2011年考研英语词汇练习 年考研英语词汇练习
  1. Ten years later, that man was from prison. ? A. shut B. released C. penetrated D. elected ?
  2. I you’ve decided against taking my advice. ? A. express B. declare C. assume D. exclude ?
  3. I wrote to my aunt last night. I couldn’t it any longer. ? A. delay B. reply C. rely D. opposite ?
  4. I imagine I’ll some friends instead of going to the movies. ? A. envy B. interest C. entertain D. courage ?
  5. A thing happened to me last night. ? A. sake B. peculiar C. baggage D. average
  6. It was a terrible and I won’t forget it. ? A. shock B. vessel C. royal D. evidence ?
  7. Mary is always when she doesn’t get any mail. ? A. affected B. diseased C. plain D. disturbed ?
  8. Each member has a chance to his argument in the conference. ? A. present B. recall C. stock D. council ?
  9. I wish you would give me a more detailed of your trip. ? A. account B. advance C. accuse D. count ?
  10. What time is the mail on Saturday? ? A. objected B. outlet C. delivered D. starved
  11. What’s the price of that of potatoes? ? A. beg B. pig C. pint D. sack ?
  12. You don’t have to pay any on personal belongings. ? A. price B. duty C. expense D. elevator ?
  13. Mary is too weak to the piano across the room. ? A. apply B. appeal C. attract D. drag ?
  14. I was crossing the street and was almost by car. ? A. attacked B. ticked C. hit D. held ?
  15. Do you have anything to for customs? ? A. show B. declare C. exam D. check
  16. He worked hard this week, but very little. ? A. presented B. obeyed C. composed D. accomplished ?
  17. Will you accept my ? ? A. sympathy B. synthetic C. satellite D. saddle ?
  18. In general, my reaction is that we should carefully. ? A. proceed B. pace C. pale D. pan ?
  19. Along the northern coast there are many deep . ? A. divers B. harbors C. bats D. bars ?
  20. Nobody knows who will be the of this city. ? A. mayor B. inhabitant C. dash D. bow ?
  16. D
  17. A
  18. A
  19. B
  20. A
  21.Food is a big industry in this area. ? A. projecting B. promising C. processing D. president ?
  22.We never that John would become a doctor. ? A. respected B. wondered C. suspected D. estimated ?
  23.Don’t be too on your children. They are still too young. ? A. shine B. internal C. copper D. severe ?
  24.Greater efforts are needed before we can our goal. ? A. dozen B. attain C. avenue D. reward ?
  25.Eggs are according to size. ? A. passed B. judged C. graded D. chained ?
  21. C
  22. C
  23. D
  24. B
  25. C
  26.He worked in our university as a football for nearly five years. ? A. clerk B. grain C. coach D. couch ?
  27.The in the river has to be rebuilt ? A. court B. cousin C. dam D. damp ?
  28.He designed an experiment in order to his theory. ? A. demonstrate B. proof C. defense D. grasp ?
  29.Heavy taxes are on wines imported from the other countries. ? A. imposed B. registered C. splashed D. thundered ?
  30.I would like to visit you and our friendship but in fact I can not come. ? A. rent B. renew C. mouse D. spot
  31.This factory is planning to build a new line this year. ? A. resemble B. assembly C. productive D. assess ?
  32.Meat much more easily than vegetables. ? A. loses B. numerous C. weaves D. decays ?
  33.Dr. Smith is in his research and does not know anything about politics. ? A. shut B. typed C. defeated D. absorbed ?
  34. He said he would me to Mr. Li but he didn’t . ? A. comment B. suggest C. command D. recommend ?
  35.A magnificent monument has been in Tian An Men Square in honor of the people’s heroes. ? A. envied B. erected C. created D. curved
  31. B
  32. D
  33. D
  34. D
  35. B
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  36.In this kind of hotel, there are no rooms. A. luxury B. marvelous C. occasional D. sulphur
  37.Nothing can me to leave my own country. A. verse B. hay C. tempt D. attempt
  38.Nobody in the class can him of his mistake. A. believe B. admit C. thirst D. convince
  39.This tree is for its beautiful flowers. A. hooked B. stemmed C. cultivated D. parceled
  40.He his success to the good education he has received. ? A. distributes B. contributes C. attributes D. owns ?
  36. A
  37. C
  38. D
  39. C
  40. C
  41.Professor Smith seldom the class on time. ? A. dismisses B. nervous C. misleads D. regrets ?
  42.Mr. Wang his wife and children when he went to the United States. ? A. prescribed B. delayed C. decreased D. deserted ?
  43.He a lot of time in trying to develop the education system in this area. ? A. involved B. investigated C. invested D. interfered ?
  44.They spent many years for oil in this small island. ? A. exploring B. exploding C. exposing D. exploiting ?
  45.We can’t the fact that we are still a developing country. ? A. ignore B. neglect C. imagine D. impress
  46.Can you the man who robbed you of your watch? ? A. illustrate B. exhibit C. damage D. identify ?
  47.Many children in developing countries can not go to school, because of ? A. property B. sword C. trace D. poverty ?
  48.What is your to his coming? ? A.altitude B.attitude C.attribute D.aspect ?
  49.He into the water and rescued the little girl. ? A. inserted B. sloped C. heaped D. dived ?
  50.You may of the extra books in our department library. ? A. deposit B. enclose C. fade D. dispose
  51. This rock has to be in order to build a road. ? A. blasted B. explored C. hired D. maintained ?
  52. He did not go to the party last night, which her feelings deeply. ? A. wounded B. injured C. hurt D. injury ?
  53.When they returned to the river, they found that the boat had away. ? A. framed B. frosted C. frowned D. floated ?
  54.If you need further information, please our office. ? A. constant B. construct C. contact D. contain ?
  55.During the war, many soldiers were killed not by , but by disease. ? A. bullets B. devil C. bible D. depth
  56.We watched the ship until it became only a in the distance. ? A. point B. jar C. stove D. dot ?
  57.The English proverb ‘ the rod and spoil the child’ means that if you keep from punishing the child, you will spoil its character. ? A. rule B. rug C. clap D. spare ?
  58.The was only sentenced to pay a fine of $10,0
  00. ? A. worm B. trial C. tube D. criminal ?
  59.Higher education in China is free but the for entrance is strong. ? A. comparison B. consequence C. competition D. crawl ?
  60.The light is too for me to read. I can not stand any more. ? A. rid B. ripe C. soup D. dim ?
  61.The water from the tap and damaged all the books in my study. ? A. sprayed B. puzzled C. inclined D. exported ?
  62.In the United States, Congress makes the laws and the President them. ? A. orders B. conquers C. executes D. hedges ?
  63.She is too to answer questions in the class. ? A. eagle B. cough C. eager D. couch ?
  64.We enjoy seeing the glorious of the rising sun. ? A. beams B. beans C. beef D. beer ?
  65.In the English reading course, the students have to read a lot. ? A. extensive B. mechanical C. mercury D. opera
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  66.He gave up his study in college in . A. bundle B. butcher C. ash D. despair
  67.Several people the car accident. A. witnessed B. proved C. swallowed D. drugged
  68.They will the project with the necessary funds. A. refer B. relate C. furnace D. furnish
  69.I took it for that you wouldn’t come here again. A. grand B. tame C. granted D. thumb
  70.He was sent to London on a special . A. missing B. missile C. mission D. mistress
  71.This light shelf is strong enough to all the books here. ? A. wipe B. wax C. survey D. sustain ?
  72.The Court is the highest court in the United States. ? A. Vital B. Thunder C. Reverse D. Supreme ?
  73.Our university has an international student exchange with the University of Wyoming in the United States. ? A. procession B. provision C. profession D. program ?
  74.He of me the best way to go. ? A. investigated B. inquired C. frightened D. resorted ?
  75.Mr. White tried to this job through the influence of his father. ? A. harness B. fetch C. curse D. obtain
  76.The police dog finally found the of the prisoners of war. ? A. steep B. resolution C. porter D. trail ?
  77.As the only in the small village, he not only fixed the furniture but also made furniture for the villagers. ? A. symbol B. source C. pan D. carpenter ?
  78.A big crowd gathered around the bus, almost the traffic. ? A. affecting B. blocking C. creating D. mating ?
  79.As far as I see, this book has its own . ? A. merit B. signal C. visible D. swift ?
  80.This tree is too to be planted in this area. ? A. tremendous B. vigorous C. shy D. tender
  81.This product is to change without notice. ? A. despite B. evil C. subject D. crust ?
  82.I don’t know how he can himself for such conduct. ? A. justify B. locate C. rear D. swear ?
  83.The stolen watch has been to its owner. ? A. retired B. pitched C. restored D. cured ?
  84.It is cold this winter in Xi’an. ? A. considerably B. tight C. naval D. moreover ?
  85.It has been my to meet with this accident. ? A. journal B. reduction C. affect D. fate
  86.Her smile her secret even though she didn’t admit the fact. ? A. reviewed B. reversed C. responded D. revealed ?
  87.He that he could finish the job without any help. ? A. designed B. headed C. claimed D. preserved ?
  88.Professor Li his success to his mother. ? A. owns B. ruins C. owes D. roars ?
  89.The election for the State governor has begun this year. ? A. campaign B. bolt C. hell D. immense ?
  90.Anyone without illness can do this simple job. ? A. mild B. mind C. mental D. mend
  91.Glass may at high temperature. ? A. profit B. pronounce C. sting D. melt ?
  92.Silver electricity far better than other materials. ? A. equips B. strikes C. cracks D. conducts ?
  93.Everyone is encouraged to food or clothing for those who suffered a great deal in the flood. ? A. attribute B. distribute C. contribute D. drift ?
  94.White teeth are a sharp to black skin. ? A. content B. contract C. contrast D. contain ?
  95.Tom is about photography. He spends nearly all his money on it. ? A. justice B. innocent C. fierce D. crazy
  96.We need help from the other countries. But we do not on others for support. ? A. engage B. lean C. strip D. multiply ?
  97.We will the plan because of the cost. ? A. council B. journal C. damp D. oppose ?
  98.Our train is at Shanghai at seven o’clock this evening. ? A. due B. crystal C. cushion D. cooperation ?
  99.Her voice was in the noise. ? A. filled B. entertained C. enormous D. drowned ? 1
  00.He is very in his family and never does anything against his wife. ? A. hence B. possess C. outer D. humble
  99.D 1



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