2011 年六年级英语毕业考试全真模拟题 (10 分) 一、找出画线部分读音与其他三个不同的单词。 找出画线部分读音与其他三个不同的单词。 (
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. teacher )
  2. A. earth )
  3. A. bowl )
  4. A. page )
  5. A. think )
  6. A. game )
  7. A. on )
  8. A. ruler )
  9. A. feet )
  10. A. right B.certainly B. near B. snow B. dog B. third B. table B. office B. mum B. meat B. ghost C. sister D. brother C. hear D. ear C. now D. yellow C. pig D. big C. those D. thank C. get D. rain C. orange D. open C. shut D. color C. seven D. peach C. light D. night
( )
  5. 当你提醒 Fred 不要在街上玩足球时说: A. Don't play football in the street, Fred! B. Not to play football in the street, Fred!
(15 分) 四、选择填空。 选择填空。 (
( )
  1. Li Hong TV for two hours every evening. A. watch B. watches C. watched ( )
  2. is he? He is ten. A. What B. Who C. How old ( )
  3. Kate and Jane my good friends. A. is B. am C. are ( )
  4. Where he from? He from China. A. is; come B. is; comes C. does; is ( )
  5. Where is my pencil? I can't it. A. look at B. find C. look for ( )
  6. We're going to stay here tomorrow. What you? A. about B. besides C. with ( )
  7. That blue jacket is beautiful. A. fine B. very nice C. well ( )
  8. are these? They are red pencils. A. What B. Where C. What color ( )
  9. My mother three shelves. A. have B. has C. is ( )
  10. The man over there is . A. Miss White B. Mrs. White C. Mr. White ( )
  11. kitchen is clean? Mary's. A. Who's B. Whose C. Who ( )
  12. grade are you in? Grade Five. A. Whose B. Which C. Where ( )
  13. on the river? There're some ducks.
(5 二、补一个同类词。 分) 补一个同类词。 (

  1. Morning, evening,
  2. Beer, coffee,
  3. Post, office, shop,
  4. Thin, fat,
  5. Cool, cold,
(10 分) 三、根据汉语要求选择正确的英语句子。 根据汉语要求选择正确的英语句子。 (
( )
  1. Bob 相约 Tom 去公园,应该怎么说? A. Can I go to the park? B. Shall we go to the park? ( )
  2. Lily,这是我的朋友。 A. Lily, this is my friend. B. Lily, this friend is my. ( )
  3. 当别人邀请你一起去郊游时,你说:"太好了!" A. Thank you! B. Great! ( )
  4. 明天上午我要去买东西。 A. I'll go shopping tomorrow morning. B. I'll do shopping tomorrow morning.
A. What B. Which ( )
  14. That girl is my friend. name is May. A. His B. Her ( )
  15. Helen is behind me. I am Helen. A. behind B. in front of
C. What's C. Its C. beside
错的写"F"。 (一)根据短文判断正误,对的写"T",错的写 根据短文判断正误,对的写 错的写 。
Jane and Mary are good friends. Their families are in Shanghai now. Jane is from Britain and Mary is from America. They are in the same school. But they aren't classmates. Jane is in Class One. Miss May is her teacher. Mary is in Miss White's class. They study Chinese. They like it. They like Shanghai, too. ( )
  1. Jane and Mary are good friends and classmates. ( )
  2. Their families aren't in Shanghai now. ( )
  3. Miss May is the teacher of Class One. ( )
  4. Mary is in Class One. ( )
  5. Jane and Mary study Chinese and they like it.
(10 分) 五、用所给动词的适当形式填空。 用所给动词的适当形式填空。 (

  1. Peter's father often (take) a bus to go to work.
  2. Look! They (play) happily in the playground.
  3. Tom likes (swim) in summer.
  4. Who can (speak) English well in your family?
  5. Tim and Tom (read) in the library. Let's (join) them.
  6. We will (go) for a picnic tomorrow. We (get) ready for it now.
  7. Mary, (not talk) with each other. (be) quite, please.
  8. (be) there any water in the bottle?
  9. Do you like (watch) TV?
  10. Don't (wash) your shirts now.
选择能填入横线处的正确答案并把序号填入题前括号中。 (二) 选择能填入横线处的正确答案并把序号填入题前括号中。
Tom is a little boy, and he is only seven years old. One day he went to the cinema. It is the first time for him to do that. He bought a ticket and then went in. But after two or three minutes he came out, bought a second ticket and went in again. After a few minutes he came out again and bought a third ticket. Two or three minutes late he came out and asked for another ticket. Then the girl in the ticket office asked him, "Why do you buy so many tickets? How many friends do you meet?" Tom answered, "No, I have no friend here. But a big boy always stops me at the door and tears(撕) my ticket to pieces." ( )
  1. Tom is years old. A. seven B. six C. nine D. eleven ( )
  2. It was for Tom to go to the cinema alone. A. the second time B. the third time C. the first time D. the last time ( )
  3. Tom bought before the girl asked him. A. one ticket B. two tickets C. three tickets D. five tickets ( )
  4. Tom met that day. A. three friends B. his parents C. many classmates D. no friend of his ( )
  5. The big boy was in the cinema. A. a doctor B. a teacher C. a worker D. a policeman
(10 分) 六、请找出下列句子的错误,并改成正确的句子。 请找出下列句子的错误,并改成正确的句子。 (

  1.Her sister doing her homework now.
  2. Tom have a happy family.
  3. Sometimes my parents and me go for an outing on Sundays.
  4. I usually have lunch in home.
  5. We sing and dance at the party last night.
(10 分) 七、阅读理解。 阅读理解。 (
一、 BACAC 二、 略 三、 B A B AA 四、 BCCBB 五、
  1. takes C DAC B

  2. are playing
  3. swimming
  4. speak
  5. are reading, join
  9. watching
  10. wash

  6. go, are getting
  7. don't talk, Be
  8. Is 六、
  1. doing - is doing
  2. have - has

  3. me - I
  4. in - at

  5. sing and dance - sang and danced 七、 (一)B B A B A
(二)A C C D C



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