2010 年高考英语模拟试题 年高考英语模拟试题单项选择 单项选择
请认真阅读下面各题,从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。
  21. rat found space between two boxes and hurriedly got in, leaving the eat crying helplessly behind, nothing to do. A. A; a B. A; the C. The; a D. The; the
  22. As we all know, the government is now making every to set up a harmonious society. A. effort B. effect C. measure D. performance
  23. -- Has anything new been discussed on that problem so far? -- , and more will follow, I think. A. Little B. Much C. Few D. All
  24. The problem, according to the experts, is we should do with the salty land. A. what B. whether C. how D. that
  25. Usually the teachers will be busy the test papers after an examination. A. grading B. naming C. ranking D. grouping
  26. --Oh, darling, you're wearing a new sweater today? It looks great on you. --Thanks, Tom, I'm glad you . How nice! A. saw B. minded C. liked D. noticed
  27. Through the open window we saw on the floor the happy father lying his stomach, his daughter riding excitedly on his back. A. on B. with C. above D. from
  28. With everything arranged properly, the project is surely to smoothly as planned, step by step. A. improve B. increase C. progress D. occur
  29. that Tom got inside the room to see what was going on. A. So strangely did he feel B. So strangely he felt C. So strange did he feel D. So strange he felt
  30. --Why didn't you join us last night? --I the close game of CBA final between Bayi and Guangdong. A. watched B. would watch C. was watching D. had watched
  31. "The house go to the daughter, not the son, according to the will of the father, "declared the judge. A. may B. should C. must D. shall
  32. Walking and running are the oldest and newest, excellent exercise for all ages and fitness levels. A. bodies shaping B. body shaping C. bodies shaped D. body's shape
  33. Buses have routes. They and people at different places on the routes. A. take on, get off B. pick up, drop off C. take up; take off D. pick out; drop out
  34. Mary quickly closed the door of her room her father could reach it to keep him out. A. before B. when C. as D. while
  35. --Andrew won't like it, you know. -- . I don't care what Andrew thinks! A. So what B. How come C. What if D. How about 21?25 CABAA 26?30 DACCC 31?35 DBBAA

  21.There are different species of cats. A. a few hundreds B. a few hundreds of C. a few hundred of D. a few hundred
  22. I tried to in my speech we were all grateful for his help. A. speak B. tell C. express D. convey
  23. There is no to be gained from endlessly discussing whose fault it was. A. use B. consequence C. profit D. effect
  24. The cancer risks with smoking have been well proved. A. combined B. associated C. caused D. joined
  25. The new law was generally admitted difficult to carry out. A. being B. was C. to be D. it’s
  26. We have proved great adventurers, but we have done the greatest march ever made in the past ten years. A. may not B. needn’t C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t
  27. My brother was against my suggestion while my sister was it. A. in honor of B. in search of C. in favor of D. in the charge of
  28. In peace, too,the Red Cross is expected to send help there is human suffering. A. whoever B. wherever C.whatever D.however
  29. I knocked over my coffee cup. It went right over keyboard. You shouldn’t put drinks near computer. A. the; / B. the; a C. the; the D. a; the
  30. Output is now six it was before liberation. A. what times B. times what C. times of which D. which times
  31. with his office work, he had no time to attend to his sick daughter. A. Keeping occupying B. Kept occupied C. Keeping occupy D. Keeping to occupy
  32. He the math problem, his classmates wanted to help him out. A. sticking over B. stuck C. stuck with D. sticking
  33. With nothing behind, he felt . A. left; relieved B. leaving; relief C. left; relieving D. leaving; relieved for entertainment and education.
  34. It is said that the early European playing-cards A. were being designed B. have designed C. have been designed D. were designed
  35. Could I use your dictionary? Yes.. A. you could B. by all means C. you’ve got it D. I’m using it myself
从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
  21. You can't imagine when they heard the news the Chinese team won. A. how they were excited; that B. how excited they were; that C. how excited were they; which D. they were how excited; which

  22. With a lot of difficult problems , the man felt like a cat on a hot brick. A. settling B. settled C. to settle D. being settled fewer and fewer students showed interest in his class.
  23. the teacher couldn't understand was A. What; that B. All that; because C. Why; that D. What; why
  24.The girl Susan, who often help other people, Lei Feng in the university. A. whose name is; comparing with B. calling; is compared to C. who called; compares to D. with the name; is compared to
  25.I smoke out of habit, not for pleasure; for I have been in the habit for 20 years. A. a; the B. the; a C. 不填;the D.不填;不填
  26. My father my brother for driving but he wanted to pick the knowledge of the computer during his spare time. A. advised; up B. persuaded; out C. intended; up D. managed; out
  27. ?Why will the sports meet be ? ?Because the weather report says it will be raining. A. called for B. called out C. called off D. called on
  28. he is and he is, he will be punished if break the law. A. No matter who; whatever; anyone B. Anyone who; whatever; whoever C. Whoever; whatever; whoever D. Whatever; whoever; no matter who
  29. ?Well, I'd better let you go on with your work. . ? A. I've wasted a lot of your time B. Thank you for a lovely afternoon. C. You must be tired D. I'm sorry to trouble you the train had gone.
  30. Jack got to the station only A. and told B. telling C. to tell D. to be told
  31. On that rainy night, he walked as the small town which was 20 miles to call a doctor in. A. as far; far B. as far; away C. so far; far away D. as far; for away
  32. my hometown take on a new look, a sense of suddenly appeared in my mind. A. Having seen; joy B. Seeing; happiness C. While I saw; delight D. When I saw; pride
  33. Thirty thousand yuan as well as hundreds of tons of food to the flooded area. A. have offered B. has offered C. have been offered D. has been offered
  34. With China's entry into the WTO, we are facing good opportunity, that will lead to our prosperity. A. a; one B. a; the one C. the; one D. the; the one
  35. Christine stared angrily at her boss and turned away, as if out of the office. A. went B. to go C. gone D. would go
单项: 单项:21?25 BCDDD 26?30
请认真阅读下面各题,从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项 涂黑。 例: It is generally considered unwise to give a child he or she wants. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever
  21. Companies in Zhongguancun all have their own characteristics, but they all sharespirit of creativity
and scientific skill that have made Zhongguancun success. A. the; a B. 不填 ; a C. the; 不填 D. a; a
  22. You didn't lock the back door. You are wrong. I . A. have locked it B. lock it myself C. did lock it D. do lock it
  23. Do you know that the meeting this afternoon has been put till next week? No. Thanks for telling me. A. to be held; off B. to be held; forward C. held; off D. held; forward
  24. I've always Deng Xiaoping for his courage and determination to push China forward. A. looked down on B. looked up to C. looked around for D. looked forward to
  25. This is the third book that he has written in the past five years, the first of I really enjoyed. A. which B. that C. those D. them 26 "I her a long time ago," he doubted, "She doesn't look at all familiar." A. might have met B. should have met C. might meet D.' should meet
  27. Learning a language isn't easy. It takes time. I agree. . There's no short cut. A. All roads lead to Rome B. Rome wasn't built in a day C. Practice makes perfect D. Slow but sure wins the race
  28. Please don't call me at the office it's really necessary. A. if B. unless C. unless if D. except
  29. Susan invented a hundred little things to him happy, to a smile to his face. A. make; bring B. bring; make C. make; offer D. offer; make
  30. I bet Jack when we get home. A. is still sleeping B. is to be sleeping C. will still be sleeping D. will have been sleeping
  31. "I wish you'd look at me when I'm trying to speak to you!" the teacher said . A. excitedly B. pleasantly C. hopefully D. angrily
  32. If they what I was saying, they'd know what I was talking about. A. took the trouble to listen to B. had trouble listening to C. take the trouble to listen to D. have trouble listening to
  33. There are no easy answers to questions brought to us by the rapidly changing world, we can try to turn challenges into opportunities. A. so B. but C. for D. then
  34. Once a difficult and even dangerous place , Vietnam is now a friendly destination that welcomes visitors from all over the world. A. considered; visiting B. considered; to visit C. considering; visiting D. considering; to visit
  35. If I long enough to have a job, I would choose to be a doctor, those AIDS patients. A. had lived; helping B. should live; help C. were to live; helping D. should have lived; help 21?25 ACABA 26-30AB BAC 31-35 DAB BC
(五) 五
请认真阅读下面各题,从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项 涂黑。
  21. Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane . A. takes off B. is taking off C. has taken off D. took off
  22. Of the two brothers, Bill is younger one, and he is a quiet boy, that most adults like very much. A. a, one B. a, the one C. the, one D. the, the one
  23. It’s quite some Western politicians why China has given so much aid to African countries. A. above B. over C. against D. beyond
  24. A bright idea suddenly struck me I could use the money I saved to help a poor student in the countryside. A. whether B. which C. that D. what
  25. How long will it be President Hu Jintao makes another visit to Russia? It all depends. A. before B. when C. that D. until
  26. If it were not for the fact that you sing, I would invite you to the party. A. couldn’t B. shouldn’t C. can’t D. might not
  27. Excuse me, Sir. Is the swimming pool open all day? . Only from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. A. That’s right. B. Yes, of course. C. Sorry , I’m not sure. D. Sorry, I’m afraid not.
  28. In order to work bettering the future, each of us must first of all know our and weaknesses. A. strengths B. benefits C. techniques D. values
  29. The little girl to be a good singer if she gets good training in a music school. A. wishes B. expects C. promises D. hopes
  30. The minister met the workers and engineers on the project in Zambia, most were from Jiangsu, China. A. worked, of whom B. worked, of them C. working, of them D. working, of whom
  31. Another new factory has been built near used to be a village. A. what B. that C. which D. where
  32. When it high technology, he is completely at a loss. A. refers to B. comes to C. happens to D. speaks to
  33. Isn’t it time you down to your own things? I’m sorry for the delay, Dad. A. get, pack B. got, packing C. got, pack D. get, packing
  34. Mary looks so excited and happy. if you win the first prize. A. So will you. B. So do you. C. So would you. D. So did you.
  35. AIDS is said the biggest health problem in Africa over the past years. A. to be B. that it is C. to have been D. that it has been 单选: 单选:BCDCA, CDACD, ABBAC

  21.Put the books back they belong after you have finished them. A. where B. to where C. to which D. to the place

  22.At first he refused to admit he had stolen but when he was shown the videotape(录像带)he and admitted everything. A. broke up B. broke away C. broke down D. broke in
  23. everyone else wouldn’t go to the mountain area, he went without a second thought. A. As long as B. While C. Where D. In spite of
  24. , the idea of having to work under a woman defeated him. A. Wanting the job very much B. Although wanting the job badly C. Though he wanted the job very much D. He wanted the job badly
  25.?Did you remember to give Jenny the money? ?Yes. I saw her, I'm sure. A. So long as B. So far as C. The moment D. Any time
  26.With more forests being destroyed, huge quantities of good earth each year. A. is washing away B. is being washed away C. are washing awa



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