2011年中考 英语复习课件
七年级( 七年级(下)Unit 7 ?Unit 12
Key Words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? medium 中等的 captain 队长 popular 流行的 Remember 记住 Special 特别的 Dumpling 饺子 Porridge 粥 Practice 练习 Mountain 山脉 Geography 地理 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? suggestion建议 Museum 博物馆 Delicious 美味的 Expensive 昂贵的 Crowded 拥挤的 Decide 决定 Palace 宫殿 Square 广场 Discuss 讨论 culture 文化
Key Phrases
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 中等身材 中等身高 一点儿 流行歌手 鸡蛋面 四碗米饭 橘子汁 呆在家里 阅读 去购物 访谈节目 中学
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Medium build Medium height A little bit Pop singer Egg noodles Four bowls of rice Orange juice Stay at home Do some reading Go shopping Talk show Middle school
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? 昨天晚上 今天下午 ? 去年 ? 举行一个聚会 ? 寻找 ? 做饭 ? 夏令营 ? 考虑 ? 长城 ? 整天 ? 在角落 ? 和…讨论
Last night/yesterday evening This afternoon Last year Have a party Look for Cook/make dinner Summer camp Think of/about The Great Wall All day In/at the corner ? Dicuss with
? 肥皂剧 ? 实际上
? 颜色鲜艳的衣服
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
不得不 运动鞋 在课堂上 在走廊 听音乐 出去 体育课 饭堂 放学后 大声讲话
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Soap opera In fact Colorful clothes Have to Sports shoes In class In the hallway Listen to music Go out Gym class Dining hall After school Talk loudly
Zhao Benshan Name:
actor Job:
Haight:158cm Weight:56kg
What does he look like?
ugly-looking He is. short straight black hair He has.
Beckham Name: Football player Job:
Haight:180cm Weight:56kg
What does he look like?
good-looking He is. short straight blonde hair He has.
liu Yifei Name:
actress Job:
Haight:160cm Weight:42kg
What does she look like?
good-looking she is. long curly black hair she has.
Liu Huan Name:
Musician/teacher Job:
Haight:165cm Weight:70kg
What does he look like?
ugly-looking He is. long straight black hair He has.
has short hair. has long hair. has straight hair. has curly hair. has a beard. is tall. is short. is medium height. is fat/heavy. is thin. is medium build.
hamburger carrots
ice cream
apple s
chicken onion
green pepper
cucumber hot pepper
mutton and potato noodles beef and tomato noodles chicken and cabbage noodles
A:What would you like? B:I would like…= I’d like… A:What kind of noodles would you like? B:I’d like …

  1. look looked
  2. carry carried
  3. call called
  4. are were
  5.do did
  6.say said
  7.eat ate
  8. live lived
  15. stop stopped
  9. hope hoped
  16. plan planned
  10. finish finished
  17. want wanted
  11.go went
  18.have had
  12.get got
  19.come came
  13.see saw
  20.put put
  14.take took
  21.read read
What did they do last weekend?
played soccer
played volleyball
played the guitar
played chess
went for a walk
did my homework
did Chinese kung fu
played tennis
cleaned my room
watched TV
had a piano lesson
Fill in the blanks
Bob: Hey, Lucy. How was you weekend? Lucy: Hi, Bob. It was great. did Bob: So, what you do? played on Lucy: Well, Saturday morning I went tennis, on Saturday afternoon I to __(去)the beach, and on Saturday night went to a movie I .(去看电影) Bob: Cool. cleaned Lucy: Then, on Sunday morning, I(清洁) my room. On Sunday afternoon, I played soccer , (踢足球) and on Sunday night, I.(做我的功课) did my homework

  1.What did (do) your father do last Monday?
  2.Tom studied (study) English last night.
  3.They went (go) to the park last Saturday. had ( have) a class meeting last Tuesday.
  5.He watched (watch) TV over the weekend.
  6.Lily swam (swim) last Sunday.
  7.The boys visited (visit) his uncle last Friday.
翻译句子. 翻译句子
  1.中国学生不得不复习备考。 中国学生不得不复习备考。 中国学生不得不复习备考 Chinese students have to study for exams.
  2.你们参观了两个博物馆吗? 你们参观了两个博物馆吗? 你们参观了两个博物馆吗 Did you visit two museums ?
  3.我和我的父母在上海度过了一个很好的暑假。 我和我的父母在上海度过了一个很好的暑假。 我和我的父母在上海度过了一个很好的暑假 I had a good summer vacationwith my parents
  4.他们去哪夏令营了? 他们去哪夏令营了? 他们去哪夏令营了 Where did they go for summer camp?
What do you think of these things? I don't like / love / don't mind /can't stand the . It’s / They’re .
key ring

  1.你有主意吗 你有主意吗? 你有主意吗 an idea Do you have ?
  2.我不在意年轻人怎么评价我. 我不在意年轻人怎么评价我. 我不在意年轻人怎么评价我 mind I don’t what young people think of me. __
  3.这儿有件礼物是送给你的. 这儿有件礼物是送给你的. 这儿有件礼物是送给你的 for Here’s a present you.
  4. 我也不喜欢颜色艳丽的衣服. 我也不喜欢颜色艳丽的衣服. colorful either I don’t like clothes, .
  5.这就是我的想法. 这就是我的想法. 这就是我的想法 is I . This what think
  6.我们无法忍受这炎热的天气. 我们无法忍受这炎热的天气. 我们无法忍受这炎热的天气 can’t stand hot We the weather.
School rules
  1. arrive late for class/school.
  2. Don’t eat . in class Don’t
  3. fight with others. Don’t hallways
  4. run in the . Don’t listen to
  5. music in the classrooms. copy
  6. Don’t others’ homework. throw
  7. Don’t the waste paper onto the ground.
Family rules
I can watch TV on weekends. But I can’t go out at night. Don’t talk loudly on the phone. Don’t visit classmates on the weekdays. Don’t eat in bed. Don’t get up too late. Help parents do the housework. Make the bed by myself
Rules in the library
Keep quiet and don’t make a noise. Keep the library clean Don’t speak loudly when you read the book. You can’t take the book or magazines away. You can borrow two books every time if you have a library card. You can’t run around the library. You can’t make the books or magazines dirty.
Sentence Structures
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  1. What does he look like? 他看起来长什么样? 句型:What does sb.look like? 是用来询问一个人的长相。 句型 look like 表示“外表像…”。 而What is sb. like?是用来询问一个人怎么样?比如性格脾气等。
  2. She’s a little bit quiet. 她有一点儿内向。 句型:a little bit 后面接形容词,表示“有点儿…”。 句型 与之用法相同的还有:a little, a bit, kind of
  3. She never stops talking. 她不停地讲话。 句型: 句型 stop doing sth 表示停止正在做的事情。 比较:stop to do sth 则表示停下来去做另一件事。 例如:
  1). 要上课了,不要说话了。 It’s time for class. Please stop talking.
  2). 让我们停下来休息一小会儿吧! Let’s stop to have a little rest.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  4. Do you remember Johnny Dean? 你记得约翰尼?迪恩吗? 句型:remember sb/sth 记得某人或某事。 句型 remember to do sth 记得做某事(事情未做)。 remember doing sth记得做某事(事情已经做过)。
  5. And he doesn’t wear glasses any more. 他不再戴眼镜了。 句型:not…any more 不再…。Not 否定动词,any more 放在句 句型 子末尾。而no more(不再… ) 则不能分开。比如: 我不再是一个小孩子了。 I am not a child any more. I am no more a child.
  6. I’d like some noodles. 我想要一些面条。 句型: 句型 would like+sth 表示 “想要….”。 would like to do sth 想要做某事。 would like sb to do sth 想要某人做某事。 对于Would you like to do sth?句子的肯定回答是:Yes, I’d love/like to. 否定回答则用:No, thanks.
  7. How did kids spend their weekends? ? 孩子们是怎么度过他们的周末的? ? 句型 句型:Sb spend time/money on sth 某人在某事/东西上花时间或钱。 ? Sb spend time/money (in) doing sth 某人花时间或钱做某事。 ? 英语中表示“”的用法还有: ? cost 表示花费,耗费或价值多少,其中句子的主语一定是物。 ? take 表示花费时,主语是“一件事”。其句型是: ? It takes(took/will take) sb some time to do sth ? 做某事花(花费了/将要花费)某人多少时间。 ? pay 其主语也必须是“人”,是“支付”的意思。常常和for 搭 配。 ?
  8. Then it was time to go home. 是回家的时间了。 ? 句型 句型:it is time to do sth=it is time for sth,意思是“是该做某事的时 候了”。 ? 比如:是学生们吃午饭的时间了。 ? It is time for the students to have lunch. ?
  9. We have great fun playing in the water. ? 我们在水里玩得很开心。 ? 句型 have fun doing sth, 意思是“做某事很开心”。 句型: ? 意思相同的句型还有:have a great time doin sth. 和 enjoy onself doing sth.
  10. That made me feel very happy. ? 那使我感到很开心。 ? 句型:make sb do sth 使/让某人做在某事。该句型相当于: Let sb do 句型 sth. 他们的否定形式是:make/let sb not do sth。 ? 另外,make还可以有下面的句型: ? make sb+adj 使/让某人怎么样。例如: ? Rainy days make me sad. (新目标九年级Unit
  13) ?
  11. What do you think of game shows? ? 你认为游戏节目怎么样? ? 句型 句型:What do sb think of …?…认为…怎么样(对某事的评价)。与 其用法相同的句型还有: ? How do sb like …?(询问对某事的态度,回答可以 喜欢或不喜欢, 或者其他看法) ?
  12. What else do you have to do? ? 你还要做其它什么事情? ? 句型 else的用法:本身是副词,用于疑问词、不定代词之后,是 句型: “其他,另外”的意思。例如: ?
  1).我打算带你到别的某个地方。 ? I am going to take you somewhere else. ?
  2). 教室里还有谁? ? Who else is there in the classroom?
  10. I have too many rules in my house. ? 在我家有太多的规矩。 ? 句型 句型:too many+可数名词复数,意思是“太多…”。 ? 比如:每天这间超市里有太多的顾客。 ? Every day, there are too many customers in this supermarket. ? 注意:too much+不可数名词,意思也是“太多…”。而 much too是“实在太…”的意思,其后面要跟形容词或副词 (原形)。 ? 例如:
  1). 我们每天都有太多的功课要做。 ? We have too much homework to do every day. ?
  2). 学好数学对大多数学生来说实在太难了。 ? It’s much too difficult for most of the students to learn math well. ?
  3). 收音机实在太吵了,请把它关小一点儿! ? The radio is much too noisy ,please turn it down.
形容词、 形容词、副词
在词尾处+ 在词尾处 ly
形容词 与副词 的转换
y结尾时 去y + ily 结尾时,去 结尾时 结尾的单词,需去 需去y 有的e结尾的单词 需去 + ly,有的则直接 。 ,有的则直接+ly。


  2. easy--easily
  4. true-truly
  6. careful-carefully
大部分形容词加-ly可构成副词, 大部分形容词加 可构成副词,但下面的 可构成副词 这些词: 这些词: friendly,deadly,lovely,lonely, , , , , likely,lively,ugly,brotherly,却仍为形容 , , , , 词。
以-ly 结尾既为形容词,也为副词
daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, early,例如: 例如: 例如
The Times is a weekly paper. 《时代周刊》为周刊。 时代周刊》为周刊。 The Times is published weekly. 《时代周刊》每周发行一期。 时代周刊》每周发行一期。
形容词、 形容词、副词的用法比较
形 容 词 副 词
修饰名词 修饰名词
They are clever boys. I prefer long hair.
修饰动词、 修饰动词、形容词
It really sounds nice. They work very hard.
Choose the best answers.
  1.He speaks English well indeed,but of course not A a native speaker. ? A.as fluently as B.more fluent than ? C.so fluent as D.much fluently than B ?
  2. I must be getting fat, I canput on my trousers . ? A.fairly B.hardly C.nearly D.Seldom C ?
  3. Look, the kids are listening to their teacher . ? A. careless B. careful C. carefully D. care D ?
  4. Please be



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