2011年中考 英语复习课件
八年级(上)Unit 1 ?Unit 6 八年级(
Shiqi Middle School Li Guojun
do exercise
surf the Internet
play chess
play soccer go to the beach have pizza
go for a school trip
do chores
--What do you usually do on weekends? --I usually go skateboarding on weekends. --Do you watch TV on weekends? --Yes, sometimes./ No, I never do that. surf the Internet
watch TV play sports=do exercise read books go shopping go to the movies play with computer play computer games do homework sleep
green peppers tomatoes onions mushroom cheese pepperoni eggplant
have a cold
have a sore throat
have a stomachache
What’s the matter with you? I have ….
have a toothache have a headache have a fever
What are you doing for vacation? I’m …
babysitting going bike riding
going camping
going hiking
going fishing
spending time with friends playing baskerball
visiting our teacher watching TV
How do you get to school? I get to school by …?
electric bike
taxi tricycle subway truck train
A: Can you come to the party? B: Sure, I’d love to. Sorry , I can’t. I have to…
go to a movie
go to see the doctor Study for a test visit my aunt
have a piano lesson
help my parents
babysit my sister
I’m more outgoing than my sister. Personalities
serious funny smart shy friendly easygoing interesting bright outgoing unfriendly generous moody brave confident selfish sad timid diffident
short hair tall thin fat beautiful long hair short heavy light pretty straight hair curly hair medium height a medium build weak goodlooking strong handsome
er/ier or more
ier funny smarter quieter tall er thinner early ier quieter more outgoing more athletic more serious more popular more easygoing more important more healthy
Key Words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 运动,锻炼 几乎不 互联网 节目,项目 巧克力 不同的 即使,虽然 ? Stomachache 胃痛 ? ? Dentist ? 牙医 ? traditional ? 传统的 exercise ? hardly ? Internet ? Program ? Chocolate ? Different ? Although ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? medicine Postcard Sightseeing Famous Europe Countryside Nature Tourist Subway minute ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 药 明信片 观光 著名的 欧洲 乡村 大自然 游客 地铁 分钟
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Kilometer ? Concert ? Tomorrow? Invitation ? Chemistry? American ? Project ? outgoing ?
公里,千米 ? 音乐会 ? ? 明天 ? 邀请 ? 化学 美国的 ? 课题,方案 ? 外向的
Serious Physics Interest Necessary Friendship Information passenger
? ? ? ? ? ? ?
严肃的 物理 兴趣 必需的 友谊 信息 乘客
Key Phrases
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 多久一次 几乎不曾 至于 饮食习惯 当然 和…一样 保持健康 紧张的 此时 躺下
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
How often Hardly ever As for Eating habits Of course The same as Keep in good health Stressed out At the moment Lie down
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
寄宿家庭 例如 回来 观光 去度假 在山里 走开 考虑 不同的东西 租影碟
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Host family For example Get back Go sightseeing Take a vacation In the mountains Go away Think about/of Something different Rent videos
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
乘地铁 多远 取决于 不是所有的 后天 顺便来访 上钢琴课 下次 为..而学习 加入我们
? 在世界其它地方
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Take the subway How far Depend on Not all In other parts of the world The day after tomorrow Come over to Have a piano lesson Next time Study for Join us
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
在工作日 整天 超出 共有的 小学 在某些方面 看起来一样 看起来不同 …的大多数 在意 矮一点
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
On weekdays All day/the whole day More than In common Primary school In some ways Look the same Look different Most of Care about A little shorter
Sentence Structures
  1. How often do you exercise? ? 你多少锻炼一次? ? 句型:how often 是用来询问事情发生的频率。 句型 ? 例如:Jack多久去看望他的祖父母一次? ? How often does Jack visit his grandparents? ? 每个月一次。 ? Once a month. ?
  2. And I can’t stand to drink milk. ? 而且我受不了了喝牛奶。 ? 句型:can’t stand to do sth 表示“无法忍受做某事”。 句型 ? ? ? ?
  3. Is her lifestyle the same as yours? 她的生活方式和你的一样吗? 句型: the same as 和…一样 句型 另外:as+形容词/副词+as … …和…一样。
  4. What’s the matter? ? 怎么了? ? 句型: What’s the matter with sb/sth?用来询问某人或某件事的情况。与其相 句型 类似的用法还有: ? What’s the trouble with sb/sth! ? What’s wrong with sb/sth? ? 例如:你的自行车怎么了? ? What is wrong with your bike? ? 它坏了。 ? It doesn’t work./It is broken. ?
  5. She often has a stomachache. ? 她经常胃痛。 ? 句型 句型:have/has +不定冠词+疾病名称, 表示“患了某种疾病”。 ? have a fever 发烧 ? have a cold (catch a cold) 感冒 ? have a sore throat 喉咙痛 ? have a sore back 背痛 ? have a toothache 牙痛 have a headache 头疼 ?
  6. About two days ago. ? 大概两天前。 ? 句型 时间段+ago 表示从现在起的若干时间以前,意思是“距今……以前”,需 句型: 和过去时或过去进行时连用。而before则泛指“从过去起的若干时间以前”,意思是 “距过去某时……以前”,常和完成时连用,尤其在间接引语中。例如: ?
  1).三年前我是一名小学生。 ? I was a pupil three years ago. ?
  2).他说他的祖父是三年前过世的。 ? He said his grandfather had died three years before. ?
  3).我以前从来没有去过美国。 ? I have never been to the USA before. ?
  7. It’s important to eat a balanced diet. ? 平衡的饮食是重要的。 ? 句型 It’s +形容词+ for sb to do sth 意思是“对某人来说做某事是…”。 句型: ? 其中it是形式上的主语,动词不定式to do sth是真正的主语。例如: ?
  1). 对一些学生来说,学好数学是不容易的。 ? It’s not easy for some students to learn math well. ?
  2). 对杰克来说,早上六点钟起床是不可能的。 ? It’s impossible for Jack to get up at six o’clock in the morning.
  8. What are you doing for vacation? ? 你打算假期做什么? ? 句型 be doing something 表示正在做某事,是现在进行时态。同时,这个 句型: 句型还可以表示打算做某事的意思,是一般将来时态。例如: ?
  1).瞧,一些学生正在操场上踢足球。 ? Look, some students are playing on the playground. ?
  2).Tom的父亲打算明天前往上海去。 ? Tom’s father is leaving for Shanghai tomorrow.. ?
  3).我的来自于法国的笔友计划今天晚上到达中山。 ? My pen pal from France is arriving in Zhongshan tonight. ?
  9. Send me a postcard from Hong Kong! ? 从香港给我寄一张明信片。 ? 句型 send sb sth=send sth to sb 意思是“送某人某物”。 句型: ?
  10. Show me your photos when we get back to school! ? 当我们回校时,把你的照片给我看看。 ? 句型 get back的意思有如下两种: 句型: ? A). 回来,返回 比如:你是什么时候回来的? ? When did you get back? ? B). 取回,拿回 比如:我来这儿是拿回我的字典的。 ? I came here to get my dictionary back.
  11. He thought about going to Greece or Spain, but decided on
? 他考虑去希腊或西班牙,但最后决定去加拿大。 ? 句型 句型:decide on doing sth=decide to do sth。决定做某事 ?
  12. He plans to have a very relaxing vacation.
? 句型 句型:plan to do sth “计划做某事”,其相当于 plan on doing sth。 ?
  13. I usually take a bus to school. ? 我通常乘坐巴士去上学。 ? 句型 take+交通工具的名词,表示“乘坐…”。注意和介词by + 句型:
交通工具的名词的用法的区别。例如: ? Tom的父亲每天开车去上班。 ? Tom’s father takes a/his car to work every day. ? Tom’s father goes to work by car every day.
  14. How far is it from his home to school? ? 从他家到学校有多远? ? 句型: How far is it from…to… 用来提问距离的远近。 句型
  15. In China, it depends on where you are. ? 在中国取决于你在哪里。 ? 句型 depend on 意思是“取决于,依靠”。 句型: ? where you are在这里是处于宾语的位置,不能用特殊疑 问句的结构,试比较: ?
  1).你的生日是什么时候 When is your birthday? ? ? 我想知道你的生日是什么时候。
? ? ? ?
I want to know when your birthday is.

  2). 我怎么样才能到达邮局?
How can I get to the post office?
Can you tell me how I can get to the post office?
  16. What’s today? 今天是什么时期?
? 句型 What’s today? 用来提问日期,包括几月几日和星期几。 句型: ? 试比较:What day is it today? ? 今天星期几? ? What’s the date today? ? 今天几月几日?
  17. We both have black eyes and black hair. ? 我们两个都有黑色的眼睛和头发。 ? 句型:both 用在 be 动词和情态动词之后,实义动词之前。 句型
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
我们两个都是中学生。 We two are both middle school students. (Both of us are middle school students.) both和and连用,构成 both…and…,用于连接表示并列 关系的名词和代词,意思是“…和…两者都或既 … 又 …”。例 如:
  1).他既善长英语又在数学方面学得好。 He is good at both English and math.
  2).我和Jack都善长英语。 Both Jack and I are good at English..
  18. He always beats me in tennis.
? 他总是在打网球时击败我。 ? 句型 beat sb in …意思是“在某方面打败某人” 句型: ? 试比较:beat 的宾语是人(对手),意为“击败对方”。 ? win 的宾语是物(竞赛,比赛),意为“赢得比赛的胜 利”。
Translate the sentences into Englsih

How often do you eat vegetables? I eat them every day.

  2、她周末干什么? 她经常在家看电视。
What does she do on weekends? She often watches TV at home.

As for homework , most students do homework three or four times a week.

Some students surf the Internet once or twice a week.

How many hours do you sleep every night?

  6、因此我可能有几分不健康,尽管我有一个健康的习惯。 So maybe I’m kind of unhealthy , although I have a healthy habit .
  7、吃水果对我们的健康有好处。 Eating fruit is good for our health.
  8、我尽量每天都做运动。 I try to do exercise every day.
  9、我的健康的生活方式帮我取得好成绩。 My healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades.
  10、他每天晚上睡9个小时。 He sleeps for nine hours every night.
  11、她的饮食习惯和你的一样吗? Are her eating habits the same as yours?
Complete the sentences

  1、I look after my health and I am healthy .(health) 、
  2、My teacher wants me to write (write) a letter to you . 、
  3、They hardly (hard) go out of this small town . 、
  4、The boy is trying to climb (climb) up the tree . 、
  5、This word is different (difference) from the other . 、
  6、We must do eye exercises (exercise) every day .
  7、My mother has (have) a healthy lifestyle . She 、 eats less (little) junk food but more vegetables .
  8、I practice speaking (speak) English every day . 、
  9、What can I do to improve (improve) my math? 、 ?
  10、Jim often plays (play) computer games . 、
Complete the sentences

  1、I’mtressed out, I want to listen to music. s
  2、It’s i mportant for us to eat a balanced diet.
  3、If you are t hirsty , please have a drink.
  4、Don’t be ngry with the boy. He is only a kid. a
  5、A doctor can give you some advice .
  6、Eating a b alanced diet can help us to keep healthy.
  7、I can’t work out the difficult math roblem . p
  8、T Chinese doctors b elieve we need a raditional balance of yin and yang to stay healthy.
  9、He is a good student, and goes to school early .
  10、They didn’t finish their homeworkntil 11 o’clock. u

  1、There are about ninety n teachers in our school. minutes is half an hour.
  2、Thirty m
  3、It usually takes t me 20 minutes to walk to school.
  4、Fifty and fifty is one hundred . h
  5、Can you wait for me at the subway station . s
  6、Children depend on their parents for food. d
  7、Please help me with this math problem p .
  8、English names are different from Chinese names. d
  9、Don’t worry . Let me help you. w
  10、I think bikes are the most popular means of t in transportation Ch



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