2011 年考研英语写作二十篇必背范文 大作文

  1. 2001
Directions: Among all the worthy feelings of mankind, love is probably the noblest, but everyone has his or her own understanding of it. There has been a discussion recently on the issue in a newspaper. Write an essay to the newspaper to
  1) show your understanding of the symbolic meaning of the picture below,
  2) give a specific example, and
  3) give your suggestion as to the best way to show love. You should write about 200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET II.
When we use the word “love”, we do not simply mean an attraction to a person of the opposite sex, which is a very narrow definition of the word. The picture below illustrates the real meaning of love, by stressing the fact that love is emotional strength, which can support us no matter how dark the world around us becomes. As a matter of fact, throughout history people of many different cultures have regarded love as the most sublime of human emotions. As an illustration of the power of love, we should remember how the Chinese people of all nationalities respond to the call to help the victims of the deadly earthquake in Qinghai Province. Although their incomes are still low by international standards, people all over the country do not hesitate to donate whatever they can?? it money or goods?? help ??be ??to ?? ?? their needy fellow citizens. Furthermore, they do this with no thought of gain for themselves. It is my view that the best way to show love is to help people who are more unfortunate than we are. We should always be ready to give a helping hand to those who are in trouble, no matter whether they are family members or complete strangers. Only by doing so can we help to make the world a better place, for, as the picture shows, the darker the shadows of sorrow become, the more brightly the lamp of love shines. (241 words) 当我们用到“爱”这个词时,我们不仅仅指对异性的吸引,这是对这个词非常狭隘的 解释。下面的图画注解了爱的真正含义,它强调了爱心是情感的力量,不论我们周围的世界 多么黑暗,爱心都能支撑我们。事实上,历史上处于不同文化中的人们都把爱当作人类最高
尚的情感。 举一个例子证明爱心的力量,我们应该记得中国各族人民如何响应号召去支援青海地 震中的受难者。 尽管他们的收入按照国际标准衡量还是处于低水平, 但是全国人民毫不犹豫 地尽他们所能捐献??不管是钱,还是物品??去帮助那些受难的同胞们。并且,他们这么 做不考虑自己的得失。 我认为, 表示爱心的最好方式是帮助比我们更加不幸的人。 我们应该随时准备向有困难 的人伸出援助之手,无论他们是家庭成员还是素昧平生。这样,我们能够助一臂之力把世界 变成一个更美好的地方,因为,正如图画所描绘的,悲伤的阴影越黑暗,爱心之灯的光芒就 越闪亮。

  2、2004 Directions: Study the following drawing carefully and write an essay in which you should
  1. describe the drawing,
  2. interpret its meaning, and
  3. support your view with examples. You should write about 200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET II.
It is vividly depicted in the cartoon that a boy is running along the racetrack with painstaking efforts, sweat pouring down his face. After a long journey, he is making the final spurt toward the finishing line, with strong determination to become a champion. It seems that he could rest for a while to enjoy the ecstasy of victory. However, straight ahead lies a sign which indicates a new “starting point” and urges him to continue rushing to the next destination. Undoubtedly, the cartoon conveys the meaning that life is like the process of running in which one should make constant efforts and never stop making progress. Owing to the quickening pace of life, competition goes increasing fierce in all walks of life, stimulating everyone to pursue one goal after another. Once a person stops making progress, he can hardly maintain his past glory and survive in this competitive world. As Deng Xiaoping, the great Chinese leader said, “Development is inarguable truth.” No matter how powerful a specific institution is, it will definitely seek new development in high speed. Generally speaking, neither a country nor a person can remain stagnant.
A case in point is the successful launching of “Shenzhou Ⅶ Spacecraft” which sets China in a high position of aviation and space flight. Although it means a great achievement for us Chinese, we are facing new challenges in the forthcoming future and need to do further research in space technology. Another illustration is closely related to us, the examinees. If we pass this test and are confronted with the challenge of conquering the difficult graduate courses. We still have to strive for success in our future academic study, employment and career. On the whole, these examples effectively clarify the saying that “destination is another starting point.” (296 words) 如图生动所示,一个小男孩正在沿着跑道跑步。他付出艰苦的努力,汗水淌下脸庞。 在长途跋涉之后,他正在向着终点进行最后冲刺,抱有成为冠军的坚定决心。看起来他可以 休息一会,享受胜利的狂喜。然而,在正前方有标志显示一个新的“起点” ,激励他继续朝 着下一个目标前进。 毫无疑问,这幅漫画显示了如下含义:人生就像跑步的过程一样,人们应该不断努力, 绝不停止进步。由于生活节奏的加快,各行各业的竞争变得日益激烈,激励每个人追求一个 又一个的目标。一旦一个人停止取得进步,他很难保持过去的荣誉,在这个竞争世界中生活 下去。正如伟大的中国领导人邓小平所说: “发展才是硬道理” 。无论一个具体的机构如何成 功,它肯定需要高速寻求新的发展。总而言之,无论一个国家还是个人都不能停滞不前。 一个恰当的例子就是“神州七号宇宙飞船”的成功发射,这使中国处于航空航天的一个 较高地位。 尽管这对我们中国人意味着一个巨大的成就, 但我们在不远的将来面临新的挑战, 需要在空间技术领域进行深入研究。 另一个例子与我们考生密切相关。 如果我们通过了考试, 就面临着征服艰巨研究生课程的挑战。 我们仍须在我们未来的学业、 职业和事业上为了成功 而继续奋斗。总之,这些例子清楚证明了这一说法: “终点又是新起点” 。

  3、 2009
Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should
  1) describe the drawing briefly,
  2) explain its intended meaning, and then
  3) give your comments. You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET
网络的“近”与“远” As is symbolically illustrated in the cartoon, a large number of people are surfing on line within a stretching spider web, either to entertain themselves or to meet the work's needs.
Unfortunately, it seems rather ironic to present people separated from each other by the spider web when they attempt to communicate. Undoubtedly, the spider web serves as a symbol of Internet, both connecting people and isolating them from each other. The metaphorical and impressive portrayal has subtly revealed the duality of the relationship between man and Internet. On the one hand, there is no denying that Internet is currently one of the most efficient media used for interpersonal communication. As a college student, I get on line every day to discuss news with other people on BBS, to study English by registering for web courses, to chat freely through MSN Messenger with my friends. But on the other hand, a good many people admit that they are too much addicted to Internet to maintain face-to-face contact with their friends and colleagues. Once indulged in the fictitious world, people feel reluctant to approach others and to concentrate on real life. That's why some people have lost the skill of direct contact and get alienated from others. Hence, it is necessary for us to use Internet in a reasonable way and restrain from overindulgence. After all, Internet is invented to connect you and me, and to bring conveniences to our life rather than set a barrier to keep people beyond reach. (249words) 这幅漫画象征性地阐释了无论是为了自我娱乐还是适应工作的需求, 很多人在一个拉伸 的蜘蛛网之内网上冲浪。然而,看来相当讽刺的地方是,这幅图呈现了他们在试图互相交流 的同时,却被蜘蛛网彼此隔开。毫无疑问,这个蜘蛛网作为互联网的一种象征,既连接了人 们,又使他们彼此隔离。 这幅比喻并使人印象深刻的图画象征性揭示了人与互联网之间的双重关系。 一方面, 不 可否认网络目前是用于人际交流的最高效媒介之一。 作为一名大学生, 我每天上网与他人在 BBS 上讨论新闻,通过注册网络课程来学习英语,借助 MSN 和我的朋友们免费聊天。但另 一方面, 很多人承认他们太沉迷于网络而不愿与朋友和同事保持面对面接触。 一旦沉迷于这 种虚幻世界, 人们不愿接近他人并关注现实生活。 这就是一些人丧失了直接沟通技能并与他 人疏远的原因。 因此,我们很有必要以一种合理的方式使用互联网,避免过度沉迷。毕竟,人们发明互 联网是为了连接你和我,为我们的生活带来方便,而非设置障碍使人彼此疏远。

  4、 2010
Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should
  1) describe the drawing briefly,
  2) explain its intended meaning, and
  3) give your comments. You should write neatly on ANSHWER SHEET
文化“火锅”,既美味又营养 (注图中自左至右文字为:佛、梁祝、解构、人本、功夫、毕?、儒、礼、后现代、老 舍、莎士比亚、爱因斯(坦)、道、天鹅湖、启蒙、仁、京剧等) As is symbolically illustrated in the portrayal, there is a boiling hot pot containing various ingredients of multi-cultures. These pluralistic cultures can be categorized as celebrities home and abroad as Bi Sheng, Lao She, Shakespeare and Einstein, philosophical concepts as Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, benevolence, ritual, humanism, Enlightenment, post-modernism and deconstruction, as well as performing arts as Beijing Opera, Gong Fu, Liang Zhu and Swan Lake. We are informed that the culture “hot pot” is both delicious and nutritious. The purpose of the cartoonist is to show us that instead of being outdated and of little value in a rapidly modernizing world, cultural blending should be encouraged and maintained. On the one hand, mosaic cultures are part of the universal heritage of humanity and they are powerful means of bringing together diverse peoples and social groups. Consequently, cultural reintegration has become indispensable as a means of promoting further cultural development and maintenance. On the other hand, for China, as for any other rapidly developing country, there is a danger that age-old customs and traditions may become lost in the shadows of modernization. If Gong Fu, Beijing Opera or Swan Lake Ballet ever perished from the earth, it would be a tragedy of immeasurable proportions. In my view, multi-cultures can be kept alive by the people with the time to do so, and is extremely vital in ensuring a community’s future development and prosperity. As a consequence of successful commercialization efforts, unwavering government support and growing interests overseas, the future of cultural blending looks brighter and more secure than ever before. (254 words) 如图象征性所示, 一只沸腾的火锅中拥有诸多多元文化元素。 这些多元文化可分为毕?、 老舍、莎士比亚、爱因斯坦等国内外名人,佛、道、儒、仁、礼、启蒙、人本、后现代、解 构等哲学概念,以及京剧、功夫、天鹅湖等表演艺术。文字说明显示: “文化‘火锅’ ,既美 味又营养。 ” 画家的目的是告诉我们文化融合并未过时或失去价值,相反还应鼓励和保持。一方面, 多元文化作为全体人类遗产的一部分,是将不同人群和社会群体融合的有力方式。因此,文 化融合作为促进文化发展和保护的一种方式,已经不可或缺。另一方面,中国跟世界上其他 快速发展的国家一样,年久的习俗和传统面临着消失在现代化阴影里的危险。如果京剧、功 夫或天鹅湖从地球上消失,那将是不可估量的悲剧。 在我看来,如果人们能为多元文化花费时间的话,那么它就能得以保护。这对确保社 会将来的繁荣和发展都至关重要。 由于成功的商业努力、 政府坚定不移的支持和不断增长的

  5. 2010 年英语二写作真题 Directions: In this section, you are asked to write an essay based on the following chart. In your writing, you should
  1) Interpret the chart and
  2) Give your comments. You should write at least 150 words.
From the information given in the above column chart, w



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