2011 年英语四级阅读理解模拟试题及答案详解 6
温馨提示:帮考网英语四级考试免费练习题, 温馨提示:帮考网英语四级考试免费练习题,如需完整题库请登录 http://news.bangkaow.com 英语四级考试免费练习题 Of the thousands of different kinds of animals that exist in the world man has learned to make friends with an enormous number. Some are pets, and offer him companionship; some give protection, and some do hard work which man cannot do for himself. Dogs, which serve man in all three capacities, are found in various breeds in all countries of the world. The Husky can live in the cold polar regions, and the Saluki is at home in the hottest parts of Central Africa. The inhabitants of certain countries are dependent for their very lives on the camel. In the West Indies the little donkey, strong and sure-footed, carrying heavy loads even in mountainous places, is a familiar sight. Trained and tamed for many generations, domestic animals are not accustomed to roaming (到处走动) in search of food and shelter. They look to their masters to provide for their needs, and as long as these are supplied, they are content to do what their masters require. All domestic animals need proper food. It must be suitable for them, sufficient in quantity, fresh and clean. Some people feed a pet dog or cat on odds and ends of table scraps, and then wonder why the animal seems listless(倦怠的) and dull. The quantity of food depends on the size of the animal and the amount of exercise it takes. Overfeeding is as bad as underfeeding. Containers for food and water must be washed regularly if the animal is to maintain good health. Even well cared for animals may sometimes fall ill. If this happens, the wise master seeks the best advice he can get. All sorts of medicines and treatments are available for sick animals, and in some countries organizations exist to provide them free or at a cheap price. Useful, friendly, hardworking animals deserve to have some time, money and attention spent on their health.
  1. What main idea does the author want to convey in the first paragraph? A) There exists thousands of species of animals in the world. B) Man came to establish a close relationship with a number of animals. C) In some regions a donkey seems to be a very useful beast. D) An animal will be useless unless domesticated.
  2. When an animal is underfed, it will probably . A) refuse to obey its master
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B) immediately fall ill C) require its master to offer some food D) seek for food on its own
  3. Which of the following is NOT true of dogs according to the passage? A) They can act as friends, guards, and servants to man. B) They have great adaptation for the environment. C) There live a great variety of breeds of dogs on the globe. D) The Husky and the Saluki are the strongest breed ever known in the world.
  4. To keep a domestic animal physically fit, its owner is advised . A) not to hesitate to spend enormous amount of money on it B) to pay attention to its proper feeding C) not to allow it to take excessive amounts of exercise D) to join some sort of pet-keeping organizations
  5. Which of the following would be best TITLE for this passage? A) Domesticated Animals - Man’s Best Friend B) Proper Diet - the Road to Health C) The Advantages of Raising Domestic Animals D) Some Tips on Pet-keeping
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  1.B)Man came to establish a close relationship with a number of animals. 黑体部分为第一 段两个要点,A 只包含了一个要点,C 只提到了一头驴。。。D 则完全与第一段无关。这道选错了要面壁哦。
  2.A)refuse to obey its master 对应原文 Some people feed a pet dog or cat on odds and ends of table scraps(即题干中的 When an animal is underfed, 所以要在这句话中找答案~), and then wonder why the animal seems listless(倦怠的) and dull. 由于答案比较隐晦, 先保留 A, B(直 接得病)、C(要求食物)和 D(自己觅食)均未从此句中得到丝毫体现, 所以 A 为最接近答案。 因为我
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家养过狗, 所以比较清楚, refuse to obey its master 的一个表现就是 listless and dull, 简单的 说, 就是你逗它它没反应。。。
  3.D)The Husky and the Saluki are the strongest breed ever known in the world 完全无法对 应原文。。。A)They can act as friends, guards, and servants to man 对应原文 Dogs, which serve man in all three capacities; B)They have great adaptation for the environment 对应原文 Husky 存在于两极和 Saluki 存在于非洲的叙述, 两极和非洲都能适应, 说明它们有很强的适应环境的能力; C) There live a great variety of breeds of dogs on the globe 对应原文的 are found in various breeds in all countries of the world.
  4.B)to pay attention to its proper feeding 对应原文 All domestic animals need proper food. 整个第 3 段都是围绕着 how to keep a domestic animal physically fit 展开的。
  5.A)Domesticated Animals - Man’s Best Friend 为最合适答案, 本文正是充满感情地围绕着这 个话题展开。 虽然文章对驯养家养动物提出了很多宝贵建议, 但 B 选项没说是给人 Proper Diet 还是给 狗 Proper Diet; C 选项是饲养家养动物的好处, 也不对; D 选项是喂养宠物的建议, 但只有第三、四段 包含了建议的内容, 不全面。 关于这一点, 如果不能理解, 请参考上一期关于空调 (air conditioning) 的阅读的最后一题的答案详解, 这种类型的阅读理解的最后一道题往往要综合全文篇幅来看, 看作者总 体说了什么, 而非作者着重说了什么。 呵呵, 大概是这样吧。 在成千上万种现存于世的动物中,人类已学会与许多物种交朋友。这些动物中有的成为人的宠物,与 他作伴;有的起保护作用;有的做一些人们自己做不了伙伴关系的重活。北美洲爱斯基摩的厚毛狗考试大 可以生活在寒冷的极地地带,萨卢基狗生活在中非最炎热的地区。某些国家居民的生计依靠骆驼。在西印 度群岛,脚步稳健的小驴,在山上驮载重物的景象也屡见不鲜。 经过许多代的驯养之后,家畜已不习惯在野外四处寻觅食物和寻找栖身之处。它们要靠主人提供生存 必需品,只要需求得以满足,它们乐意为主人效力。 所有的家畜都需要合适的食物。食物必须适合它们的需要,此外还要数量充足,新鲜干净。有些人用 饭桌上剩下的残羹冷炙喂养小猫小狗,之后搞不懂为什么这些动物变得好像有点无精打采、缺乏灵气。喂 食的多少取决于动物的大小和它的运动量。喂得过多和喂得过少一样有害。要想动物健壮,食物和饮水的 容器必须经常清理干净。 即使是精心照料的动物有时也会生病。如果发生这种情况,精明的主人会竭力寻求最佳建议。为生病 的动物提供的各种药物和治疗到处都可以得到,有些国家还成立了组织为生病动物提供廉价或无偿的药物 和治疗。对有用的、友善的和拼命干活的动物,主人理应为其健康投入一些时间、金钱并给予关心照顾。
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