1. It is not clear whether the increase in reports is stemmed from greater human activity or is simply the result of more surveys. A. flows B. comes C. derives D. originates
  2. This is the sort of case in which judges must exercise the arbitrary power described a moment ago. A. avail B. use C. have D. display
  3. Recent studies have posed the question as to whether there is a link between film violence and real violence. A. supposed B. poised C. aroused D. raised
  4. Floods have undermined the foundation of the ancient bridge. A. weakened B. reached C. spoiled D. covered
  5. A frequently cited example of the endangered species is the panda. A. worried B. neglected C. reduced D. mentioned 参考答案:
  1. D stem from 起源于。选项 A flow 流动;选项 C derive 得自;选项 D originate 起源于。 故答案为 D。
  2. B 这句话的意思是, “对待这类案件,法官必须使用所谓的****权力”选项 A avail 有利, 有用;选项 D display 显示。故答案为 B。
  3. D pose 提出(问题)选项 B poise 使...平衡;选项 C arouse 激发,激起某人的兴趣;选项 D raise 提出, 引起。故答 案为 D。
  4. C undermine 从根基处损害。只有选项 C spoil 破坏与之相符,故答案为 C。
  5. D cite 引用,引证;选项 B neglect 疏忽,忽视,不顾。只有选项 D 与此词相符,故答案为 D。 (二)
  1. A neighbor may accuse a man of playing his radio too loudly every night. A. quarrel B. hate C. charge D. say
  2. Can you compress your speech into five minutes due to limited time for the meeting? A. change B. condense C. make smaller D. comprise
  3. It is clear that more poles are needed to sustain the weight of the tent. A. keep B. attain C. retain D. support
  4. She is a good cook and the meat she makes is very tender. A. delicious B. tasty C. soft and easy to eat D. salty
  5. The fierce looking horse is in fact very tame and you can set your mind at ease when you ride it. A. shy B. timid C. spirited D. obedient 参考答案:
  1. C accuse 责备,控告;只有选项 C charge 与之相符,故答案为 C。
  2. B 选项 Bcondense 浓缩, 摘要, 缩短;选项 Dcomprise 包含,构成
  3. D sustain 承受, 支持, 经受, 维持。选项 Battain 达到,获得 retain 保持, 保留,记住;D support 支撑。故答案为 D。
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  4. C tender 未成熟的;salty 咸;tasty 好吃的。故答案为 C。
  5. D tame 驯服的,柔顺的,乏味的;timid 驯服的,柔顺的,乏味的;spirited 精神饱满 的, 活 泼的, 英勇的;obedient 服 从的,顺从的。故答案为 D。 (三)
  1. The population of Jiangsu to more than twice what it was in 19
  49. The figure is now approaching 74 million. A. has grown B. have grown C. grew D. are growing
  2. -- Ann is in hospital. -- Oh, really? I know. I go and visit her. A. didn’t; am going to B. don’t; would C. don’t; will D. didn’t; will
  3. Because of the financial crisis, days are gone local 5-star hotels charged 6,000 yuan for one night. A. if B. when C. which D. since
  4. I’ m surprised to hear that Sue and Paul have . So am I. They seemed very happy together when I last saw them. A. broken up B. finished up C. divided up D closed up
  5. Hi, Terry, can I use your computer for a while this afternoon? Sorry. . A. It’s repaired B. It has been repaired C. It’s being repaired D. It had been repaired 参考答案:
  1. A 考察主谓一致和时态。population 是集合名词,或集体名词,即看成一个整体,所以谓 语动词用单数形式。 句子说的是江苏现在的人口数量和以及增长,用完成时表示现在的 状态。
  2. D 考查时态和交际用语说话者用 I _didn’t_ know,是表示现在之前他不知道。而他现在说 要去看他当然是将 要去看他用 will.
  3. B 由于金融危机,当地五星级酒店一晚收费 6000 元的日子不复存在了。when 引导的从 句做 days 的定语。
  4. A 动词短语辨析 break up 断绝关系。finish up 结果成为;最终到来。divide up 分担,分 配,分享。close up (伤 口)愈合。
  5. C 据题意,computer 是正在被修。 (四)
  1. Schools across China are expected to hire 50,000 college graduates this year as short-term teachers, almost three times the number hired last year, reduce unemployment pressures. A. help B. to have helped C. to help D. having helped
  2. Compared with his sister, Jerry is even more to, and more easily troubled by emotional and relationship problems. A. skeptical B. addicted C. available D. sensitive
  3. He did not regret saying what he did but felt that he it differently. A. could express B. would express
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C. could have expressed D. must have expressed
  4. Bill, can I get you anything to drink? . A. You are welcome B. No problem C. I wouldn’t mind a coffee D. Doesn’t matter
  5. This special school accepts all disabled students, educational level and background. A. according to B. regardless of C. in addition to D. in terms of 参考答案:
  1. C China is expected to help reduce unemployment pressures. to help 与 to hire 位置相同。
  2. D be sensitive to 对什么敏感。Jerry is even more sensitive to emotional and relationship problems. more sensitive to 与 more easily troubled by 并列。
  3. C he could have expressed it differently.他要是用另一种方式来说该多好啊。
  4. C 交际用语 Bill, can I get you anything to drink? Bill,你想要喝点什么?I wouldn’t mind a coffee 我不见意要一杯 咖啡。
  5. B according to 根据 regardless of 不管, 不顾 in addition to 另外 in terms of 就...而言. 这所特殊学校接收所有 的残疾学生,不管他们的教育水平和背景如何. (五)
  1. unemployment and crime are high, it can be assumed that the latter is due to the former. A. Before B. Where C. Unless D. Until
  2. Distinguished guests and friends, welcome to our school, the ceremony of the 50th Anniversary this morning are our alumni(校友)from home and abroad. A. Attend B. To attend C. Attending D. Having attended
  3. What’s the matter with Della? Well, her parents wouldn’t allow her to go to the party, but she still A. hopes to B. hopes so C. hopes not D. hopes for
  4. Many young people in the West are expected to leave could be life’s most important decision -- marriage -almost entirely up to luck. A. as B. that C. which D. what
  5. Nine in ten parents said there were significant differences in their approach to educating their children compared with of their parents. A. those B. one C. both D. that
  1. B 哪儿的失业率高 ,哪儿的犯罪就率高,那可以认为是前者导致后者的原因。
  2. C 主句 .Distinguished guests and friends are our alumni (校友) from home and abroad. Attending the ceremony of the 50th Anniversary this morning 非谓语动词作伴随状语。
  3. A 考察固定搭配,hope to do sth;
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  4. D 句中此处是一个名词性定语从句,leave 是动词,后面要加宾语。其中 that 和 which 引 导宾语从句的话, 要有先行词在连接词的前面。所以应该选 D
  5. D 代词指代 are expected (六)
  1. about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research. A. So curious the couple was B. So curious were the couple C. How curious the couple were D. The couple was such curious
  2. Judging from his manners at the party, he doesn’t seem much education. A. to receive B. to be receiving C. to have received D. to have been received
  3. They all returned to the village that the danger was over. A. convincing B. convinced C. to convince D.having convinced
  4. That place is not interesting at all. of us wants to go there. A. Neither B. Both C. All D. Some
  5. tired, after a hard work, she fell into bed and went straight to sleep. A. Felt B. Feeling C. Being felt D. To feel 参考答案:
  1. B so…that 句型的倒装结构。so + 形容词或副词 + 助动词 + 主语 + that 从句,故答案为 B。
  2. C live 是 receive 的主语,所以应该用主动语态,而 receive education 发生在过去而又对现在产生影响,应该选 用完成时态来表达已完成的动作。故答案为 C。
  3. B convinced that=they were convinced that“他们确信”convince 意为“使某人相信” ,故“他们确信”要用被动 语态,they were 可省略。故答案为 B。
  4. A either/neither/each of + n 作主语,谓语用单数。故答案为 A。
  5. B 不定式结构表示还没有发生的动作,所以 D 项不符合题意“她觉得很累,所以去睡觉了”;由于分词结构作 状语的逻辑主语就是句子的主语,可以判断 she 就是 feel 的逻辑主语,它们之间是主动关系,所以应该选现 在分词。A 和 C 项均为过去分词形式,表被动。故答 案为 B。 (七)
  1. , he talks a lot about his favorite singers after class. A. A quiet student as he may be B. Quiet student as he may be C. Be a quiet student as he may D. Quiet as he may be a student
  2. Nobody but Jane the secret. A. know B. knows C. have know D. is
  3. She apologized for to attend the meeting. A. her being not able B. her to be not able C. her not to be able D. her not being able
  4. you were busy, I wouldn’t have bothered you with my questions. A. If I realized B. Had I realized
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C. Did I have realized that D. As I realized
  5. There are many kinds of metals, . A. each having its special properties B. having its special properties C. one has its special properties D. each has its special properties 参考答案:
  1. B 此题考查 as 引导的一种特殊倒装句。连词 as 作“虽然”讲时,引导的让步状语从句通常可与 although 起首 的从句通用,但 as 所引导的让步状语从句必须倒装,并且倒装的方式比较复杂,其中之一是:(形容词 +) 可数名词单数(其前不可加冠词)+ as +主语 + be+主句。故答案为 B。
  2. B 不定代词 somebody, someone, something, anybody, anything, everybody, everyone, everything, nobody, no one, nothing 作主语,谓语动词用单数,故答案为 B。
  3. D 此为固定语序,sb’s not doing sth. 故答案为 D。
  4. B 典型的表示与过去事实相反的虚拟语气句型,条件状语从句用 if+主语+过去分词,主句 用:主语+ would (not)/should(not)+过去分词,当省略 if 时,条件从句中的 had 提前。 故答案为 B。
  5. A 本句考察独立主格结构。B 没有主语;逗号不能连接两个独立完整的句子,因此排除 C, D;只能选 A。句意 为“金属有很多种,每一种都有它的特性。 ”故答案为 A。 (八)
  1. Standing on the bank, the children watched the ship with all kinds of goods. A. loading B. being loaded C. to be loaded D. having loaded
  2. So little about stock exchange that the lecture was completely beyond me. A. did I know B. I had known C. I knew D. was I known
  3. the first to use nuclear weapons. A. At no time China will be B. Never China will be C. Will China never be D. At no time will China be
  4. The great hall was crowded with many people, many children on their parents’ laps. A. including; seated B. including; seating C. included; sat D. included; sitting
  5. In the city the old . A. take good care of B. are taken good care of C. is taken good care of D. are been taken good care of
  1. B 本句为现在分词的被动做 watch 的宾语补足语。因为宾语和宾补是动宾关系,而且表示动作正在进行,所 以用现在分词的被动式;watch 也可以跟无 to 不定式做宾补, 表示动作已经结束。 you hear someone calling Do you? 你听见有人叫你吗?(现在分词做宾补,表示动作正在进行。)Yes, I did. I heard him call me several times. 是的,我听见他叫了我几次了。(不定式做宾补,表示动作已经结束)。故答案为 B。
  2. A so+(形容词/副词)结构放在句首,后面的部分要用倒装形式,故 B 项和 C 项可以排除;句子中的 know 的宾语 事后面的 stock exchange 而非前面的 I,D 项可以排除。句意为:我对于股票交易知之甚少,无法听懂讲座。 so … that … 如此……以至于……,be beyond sb 超出某人理解的范围,非某人所能理解。故答案为 A。
  3. D
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   2009年第6期 <总第154期) 牡丹江师范学院学报(哲社版) Journal of NO.6,2009 Total No.154 Mudanjiang Normal University 论广告英语的修辞及翻译 黄 永 媛 (牡丹江师范学院,黑龙江牡丹江157012) [摘 要] 广告在商品经济社会中占有十分重要的地位,广告的最终目的是推销商品。为实现此目的,广 告中大量使用修辞格来增强表达效果。本文从主要修辞手法及其功能角度提出了英语广告修辞翻译的三 种方法二直译法,意译法和弥补法。广 ...


   第一章 英文文法的最基本规则 英文和我们中文最大的不同,是在动词,我们中文的动词很简单,没有所谓的第几人称,也 没有复数和单数之分,更没有过去式或进行式,英文可不同了,凡是用动词的时候,必须注意很 多很多的规则,一旦弄错了,常常是犯了大错。 在这一章,我要将英文最基本的规则一一列下。这些规则都是我们中国人所常常不注意的。 为了不要误导读者,凡本书内错误的句子前面都有0*0的符号。 规则( ):两个动词是不能联在一起用的。 规则(1):两个动词是不能联在一起用的。 两个动词是不能联在一起用的 ...


   电子书制作,乐与路 116 .副词在句中的位置(2 ) 1 .疑问副词,连接副词和关系副词都放在句子或从句的开头,如:物 wdidyoulikethatfilm ?你觉得那个电影怎样? That sw 几.r .y .u are wrong .这就是你不对的地方. 1 still remember the day when we first met . 我还记得我们第一次见面的日子. 此外一些修饰整个句子的副词也多放在句首: 乙 uc 灸 ily Peter was there .幸好彼得在 ...