2009 年下学期五年级英语期末测试卷
一、根据意思,填上所缺的一个字母,使单词完整。 (11 分) ld(旧的 、老的) th n(薄的) M nday(星期一) f sh(鱼) tre (树) mirr r(镜子) n ar(附近) curt in(窗帘) w sh(洗) re d(读) w (我们) 二、我会翻译下列短语。 (24 分) Play computer games Water the flowers read books do my homework Wash the clothes Clean the bedroom put away the clothes have breakfast very much nature park sweep the floor do the dishes 三、选择正确的一项完成对话。 (20 分) (选序号) ( )
  1.Who’s your Chinese teacher? A.Miss Liu B.Yes,he is. C.No,she isn’t. ( )
  2.What’s he like? A.He likes English B.He’s tall C.He is
  10. ( )
  3.We have math class Monday. A.on B.in C.at ( )
  4.Are there pandas in the mountains? A.Yes,there is. B.No,there aren’t C.There are pandas ( )
  5.What day is it today? A.Yes,it is B.It’s Tuesday. C.It’s June ( )
  6.Can you make the bed,Jim? A.I Can make the bed B.Yes,I Can. C.No,I Can. ( )
  7.What can you do? A.Yes,I can. B.I can cook the meals. ( )
  8.Is this your end table? A.Yes,it is. B.Yes,there is C.No, it is. ( )
  9.I Can do housework.I’m .
A.tall B.helpful C.fat ( )
  10.He has hamburgers and milk lunch. A.at B.for C.to 四、根据情况选答语,补全对话(把序号填在横线上)(共 10 分,每空 2 。 分) (
  1)A:Are you helpful at home,Chen Jie? B: . ①I Can sweep the floor. A:What can you do? ②You’re helpful. . B: ③Sure. A:Great! . (
  2)A:What’s your favourite food? ①Mutton B: . ②I have eggplant,beef A:What do you have for lunch today? and tofu for lunch. B: . 五、看图选用介词 in,on,behind,under,near,over,in front of 填空。 分) (7 ①The ball is the box.

②The ball is
the box.

③The ball is ④The ball is
the box. the box.
⑤The ball is
the box.

⑥The ball is
the box.
⑦The ball is
the box.
六、按要求完成下列句子。 (10 分)
  1.Can you swim?(作肯定回答)
  2.Is there a ruler on the desk?(作否定回答)
  3.There are some green beans in the bag.(译成汉语)
  4.What today it day is (?)(连词成句)
  5.What would he like for dinner?(译成汉语) 七、阅读理解。 (一)阅读填空。 (10 分) We are rabbits.We have a new flat.It’s on the third floor.There are two bedrooms,a kitchen,a bathroom and a living room.I’m a baby rabbit.I have my own room now.It’s small and nice. There is a mirror,a bed and a big closet.There are green curtains and two end tables.There is a new air-conditioner.It’ cool. I love my new room s very much. Finish the sentences. (
  1)There are two ,a ,a and a in the rabbits’new flat. (
  2)What’s in the rabbit’s room? There is a ,a and a in his room.And there are and two . (二)阅读回答问题(把答案的序号填在横线上) 。 Zip:Mother Goat is ill. Monkey:We can help her. Zip:What can you do?
Monkey:I can sweep the floor. Zip:I can cook the meals. Rabbit:I can wash the windows. Zip:What can you do,Zoom? Zoom:I can water the flowers! Zip:OK,just do it! Goat:Thank you. You’re helpful. Finish the sentences.(8 分) (
  1)What can he monkey do? He can (
  2)What can the rabbit do? She can (
  3)What can Zoom do? He can (
  4)what can Zip do? She can A:water the flowers! B:cook the meals! C:wash the windows. D:sweep the floor.



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牛津小学英语3B 期末试卷

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