2011 年中考英语分类复习?单项选择 年中考英语分类复习? 分类复习
一、冠词 ( )
  1. ? I think a rabbit is a good pet for 5-year-old child like Vera. ? Really? I don't think so. A. an ( B. a train ? C. / ?No , I’ll take C. / ; / taxi . D. the ; a D. the

  2. ?Will you get there by A. / ; a
B. a ; the

  3.--What do you usually do after school? --We usually play soccer for half hour on playground. A.不填;an;the B.the;a;the C.不填;a;不填 D. the ; an ; a

  4. Peter likes playing
football very much, but he doesn't likefootball I
bought for him on his birthday. A the,the ( B,/,/ C. the,/ D./ ; the

  5. woman in a purple skirt is Betty’s mother. A. The B. A C. An ?It’s June 26th. C. the D. that second time. D. the; the D. 不填

  6. ?What’s date today? A. 不填 B. a

  7. Suzhou is most beautiful tourist city and I believe I’ll come for __ A. the; a B. a; a C. a; the

  8. Pass me dictionary next to the radio, and I also need pen to write something. A. a; a B. the; the useful book. I borrowed it from B.a; an C.a; the C. the; a school library. D.an; the D. a; the

  9.It is . A.an; a

  10. People, especially teens, think it great fun to surf on Internet. A. a; the B. a; 不填 C. the; the D. 不填; the

  11.一 Do you. Knowlady in blue? 一 Yes. She is a teacher of a university. A. a B. the C. an D.不填

  12. I’ve had bad headache all day, so I think I’ll go to bed early. A. a; 不填 B. 不填; the C. 不填 ; 不填 D. a; the

  13. Millie has A. a
e-dog and its name is Hobo. B. an C. the D.不填

  14. In the United States, Father’s Day falls on third Sunday in June. A. the; a B.不填; the C. the; 不填 D. a; 不填

  15. ?What can I do for you? A. an B. the
?I want orange blouse for my daughter. C. a D. / (不填)
二、连词 ( )
  1. Usually we don’t realize how important nature is to us A. unless ( B. until C. if it is too late. D. after

  2.Go to bed early, you won’t get up on time next morning. A.then B.and C.but D.or

  3.Tony is a clever boy, he usually fails in Chinese exams. A.so B.but C.or D. because

  4. Could you please give me your e-mail address you go? A. as soon as B. before it has stopped . B. if C. to he was going over his lessons . B. as soon as C. since D. while D. for C. after D. until

  5. Don’t get off the bus A. until

  6. He met many problems A. before

  7. We have been good friends we joined the same ping-pong team. A. after B. before C. since D. until

  8. My brother is going to look for another jobthe company offers him more money. A. after B.when C unless D.besides

  9. I didn’t know he came back I met him in the street. A. since B. when C. until D. after

  10. ?Look! Here comes our school bus. ?No hurry. Don’t get on it it has stopped. A. until B. after C. since D. when

  11. When someone is ill, he she should try to smile at life. A. and B. but see my family. B. or C. but D.until he helped me three years ago. C. Because D. Since C. or D. so

  12. Come A. and

  13. ? How long have you known the doctor ?? A. When B. Before

  14. Study hard, A. and
you'll fall behind the others. B. but C. or D. though
  15.一 Be careful,
you will make mistakes in your exams.
--I know that,Mum.One can never be too careful. A.and ( )
  16.I arrived at the airport A.after B.while B.or C.nor the plane had taken off. C.when D.beflore D.but

  17.Uncle Wang gave all his savings to the Hope School A.because B.as if C.though
he himself was not rich. D.or

  18. The dress fits me well, A. so B. and
I don’t want to buy it because it’s too expensive. C. or D. but

  19. English is interesting, I didn’t like it at first. A. and B. so C. but D. or

  20. ???Would you like to come to dinner tonight? ???I will I'm not too busy. A. and B. if C. so D. but
三、介词 ( )
  1. ? What’s your speech A. by ( B. of , Dr. Smith? -Tomorrow you will get it. D. on
C. from

  2.My home isn’t far my school,so I usually walk to school. A.for B.on C.at D.from

  3.一 Don’t be 1ate class again, OK? A.for B.in
?Sorry, I won’t. D.to

  4.Many sportsmen are getting ready the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. A.to B.with C.for D.on

  5. Mary bought a house a small garden. She will move in next week. A. from B. with C. for D. of

  6. ? When does your mother go shopping? ?Usually Sunday mornings. A. in B. on C. with D. at cars . D. at

  7. I have just heard on the radio that Nanjing Road is jammed A. in B. on C. with

  8.You can study the grammar memorizing it. A. with B.by C.on D. at

  9. Can you find New York this map of America? A. in B. at Beijing C. of D. on a Sunday morning. C. at; in us. We all like them. C. in - It's really nice C. of you. D. off D. about D. in; on

  10. Those Canadians arrived A. in; in B. on; at

  11.Our teachers are getting on well A. for B. with

  12. - Grandma, let me help you. A. for B. to

  13. My sister usually thinks __ her own language first.
Then she turns her words into English. A. in ( B. by C. with D. through

  14. She sent her friend a postcard a birthday present. A. on B. of C. for D. as

  15. The engineer will return from Macao a few days. A. since B. in C. on my D. after

  16. After class, I like playing computer games and chatting friends A. to; by the Internet. B. with; on
C. for; in
D. about; through

  17.How do you learn English ? I learn watching English-languages videos. A. to B. of C. by D. at

  18. Some journalists went to Germany to work for the World Cup June 2nd. A. on B. in C. at D. with

  19. Bob goes to the Children's Palace every day Sunday. Every Sunday he helps at the Old People's Home. A. on B. in C. during the lost library book? it. C. with,for D.in, for D. except

  20.-What would you do -I would try to find it or pay A. about; for B. on,for
四、代词、数词 代词、 ( )
  1. Class 2 will go for a picnic. They made A. it ( B. that 6 o’clock to meet at the foot of Mt. Tai. C. them D. /

  2.一 Who can help with my English? --Wang Lin can.He does well in English. A.him B.me C.he D.I

  3.I asked Lily for some water,but she didn’t have . A.some B.few C.many D.any

  4.--What a big box! Can I help you? --No, thanks.There’s in it.It’s empty. A.nothing B.everything C.anything D.something

  5.-- Mom,I want to ask grandpa a question. -- Oh. is reading a newspaper upstairs. A. He B.Him C. His D. Himself

  6.There's a red car parking in our neighborhood. Do you know it is? A. what B. who C. whose D. whom

  7.-- Do you like the pop star Zhou Jielun or the movie star Liu Dehua? . I am not their fan. A. Both B.Either C.Neither D. All

  8. ? Do you know about David? A. he
? Yes, I know very well. C. him D. his
B. himself

  9. ? Got any information about High School Examination? ? Well, I was trying to, but found. A. one B. no one C. none must be Susan . C. This D. He D. some

  10. ?Who is singing in the classroom ?? A. She B. It

  11.-Frank can't find dictionary . Can you lend to ? ?Certainly. A.her;mine;her C.my;yours;he B.不填;yours;his D.his;yours;him I wrote name on its cover. B. mine ; my ,myself D. myself ; mine ; my

  12. The book is . A.my, my ,myself C. mine ; myself ; my

  13. ?Which of the two cameras are you going to buy? --I’ll buy of them, so I can give one to my friend. A. all B. both C. neither D. every one

  14. You look so happy. What happened?--I have got an “A” in P.E. test. A. your B. her C. his D. my

  15. Money is important in my life. But it isn’t to me. A. everything B. something C. nothing D. anything

  16. Most young people findexciting to watch a football match. A. it B. this C.that D. one

  17.Jimmy’s parents are teachers. of them teaches Chinese.They both teach French. A.Neither B. Either C.All D. Both

  18.What a hot day! Have you had a drink? Yes. But I’d like to haveafter work. A.it B.one C.other D.another

  19. My aunt has two children. But of them lives with her. A. each B. neither C. either D. both

  20. school is much bigger than . A. Our ; their B. Ours; theirs C. Theirs; our D.Their;ours

  21. Do you want tea or coffee? . I really don`t mind.
A. Both ( )
  22. ?Whose are those books? A. our ( )
  23. My parents are workers. A. Them ( )
  24. -Are you A. all ( )
  25.- A. Who ( bag is this? here?
B. None
C. Either
D. Neither
?They are . B. mine C. your both work in the same factory. B. They -Yes, we are. B. anybody -It's hers. B. When C. Whom D. Whose at seven or even earlier. D. this C. everybody D. somebody C. He D. She D. their

  26. ? What about leaving at 8 o’clock, Mr Green? ? No. Let’s make A. him B. it ? C. yours C. that

  27. My bike is broken. May I borrow A. you B. yourself
D. your

  28. Our city is beautiful. There are a lot of trees on A. both B. all
side of the streets. C. either . D. new nothing D. neither

  29. This is a good book, Each time you read it, you will find A. something new B. new something C. nothing new

  30.2008 will be the time for China to hold the Summer Olympics. A.one ( B.once C.first D.second
  31. This is a big class, and of the students are girls. A. two third B. second three C. two thirds D. two three
  32.-How old is your son? _ A. Nine; nine . We had a special party for his B. Nine; ninth birthday last Sunday. C. Ninth; ninth D. Ninth; nine
  33. Is there in today’s newspaper? A. something important C. anything important B. important anything D. important everything
  34..He became a famous writer when he was. A. in his fifty B. in his fifties C. in fifty years old D. in fifties
  35. This is the time in days that he has made the same mistake. A. second, third B. two, three C. two, third D. second, three
  36. Your digital watch is quite nice. Where did you buy?I want to buy,too. A. one;one B. it;it C. it;one D. one;it
  37. the twins enjoyed at the party yesterday. A. Both; them B. Both; themselves C. Neither; them D. All; themselves
  38. Ted’s mother kept telling Ted not to tell lies, but didn’t help. A. which B. it C. she D. he
  39.-Do you like talking with your friends on the telephone or mobile phone? - _ A. Neither . I enjoy using QQ. B. Either C. Both D. None
  40. ?Is this Lucy’s eraser? A. she
?No, it’s not . B. her C. hers D. herself
五、名词 ( )
  1. Our school held an activity called “Recommend Books to You Teachers”. The students made a of 1, 000 books. A. note ( B. line C. menu -- . C.Pear 一 I have . C.classes D.sports D.Sugar D. list

  2.?What’s your favorite drink? A.Meat B.Milk

  3. ?What’s the matter with you? A.a cold
B.a good time

  4.All the teachers enjoyed themselves on March 8th,because it was their own holiday. A.man B. men C. woman D. women

  5. ? Oh! There isn't enough for us in the bus. ? No hurry. Let’s wait for the next. A. place B. land C. room D. floor

  6. ? You like surfing the net. Do you know what WWW means? ? Yes. It means . A. Whole World Warm C. Whole World Weather B. World Wide Web D. Wide World Work

  7. ? How can I tell one tree from another? ? You can mostly tell them by the of their leaves. A. shape B. size on the Internet . B. ideas C. message It means . B. 英国广播公司 D.联合国 --No, thank you. I’m not hungry at all. C. bread D. coffee D. information C. age D. color

  8. They got much A. photo

  9.?What’s the meaning of NBA? A.不明飞行物 C.(美国)全国篮球协会

  10. Would you like some ? A. tea B. water

it was yesterday because of the storm! B. What a bad weather D. How bad weather
A.What bad weather C.How bad a weather

  12. I don’t know how to use this machine. It doesn’t matter. Here is the . A.instruction B.direction C.information -- . D.advertisement

  13. How soon shall we start the bicycle trip? A. In five day’s time C. In five days time
B. In five days’ time D. For five days

  14. ?You didn’t send me an e-mail last night, d



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