年考研英语词汇精选练习( 备战 2010 年考研英语词汇精选练习(一)

  41. As a actor, he can perform, sing, dance and play several kinds of musical instruments. A) flexible B) versatile C) sophisticated D) productive
  42. There are not many teachers who are strong of traditional methods in English teaching. A) sponsors B) contributors C) advocates D) performers
  43. We managed to reach the top of the mountain, and half an hour later we began to . A) ascend B) descend C) decline D) plunge
  44. Competition, they believe, the national character than corrupt it. A) enforces B) confirms C) intensifies D) strengthens
  45. The accident him of his sight and the use of his legs. A) excluded B) disabled C) deprived
  46. On weekends my grandma usually a glass of wine. A) subscribes to B) engages in C) hangs on
D) gripped
D) indulges in

  47. The people living in these apartments have free to that swimming pool. A) access B) excess C) excursion D) recreation
  48. At the party we found that shy girl her mother all the time. A) depending on B) coinciding with C) adhering to
D) clinging to

  49. When a psychologist does a general experiment about the human mind, he selects people and ask them questions. A) at length B) at random C) in essence D) in bulk
  50. I think she hurt my feelings rather than by accident as she claimed. A) virtually B) deliberately C) literally
  51. Even though he was guilty, the judge did not send him to prison. A) mercifull B) impartial C) conscientious
D) appropriately
D) conspicuous

  52. The education for the coming year is about $4 billion, which is much more than what people expected. A) allowance B) reservation C) budget D) finance
  53. They had fierce as to whether their company should restore the trade relationship which was broken year ago. A) debate B) clash C) disagreement D) context
  54. They tossed your thoughts back and forth for over an hour, but still could not make of them. A) impression B) comprehension C) meaning D) sense
  55. The politician says he will the welfare of the people. A) prey on B) take on C) get at
  56. If you the bottle and cigarettes, you’ll be much healthier. A) take off B) keep off C) get off
D) see to
D) set off

  57. He was to steal the money when he saw it lying on the table. A) dragged B) tempted C) elicited D) attracted

  58. Beijing somewhat short sighted, she had the habit of at people. A) glancing B) peering C) gazing D) scanning
  59. Of the thousands of known volcanoes in the world, the majority are inactive. A) tremendous B) demanding C) intensive D) overwhelming
  60. In general, matters which lie entirely within state borders are the concern of state governments. A) extinct B) excluding C) excessive D) exclusive
  61. The poetry of Ezra Pound is sometimes difficult to understand because it contains so many references. A) obscure B) acute C) notable D) objective
  62. The mayor was asked to his speech in order to allow his audience to raise questions. A) constrain B) conduct C) condense D) converge
  63. The morning news says a school bus with a train at the junction and a group of policemen were sent there immediately. A) bumped B) collided C) crashed D) struck
  64. Sometimes patients suffering from severe pain can be helped by “drugs” that aren’t really drugs at all sugar pills that contain no active chemical elements. A) or rather B) rather than C) but rather D) other than
  65. We are writing to the manager the repairs recently carried out at the above address. A) with the exception of B) with the purpose of C) with reference to D) with a view to
  66. When I said goodbye to her, she the door. A) saw me at B) set me off
C) sent me to
D) showed me to

  67. In the meantime, the question facing business is whether such research is the costs. A) worth B) worth of C) worthy D) worthwhile
  68. During the nineteen years of his career, France Batiste has won the of a wide audience outside Italy. A) enjoyment B) appreciation C) evaluation D) reputation
  69. Although most dreams apparently happen , dream activity may be provoked by external influences. A) spontaneously B) simultaneously C) homogeneously D) instantaneously
  70. He is holding a position in the company and expects to be promoted soon. A) subordinate B) succeeding C) successive D) subsequent
年考研英语词汇精选练习( 备战 2010 年考研英语词汇精选练习(二)

  41. By computation, he estimated that the repairs on the house would cost him a thousand dollars. A) coarse B) rude C) crude D) rough
  42. Your story about the frog turning into a prince is nonsense. A) sheer B) shear C) shield D) sheet
  43. I could see that my wife was having that fur coat, whether I approved of it or not. A) adequate for B) intent on C) short of D) deficient in
  44. The runner can run 2 miles in fifteen minutes. A) common B) usual C) average
D) general

  45. One of his eyes was injured in an accident, but after a operation, he quickly recovered his sight. A) delicate B) considerate C) precise D) sensitive
  46. As an excellent shooter, Peter practised aiming at both targets and moving targets. A) standing B) stationary C) still D) stable
  47. In American universities, classes are often arranged in more flexible and many jobs on campus are reserved for students. A) scales B) patterns C) grades D) ranks
  48. The insurance company paid him $10,000 in after his accident. A) compensation B) installment C) substitution
  49. The political future of the president is now hanging by a . A) thread B) cord C) string
  50. The statue would be perfect but for a few small in its be. A) mistakes B) weaknesses C) flaws
D) commission
D) rope
D) errors

  51. Why should anyone want to read of books by great authors when the real pleasure comes from reading the originals. A) themes B) insights C) digests D) leaflets
  52. Parents have a legal to ensure that their children are provided with efficient education suitable to their age. A) impulse B) influence C) obligation D) sympathy
  53. Most nurses are women, but in the higher ranks of the medical profession women are in a . A) scarcity B) minority C) minimum D) shortage
  54. David likes country life and has decided to farming. A) go in for B) go back on C) go through with
  55. Jack was about to announce our plan but I . A) put him through B) turned him out
D) go along with
C) gave him up
D) cut him short

  56. I am sure I can him into letting us stay in the hotel for the night. A) speak B) say C) talk D) tell
  57. Last year, the crime rate in Chicago has sharply . A) declined B) lessened C) descended
D) slipped

  58. The republication of the pet’s most recent works will certainly his national reputation. A) magnify B) strengthen C) enlarge D) enhance
  59. Recently a number of cases have been reported of young children a violent act previously seen on television. A) modifying B) duplicating C) accelerating D) stimulating
  60. This kind of material can heat and moisture. A) delete B) compel C) constrain
D) repel

  61. Reading the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours. A) rectifies B) prolongs C) minimizes D) furnishes
  62. If the fire alarm is sounded, all residents are requested to in the courtyard.
A) assemble
B) converge
C) crowd
D) accumulate

  63. The work in the office was by a constant stream of visitors. A) confused B) hampered C) reverend
D) perplexed

  64. The joys of travel, having long the disabled, are opening up to virtually anyone who has the means. A) omitted B) missed C) neglected D) discarded
  65. Fewer and fewer of today’s workers expect to spend their working lives in the same field, the same company. A) all else B) much worse C) less likely D) let alone
  66. When he finally emerged from the cave after thirty days, John was pale. A) enormously B) startlingly C) uniquely D) dramatically
  67. Thank you for applying for a position with our firm. We do not have any openings at this time, but we shall keep your application on for two months. A) pile B) segment C) sequence D) file
  68. It will be safer to walk the streets because people will not need to carry large amounts of cash; virtually all financial will be conducted by computer. A) transactions B) transmissions C) transitions D) transformations
  69. The of a cultural phenomenon is usually a logical consequence of some physical aspect in the life style of the people. A) implementation B) manifestation C) demonstration D) expedition
  70. The new technological revolution in American newspapers has brought increase, a wider range of publications and an expansion of newspaper jobs. A) manipulation B) reproduction C) circulation D) penetration
年考研英语词汇精选练习( 备战 2010 年考研英语词汇精选练习(三)

  41. His career was not noticeably by the fact that he had never been to college. A) prevented B) prevented C) hindered D) refrained
  42. When trapped in drifting sands, do not struggle, or you will be in deeper. A) absorbed B) pushed C) heaved D) sucked
  43. To for his unpleasant experiences he drank a little more than was good for him. A) commence B) compromise C) compensate D) compliment
  44. All visitors are requested to with the regulations. A) comply B) agree C) assist
  45. The captain the horizon for approaching ships. A) scanned B) scrutinized C) explored
D) consent
D) swept

  46. The vast majority of people in any given culture will established standards of that culture. A) confine B) conform C) confront D) confirm
  47. Although he was on a diet, the food him enormously. A) inspired B) tempted C) overcame
D) encouraged

  48. His argument does not suggest that mankind can to be wasteful in the utilization of these
resources. A) resort
B) grant
C) afford
D) entitle

  49. If you want this pain killer, you’ll have to ask the doctor for a . A) receipt B) recipe C) subscription
  50. Some fish have a greater for acid water than others. A) tolerance B) resistance C) dependence
D) prescription
D) persistence

  51. There was once a town in this country where all life seemed to live in with its surroundings. A) coincidence B) harmony C) uniform D) alliance
  52. The court considers a financial to be an appropriate way of punishing him. A) payment B) obligation C) option D) penalty
  53. It is true that a wild plant into a major food crop such as wheat requires much research time. A) multiplying B) breeding C) magnifying D) generating
  54. The government has devoted a larger slice of its national to agriculture than most other countries. A) resources B) potential C) budget D) economy
  55. In this poor country, survival is still the leading industry; all else is . A) luxury B) accommodation C) entertainment
  56. Some criminals were printing dollar bills until they were arrested. A) decent B) fake C) patent
  57. Mr. Bloom is not now, but he will be famous someday. A) significant B) dominant C) magnificent
D) refreshment
D) suspicious
D) prominent

  58. His body temperature has been for 3 days, the highest point reaching
  40.5 degree centigrade. A) uncommon B) disordered C) abnormal D) extraordinary
  59. He seems to be enough to climb to the mountain top in an hour. A) radiant B) conscientious C) conspicuous
D) energetic

  60. Although cats cannot see in complete darkness their eyes are much more to light than are human eyes. A) glowing B) brilliant C) sensitive D) gloomy
  61. While nuclear weapons present grave dangers, the predominant crisis of overpopulation is with us today. A) inevitable B) constant C) overwhelming D) potential
  62. This is the piano on which the composer created some of his greatest works. A) true B) original C) real D) genuine
  63. Comparison and contrast are often used in advertisements. A) intentionally B) pertinently C) incidentally
D) tiresomely

  64. A complete investigation into the causes of the accident should lead to improved standards and should new operating procedures. A) result is B) match with C) subject to D) proceed with
  65. popular belief that classical music is too complex, it achieves a simplicity that only a genius can create.
A) Subject to
B) Contrary to
C) Familiar to
D) Similar to

  66. The bond of true affection had pulled us six very different men from six very different countries across Antarctica; we proved in the end that we weren’t very different . A) for all B) as usual C) in particular D) after all
  67. Though her parents her musical ability, Jerrilou’s piano playing is really terrible. A) pour scorn on B) heap praise upon C) give vent to D) cast light upon
  68. Some children display an curiosity about every new thing they encounter. A) incredible B) infectious C) incompatible
  69. Bruce Stephen gripped the wheel hard as the car bounced up and down. A) stirring B) driving C) s



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