Should the University Campus Be Open to Tourists?(CET4 20
  3.我认为…… It is true that many university campuses, especially those of the prestigious ones, have recently become the new tourist attractions. Pros and cons have been put forward concerning this new phenomenon. Some people are quite in favor of the campus' opening to tourists while others are opposed to it. The opening of campus will stimulate the tourist industry, but the easier access to campus will lead to some accidents or safety problems which will interfere in students' life. In my opinion, campuses can be open to tourists once a week, say, on Saturday or Sunday. This suggestion, I believe, is quite feasible because it could kill two birds with one stone. For one thing, campuses could attract many tourists on weekends, thus boosting the tourism. For another, restricted opening of campus will beneficially narrow the gap between campuses and the outside world. Furthermore, this will also attract more public attention and build a great reputation for the university. A Letter Declining a Job Offer(CET6 20

  1. 对公司提供职位表示感
  2. 解释为何不能接受提供的职位
  3. 希望谅解,并表示对公司的良祝愿
Dec. 24, 2005 Dear Mr. Zhang, Thank you very much for your letter of December 20th, which offers me the opportunity to work in your company. Though I'm satisfied with both the condition and the salary your company has provided, I'm awfully sorry that I am unable to accept your offer. The main reason for my rejection is that I want to pursue my further my study in a foreign university for a doctor degree. Shortly after applying for this position in your company, I received the admission letter from UCLA and was told this world-famous university would like to accept me as a doctorate student in their Business School. Besides, the university was satisfied with my test scores and my abilities. They offered a full scholarship for my four-year academic training. This, I think, will be much helpful to my further development. The decision is made after a careful consideration. I apologize again for any inconvenience or trouble that might have been caused and I do hope you will understand me. Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sincerely yours, Li Ming
Volunteers Needed (CET4 20
  3.报名条件及联系方式 As the summer holiday is approaching, the Student Union will organize a voluntary program and is now recruiting volunteers. This program will focus on teaching farmers' children at Project Hope School. It aims to instill confidence, independence and optimism into the pupils and to help them improve their English. Through participating in the activity, volunteers can gain teaching experience. Volunteers will give lessons in the morning and organize after-class activities in the afternoon. The program will start on July 10th and end on July 30th. The Student Union will arrange buses to take you to the school. We need 30 local students who are warm-hearted and good at English. Fellow students that meet the requirements and want to take part in the activity please call us at 87654321 or email us at volunteers@hotmail.com. You are welcome to join us!
Number of people in City X traveling abroad in 1995, 2000 and 2005 (CET6 20
140000 120000 100000 80000 60000 40000 20000 0
近十年来 X 市有越来越多的人选择出境旅游 出现这种现象的原因 这种现象可能产生的影响
The period 1995~2005 witnessed a rapid increase in the number of people in City X traveling abroad. As can be seen, in 1995, only about 10,000 people in this city went overseas while in 1995 this number quickly rose to 40,0
  00. In 2005, however the number of overseas traveler surged to over 120,000, which is more than 10 times as many as that of 19
  95. (变化) This change can be accounted for by a couple of factors. First, along with social and economy progress, the living standard of the Chinese people has been greatly enhanced, so they have enough money and time to travel abroad. Meanwhile, more and more people want to enjoy themselves and broaden their vision by visiting overseas historical places and experiencing exotic
cultures. (原因) Overseas travel has a profound effect on both individuals and the society. It can widen our people's horizons, promote friendship and enhance cultural interaction. In the meantime, it can also boost our social economy and make our society more prosperous and dynamic. It's good for our nation's progress. (结论)
On Students Selecting Lecturers (CET4 20
  1. 有些大学允许学生自由选择某些课程的任课教师
  2. 学生选择教师时所考虑的主要因素
  3. 学生自选任课教师的益处和可能产生的问题 The higher education in China has undergone radical changes over recent years. Some universities now allow the students to select their lecturers, which has triggered a heated discussion in the society. When students are selecting their lecturers of some courses, the following factors might be taken into account. The title of the lecturer usually comes first to be considered. Professors, for example, are thought to be more qualified and often become popular with the students. In addition, the reputation of the lecturer among the former students is another important factor for students to make their choices. A mild, humor and easy-going lecturer is usually welcome while a strict and stubborn one is not likely to be popular with many students. Just as a coin has two sides, students who are free to choose their lecturers have both positive and negative aspects. On one hand, the competitive environment will encourage the lecturers to improve themselves both in academic backgrounds and teaching performance, thus the overall teaching quality will be enhanced. On the other hand, it may also cause some problems. Students tend to choose lecturers who are not strict with them or who are likely to give them good marks, which is in sharp contrast to its original intention. In short, selecting lecturers by students may have some problems, but on balance, its merits outweigh the demerits since by selecting their favorite lecturers more students can benefit from this education reform.



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新东方四六级 - [四级词汇] 2011英语四级考试必备:核心词汇(7) 2.9

   新东方在线四六级 - [四级词汇] 2011 英语四级考试必备:核心词汇(7) 2.9 [四级词汇] 2011 英语四级考试必备:核心词汇(7) 阅读原文 来自:新东方在线 distribute vt. 分发 disturb vt. 打搅,妨碍 integrate v. (into, with) (使)成为一体,(使)合并 moist a. 潮湿的 moisture n. 潮湿 register v./n.登记,注册 stable a. 稳定的 sophisticated a. 老于世故的, ...


   英语四六级口语考试 考试性质 大学英语四、六级考试口语考试( CET Spoken English Test ,简称 CET-SET )用于测量我国大学生运用英语进行口头交际的能力。 考试对象 CET-SET 报考对象为获得全国大学英语四、六级证书且成绩达到一定 分数线的在校大学生。 试行阶段的报考对象根据教育部有关文件决定,具体报名规定见考试 委员会通知。 考试时间 一年两次,分别在 5 月和 11 月。 考试形式 CET-SET 考试采用面对面的形式, 每场考试由 2 名主考和 3 (或 ...


   英语四六级考试备考经验 备考英语四六级首先要明确四个重点:听力,阅读,词汇和真题。听力和阅读是就题型 重要性来说的。在所有题型中,他们是分值最高的。因此,在有限的时间内,应该重点突破 这两部分。 当然, 有的学生可能听力是强项, 作文失分多, 那么自然应该多下力气在弱项上, 因人而异。掌握好听力和阅读的前提是词汇量的积累。词汇的记忆虽然并不复杂,但是由于 单词多而散,需要重复和持久性记忆,常常成为最让学生头疼的事。因此,有必要在这方面 花功夫。对于四六级考试来说,最宝贝的工具就是历年真题。虽 ...


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   从大一到大四 细细规划大学英语学习 据说人有三次投胎的机会,一是出生的家庭, 二是读大学,三是工作后的头四年,女孩 子再加一次嫁人,可见大学是一次重新选择的机会。 说三个人要被关进监狱:法国人,美国人和犹太人,他们可以带一样东西,法国人要了 一位漂亮的女郎,美国人要了一盒雪茄,犹太人要了一部电话,出来时法国人带着女郎和一 个孩子,美国人喊着要打火机,犹太人通话电话建立了一个商业王国。可见一个人当前的境 况并不是现在决定的,而是三年前的你决定的。就好比一个人听了讲座,很激动,发誓要学 好英语, ...


   第一单元 友谊的真谛 米歇尔E多伊尔 马克K史密斯 我们探讨友谊这个概念时,遇到的第一个问题是,没有社会公认的择友标准。在某一情境下, 我们会把某个人称为朋友;然而,情境一旦变迁,朋友这个称呼就显得没那么贴切了。因此,人们对友谊 的真谛的理解往往是非常肤浅的。为了帮助我们理解友谊的真正含义,我们需要回顾有关友谊的几种传统 的看法。 一种传统的友谊观在古希腊著名的哲学家亚里士多德的著作里得以阐述。他将自己心目中真正 的友谊同另外两种友谊截然分开。这两种友谊分别是:基于互利的友谊;基于愉悦的友谊 ...


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   初中英语常用词组 20)be (well) worth doing (非常)值得做…… 21)be covered with 被……所覆盖…… 22)be in (great) need of 23)be in trouble (很)需要 初中英语常用词组 1.初中英语教材中共出现近 500 个词组, 其中有 一部分为常用词组,要求能熟练运用。 2.在学习中,要注意词组的积累,特别要注 意介词词组和短语动词的积累。 3.对固定词组的意义,切不可望文生义。例 如,动词 look 愿意为“看”, ...