Part B Directions:(7 选
  5) In the following text, some sentences have been removed. For Questions (41-
  45), cho ose the most suitable one from the list A-G to fit into each of the numbered blank. Ther e are two extra choices, which do not fit in any of the gaps. Mark your answers on AN SWER SHEET
  1. (10 points) Such a move could affect firms such as McDonald’s, which sponsors the youth coach ing scheme run by the Football Association. Fast-food chains should also stop offering “in ducements” such as toys, cute animals and mobile phone credit to lure young customers, Stephenson said. Professor Dinesh Bhugra, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: “If chi ldren are taught about the impact that food has on their growth, and that some things can harm, at least information is available up front.” He also urged councils to impose “fast-food-free zones” around school and hospitals-a reas within which takeaways cannot open. A Department of Health spokesperson said: “We need to create a new vision for pub lic health where all of society works together to get healthy and live longer. This include s creating a new ‘responsibility deal’ with business, built on social responsibility, not state regulation. Later this year, we will publish a white paper setting out exactly how we wil l achieve this.” The food industry will be alarmed that such senior doctors back such radical moves, especially the call to use some of the tough tactics that have been deployed against smoki ng over the last decade.
[A] “fat taxes” should be imposed on fast-food producers such as McDonald’s.
  41.Andrew Lansley held that [B] the government should ban fast-food outlets in the neighborhood of schools.
  42.Terence Stephenson agreed that
  43.Jamie Oliver seemed to believe that
  44.Dinesh Bhugra suggested that [E] the producers of crisps and candies could contribute significantly to the [D] cigarette-style warnings should be introduced to children about the dangers of a poor diet. [C] “lecturing” was an effective way to improve school lunches in England.
Change4Life campaign.
  45.A Department of Health Spokesperson propsed that at home. [G] the government should strengthen the sense of responsibility among businesses. [F] parents should set good examples for their children by keeping a healthy diet
Section Ⅲ Translation
  46. Directions: In this section there is a text in English. Translate it into Chinese. Write your transla tion on ANSWER SHEET
  2. (15 points) Who would have thought that, globally, the IT industry produces about the same volu me of greenhouse gases as the world’s airlines do roughly 2 percent of all CO2 emiss ions? Many everyday tasks take a surprising toll on the environment. A Google search can leak between
  0.2 and
  7.0 grams of CO2, depending on how many attempts are needed t o get the “right” answer. To deliver results to its users quickly, then, Google has to main tain vast data centres around the world, packed with powerful computers. While producing large quantities of CO2, these computers emit a great deal of heat, so the centres need t o be well air-conditioned, which uses even more energy. However, Google and other big tech providers monitor their efficiency closely and m ake improvements. Monitoring is the first step on the road to reduction , but there is muc h more to be done, and not just by big companies. Section IV Writing Part A 47 Directions: Suppose your cousin Li Ming has just been admitted to a university. Write him/her a letter to
  1) congratulate him/her, and
  2) give him/her suggestions on how to get prepared for university life. You should write about 100 words on ANSWER SHEET
Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “Zhang Wei” instead. Do not write the address. (10 points)



   2011 年考研英语复习指南 2011 年考研英语复习指南 距离 2011 年考研只有几个月的时间了,很多考生开始着手准备考研英语复习。针对考研英语的最新 要求及考生现状,列出如下复习指南,供考生参考。 2010 年 5?6 月:攻克词汇 词汇和语法是考研英语的基石。考研英语虽已不再单独考查词汇和语法部分,但无论是完形填空、阅 读理解、新题型、翻译,还是写作,对词汇和语法的考查均贯穿题目始终。词汇量太小或对词汇掌握不到 位,将直接导致考研失败。现推荐攻克词汇的 3 大要点: 要点一:通过三个 ...


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