2011 年职称英语考试答案:综合类 A 级 A energetic Bhappy C alone D busy 第一部分考题: 词汇选项 答案:A energeticvigorous 精力充沛的 有活力的
  1. For some obscure reason, the simple game is becoming very popular.
  8.Forester stared at his car,trembling with rage. A. unclear B. obvious C. major D. minor A shaking B turning C jumping Dshouting 答案:A unclear obscure.模糊不清晰的 答案:A shake ? tremble 颤抖 颤动
  2. The sea turtle’s natural habit at has been considerably reduced.
  9.A young man is beeing hailed a hero tonight after rescuing two children. A greatly B suddenly C generally D slightly A reported B proved Cpraised D caught 答案选择 A(greatly) ? considerably, greatly 意思为 adv. 相当地;非常地 答案:Cpraised hail: 招呼.致敬.万岁.向...欢呼.
  3.I got a note from Moira urging me to get in touch.
  10.I wanted to ask her out but was scared that she might refuse. A instructing B notifying C pushing D inviting A anxious B sure C sad D afraid 答案:C (push)-- urge 催促某人做某事 push 推;促进;逼迫 答案: D afraid scared 害怕.恐惧
  4.It is possible to approach the problem in a different way.
  11.At that time, we did not fully grasp the significance of what had happened. A raise B pose C experience D handle A give B attach C lose D understand 答案:D handle?approach 答案: D understand grasp 理解,明白 Approach: start to deal with (a situation or problem) in a certain way 解决问题。
  12.Anderson left the table,remarking that he had some work to do .
  5.The decision to invade provoked storms of protest。 A doubting B saying C thinking D knowing A ignored B organized C caused D received 答案:B saying remarking 说话,说出 答案:C caused provoke: 激怒.惹起.驱使,造成
  13.He asserted that nuclear power was a safe and non-polluting energy source.
  6.Jane said that she couldn’t tolerate the long hours. A maintained B recommended C considered D acknowledged A spend B take C last D stand 答案:D (maintain) ? assert 主张、声称、断言 答案:D stand= tolerate 忍受、 承受
  7. At 80,Peck was still vigorous and living in Paris. 其他选项分析:Maintain:维修;主张;供养 Recommend:推荐 Considere:考虑 Acknowledge:承认 致谢

  14.The study also notes a steady decline in the number of college students taking science courses. A relative B general C continuous D sharp

  20. Elle and Serge Schroitman parked their car on the public driveway. 答案为 B。 文章相关句: … It was their own driveway.
答案:D (continuous) ? steady . 稳定的;其他选项:A relative 相当的、相关的 B general 一般的 D sharp 尖锐的
  15.She always finds fault with everything, A criticizes B simplifies C evaluates D examines 答案:A criticizes finds fault with 挑错,批评

  21. The editor of vanity fair magazine thinks some of the new laws are stupid. 答案为 A, 该题属于推断题。 文章相关句:Under New York city law it is acceptable to keep a gun in your place of work, but not a empty ashtray.
  22. New York is cleaner and safer than before.
第二部分考题: 阅读判断 答案为 A.
  16. Some activities have recently become illegal in New York. 答案为 A。 文章相关句: These days it is the city that never smokes, drinks or does anything naughty (at least in public).
  17. It’s now illegal to smoke or drink alcohol anywhere in New York. 提示: groups 是第一段段落主题词。 该段第一句是段落主题句。 答案为 B。
  24. paragraph 2 文章相关句: These days it is the city that never smokes, drinks or does anything naughty (at least in public).
  18. Eating apples in the park is illegal. 答案为 B。 该题属于推断题。 文章相关句: These days it is the city that never smokes, drinks or does anything naughty (at least in public).
  19. The businessman like the new laws. 答案为 C。 文章中根本没有提到商人的情况。 答案为 E。 It is important to have a good leader. 提示: 段首句就是段落主题句,
  25. paragraph 3 答案为 C: Training can make a good leader 提示: training 在该段中出现了, a good leader 在文章中有呼应的词语: a successful leader
  26. paragraph 4 答案为 A: A good leader needs a variety of qualities 文章相关句: it is true ? it is safer, cleaner and more healthy than before. 第三部分考题:概括大意与完成句子
  23. paragraph 1 答案为 F: People are in groups.
提示: a variety of qualities 出现在段落中
  27. One of the major keys to success is . 答案为 A。 the ability to work with others. 文章相关句: it is now recognized that being able to work successfully with other people is one of the major keys to success.
  28. Groups often break down because of . 答案为 C: lack of good leaders.
文章相关句: Researchers have suggested that surrounding banks will the smell of money will encourage them… and give them added confidence in the bank’s security and professionalism.
  33. The difficulty of producing the “smell of money” lies in that . 答案为 B。 It’s hard to identify and analyze it. 文章相关句: but before a smell can be manufactured and introduced into banks air conditioning systems, it must be identified and chemically analyzed, and this has proved to be difficult.
  34. The word “harness” in the last paragraph is closest meaning to .
文章相关句: groups without leaders or with weak leaders almost always break down.
  29. Good leaders always avoid 答案为 D: bossing people around (把人指挥得团团转)
答案为 C。 control 文章相关句: It is a phenomenon marketing consultants have long recognized, but until recently have been unable to harness.
  35. Researchers think.
文章相关句: Good leaders don’t make people do things in a bossy, controlling way.
  30. Self-confidence is the key to . 答案为 F: overcoming fears about being a leader. 第二篇阅读理解 spoilt for choice 文章相关句: Self-confidence is vital and being able to overcome your own fears about being a leader. 第四部分: 阅读理解 第一篇阅读理解:the smell of money
  31. Artificial smells have been used in . D. seeking advice 答案为 B: banks
  38. Why do products have a short lifespan nowadays?
  32. Researchers believe that introducing the “smell of money” into banks will encourage people . 答案为 B。 to fell confident about banks B: They are quickly replaced with new ones.
  39. How does migration today differ from that of the past?
  36. Sometimes people ask professionals to help the make decisions because . A. the decision may have serious impact on their lives.
  37. When people can not easily decide what to buy, which of the following is the least possible choice? 答案为 B: the technology to produce artificial smells is in the early stage. 文章相关句: We’ made great progress but the technology of odor production is ve still in its infancy.
D: People now have more choice about where to migrate.
  40. Which of the following best expresses the writer’s view on choice? D: More choice, more anxiety 第三篇: Cellophanes: hang up or keep talking
  41. People buy cell phones for the following reasons EXCEP .
空格前句: This irregularity is the result of what is called drowned coastline. 空格后句: At the time,….
  47. F。It is split almost in half by Sones Sond, a deep and narrow stretch of water… 空格前句: The highest parts of the former mountain range, along the seashore and narrow stretch of water, remained as island. 空格后句:Marine fissile found here were 225 feet above sea level.
B. they are cheap (未提及的信息 )
  42. The word “detected” in paragraph 3 could be best replaced by . C. discovered 单词所在语境: signs of change in the tissues of the brain and head can be detected with scanning…
  43. The salesman retired young because
  49. A. It also lies in a major bird migration lane and is a resting spot for many birds. C: He couldn’t remember simple tasks 空格前句: The island supports the plants and animals of both zones … 文章相关句: A traveling salesman had to retire at a young age because of serious memory loss. He couldn’t remember even simple tasks.
  44. On the safety issue of mobile phones, the manufacturing companies . 空格前句: The best view on Mt. Desert island is from the top Cadilliac Mountain D. hold that the amount of radiation is too small to worry about 文章中的相关句: Mobile phone companies agree that there is some radiation, but they say the amount is too small to worry about
  45. The writer’s purpose of writing this article is to advise people .
  55. psychological (A) C. to use mobile phones less often
  59. about (A) 文章中相关句: so far now, it’s wise not to use your mobile phone too often.
  63. requires (C) 第五部分 补全短文
  46. D。 The term comes from the activity of the ice age.
  64. risks (A)
  65. big(B)
  60. that (D)
  61. procedure (A)
  62. seeking (D)
  56. before (A)
  57. offences (B)
  58. operation (D) 第六部分 完形填空
  51. opinions (C)
  52. estimates(B)
  53. criteria (C)
  54. desire (B)
  50. E: This mountain rises 1,532 feet, making it the highest mountain on the Atlantic seashore.
  48. B。 Mt. Desert island is one of the most famous of all of the islands left behind by the glacier. 干扰项: The wealthy residences of Mt. Desert island selfishly keep it to themselves. 空格前句: Mt. Desert island is…. Mt. Desert was essentially formed as two distinct islands.



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   本文由sap9958贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 考试技巧 职称英语备考功略一: 职称英语备考功略一:选词典快速查词有技巧 考前 1 个多月,名师现将如何选择一本适合的词典以及快速查词技巧总结如下, 希望能对广大考生有所帮助。 一、两类词典不能带入考场: 两类词典不能带入考场: 1、电子词典不能带入考场; 2、有职称字样及针对职称英语考试编写的字典均不能带入考场。 以上两类考场不能使用的词典希望大家一定要记住, ...


   职称英语考试答题技巧 词汇选项的应试技巧以及注意事项 由于在职称考试中可以带一本符合规定的英语字典进入考场,所以就使得词汇选项这种 题目在职称英语考试过程中显得较为简单,我们常常称之为“送分题”。但就是这种“送分题” 也会使许多考生感到非常挠头或者即使能够拿到较高分数,但是却在这 15 道题目上浪费了 30 或 30 分钟以上的时间。之所以会出现这些令人尴尬的局面,其中最主要的原因是大多数 考生局限在传统的做题思路中, 未能对这种题型的出题思路以及解题技巧形成一个全面的了 解。下面举出一个例 ...


   考试技巧 2011 年职称英语考试词汇备考的全攻略 词汇选项(分值为 15 分) 词汇选项是整个卷面当中最简单的题型,因为职称英语考试允许考生携带词典进入考场。 词汇选项题型共 15 个句子,每个句子中均有 1 个词或短语划有横线,要求考生从每个句子后面 所给的 4 个选项中选择 1 个与画线部分意义最相近的词或短语。 实际上,词汇选项题要做的工作就是利用词典分别查出五个单词(划横线和四个选项词)的 意义,然后选出其中两个意义最为接近的单词的就可以了。 通过查词典的 方式来做,也就是说 准备 ...


   中华英语学习网www.100yingyu.com 中华英语学习网 官方总站:圣才学习网 官方总站:圣才学习网www.100xuexi.com 2008 年职称英语考试学习复习笔记 英语等级考试介绍 在本辅导中将结合人事部颁发的“全国专业技术人员等级考试大纲”、“全国专业技术人员职称英语等 级考试指南”以及 1999 年的考题向大家介绍职称英语等级考试的内容、水平、题型以及解题的思路、方法 等。 目的是为了帮助大家熟悉这种考试形式,提试成绩。 第一讲主要是和大家介绍职称英语等级考试的特点,如何 ...


   Unit 1 请将下述词语译成英文 抽 样 量 化 与 编 码 quantizing and coding 话路 幅值 speech channel amplitude value sampling The attenuation introduced by transmission path 由传输路由引入的衰减 The unit that converts sampled amplitude value to a set of pulses 转换成一串脉冲的单元 A sequence r ...


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   职称英语考试词典的使用技巧 楼主:阿鲲2009 09-12-28 13:12 引用 回复 道具 举报 职称英语考试虽是闭卷答题,但允许考生携带词典进入考场,是到目前为止唯一还允许带字典进入考场的考试,所以说好字典的选择和查字典的技巧就显得非常重要了。 首先环球卓越提醒大家有几类字典是严格规定不能带进考场的,如下所示: (1)国家规定电子出版物不能带入考场; (2)有职称字样及针对职称英语考试编写的字典均不能带入考场,例如字典上有"职称英语&q ...


   年职称英语考试】精选阅读中英文语句(58) 【备战 2011 年职称英语考试】精选阅读中英文语句(58) 所属:沪江英语 难度:适中 来源:网络 阅读:250 评论:2 编辑点评: 编辑点评:距离 2011 年的职称英语考试还有好多时间,大家有在准备吗?现在,跟着小编来学习下职称 英语精选阅读中英文语句吧!帮助大家积累词汇,复习语法知识,为考试打下基础。 " " " 中英双语 英文 中文 本文相关应用 " 贡献文章录音 " 背单词 " 鼠标划词已启用 " 挑错 " 收藏 " 评论 " 打 ...



   So many deeds cry out to be done, And always urgently; The world rolls on, Time presses. Ten thousand years are too long, Seize the day, seize the hour! 多少事 从来急 天地转 光阴迫 一万年太久 只争朝夕英文翻译 英语日期表达里的三方面规范 在英语 英语里,表达日期时常涉及字母的大写、单词的缩写和标点符号。现将其要点归纳如下: 英语 一、字 ...

2010年九年级英语中考复习教师手册课件课时23 Units 13-14,Book9人教版

   新目标 第23课时 Units 13-14,Book9 23课时 13- ?人教版 Units 1314 ,Book 9 U U U U U u u u u n i t s ?人教版 │ 基础过关 基础过关 ?人教版 │ 考点整合 ?人教版 │ 考点整合 ?人教版 │ 考点整合 ?人教版 │ 考点整合 ?人教版 │ 考点整合 ?人教版 │ 考点整合 ?人教版 │ 考点整合 ?人教版 │ 考点整合 ?人教版 │ 考点整合 ?人教版 │ 考点整合 ?人教版 │ 重点突破 词汇点睛 ?人教版 │ ...


   2008 年高考英语作文写作的一些实用技巧 (一)掌握技巧: (1)注意篇章结构,合理布局 开始部分(opening paragraph)??说出文中的要点,核心问题. 正文部分(Body paragraphs)??围绕主题开展叙述,讨论. 结尾部分(concluding paragraphs)??对全文的总结和概括. 要做到全文中心突出,段落之间必须是有机地联系,内容完整,连贯.前后呼应,祛除 与主题无关的内容. (2)确定主题句 主题句是对全文的概括,是文章的主旨.它能在文章中起到&qu ...


   课堂英语教师口语用语 150 句[中英对照] Beginning a class ( 开始上课) 开始上课) 1. Let’s start class. =It’s time for class. 上课 2. Hello, boys and girls / children.同学们好 3. Good morning /afternoon, boys and girls / teacher/同学们/老师们,早晨好/下午好 4.Stand up / Sit down, please.起立/请坐 ...


   大学英语四、六级考试口语考试能力等级标准如下: 等级 等 级 描 述 A 等 能用英语就熟悉的题材进行口头交际,基本上没有困难 B 等 能用英语就熟悉的题材进行口头交际,虽有些困难,但不影响交际 C 等 能用英语就熟悉的题材进行简单的口头交际 D 等 尚不具有英语口头交际能力 C 等以上者将获得由教育部高教司颁发的注有 CET Spoken English Test 成绩等级的 CET 证书。 一、评分标准 CET-SET 主考在评分时使用以下标准: a. 准确性 指考生的语音、语调以及所使 ...