2011 年小升初英语测试试题(一) 年小升初英语测试试题(
一、根据字母组合补全下列单词(10 分)
  1. gry(生气的)
  2. prd(骄傲的)
  3. nvous(紧张的)
  4. sprised(惊奇的)
  5. excit(兴奋的)
  6. met(米)
  10.vent(发明) 二、对号如座(3 分) ( )
  1. Do you know Qi Baishi? ( )
  2. When was he born? ( )
  3.Why is he famous? A.Yes. He was a Chinese artist. B.He was born in 18
  64. C.He is famous because he painted shrimps well. 三、画线的字母发音相同√不相同的×(
  1. A. pie
  2. A. niece
  3. A. right
  4. A. mother
  5. A. musician
  6. A. stick
  7. A. pick
  8. A. earth
  9. A. happy
  10. A. whale B. piece ( ) B. believe ( ) B. with ( ) B. writer ( ) B. American ( ) B. sick ( ) B. chicken ( ) B. than ( ) B. cake ( ) B. who ( )
四、选择填空(50 分) ( )
  1. I live in a house on the moon in the future. A. will B. well C. \ ( )
  2. I will be astronaut in the future. A. a B. an C. \ ( )
  3. I am 12old. A. years B. year C. \ ( )
  4.My mother was sick. I was very. A. nervous B. worried C. angry ( )
  5. I got an A my English test..
A. in
B. on
( )
  6. She went to the amusement park my family. A. with B. and C. or ( )
  7. Jia Yi was new in our class. She was. A. nervous B. sad C. happy ( )
  8.Binbin got an A on his Math test. He is very. A. proud B. worried C. angry( )
  9.What's the today? A. day B. date C. \ ( )
  10.do you feel?. A. How B. What C. Why ( )
  11.Whereyou like to go this winter vacation? A. will B. would C. do ( )
  12.I like to go to France A. will B. would C. do ( )
  13.Helike to go to France A. will B. would C. do ( )
  14.would you like to go this winter vacation? A. Where B. What C.Who ( )
  15.What language do people? A. speak B.say C.talk ( )
  16.continents are there in the world? A. How many B. How C.What ( )
  17.How many continents are therethe world? A.in B. \ C.at ( )18 It is the second.country in the world. A. largest B. large C.big ( )
  19.Which flag has five stars? A. Chinese B. French C.Japanese ( )
  20.What is Tibet famous? A. for B.to C. \ ( )
  21. WelcomeChina. A. \ B. to C.here ( )
  22. What your new friend look like? A. A. is B. are C. does ( )
  23. People there friendly. A, is B. are C. \ ( )
  24.did you go there? By train. A. Where B. How C. Who ( )
  25.I to park and took some pictures. A. go B. went C. come 五、排序(8 分)
  1. A. Yes, He was Chinese. B. Was he Chinese?
C. And when was he born? D. He was born in 18
  94. 正确顺序是
  2. A. Joy, you look so worried. B. Yes. I'm worried because there will be a test on math next Monday. I'm not ready yet. C. That's great. I like his movies a lot. D. Don't worry. You'll be OK. Let's talk about something exciting. I went to the cinema last night. I met Jackie Chan. I was surprised. 正确顺序是 六、句子组合(4 分)
  1. will , What, you , be, the , in, future 2 are , There , kinds , of , pollution , many 六、阅读理解(10 分) Walt Disney Have you heard of Mickey Mouse? Maybe you have, but what do you know about his creator, Walt Disney? Walt Disney was born in Chicago in the United States in 19
  01. He had three brothers and one sister. When he was a boy, Walt loved to draw pictures. He felt happy when people said his pictures were good. After school, Walt took extra classes in drawing cartoons. When he was young, Walt had a lot of different jobs. He sold newspapers, and he worked on a train, too. In 1923, he moved to Hollywood to make cartoons. At first, no one wanted to hear about his films. He was very poor. But later, his films became very popular. In 1940, he built his own film studio . The studio made more than 100 films . Some were cartoons, and others used real actors and actresses. He died on December 15th, 1966, but people still remember him and his cartoons. ( )
  1.Where was Walt Disney born? A.He was born in Chicago in the United States B.He was born in England. C.He was born in France. ( )
  2. When did Walt Disney die? A.He died on December 15th, 19
  66. B.He died on December 15th, 19
  56. C.He died on December 13th, 19
  66. ( )
  3. Why did Walt Disney moved to Hollywood? A.Because he liked there. B.Because he went to there to make cartoons.
C.Because his family moved there. ( )
  4. What did Walt Disney like to do when he was a boy? A.He liked to play football. B.He liked to listen to music. C.He liked to draw pictures. ( )
  5. When did Walt Disney build his own film studio? A.Walt Disney built his own film studio in 19
  40. B.Walt Disney built his own film studio in 1942 C.Walt Disney built his own film studio in 18
  40. 六、写一写关于你未来十年的生活。字数大约 30 左右。 分) (5



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