le have come to expect endless situations about which they are required to make decisions one way or another. In the main
  2, these are just irksome moments at work which demand some extra energy or brainpower,or during lunch breaks like choosing which type of coffee to order or indeed which coffee shop to go to. But sometimes selecting one option as opposed to another can have serious or lifelong repercussions. More complex decision-making is then either avoided,postponed,or put into the hands of the army of professionals,lifestyle coaches,lawyers,advisors,and the like,waiting to lighten the emotional burden for a fee
  2.But for a good many4 people in the world,in rich and poor countries, choice is a luxury,not a right. And for those who think they are exercising their right to make choices,the whole system is merely an illusion,created by companies and advertisers wanting to sell their wares
  5. The main impact of endless choice in people’s lives is anxiety. Buying something as basic as a coffee pot is not exactly simple. Easy access to a wide range of consumer goods induces a sense of powerlessness,even paralysis,in many people,ending in the shopper giving up and walking away
  6,or just buying an unsuitable item that is not really wanted in order to solve the problem and reduce the unease. Recent surveys in the United Kingdom have shown that a sizeable proportion of electrical goods bought per household are not really needed. The advertisers and the shareholders of the manufacturers are,nonetheless,satisfied.
It is not just their availability that is the problem, but the speed with which new versions of products come on the market. Advances in design and production mean that new items are almost ready by the time that goods hit the shelves
  7.Products also need to have a short 1ifespan so that the public can be persuaded to replace them within a short time. The classic example is computers, which are almost obsolete once they are bought. At first,there were only one or two available from a limited number of manufacturers,but now there are many companies all with not only their own products but different versions of the same machine. This makes selection a problem. Gone are the days when one could just walk with ease into a shop and buy one thing
  8:no choice,no anxiety. The plethora of choice is not limited to consumer items. With the greater mobility of people around the world,people have more choice about where they want to 1ive and work-a fairly recent phenomenon. In the past,nations migrated across huge swathes of the earth in search of food, adventure,and more hospitable environments. Whole nations crossed continents and changed the face of history. So the mobility of people is nothing new. The creation of nation states and borders9 effectively slowed this process down. But what is different now is the speed at which migration is happening. 词汇: 词汇: spoil vt.使某人扫兴 unease n.焦虑,不安 irksome adj.令人心烦的 sizeable adj.相当大的,颇大的 brainpower n.智能 proportion n.部分,比例 option n.选择 shareholder n.股东 repercussions n.(常指意料之外的)影响,后果 manufacturer n.制造商,厂家 complex adj.复杂的 nonetheless adv.然而,不过 postpone vt.&vi.延迟,延缓 availability n.可获得性,可使用性 professional n.专业人士 adj 内行的 version n.版本 coach n.教练员,指导 obsolete adj.过时的,被淘汰的 luxury n.难得的享受 plethora n.过多,过剩 illusion n.幻觉,想象 phenomenon n.现象 ware n.商品,货物 migrate vi.迁徙
jmpact n.影响 swathe n.大片土地 anxiety n.焦虑,不安 hospitable 有利的,适宜的 consumer n.消费者 skip v.跳过 induce vt.引起,导致 obese adj.肥胖的 paralysis n.麻痹 metabolic adi.新陈代谢的 unsuitable adj.不恰当的,不适适宜的 psychiatric adj.精神病的 abnormal adj.异常的 注释: 注释:
  1.be given to:倾向于
  2.in the main:大体上,基本上
  3. More complex decision-making is then either avoided,postponed,or put into the hands of the army of professionals,lifestyle coaches,lawyers,advisors,and the like,waiting to lighten the emotional burden for a fee.对于情况更复杂的决策,人们或者回避、拖延,或者求助于各式各样的 专业人士--生活方式指导人员、 律师、 咨询师等等, 而他们也正等着你付费来缓解心理重负呢。 A in the put hands of B 由 B 为 A 做决策。the like 等等,诸如此类的(人或物)。
  4. a good many:也可说 a great many, (用来强调所指数量)非常多的。
  5.And for those who think they are exercising their right to make choices.the whole system is merely an illusion,created by companies and advertisers wanting to sell their wares.对那 些自认为行使选择权的人来说,这整个体制不过是销售商和广告商为了卖货而制造出的一种幻觉而已。 exercise one’S right 行使权利。
  6. Easy access to a wide range of consumer goods induces a sense of powerlessness,even paralysis,in many people,ending in the shopper giving up and walking away.购物更便捷,商品 更丰富,但这却让很多人感到不知所措,甚至麻痹,最后只好放弃挑选,一走了之。access to…获得…的 渠道。
  7.hit the shelves:上架,上市
  8.Gone are the days when one could just walk with ease into a shop and buy one thing.那种 无它可选,轻松购物的日子一去不复返了。此句为倒装句。
  9. nation states and borders:国家和疆域。 练习: 练习:

  1. What is the difference between the decision to shop in a certain supermarket and the decision to drop out of college according to the first paragraph? A)The former is a right while the latter is not. B)The latter has more impact on life. C)The former may happen for many times in life. D)The latter requires a fee.
  2.When people can not easily decide what to buy,what is the least possible choice? A)Give up. B)Walk away. C) Buy an unsuitable item. D) Seek advice.
  3. Why do products have short lifespan nowadays? A)They are more often replaced with better ones. B)They have worse quality. C)They have too many versions. D) Computer technology advances too fast.
  4.How does migration differ from the past? A)People now migrate across the whole earth. B)People now migrate for better life. C)People now have more choice about where to migrate. D)People now migrate for better environment.
  5. Which is the best summary of the writer’s attitude towards choice in a commercial society? A) More choice,more anxiety. B)Better more choice than no choice.
C)Better no choice than more choice. D) All choice is not easy. 答案与题解: 答案与题解:
  1. B 根据文章第一句话,这两种选择都是权利,所以 A 不对,选项 C 本身没错但文中丝毫未提及,选 项 D 有可能发生,但不是绝对的。选项 B 符合 But sometimes selecting one option as opposed to another can have serious or lifelong repercussions 的意思。
  2. D 第二段第三句提到了 A、B、C 三个选项,只有 D 没提到,这正是本题答案。
  3. A 第三段都是在讲商家为了销售更多的商品,不断推出新产品,老百姓不知不觉更换地更勤,所以 一个商品的使用寿命就更短了。
  4. C 其它三个选项都不是新的特点,最后一段第三句话都有涉及。
  5. A 整篇文章都是在论述现代商品社会人们虽然选择更多了,但焦虑感也多了。其它三个选项文中都 有提及,但不能代表作者整体的态度
完型填空新增文章( 完型填空新增文章(共 3 篇) 新增文章
第五篇 Why People Use Pseudonyms You can’t choose the name you are given at birth.but in many countries you can change it legally when you reach adulthood.Of course, most people never change their names 1 they feel unhappy about them.However, some people do 2 this course of action-particularly artists! What makes an artist want to change their name? Sometimes it’s for purely 3 reasons, such as the Nobel Prize winning poet from Chile,Neflali Reyes.He didn’t want his father to 4 he was writing poetry, so he changed his name to Pablo Neruda when he was a young man. 5 other times the reason may appear eccentric;take the case of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, 6 wrote under 75 different names.The reason?“When I use a different name,I always write in a different way,”he explained.In most cases, 7 ,the reason is for social,historical,political, or cultural reasons.Here are some of the most 8 : The person’s real name is just 9 long and difficult to remember.Let’s be honest, Madonna Louise Ciccone is not as 10 to remember as just plain “Madonna”.And short names are much easier to remember:William Bradley became Brad Pitt and Edson Arantes do Nascimento became Pele. Sometimes names are changed for marketing 11 .For example,if a name sounds too“foreign”, it may be changed to something that is more recognizable in a 12 .So in the film world,Ramon Estevez adopted the name Martin Sheen.Or maybe the artist’s real name doesn’t sound very attractive-Chad Everett does 13 a lot better than Raymond Cramton.
Artists sometimes 14 the name of someone they admire.Robert Zimmerman changed his name to Boo Dylan because of his admiration for the Welsh poet,Dylan Thomas. Another reason may be practicality:in the past,women found it very difficult to get published.To 15 this situation they sometimes gave themselves men’s names,so the English author Mary Ann Evans became George Eliot,and she did get her books published! 词汇: 词汇: pseudonym n.假名,笔名 recognizable adj.可辨认的,可识别的 legally ad.法律上,合法地 eccentric adj.古怪的,反常的 attractive adj.有吸引力的,引人注目的 Portuguese adj.葡萄牙的,葡萄牙人的,葡萄牙语的 adopt v.采取,采纳 plain adj.清楚的,明白的 admire v.赞赏,钦佩 marketing n.推销,营销 注释: 注释: Nobel Prize:诺贝尔奖 练习: 练习:
  1.A)as if B)as C)even if D)even
  2.A)take B)make C)do D)have
  3.A)private B)individual C)own D)personal
  4.A)understand B)know C)recognize D)observe
  5.A)At B)On C)In D)During
  6.A)whom B)which C)who D)that
  7.A)but B)although C)though D)however
  8.A)popular B)common C)ordinary D)average
  9.A)so B)too C)very D)much

  10.A)easy B)short C)simple D)brief
  11.A)aims B)ends C)goals D)purposes
  12.A)market B)film C)country D)business。
  13.A)look B)sound C)appear D)seem
  14.A)choose B)give C)change D)get
  15.A)admit B)assure C)avoid D)affect 答案与题解: 答案与题解:
  1.C 本句前半句提到“大多数人不会改名字”,因此可以判断是选有让步转折意义的“even if,,其 他的选项都没有这个意思,尤其要注意 even 是副词,不可以这样用于句首引出从句。
  2.A 本句的意思是想说“有些人, 尤其是艺术家们, 会更改名字”。 不过, 本句没有直接说 change their names 而是说采取行动,那么只能用 take 与 action 进行搭配,其他动词都不合适。
  3.D 根据后面 such as 后所举的例子知道,某些人改名字完全出于个人的原因,故选择 personal。 private 是指与公众无关的,私隐的;individual 是与集体对立而言,个体的;而 own 则必须放在物主代词 的后面一起来表达属于某人的。
  4.B 本句是想说他改名字是为了不让父亲了解到他在写诗这件事,因此选 know。understand 是理解的 意思,recognize 是认出,observe 是察觉、观察到的意思。
  5.A 本句里的 times 是时机、场合的意思,at other times 是表示“其他的情况”,还有其他的固定 搭配也是用 at 这个介词,如 at all times,at the best of times 等等,其他介词无此搭配。
  6.C 本句是举葡萄牙人的例子来说明某些人更改名字的理由很奇怪, 后半句是想说此人用过 75 个不同 的名字。对本句结构做出分析后,应该是非限定性定语从句对此诗人做出补充解释,故用 who。that 不能 用于非限定性定语从句,which 则不能表示人,只能表示物,whom 是用来做宾格形式只能作宾语不能作主 语。
  7.D 如果注意到了此空前后的逗号的话就应该知道需要填一个副词来表示转折了,四个选项中只有 however 是副词,所以其他的选项都不对。
  8.B 前一句刚说到大家改名字有社会、历史、政治、文化等方面的原因,通过下面几段里所给出的例 子可以知道本句是想说“下面是几种常见的原因”,所以选 common 用于指常常发生的情况,而 popular 是 指大家都喜欢的,ordinary 和 average 则都是指没什么特别的。
  9.B 根据后文, 本句是想说某些人的名字太长、 太难不好记住, 是一个 too…to…的结构, 表达“太…… 而不能……”的意思。

  10.A 根据上下文知道,本句是想说简单明了的 Madonna 更容易记住。从本句中的 plain 一词可以断定 不是想说长短,所以 short 和 brief 都不对,而 simple 则是与复杂相对立的,因此选用 easy 一词与前句 的 difficult 来对应,后一句话中的 easier to remember 也可以帮助我们选择 easy。
  11.D 此题四个选项都能表示



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