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2011 年全国自考英语(二)模拟试卷 八)及答案 年全国自考英语( 模拟试卷(八 及答案
item)从下列各句四个选项中选出一个最 一、Vocabulary and Structure(10 points,1 point for each item)从下列各句四个选项中选出一个最 佳答案,并在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。 佳答案,并在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。
Chinese and Russian scientists have reported that in places stress is
building up, the radon levels of the water build up too. (1分)
A:what B: that C: which D:where
Since the bosses cannot do profit, workers have an edge. (1分)
A: with B: for C: but D: without
Robots, already taking over human tasks in the automotive field, are beginning
to be seen, although to a lesser degree, in other industries . (1分)
A:as good B:as well as C: so well D: as well
The most evidence of black holes comes from research into binary star systems.
A:convincing B: convince C:convinced D:convinces
The of the talk released by the prosecutor show why Weinstein was a beloved
figure at Thorne Middle School. (1分)
A:experts B: excerpts C: expels D:excess
Our likes and are all related to social contexts and learning experiences.
A:unlikes B:dislikes C:alikes D:nonlikes
The music becomes as loud and as the human ear could stand. (1分)
A:penetrating B:concentrating
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C:puncturing D: conciliating
Drivers areto a speed of 80 kilometeres in the highway. (1分)
A:refined B:restricted C:revolved D:reproduced
Difficulties can bring a person’s best qualities. (1分)
A:down B:forward C:up D:out
the numbers in employment,the hotel industry was the second largest industry
in this country last year. (1分)
A:In line with B:In terms of C:In contrast with D:In accordance with item)下列短文中有十个空白 每个空白有四个选项。 下列短文中有十个空白, 二、Cloze Test(10 points,1 point for each item)下列短文中有十个空白,每个空白有四个选项。根 据上下文要求选出最佳答案,并在答题纸上将相应的字母涂黑。 据上下文要求选出最佳答案,并在答题纸上将相应的字母涂黑。 将相应的字母涂黑
  1.Most young people enjoy some form of physical activity. It may be walking, bicycling,
or swimming, or in winter, skating or skiing. It may be a game of some 1 ? football, hockey, golf or tennis. It may be mountaineering. Those who have a passion for climbing high and difficult mountains are often 2 with astonishment. Why are men and women willing to suffer cold and hardship, and to take risks on high mountains? This astonishment is caused, 3, by the difference between mountaineering and other forms of activity to which men give their leisure. Mountaineering is a sport and 4 a game. There are no man?made rules, as there are for such games as golf and football. There, 5, rules of a different kind which it would be dangerous to ignore, but it is this freedom from man?made rules that makes mountaineering 6 to many people. Those who climb mountains are free to use their own methods. If we compare mountaineering and other more 7 sports, we might think that one big difference is that mountaineering is not a “team game”. We should be mistaken 8 this. There are, it is true, no “matches” between “team” of climbers, but when climbers are on a rock face linked by a rope on which their lives may depend, there is 9 teamwork. The mountain climber knows that he may have to fight forces that are stronger and more powerful than man. He has to fight the forces of
  10. His sport requires high mental and physical qualities. (10分) (
A:part B:sorts C:sport
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A:dealt B:looked upon C:coped D:disgusted
A:probably B:precisely C:logically D:strongly
A:but B:not C:also D:is
A:for example B:perhaps C:then D:of course
A:luxurious B:painful C:attractive D:noticeable
A:familiar B:similar C:regular D:thirty
A:by B:in C:from D:against
A:obviously B:basically C:already D:conversely
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A:mountain B:wind C:nature D:snow Comprehension(30 points, item)从下列每篇短文的问题后所给的四个 三、Reading Comprehension(30 points,2 points for each item)从下列每篇短文的问题后所给的四个 选择项中选出一个最佳答案,并在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。 选择项中选出一个最佳答案,并在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。
  1.During the early years of this century, wheat was seen as the very lifeblood of Western
Canada. When the crops were good, the economy was good; when the crops failed, there was depression. People on city streets watched the yields and the price of wheat with almost as much feeling as if they were growers. The marketing of wheat became an increasingly favorite topic of conversation. War set the stage for the most dramatic events in marketing the western crop. For years farmers mistrusted speculative (投机的) grain selling as carried on through the Winnipeg Grain Exchange. Wheat prices were generally low in the autumn, but farmers could not wait for markets to improve. It had happened too often that they sold their wheat soon after harvest when farm debts were coming due, only to see prices rising and speculators getting rich. On various occasions, producer groups asked for firmer controls, but governments had no wish to become involved, at least not until wartime wheat prices threatened to run wild. Anxious to check inflation (通货膨胀) and rising living costs, the federal government appointed a board of grain supervisors (监视员) to handle deliveries from the crops of 1917 and 19
  18. Grain Exchange trading was suspended, and farmers sold at prices fixed by the board. To handle the crop of 1919, the government appointed the first Canadian Wheat Board, with full authority to buy, sell, and set prices. (10分) (
  1): The author uses the term “lifeblood” to indicate that wheat was .
A: difficult to produce in large quantities B:susceptible to many parasites(寄生虫 C: essential to the health of the country D: expensive to gather and transport
According to the passage, most farmers’ debts had to be paid .
A:when the autumn harvest had just been completed B:because wheat prices were high C:as soon as the Winnipeg Grain Exchange demanded payment D:when crop failure caused depression
According to the passage, wheat prices became unmanageable because of conditions
caused by .
A:. farmers B: supervisors C: weather D: war
In Para.3, the word “check” could best be replaced by which of the following?
A:control B: investigate
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C:finance D: reinforce
According to the passage, a preliminary step in the creation of the Canadian Wheat
Board was the appointment of .
A:the Winnipeg Grain Exchange B: a board of supervisors C:several producer groups D: a new government
  2.Some psychologists maintain that mental acts such as thinking are not performed in
the brain alone,but that one’s muscles also participate. It may be said that we think with our muscles in somewhat the same way that we listen to music with our bodies. You surely are nor surprised to be told that you usually listen to music not only with your ears but with your whole body. Few people can listen to music that is more or less familiar without moving their body or, more specifically, some part of their body. Often when one listens to a concert on the radio, he is attracted to direct the band even though he knows there is a good conductor on the job. Strange as this behavior may be, there is a very good reason for it. One cannot derive all possible enjoyment from music unless he participates, so to speak, in its performance. This listener“feels”himself into the music with more or less noticeable motions of his body. The muscles of the body actually participate in the mental process of thinking in the same way, but this participation is less obvious because it is less noticeable. (10分) (
  1): Some psychologists tend to believe that thinking is
A:a process happening outside the brain B:a process that only involves one’s brain C:a process involving both the brain and muscles D:more of a physical process than a mental action
The process of thinking and that of listening to music is similar in that.
A:both processes are less noticeable B:neither involves the use of the brain C:both bring enjoyment to a person D:neither is solely a mental process
Few people are able to listen to familiar music on the radio without.
A:singing along with the music B:moving some parts of their bodies C:stopping the job they are doing D:wishing to see the actual performance
Muscle participation in the process of thinking is.
A:purposeful B:apparent C:indistinct D:impressive
The passage is concerned primarily with.
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A:muscle participation in mental activities B:muscle participation in mental appreciation C:the difference between thinking and music appreciation D:the relationship between thinking and music appreciation
  3.Soccer is played by millions of people all over the world, but there have only been
a few players who were truly great. How did these players get that way?was it through training and practice, or are great players “born, not made”? First, these players come from places that have had famous stars in the past?players that a young boy can look up to and try to imitate. In the history of soccer, only six countries have ever won the World Cup?three from South America and three from western Europe. There has never been a great national team?or a really great player?from North America or from Asia. Second, these players have all had years of practice in the game. Alfredo Di Stefano was the son of a soccer player, as was Pele. Most players begin playing the game at the age of three or four. Finally, many great players come from the same kind of neighbourhood?a poor, crowded area where a boy’s dream is not to be a doctor, lawyer, or businessman, but to become a rich, famous athlete or entertainer. For example, Liverpool, which produced the Beatles, had one of the best English soccer teams in recent years. Pele practiced in the street with a “ball” made of rags. And George Best learned the tricks that made him famous by bouncing the ball off a wall in the slums of Belfast. All great players have a lot in common, but that doesn’t explain why they are great. Hundreds of boys played in those Brazilian streets, but only one became Pele. The greatest players are born with unique quality that sets them apart from all the others. (10分) (
  1): According to the author, which of the following statements is true?
A: Soccer is popular all over the world, but truly great players are rare. B: Millions of people all over the world are playing soccer, but only six countries have ever had famous stars. C:Soccer is played by millions of people all over the world, but only six countries from South America and western Europe have ever had great national teams. D: All over the world soccer is one of the most popular games, but it seems least popular in North America or Asia.
The word “tricks” at the end of Para.2 is closest in meaning to .
A: experience B:cheating C:skills D: training
  3): .
Liverpool and Brazilian streets are two geographic terms used to illustrate
A:where soccer players get their way B:how neighbourhood affects a soccer player’s success C:why they can produce the best soccer teams D: what a poor, crowded area will provide a future soccer player with
In the last paragraph the statement “... but only one became Pele” indicates that
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