D 2 C 3 A 4 B 5 D 6 C 7 B 8 C 9 A 10 C 11 B 12 D 13 C 14 C 15 B 下面每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语划有底横线,请为每处划线部分确定 1 个意义最为接近折选项。 1 She was close to success. A fast B quick C tight D near C lifted D treated
2 The two girls look alike A similar B beautiful C pretty D attractive
3 The boy is intelligent. A naughty B clever C difficult D active
4 Everybody was glad to see Mary back A sorry B sad C happy D angry
5 Zhat is your glad in life? A aim B plan C arrangement D idea
6 Jack was dismissed A fined B fired C exhausted D criticized
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7 John is crazy about pop music A mad B sorry C concerned D worried
8 It is the movement, not the color, of objects that excites the bull. A frightens B scares C confuses D arouses
9 It is highly unlikely that she will arrive today. A very B probably C hardly D possibly
10 I am feeling a lot more healthy than I was. A many B no C some D much
11 Since ancient times people have found various ways to preserve meat A eat B cook C keep D freeze
12 We packed up the things we had accumulated (积累) over the last three years and A late B recent C final D past
13 The expedition reached the summit at 10:30 that morning A bottom of tile mountain B foot of the mountain C staring point D top of the mountain
14 There is always excitement at the Olympic Games when an athlete breaks a previous record of performance. A destroys B beats C maintains D defends
15 The president proposed that we should bring the meeting to a close. A stated B said 答案: 1 D 6 B 11 C 2 A 7 A 12 3 B 8 D 13 D 4 C 9 A 14 B 5 A 10 D 15 D C announced D suggested
A inspiring C moving
B boring D absorbing
10 I wasn't qualified for the job really, but I got it anyhow. A somehow B anyway C anywhere D somewhere 11 She was a puzzle. A girl C problem B woman D mystery
12 Her speciality is heart surgery. A region B site
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C field D platform
13 France has kept intimate links with its former African territories A friendly C strong B private D secret
14 You should have blended the butter with the sugar thoroughly. A spread C beaten B mixed D covered
15 The industrial revolution modified the whole structure of English society. A destroyed C smashed 答案: 1 C 6 A 11 D 2 B 7 A 12 C 3 A 8 B 13 A 4 D 9 C 14 B 5 B 10 B 15 D B broke D changed
下面每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语划有底横线,请为每处划线部分确定 1 个意义最为接近折选项。

  1.The news will horrify everyone. A.attract B.terrify C.tempt D.excite

  2.The article sketched the major events of the decade. A.described B.offered C.outlined D.presented

  3.I won't tolerate that kind
of behavior.
A.bear B.accept C.admit D.take
  4.Their style of playing football is utterly different. A.barely B.scarcely C.hardly D.totally

  5.Her sister urged her to apply for the job. A.advised B.caused C.forced D.promised

  6.Even sensible men do absurd things. A.unusual B.ridiculous C.special D.typical

  7.She bumped inot her boyfriend in town this morning. A.walked B.came C.fled D.ran

  8.This sort of thing is bound to happen. A.sure B.quick C.fast D.swift

  9.At the age of 30,Hersey suddenly became a celebrity. A.boss B.manager C.star D.dictator

  10.He cannot discriminate between a good idea and a bad one.
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A.judge B.assess C.distinguish D.recognize

  11.They are concerned for the fate of the forest and the lndians who dwell in it. A.live B.sleep C.hide D.gather

  12.The index is the government's chief gauge of future economic activity. A.method B.measure C.way D.manner

  13.The architecture is harmonious and no building is over six-storey A.old-fashioned B.traditional C.conventional D.balanced

  14.The food is inadequate for ten people. A.demanded B.qualified C.insufficient D.required

  15.She persevered in her ideas despite obvious objections raised by friends. A.persisted B.insisted C.resisted D.suggested
答案: 答案:
  15.A 下面每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语划有底横线,请为每处划线部分确定 1 个意义最为接近的选项。

  1.At midnight,we were aroused by a knock at the door. A.irritated B.awakened C.arisen D.annoyed

  2.She was awarded a prize for the film. A.given B.rewarded C.sent D.reminded

  3.Smoking will be banned in all public places here. A.forbidden B.allowed C.permitted D.promoted

  4.That guy is intelligeng but a bit dull. A.strange B.special C.quiet D.boring

  5.She is a highly successful teacher. A.fairly B.rather C.very D.moderately

  6.We should not sacrifice environmental protections to foster economic growth. A.reduce B.promote C.realize D.give

  7.There is a growing gap between the rich and the poor. A.conflict B.tension C.gulf D.confrontation

  8.I am very grateful to you for your assistance. A.helpful B.hopeful C.pitiful D.thankful

  9.You will be meeting her presently. A.shortly B.currently C.lately D.probably

  10.Attitudes to mental illness have shifted in recent years. A.displayed B.shown C.changed D.demonstrated

  11.I have been trying to guit smoking.
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A.give up B.pick up C.build up D.take up

  12.Relief workers were shocked by what they saw. A.moved B.touched C.surprised D.worried

  13.The weather is a constant subject of conversation in Britain. A.question B.problem C.title D.topic

  14.This is not typical of English,but is a feature of the Chinese language. A.particular B.characteristic C.remarkable D.idiomatic

  15.It is virtually impossible to persuade him to apply for the job. A.simply B.almost C.totally D.completely 答案: 答案:

  1.The union representative put across her argument very effectively. A. invented B. explained C. considered D. accepted

  2.He talks tough but has a tender heart. A. heavy B. strong C. wild D. kind

  3.It is no use debating the relative merits of this policy. A. making B. taking C. expecting D. discussing

  4.Our statistics show that we consume all that we are capable of producing. A. waste B. buy C. sell D. use

  5.The fuel tanks had a capacity of 140 liters. A. function B. ability C. volume D. power

  6.Our lives are intimately bound up with theirs. A. tensely B. nearly C. closely D. carefully

  7.Her faith upheld her in times of sadness.
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A. excited B. supported C. inspired D. directed

  8.The book provides a concise analysis of the country's history. A. clean B. perfect C. brief D. real

  9.It is laid down in the regulations that all members must carry their membership cards at all times. A. suggested B. warned C. confirmed D. stated

  10.The council meeting terminated at 2 o'clock. A. began B. continued C. resumed D. ended

  11.A red flag was placed there as a token of danger. A. substitute B .sign C. proof D. target

  12.However bad the situation is , the majority is unwilling to risk change. A. eager B. reluctant C. pleased D. angry

  13.It has been said that the Acts provided a new course of action and did not merely regulate or enlarge an old one. A. control B. limit C. replace D. offset

  14.The secretary is expected to explore ideas for post-war reconstruction of the area. A. investigate B. deny C. stress D. create

  15.The steadily rising cost of labor on the waterfront has greatly increased the cost of shipping cargo by water. A. suddenly B. gradually C. excessively D. exceptionally 答案: 答案:
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