2011 年聊城市高考模拟试题
第一节 语法和词汇知识(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)
从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。
  21. Liu Wei, who plays Got Talent. A. 不填; the B. the; the C. a;a . D. by no means part in the sports meet 1ast week. C. taking D. take D. the;不填 piano with his toes, was named champion of China’s

  22. Lost in the novel, Joe put salt in his cup of coffee A. by chance B. by mistake C. by the way

  23. There were more than 500 competitors A. took B. taken

  24. News reporters shouldn’t ignore what happens A. now that B. as if
it is difficult for people to accept some stories. C. even if it the other day. D. was paying ?Well, C. forget it ,but I’m not perfect. D. excuse me D. so that

  25. Why have they sent me this bill? I A. paid B. will pay C. have paid

  26. ?You shouldn’t treat your friend like that. A. never mind
  27. Don’t A. expose
  28. It was the travel agency A. that; which
  29. Robert was the only exactly how it came about. A. operator B. witness B. not exactly
yourself to so many electric products?they’ll damage your health. B. introduce C. devote D. attach was to blame for the loss. D. where; that
they bought their air tickets from C. where;which
B. which; that
to the accident. The police had to count on him to find out
C. guide you repeat that, please? C. Could
D. announcer

  30. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you clearly. A. May B. Must
D. Shall

  31. Fortunately, the police arrived in time to A. break up
  32. There’s B. close up
the fight, causing no injury. C. divide up D. catch up .
bottle of milk in the fridge. Help yourself to a glass if you’d like B. the other; any C. other; a little
A. another; little
  33. Ladies and gentlemen, here A. comes
  34. He always thinks of
D. another;some
the Browns, our distinguished guests tonight! B. are coming C. come D. have come
he can do more for his citizens as a mayor.
聊城 英语 第 1 页(共 9 页)
A. what
B. how
C. when
D. if .

  35. Many parents now focus on working hard to provide their children with A. the possible best life C. the life best possible B. the best life possible D. the best possible life
第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36~55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选 出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 It was 3∶43 on an early spring morning. Thunder was crashing and the rain was pouring. Suddenly my 36 rushed into my room. “Adam! Adam! Get up! We are 37 !”he shouted and 38 me up! I ran downstairs to the 39 . It was like a
shook me by the shoulders. That swimming pool.
My mother and I immediately started to pick up things and
40 them upstairs. I had no shoes,
so my feet were absolutely 4l .Things got worse every minute. Within the next hour, we had moved everything 43 42 we could to the first floor. The computer, big-screen television and heavy boxes
with our most valuable things were taken to safety. However, our piano, sofa, and washing 44 . There was nothing we could do. 46
machine were all still down there?being That was the 45
part. Knowing your home is being destroyed is bad enough,
realizing you can’t do anything to stop it feels even worse. Most people don’t know how sickening (令 人揪心的) the feeling of being totally 47 is. 48 were floating in our street. Mother told me to 49 to leave. When it was finally safe to walk
Water had come in our front door. Rescue
pack an overnight bag of clothes and valuables and
outside, all the people in the neighbourhood 50 at the street corner. People became friends and friends became like Service had 52 51 . We comforted each other. Later we learned that the National Weather the storm a flash flood. 53 from this flood. I’ve learned what destruction is. I’ve learned 55 by natural
I really have learned a (n) what 54
means. I know in the future, when I watch people’s lives
disasters,I can understand them. I’ll show great pity on them and do what I can to help them.
  36. A. father
  37. A. floating
  38. A. brought
  39. A. hall
  40. A. take
  41. A. cooling
  42. A. as
  43. A. covered B. mother B. fighting B. turned B. basement B. throw B. freezing B. what B. crowded
聊城 英语
C. sister C. flooding C. dressed C. bedroom C. hold C. burning C. which C. fixed
第 2 页(共 9 页)
D. neighbour D. flying D. woke D. kitchen D. hide D. hurting D. that D. filled

  44. A. buried
  45. A. hardest
  46. A. for
  47. A. alone
  48. A. bikes
  49. A. get ready
  50. A. escaped
  51. A. doctors
  52. A. noticed
  53. A. account
  54. A. truth
  55. A. affected
B. beaten B. longest B. or B. scared B. boats B. get down B. settled B. family B. declared B. agreement B. regret B. panicked
C. destroyed C. easiest C. but C. helpless C. cars C. get up C. recovered C. coworkers C. planned C. lesson C. value C. wounded
D. struck D. smallest D. so D. disappointed D. buses D. get away D. gathered D. police D. made D. conclusion D. safety D. shared
第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡 上将该项涂黑。 A Early clowns (小丑) often both annoyed and delighted listeners with their comments and songs. They were not the silent performers seen in today’s circus rings (马戏场). Clowns lost their voices when the big three-ring circuses made it impossible for the audience to hear them. Circus clowns give performances in various ways. Walk-around clowns use an animal or something as part of their performance. A carpet clown moves around, talking with the audience and performing while the acts change in the rings. Then there are acrobatic clowns, riding clowns, juggling clowns and others. Everything a clown does looks easy, but it is not. Making people laugh can be hard work. Clowns must be in good physical condition to prevent injuries. Each funny move is carefully timed and well-rehearsed. Most clowns have also been trained as acrobats, jugglers or aerial artists, and many include such skills into their acts. Generally there are three types of clowns?whiteface, auguste and character. Each has a special makeup and clothes. Each has a typical act as well. The neat whiteface is usually a strict, in-charge character who sets up the punch line (the point of a joke) with a partner who is typically an auguste. His facial makeup is neatly detailed in red or black, and his clothes look so loose. The auguste clown got his name from a German nickname for someone who is clumsy, acting in careless and stupid way. He performs a great deal of humour. An oversized suit or baggy trousers allow freedom of movement for all the clumsy acts.
聊城 英语 第 3 页(共 9 页)
Character clowns perform as different characters?cowboys, grandmothers and concert conductors. The most famous character clown, however, is the tramp (流浪汉). Tramps wear different styles of makeup and torn clothes. Some tramps are happy-go-lucky. Others are extremely sad. Still others act like gentlemen who just happen to be out of money.
  56. By saying that clowns “lost their voices”, the author means that they A. became silent to avoid annoying people B. began to perform silently due to larger audiences C. realized audience members often spoke another language D. discovered three-ring circuses were becoming more popular
  57. How is Paragraph 3 mainly developed? A. By describing actions. C. By giving explanations. B. By listing effects. D. By making comparison. .

  58. If a clown is dressed in baggy clothing, which set of clowns does he belong to? A. The auguste and the whiteface. C. The carpet clown and the cowboy. B. The walk-around and the tramp. D. The character and the auguste clown. .

  59. The whiteface is different from the auguste in the way that A. he has a larger audience C. he performs in a special circus ring
  60. Why did the author write this article? A. To give some basic facts about clowns. C. To tell readers about the history of clowns. B
B. he wears more attractive clothes D. he plays a leading role in performances
B. To express his opinion on circus clowns. D. To describe the hard work circus clowns do.
A luxury Malaysian beach resort has come up with a way for guests to actually look forward to a downpour (倾盆大雨) on their holiday: a free night if the rainfall exceeds (超过) one inch. The Tanjong Jara resort, owned by the YTL Hotels group, is located on Malaysia’s east coast and its “Everybody Loves Rain” promotion comes during the area’s main rainy season.“Our package proves that every cloud has a silver lining (一线希望), ”said Sarah Cairns, executive vice president of marketing for YTL. “The chances of rain are very high this time of year, so you may get the chances of a free night.” To qualify, guests must book an all-inclusive, 2-night package starting at 710 Singapore dollars (about $5
  13) per person. Rainfall is measured from 7 am to 7 pm by the hotel’s own rain water container. The promotion, which is valid from December 1 to February 28, 2011, is part of YTL’s efforts to raise its image in Asia and beyond, with the group planning hotels in several destinations, including St.Tropez, Borneo, Japan and Los Angeles in the near future.
聊城 英语 第 4 页(共 9 页)
YTL’s expansion plans come at a tough time for the travel industry. The latest figures from the PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) show a 6% drop in the number of international visitors to the region, equivalent (相当于) to about
  10. 5 million people, in the first half of the year. Many people in Asia, where several countries have not been as hard hit by the economic crisis as in Europe or the United States, are choosing to travel within the region, and several hotels are targeting these travelers with special packages.
  61. What’s the purpose of the passage? A. To introduce a resort’s unusual promotion. B. To show fierce competition between hotels.
C. To explain rainfall’s influence on travel industry. D. To give advice on how to save money in traveling.
  62. Whether the guests can get a free night in the hotel mainly depends on A. how many days they stay C. the amount of rain of a day
  63. According to Sarah Cairns, the guests A. seldom B. hardly B. how much rain in a year D. the hotel’s water container enjoy the promotion of a free night. C. often D. are very likely to million in one .

  64. The normal number of international visitors to the region is about year, according to the PATA figures. A.
  10. 5 B. 1
  64. 5 C. 175 D. 350

  65. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. Some hotels are trying to attract more Asian visitors. B. More travelers prefer to travel to Europe or the USA. C. The promotion of the resort will last for three months. D. The guests have to pay at least $513 to get a free night. C No budget for your vacation? Try home exchanges?swapping houses with strangers. Agree to use each other’s cars, and you can save bucks on car rentals, too. Home exchanges are not new. At lease one group, Intervac, has been facilitating such an arrangement since 19
  53. But trading online is gaining popularity these days, with several sites in operation, including HomeExchanges. Founded in 1992, with some 28,000 listings, this company advertising itself as the word’s largest home exchange club, reporting that membership has increased by 30% this year. The annual fee is usually less than US $1
  00. Members can access thousands of listings for apartments, villas, suburban homes and farms around the world. Initial contact is made via e-mail, with subsequent (随后的) communication usually by phone. Before a match is made, potential swappers discuss a lot.
聊城 英语 第 5 页(共 9 页)
However, the concept may sound risky to some people. What about theft? Damage? There are reasonable causes for concern, but equally unlikely. As one swapper puts it, “Nobody is going to fly across the ocean or drive 600 miles to come steal your TV. Besides, at the same time they are staying in your home, you are staying in theirs.” Exchange sites recommend that swappers discuss such matters ahead of time. They may fill out an agreement spelling out who shoulders which responsibilities if a problem arises. It does not matter whether the agreement would hold up in court, but it does give the exchangers a little satisfaction. Generally, the biggest complaint among home exchangers has to do with different standards of cleanliness. Swappers are supposed to make sure their home is in order before they depart, but one person’s idea about “clean” may be more forgiving than another’ s. Some owners say if they come back to a less-than-sparkling (闪耀) kitchen, it may be inconvenient but would not sour them on future exchanges.
  66. The underlined word “swapping” in Paragraph l is closest in meaning to A. sweeping B. exchanging C. cleaning . D. renting

  67. What is Paragraph 2 mainly about? A. The biggest home exchange club. C. When home exchange is becoming popular. D. A contrast between Intervac and HomeExchanges.
  68. How do home exchangers usually begin their communication? A. By phone. B. By e-mail. C. Via a match-maker. D. Via a fac



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