2011 年研究生入学考试作文范文
  1、辞职信范文(2005 真题) Dear Mr. Wang, I am writing to inform you about my decision to resign from my current position. There are a few factors involved that I find intolerable。First of all, the salary has proven to be much lower than you originally promised, and I have a large family to support. In addition, the office is located in the downtown area, yet I live in the suburbs, so it is exhausting for me to spend over three hours commuting every day. Most importantly, I feel rather disappointed and left out on the job itself as in the past two months I was never given any really important responsibility. I sincerely hope that you approve of my resignation. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. Yours sincerely, Li Ming
  2、请求信范文(2006 真题) Dear Sir or Madam, Moved by the noble cause of Project Hope and encouraged by what has been achieved so far, I would like to contribute my bit to the project by offering financial aid to a child in a remote area of your province. I would be much grateful if you could help me seek out a girl who has just started schooling but whose family cannot afford her education. My plan is to pay for her tuition on an annual basis till she finishes her secondary education. I would like to remit my donation directly to a bank account opened by her family in her local area. Yours sincerely, Li Ming
  3、建议信范文(2007 真题、2009 年真题) Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing this letter to raise some suggestions for improving the service of our university library. Generally speaking, the library functions well, but there are still several problems. To begin with, more librarians should work in the circulation hall so that students can borrow and return books more quickly. In addition, the opening hours should be lengthened so that more students can take advantage of the library. Last but not least, the computer room
should be expanded so that more students can gain access to the Intranet and the Internet. I will be grateful if my suggestions receive your favorable consideration, and I firmly believe that the service level will be improved significantly in the near future. Yours sincerely, Li Ming Dear Editors, I have been reading your newspaper for many years with a great enthusiasm and interest. It is my view that limiting the use of disposable plastic bags is of utmost significance. To crack this hard nut, I would like to propose several practical recommendations as follows. First and foremost, it is imperative for us to ban the free use of disposable plastic bags. In addition, we should develop possible alternative forms to replace them, such as paper or clothing bags. Last but not least, plastic bags should be offered in a much higher price in department stores or supermarkets. I hope you will find the above proposals conducive and I would like to discuss this matter to further details. Your prompt attention to my suggestions would be highly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Li Ming 4 求职信、 Dear Mr. Wang, I am a computer science major from Peking University, and I ma writing in response to your advertisement for recruiting a software programmer intern posted on our university BBS yesterday. I hope I can take the job. The main reason for my confidence in this position lies in both my extensive academic training in software programming, and my work experience in the relevant industry, which has further polished my abilities. Moreover, I have much spare time this semester, which can ensure my time commitment for the internship. Please find more details in my enclosed resume. Thank you for your time and patience, and I am would greatly appreciate it if you could grant me an interview. Yours sincerely, Li Ming
  5、道歉信(2008 真题) Dear Bob, I have just arrived home, safe and sound. However, when I was unpacking my luggage ,I found I had forgotten to return the music CD I borrowed from
you. Therefore, I am writing this letter to express my sincere apologies for my carelessness. As I understand this CD is one of your favorites, I will try my best to send it back to you as soon as possible. So, could you please tell me where I should send it to? Or shall I send it directly to the place where I stayed? According to the regulations of China’s Postal Services, it will take almost a week to reach Canada. I am sorry for the inconvenience I may have caused you. Thank you again for the hospitality you offered me during my stay there. Wish you all the best. Yours sincerely, Li Min
  6、感谢信 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith I am now back to China safe and sound. In this letter l would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to you and your lovely children for your kindness and hospitality to host me when I was in New York. Your generous help and tender care made me feel warmly welcomed and transformed my first American trip into a beautiful memory. I do hope that your whole family pay a visit to China in future, so that I could have the opportunity to repay your friendship. I assure you that you would enjoy visiting here as I did at your home. I feel obliged to thank you more. Love, Li Ming
  7、申请信 Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to express my great interest in the “Olympic Volunteer Recruitment” launched recently by the Beijing Olympic Committee, and I would like to apply as a qualified candidate. AS I am an English major, my fluency in both Mandarin and English, as well as my basic command of French, guarantees that I meet the language requirement for the various volunteer positions. More importantly, I have been an enthusiastic participant in many international exchange programs-which are reflected in my attached resume-and therefore, I believe my communication skills make competent for such post. Should you grant me an interview, I would be most grateful. Yours sincerely, Li Ming

  8、投诉信 Dear Manager, I venture to write to complain about the digital camera I bought last Friday at your store. During the five days the camera has been in my possession, problems have emerged one after another. For one thing , the screen is always black, making the camera no different from a traditional one . For another, the battery is distressing as it supports the camera’s operation for only two hours. Therefore, I wish to exchange it for another camera or declare a refund. I will appreciate it if my problem receives due attention. Yours, Li Ming
  9、询问信 Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to ask for information about your agency’s Hong Kong travel packages for the May holiday. My family and I plan to travel there from May 1st to 7th, in which period we would like to visit most of the scenic spots and shopping centers. A DIY program would be preferable. It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide us with your travel packages and their corresponding price per person, covering both hotel and a return ticket. I would be grateful to receive a prompt reply as the holiday is approaching. Yours sincerely, Li Ming
  10、邀请信 Dear Anne I wonder if there is any chance for you to come to my 23rd birthday party at my house on this Saturday night, May the 8th. It would be pleasure to share the important moment with you. Since you are a fan of rock music, I am glad to tell you that I have invited our campus Rock’n’Roll band, th“Lette”, to perform. There are also arrangements for dancing and cake-cutting, which I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy. The dinner starts at 6 p.m. so that we can have a nice and long evening. I would love for you to attend, so please let me know your decision. Love, Li Ming

  11、祝贺信 Dear Jason, I am much delighted to learn that you have been elected the Chairman of our University Students’ Union. This is a special and happy moment for you and I am very proud of your achievement. The Students’ Union plays an essential role in our campus life. Managing and leveraging such an organization not only poses a great challenge to you, but will also fundamentally enhance your ability comprehensively. I believe this position will be a new beginning, and a chance for you to embrace a fuller life and pave the way for a brilliant future career. Please accept my most sincere congratulation. Best wishes, Li Ming
  12、备忘录 To: All full-time employees From: HR Manager, Li Ming Date: May 9th, 2007 Subject: Computer Course An investigation conducted by the HR Department last month reveals the fact that a high rate of computer illiteracy contributes to a severe inefficiency of our company. As a result, it has been decided that all full-time employees are to attend a computer course?which will take place every Monday night from 7p.m. to 9p.m. in the company meeting room A and B?for the duration of two months. Employees are able to sign up for the basic or advanced levels of the course according to their present computer skills. Please register for the course at the company reception desk before May 15th. Further suggestions will be appreciated so that the program can be more fruitful.
  13、通知(2010 真题) Notice We are currently recruiting volunteers for an international conference concerning globalization, which is to take place on March 12, 20
  10. The volunteers to be recruited will take the responsibility of international coordinators to facilitate the communication between the foreign experts and local representatives. Application is welcome from those who are not older than 30 and proficient in spoken English regardless of the major and sex. Those who have previously participated in the organization of international conferences will be preferred. Please send your applications to the postgraduate association office no later than
  12. We will contact the qualified applicants for an interview by telephone before the end of January. Postgraduate Association
  14、报告 To: Professor Barbara Felton From: James Green Date: April
  12, 2005 Subject: First progress report on research paper This is the first of the two progress reports you asked me to submit about my research paper on the advantages and disadvantages of electronic mail。 Last week, I gathered information from library materials and from an interview。 Of the twelve references listed on my proposal, I found only nine, for others I will go to search in a larger library。 As far as interview concerned, I had an extended interview with Mr。 Moore of General Dynamics, who gave me some brochures as well as a copy of a report on electronic mail he wrote for General Dynamics-materials I hope to use in my paper。 Starting tomorrow, I will begin organizing my paper。 I will be able to submit a rough draft by the end of this month。 Sincerely yours, James Green

  15、摘要 ABSTRACT This article extends Le hand and Pyle(19
  97)model to include the possibility that manager may exploit cooperate wealth through transactions with affiliated companies and/or individuals. The results of our model show that the amounts of wealth exploitation are affected by several factors. They are in orderly managerial stockholding, the severity of penalty, the manager’s risk attitude, firm’s expected future cash flows, and the variance of future cash flows. What’s more, the relation between managerial holding and the amount of wealth exploitation is not separate. Wealth exploitation rises with management share holdings before the break point. When managerial holding exceeds the break point, any further increase in the management holdings will
decrease the amount of wealth exploitation.



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