3.其他具有并列或比较意义的短语。 (
  1)rather than, let alone 虽不是并列连词,但在结构上连接两个语法形式相同的成分。如: We are taught that a business letter should be written in a formal style rather than in a personal style. For the new country to survive, let alone for its people to enjoy prosperity, new economic policies will be required. (
  2)如果平行的两个成分在形式上是介词短语,而且介词相同,一般说来第二个介词不要省略。 如:At times, more care goes into the composition of newspaper and magazine advertisements than into the writing of the features and editorials. 十、代词
  1.与所指代的名词在性、数、格上是否一致 如: Each cigarette a person smokes does some harm, and eventually he may get a serious disease from its effect. It was during the 1920’s that the friendship between the two American writers Hemingway and Fitzgerald reached its highest point. Our department was monitored by two supervisors, Bill and me.
  2.that 的指代作用 that 指代不可数名词和单数可数名词 (如是复数,用 those),后面通常跟有修饰语,如出现在比较结构 中的 that of。 eg: Conversation calls for a willingness to alternate the role of speaker with that of listener, and it calls for occasional “digestive pauses” by both. No bread eaten by man is so sweet as that earned by his own labor.
  3.one 的指代作用 one 指代带不定冠词的单数可数名词,复数为 ones。the one 指代带定冠词的单数可数名词。如: A good writer is one who can express the commonplace in an uncommon way.
  4.do 的替代作用 do 代替动词,注意数和时态的变化。如: For him to be re’elected, what is essential is not that his policy works, but that the public believe that it does. 十一、主谓一致问题 主谓一致是指主语与谓语在数上要一致。把握主谓一致问题,考生主要解决的是对不同结构的主语单复 数的认定,进而选择适当的谓语。
  1.主谓一致常出现在主谓倒装结构中。 如: Just outside the ruins is a magnificent building surrounded by tall trees. Although a great number of houses in that area are still in need of repair, there has been improvement in the facilities.
  2.主语与谓语之间有定语从句或其他结构修饰,所以距离较远,考生易误认主语。 如: The amount of pressure which the materials are subject to affects the quality of the products.
  3.关系代词做主语的定语从句中,谓语的数要与先行词一致。 如:Despite much research, there are still certain elements in the life cycle of the insect that are not fully understood. There are many valuable services which the public are willing to pay for, but which do not bring a return in money to the community.
  4.动名词短语、不定式短语、名词性从句做主语,谓语用单数。 如:Buying clothes is often a time-consuming job because those clothes that a person likes are rarely the ones that fit him or her. To understand the situation completely requires more thought than has been given thus far.
  5.主语带有(together/along)with, such as, as well as, accompanied by, including, rather than
等附加成分, 谓语的数不受附加成分的影响。 如:The president of the college, together with the deans, is planning a conference for the purpose of laying down certain regulations.
  7.某些固定结构中谓语的数: a great many + 可数名词复数 谓语用复数 many a + 可数名词单数 谓语用单数 a number of +可数名词复数 谓语用复数 the number of +可数名词复数 谓语用单数 the majority of +可数名词复数 谓语用复数 each/every +可数名词单数 谓语用单数 neither/either of +可数名词复数 谓语用单数 more than one +可数名词单数 谓语用单数 one and a half +可数名词复数 谓语用单数 the greater part of a large proportion of 50% of 谓语的数与 of 后面的名词一致 one third of plenty of the rest of 十二、倒装结构 倒装是指句子成分不是按主语在前、谓语在后的正常语序排列,而是将谓语或谓语的一部分移到主语之 前。倒装是一种修辞手段,目的是为了强调。倒装分为部分倒装和全部倒装,考试多为部分倒装。考生 应掌握什么情况下需要倒装。
  1.下列否定词及含有否定意义的词组修饰状语时,若置于句首,句子的主谓要部分倒装 never, no, neither, not only, hardly, scarcely, little, seldom, rarely, not until, nowhere, at no time, on no account, in no respect, in no sense, by no means, in no way, no longer, no less, no more, no sooner than, under no circumstances, in vain, still less。 如: Not only is its direct attack on their discipline, it bypasses the essence of what sociologists focus on. Under no circumstances should we do anything that will benefit ourselves but harm the interests of the state.
  2.以 only 修饰状语开头的句子 ,句子的主谓要部分倒装 only then, only at that time, only once, only in this way, only with, only through, only by, only when, only after, only because。 如: Only when you have obtained sufficient data can you come to a sound conclusion.
  3.以下列副词或短语开头的句子,句子的主谓要部分倒装 often, so, well, to such a degree, to such an extent, to such extremes, to such a point,many a time。 So involved with their computers do the children become that leaders at summer computer 如: camps often have to force them to break for sports and games.
  4.以下列副词开头的句子,句子的主谓要全部倒装 (
  1)出于修辞需要,表示方向的副词: out, down, in, up, away, on。 如:Down jumped the burglar from the tenth floor when he heard someone shouted at him. (
  2)出于习惯用法:here, there, now, thus, hence, then。 如:Now is your turn. There goes the bell. (
  3)有时主语较长, 为了使句子平衡, 避免头重脚轻, 主谓要全部倒装。 这种情况多出现在主系表结构中 。 如: Less important than ever is developing a meaningful philosophy of life. In between these two extremes are those people who agree with the jury system as a whole, but feel that some changes need to be implemented to improve its effectiveness.



   考研英语语法全突破 31 9:天下有钱有权人总能成眷属。 点评:因为权利与金钱本来就是孪生兄弟。 10:成功需要朋友,更大的成功需要敌人. 点评:精辟。朋友会帮助你成功,而敌人会激励你的斗志 《圣经》中最令人动容的十句话 《圣经》是一部令人动容、令人思考的书。它的每一章、每一句都蕴涵着古老而永恒的智 慧,它不愧为人类历史上最深刻、最具价值的著作之一,在思想性、文学性、历史性上都 是不可多得的。然而群玉谱中必有最璀璨者,群芳国中必有最艳丽者。下面列出《圣经》 的众多名言警句中最让我动容的十句, ...


   考研英语语法全突破 13 Love me tender,love me true; All my dream ful fill, For my darling, I love you. And I always will. 歌词大意: 温柔地爱我,甜甜蜜蜜,不要让我离开你。 你丰富了我的生命,我是如此爱你。 温柔地爱我,情真意切,我所有的梦想都已实现,亲爱的,我爱你,直至永远。 温柔的爱我,天长地久,让我进入你的心扉,你是我心所属,我们将永不分离。 sunshine in rain 风雨中的 ...


   考研英语语法全突破 I'm alive... I'm alive I'm alive... 我是永生的 我是永生的 我是永生的 23 all out of love i'm lying alone with my head on the phone 独自躺着,头靠在电话上 thinking of you till it hurts 想你想到心痛 i know you hurt too but what else can we do 我明白你也受到伤害,但又能如何 tormented and ...


   考研英语语法全突破 19 And when I spread my wings,you'll teach me how to fly. 当我展开翅膀,却是你教会我如何去飞翔 Although your heart will break the day we say goodbye. 尽管知道在我们道别之时你会那么的伤心 God only knows where I am going. 上帝只知道我的去向 What kind of man will become. 知道我将成为什么样的人 Bu ...


   考研英语语法全突破 29 要用心去爱你的邻居, 不过不要让她的老公知道。 5. Behind every successful man, there is a man. And behind every unsuccessful man, there are two. 每个成功男人的背后, 都有一个女人. 每个不成功男人的背后, 都有两个。 6. Every man should marry. After all, happiness is not the only thing in lif ...


   考研英语语法全突破 85 Next year, the summit will be held in Vienna.明年将在维也纳举行最高级会谈。 symposium n. (学术、科研方面的)座谈会,专题报告会。 The symposium on SARS research lasted two days.非典型性肺炎研究的研讨会持续了两天。 assessment, estimate, evaluation 这一组名词都有"评估"的意思。 assessment n.评估 ...


   考研英语语法全突破 83 He has some vague ideas about what to do, but nothing specific.他大概知道他要做什么 , 但 没有具体的计划。 unclear a.指句意、字迹不清楚,使人难以看懂;不肯定的。 Unclear writing is difficult to understand.模糊的字迹使人难以辨认。 It is unclear whether the economy will get better.经济是否好转仍不明 ...


   考研英语语法全突破 97 The boy imitates his father's way of talking.那个男孩模仿他父亲说话的样子。 intimate a.亲密的;温馨的,舒适的。 We have had an intimate friendship since we were young.我们自年轻时代起就建立了亲密的友 谊。 intimidate v.恐吓,威胁。 An older boy intimidated the little children when he to ...


   考研英语语法全突破 87 confuse v.一般用语,使混乱,使糊涂,强调因混淆而使人产生迷乱。 He sent the wrong reports because he confused them with other ones.他发错了报告,因为他 把它们同另外一些报告混淆在一起了。 embarrass v.使窘迫,使为难,使困惑,有令人不快、难为情和内心混乱的意味。 Her boyfriend embarrassed her by teasing her about her new ...


   考研英语语法全突破 95 exceed v.多于,大于,超过,多指数量或允许的限度。 Sales of the new product exceeded our estimates.新产品的销售超出了我们的预计。 surpass v.优于或超过某人(某物)。 The runner surpassed his old record by 10 seconds.跑步运动员比他过去的记录提高了 10 秒。 transcend v.超出或超越,一般指超越经验、常识、普通能力等,强调难以为大众理解。 ...



   提高英语写作能力的原则 一)渐进性原则。要坚持“句?段?篇”的训练程序,由易到难,循序渐进。在英语写作的初始阶段,要始终注意培养学生良好的写作习惯,狠抓基本功训练。在学生掌握了基本句型并能写出简单句子后,再要求学生根据一些体例写出小段的文章。在段落写作中要引导学生分析段落的结构、段落的中心句、句与句之间的逻辑关系、写作手法等,这样有利于下一步一篇文章的写作。在文章写作中要教会学生如何构思文章、如何运用正确的写作技巧等。 (二)多样性原则。要坚持训练形式的多样化及写作文体的多样性。从形式上而言, ...

必修三英语M3 U7 LESSON2

   M3 U7 LESSON 1-2 The Spirit of Explorers Grammar Objectives By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to &` use relative clauses with when, where and why. &` understand and use prep. + relative pronouns at the basic level. Grammar Relative Clauses ...


   2010 年 12 月 18 日全国大学英语六级考试真题及答案 1. 目前高校排名相当盛行 2. 对于这种做法,人们看法不一 3. 我认为…… 范文 1: It is a not-uncommon social phenomenon that the university rankings are especially prevalent in our country. For example, universities are measured by scale, academic ach ...

新视野大学英语(第二册)课后 答案

   本资源由攀登英语网(英语听力课件教案下载)提供, 版权所有, 转载请注明出处, 谢谢合作! 联系方式:QQ403096966 E-mail:2ewen@163.com 新视野大学英语第二册课后答案 Unit One Section A II Comprehension of The Text 1.The attitude is that if one is not moving ahead, he is falling behind. 2.Time is treated as if it w ...


   快乐英语 46. 电视是创造和传递感情的手段之一.也许在此之前,就加强不同的民族和国家之间的联 系而言,电视还从来没有像在最近的欧洲事件中起过如此大的作用. 47. 多媒体集团在欧洲就像在其他地方一样越来越成功了.这些集团把相互关系密切的电视 台,电台,报纸,杂志,出版社整合到了一起. 48. 仅这一点就表明在电视行业不是一个容易生存的领域.这个事实通过统计数字一目了然, 统计表明在 80 家欧洲电视网中 1989 年出现亏损的不少于 50%. 49. 创造一个尊重不同文化和传统的" ...