2011 年陕西省高等学校专升本招生考试 大学英语 试题
题号 得分 I II III IV V VI VII 总分 核分人
Direction: All the Questions should be done on the Answer Sheet. I. Choose a word that best completes each of the (20*1point=20points) 得分 评卷人

  1. She has managed to obtain a temporary work in Britain. A permit B permission C permissiveness D permissible
  2. The football players need total concentration during . A match B game C play D perform
  3. Involved in a bribery scandal, the President had to his resignation. A do B catch C offer D find
  4. When I go out in the evening I use the bike the car if I can. A rather than B regardless of C in spite of D other than
  5. Some plants are very to light; they prefer the shade. A sensible B flexible C objective D sensitive
  6. Don’t let the child play with scissors he cuts himself. A in case B so that C now that D only if
  7. Without proper lessons, you could a lot of bad habits when playing the piano. A keep up B pick up C draw up D catch up
  8. We should always bear in mind that decisions often result in serious consequences. A urgent B instant C prompt D hasty
  9. The computer can be paid for in ten monthly of 100 dollars. A pay B pays C payment D payments
  10. American linguist Noah Webster was among the first to the growing difference between American and British usages of English. A. realize B. recognize C. research D. reckon
  11. The driver thinks accidents only happen to other people. A. average B. common C. usual D. normal
  12. Even if they are on sale, these refrigerators are equal in price to, if not more expensive than, at the other store. A. the one B. others C. that D. the ones
  13. Conversation becomes weaker in society that spends so much time listening and being talked to it has all but lost the will and the skill to speak for itself. A. as B. which C. that D. what

  14. for the timely investment from the general public, our company would not be so thriving as it is. A. Had it not been B. Were it not C. Be it not D. Should it not be
  15. Asia by most experts to be the cradle of human civilization. A. has been always considered B. has always been considered C. always has been considered D. has been considered always
  16. An old woman was badly hurt in the police describe as an apparently motiveless attack. A. that B. what C. whatever D. which
  17. Paul Samuelson revolutionized by presenting his students with the most advanced economic thinking at an introductory level. A. to teach economics B. teaching that economics is C. the teaching of economics D. economics is taught
  18. If you find this item too difficult to , it is advisable to leave as it is and move on to the next one. A. work out B. work on C. work for D. work at
  19. You and I could hardly understand, ? A. could we B. couldn’t you C. couldn’t we D. could I
  20. There was an accident the crossroads at midnight last night. A. in B. on C. at D.by II. Fill in the blank in each sentence with the best word from the box below, changing its form when necessary: (17*1point=17points) 得分 评卷人
testify to in search for novelty
rehearsal disillusioned embark on
demolish exotic in bulk
elusive legitimate nebulous
evoke strike pseudonym
capital implant
Before going to the job interview, the applicanthis presentation in his room. Most houses in the coastal city were by the earthquake last year. It was getting dark and we went around the town a missing child. The public had expected the newly-elected President to check the rising inflation, but they were soon by his incompetence in administration. The minister could not find a excuse for his not telling the truth. The rescue party freeing the boy trapped in the hollow tree. Although there was much publicity about the movie, I personally found little in the story line. In some supermarkets, goods can be made very cheap if they are bought . Talking about “the Cultural Revolution”, I had only some memories because I was very young then. Samuel Longhorn Clemens wrote many stories under the of Mark Twain. Early colonists in North America usually Puritan ideas in their children. The retired editor needed a lot of to start up a new newspaper. During a storm at sea, the fishing boat a huge rock and was smashed into pieces.

  14. On this small island, you can see a lot of architecture built by the colonists 50 years ago.
  15. The Martyrs’ Monument in the town centre always people’s bitter memories of the Second World War.
  16. The drizzle and mist made the distant lighthouse on sight.
  17. His generous donation his love for the people of the flood-stricken areas. III.Cloze Test (20 points) Read the following paragraph and choose the correct word for each blank from the three alternatives. 得分 评卷人
Man cannot go on __1_ his numbers at the present rate, In the _2_ 30 years man will face a period of crisis. __3_ experts believe that there will be a widespread food_4_. Other experts think this is 5__ pessimistic, and that man can prevent things _6__ worse than they are now. But _7__ that two-thirds of the people in the world are undernourished or starving now. One thing that man can do is to limit _8__ of babies born. The need _9__ this is obvious, but it is _10_ to achieve. People have to _11__ to limit their families. In the countries of the population __12__, many people like big families. The parents think that this __13__ a bigger income for the family and ensures there will be someone in the family who will look __14__ them in old age. Several governments have _15__ birth control policies in recent years. __16__ them are Japan, China, India and Egypt. In some _17 the results have not been 18__. Japan has been an exception. The Japanese adopted a birth control policy in 19
  48. People __19__ to limit their families. The birth rate fell from
  34.3 per thousand per year to about
  17.0 per year _20__. ( )
  1.A increasing B to increase C and increase D with increasing ( )
  2.A second B recent C next D late ( )
  3.A Any B Some C More D All ( )
  4.A need B want C absence D shortage ( )
  5.A so B much C too D enough ( )
  6.A getting B from getting C to get D get ( )
  7.A remember B remembering C to remember D remembers ( )
  8.A an amount B a number C the amount D the number ( )
  9.A for B in C of D about ( )
  10.A not easy B no easy C not easily D no ease ( )
  11.A persuade B be persuading C be persuaded D persuading ( )
  12.A bursting B explosion C raising D extension ( )
  13.A takes B brings C makes D earns ( )
  14.A upon B for C into D after ( )
  15.A adjusted B created C adopted D presented ( )
  16. A Of B Among C Between D Out of ( )
  17.A exceptions B examples C events D cases ( )
  18.A success B succeeded C successful D succeeding ( )
  19.A were encouraged B encouraged C are encouraged D encourage ( )
  20.A presently B at present C in time D on time IV. Translate the following paragraph into Chinese: (10 points)
Rummaging through the fruit and veg section of my local supermarket, reading the country of origin labels, I am bewildered by the geography of it all. That the fruits of the earth should all be laid out on tidy shelves in this provincial corner of Britain would have been unthinkable a few years ago, yet now it is taken for granted. Once strange and exotic fruits that only the rich could afford, if not now part of everyone’s diet, are certainly part of our everyday shopping experience. So much so that instead of focusing on the novel, I am drawn to the commonplace. Here, among the “humble” vegetables, something strange and disturbing is going on. V. Translate the following sentences into English: (10*3points=30points) 得分 评卷人

  1. 女孩横穿马路时被汽车撞倒.(to knock over).
  2. 这群年轻人听了这则笑话哄堂大笑.(to roar with).
  3. 她很不善于见什么人说什么话.( to have no knack for).
  4. 驾驶员违反交通规则,除了罚款之外,还有别的处罚办法吗?(alternative to)
  5. 为了安全起见,车上每个人都必须系上安全带.(for the sake of).
  6. 我们费了九牛二虎之力将门弄开.(to have …job to do).
  7. 这个沙发一拉开,就可变成床.(to convert into).
  8. 成年人学习外语的困难之一是母语的干扰.(to interfere with).
  9. 许多困在山洞里的人在救援队赶到之前就死了.(to trap).
  10. 我突然明白他原来是想帮助我.(to dawn on). VI. Reading Comprehension (38 points) 得分 评卷人
Passage 1 Clearly if we are to participle in the society in which we live we must communicate with other people. A great deal of communicating is performed on a person-to-person basis by the simple means of speech. If we travel in buses, buy things in shops, or eat in restaurants, we are likely to have conversations where we give information or opinions, receive news or comment, and very likely have our views challenged by other members of society. Face-to-face contact is by no means the only form of communication and during the last two hundred years the art of mass communication has become of one of the dominating factors of contemporary society. Two things, above others, have caused the enormous growth of the communication industry. Firstly, inventiveness has led to advances in printing, telecommunications, photography, radio and television. Secondly, speed has revolutionized the transmission and reception of communications so that local news often takes a back seat to national news, which itself is often almost eclipsed by international news. No longer is the possession of information confined to a privileged minority. In the last century the wealthy man with his own library was indeed fortunate, but today there are public libraries. Forty years ago people used to flock to the cinema, but now far more people sit at home and turn on the TV to watch a programme that is being channeled into millions of homes.
Communication is no longer merely concerned with the transmission of information. The modern communication industry influences the way people live in society and broadens their horizons by allowing access to information, education and entertainment. The printing, broadcasting and advertising industries are all involved with informing,educating and entertaining. Although a great deal of the material communicated by the mass media is very valuable to the individual and to the society of which he is a part, the vast modern network of communications is open to abuse. However, the mass media are with us for better, for worse, and there is no turning back.
  1. In the first paragraph the writer emphasizes the of face-to-face contact in social settings. A nature B limitation C usefulness D creativity
  2. It is implied in the passage that A local news used to be the only source of information B local news still takes a significant place C national news is becoming more popular D international news is the fastest transmitted news
  3. which of the following statement is INCORRECT? A To possess information used to be a privilege B Public libraries have replaced private libraries C Communication means more than transmission D Information influences ways of life and thinking
  4.From the last paragraph we can infer that the writer is. A indifferent to the harmful influence of the mass media B happy about the drastic changes in the mass media C pessimistic about the future of the mass media D concerned about the wrong use of the mass media Passage 2 I am one of the many city people who are always saying that given the choice we would prefer to live in the country away from the dirt and noise of a large city. I have managed to convince myself that it weren’t for my job I would immediately head out for the open spaces and go back to nature in some sleepy village buried in the country. But how realistic is the dream? Cities can be frightening places. The majority of the population live in massive tower blocks, noisy, dirty and impersonal. The sense of belonging to a community tends to disappear when you live fifteen floors up. All you can see from your window is sky, or other blocks of flats. Children become aggressive and nervous?cooped up at home all day, with nowhere to play; their mothers feel isolated from the rest of the world. Strangely enough whereas in the past the inhabitants of one street all knew each other, nowadays people on the same floor in tower blocks don’t even say hello to each other. Country life, on the other hand, differs from this kind of isolated existence in that a sense of community generally binds the inhabitants of small villages together. People have the advantage of knowing that there is always someone to turn to when they need help. But country life has disadvantages too. While it is true that you may be among friends in a village, it is also true that you are cut off from the existing and important events that take place in cities. There’s little possibility of going to a new show or the latest movie. Shopping becomes a major problem, and
for anything slightly out of the ordinary you have to go on and expedition to the nearest large town. The city-dw



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