中考题库 27 常识 选择题
  1.(2010 宁德中考) ? Can’t you see the sign? ? Oh, I see. It means that I can’t turn right.
【解析】选 C
  2.(2010 枣庄中考) Go along this street, turn left at the second crossing and the post office is on your left.
【解析】选 B
  3.( 2010 徐州中考)Which of the following pictures means “Please don’t take photos here .”?
【解析】选 C
  4.( 2010 漳州中考) It’s dangerous to cross the street when you see the sign “”
【解析】选 C
  4. (2009?济南中考) Which of the following is for the 11th National Games?
【解析】选 C
  5. (2009?烟台中考) ?Look at the four signs. Which sign tells us the way out of a building?
- 1 -
-It’s .
【解析】选 C。exit 是“出口”的意思。
  6. (2009?漳州中考) Which of the following signs tells us to be careful with the wet floor?
【解析】选 A

  7. (2009?莆田中考) ?What does the sign -It means “”. A. Don’t touch 【解析】选 B B. Don’t litter
C. Don’t push

  8. (2009?义乌中考) What would the girl probably say to the boy in the picture on the right? A. It’s good to do some sport. B. Why not drink some water? C. You’d betted go to bed now. D. You should go to see a doctor. 【解析】选 D
  9. (2009?宿迁中考)?Can I park my car here? ?No, look at the sign. Which sign does the second speaker refer to (指)?
- 2 -
【解析】 选 D
  10. (2009?锦州中考) -May I put my car here? -Sorry, you mustn’t. Look at the sign, it says “”. A. NO PHOTOS C. DANGEROUS 【解析】选 B
  11. (2009?阜康中考) ?What does the sign -It means . A. Plant trees. 【解析】选 C
  12. (2009?山东中考) Which sign means “rainy”? B. Be careful. C. Save water. D. Take care of the earth mean? B. NO PARKING D. NO RIGHT TURN
【解析】选 C
  13. (2009?孝感中考) The sign with the words “” is often found in a hospital or a library. A. KEEP QUIET 【解析】选 A
  14. (2009?锦州中考) -May I put my car here? -Sorry, you mustn’t. Look at the sign,it says “”. A. NO PHOTOS C. DANGEREUS 【解析】选 B
  15. (2009?天水中考) Which of the following pictures means “No Talking”? B. NO PARKING D. NO RIGHT TURN B. NO PHOTOS C. NO PARKING D. STOP
【解析】选 D 16 (2009?义乌中考) -Yiwu is short of water now
- 3 -
-Yes I think it s very important for us to . A. waste water C. make the water dirty 【解析】选 B
  17.(2008?徐州中考) Which sign will you probably see in front of a low door? A. SOLD OUT 【解析】选 D
  18. (2008?长春中考) Which picture means “He (She) has a headache”? B. WET FLOOR C. NO EXIT D. MIND YOUR HEAD B. save and protect water D. throw the rubbish into the river

【解析】选 C
  19. (2008?宜昌中考) -Excuse me, please look at the sign . -Sorry, I didn’t see it. I’m putting out the cigarette. A. NO SMOKING C. NO ENTERING 【解析】选 A
  20. (2008?宿迁中考) I’ll have a picnic with some friends in Zhangshan Forest Park if it is tomorrow. B. NO PARKING D. NO SWIMMING
【解析】选 C。根据关键信息“I’ll have a picnic with some friends in Zhangshan Forest Park”可 知正确答案为 C。
  21. (2008?十堰中考) Which of the following signs can be seen on the door of a shopping mall?
A. 【解析】选 C
- 4 -
- 5 -


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   时间安排:3-4 月,单词+1 篇阅读 5-8 月 真题+少量单词+1 篇阅读 9-12 月 真题+循环往复的单词 最后 10 天 作文+单词 我是从 09 年 3 月开始准备考研,那时候也没什 么事,我也不考数学,所以从 3 月开始就在看单词。 我用的是新东方红色那本,个人感觉不错,高频词汇 突出,有复习重点。 那个时候因为是大三, 还是要上课的, 所以每天 给自己规定的是看 1 个 LIST 的单词(一共 49 个) , 但是因为贪玩,经常会完不成。另外,每天一篇阅读 我是从那个时候就开 ...

新概念英语第二册 (69)

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   1. 充满…的 be full of 2. 2. 听 listen to 3. 一瓶… a bottle of 4. 4. 从…到… from…to… 5. 把这些新书发给同学们 give these new books to your classmates6. 把这些苹果 放到篮子里 put these apples into the basket7. 把这些课桌带到教室去 take these desks to the classroom8. 把这些篮子放到那边 put these ba ...


   songs from a secret garden ★★★★★ 这是神秘园[Secret Garden]95年发表的一张专辑,在我印象里这是最经典的一张。 这首曲子异常伤感,凄美,舒缓,充满了思忆,不经意之间流露出些许多的忧愁,令人不得不沉醉于其中,堪称经典~!!! http://www.haimen.org/mp3/garden1/songfrm03.mp3 Indescribable Night ★★★★★ 这是Kate St John给我的第一印象。她似那游离在梦幻国度的折翼天使,一 ...


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