中考题库 3 一、选择题

  1.(2010?晋江中考) --Which do you prefer, tea or coffee? -- is OK.I don’t care. A. Either 【解析】选 A
  2.(2010?通化中考)?Look ,that’s Mike,your classmate. --Yes.Let’s go and say hello to. A. him 【解析】选 A
  3.(2010?黄冈中考)?Look! Do you know man under the tree? --Sorry .It’s too far to see clearly. A.this;him 【解析】选 D
  10.长沙中考)?Which of the caps will you take? --I’ll take ,one for my father ,the other for my brother. A.neither 【解析】选 B
  10.长沙中考)?Who helped you clean the classroom yesterday? --.I cleaned it all by myself. A.Somebody 【解析】选 B
  6.(2010?扬州市中考)?Can I have some more ice cream,Mum? --Sorry. There is left in the fridge. A.none 【解析】选 B
  7.(2010?成都中考)?Excuse me .I want to buy some stamps.Where can I find a post office? --I know not far from here.You can easily find . A.that;it B.it;one C.one;it
- 1 -
B. Neither
C. Both
C.no one D.anything
【解析】选 C
  8.(2010?成都中考)of the hats suited him,so Jack had to try on the third one. A.Neither 【解析】选 A
  9.(2010?荆州中考)?Is the woman a teacher? ?Yes. She teaches English. A.you 【解析】选 B
  10(2010?成都中考)?Have you got ready for the sports meeting? --Not yet.We still haveto do. A. anything; nothing 【解析】选 C
  11. (2009?河北中考) Sam looks like his Dad. They are tall. A. either B. any C. all D. both B. something; everything C. everything; something B.us C.our D.your B.Either C.Both
【解析】选 D。考查不定代词 both 的用法。由题中的关键词 Sam 和 his Dad 可知是两个人, 故选 D。
  12. (2009?烟台中考) ?Is there in today’s menu? -Yes, we have Beijing Duck. A. anything special C. nothing special 【解析】选 A
  13. (2009?绍兴中考) ?Does know the answer to the question? -Me. A. everybody B. anybody C. somebody D. nobody B. special anything D. special nothing
【解析】选 B。考查不定代词 anybody 的用法。四个选项都是不定代词,根据题意“有人知 道这个问题的答案吗?”可排除 A、D 二项;另因为这是一个一般疑问句,故排除 C 选 B。
  14. (2009?连云港中考) -I’m afraid I’ll fail in this exam. -Come on, Philip. You must believe in . That’s the secret of success. A. yourself 【解析】选 A
- 2 -
B. himself
C. herself
D. myself

  15. (2009?安徽中考) ?I’m leaving for the exam. Bye-bye, Mum. -Well, make sure you’ve got ready. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing
【解析】选 C。考查不定代词 everything 的用法。结合题意“确保你准备好了每件东西”可选 C。
  16. (2009?龙岩中考) ?What are you looking for, Sally? -I’m looking for my pen. I can’t find anywhere. A. one 【解析】选 B
  17. (2009?安徽中考) ?Are Jim and Bob playing outside? -. They are doing their homework in the study. A. Either B. Both C. Neither D. None B. it C. this
【解析】 C。 选 考查不定代词 neither 的用法。 结合关键信息“They are doing their homework in the study.”可知是对两者(Jim 和 Bob)在外面玩的否定,要填 neither。故排除 A、B、D 三项, 选 C。
  18. (2009?枣庄中考) Friends like you make a lot easier to get along in a new place. A. me 【解析】选 D
  19. (2009?北京中考) My sister has two skirts. One is yellow, is black. A. other B. another C. others D. the other B. that C. you D. it
【解析】选 D。根据关键词 One 可以联想到 one … the other …的用法,故排除 A、B、C 三 项,选 D。
  20. (2009?宁夏中考) -Can you come on Monday or Tuesday? -I’m afraid day is possible. A. neither 【解析】选 A
  21. (2009?宁夏中考) Things made by hand are usually more expensive than produced in factories. A. these 【解析】选D
- 3 -
B. either
C. some
D. any
B. this
C. that
D. those

  22. (2009?河南中考) -What a nice MP5! Whose is it? -It’s A. me . My father bought it for me. B. him C. his D. mine
  3),我爸爸为我买的”可知要用名词性物主代词, 故排除A、B、C三项,选D。
  23. (2009?齐齐哈尔中考) Which is more useful, listening or speaking? -I think of them are useful. A. none 【解析】选 B
  24. (2009?阜康中考) -Who is the best friend of at school? -I think Helen is. We often help each other. A. mine B. his C. yours D. hers B. both C. all
【解析】选 C。考查名词性物主代词在具体语境中的运用。四个选项分别意为“我的”、“他 的”、“你的”、“她的”,结合题意“谁是你学校里最好的朋友”可排除 A、B、D 三项,选 C。
  25. (2009?江西中考) ?Which of the two T-shirts will you take? -I’ll take , one for my brother, the other for myself. A. either B. neither C. all D. both
【解析】 D。 选 由关键信息“one for my brother, the other for myself”可知“我将买这两件 T 恤”, 故排除 A、B、C 三项,选 D。
  26. (2009?苏州中考) Millie gave a baby cat yesterday that hurt when it fell from the tree. A. me; it 【解析】选 C
  27. (2009?重庆中考) All of us find necessary to take exercise every day. A. this B. that C. it D. them B. myself; itself C. me; itself D. myself; it
【解析】选 C。“find it +形容词+不定式”结构表示“发现干某事……”,其中 it 作形式宾语, 真正的宾语是后面的动词不定式。
  28. (2009?重庆中考) ?Linda, help to some fruits. -Thank you! A. you B. yours C. yourself
- 4 -
D. yourselves
【解析】 C。 选 四个选项都是代词, 由关键信息 help 和 to some fruit 可联想到 help oneself (随 便吃/喝……)结构,故排除 A、B、D 三项,选 C。
  29. (2009?南充中考) She is a student and name is Kate. A. she 【解析】选 B
  30. (2009?北京中考) Mr. Wang is very friendly, and like him very much. A. we B. us C. our D. ours B. her C. hers
【解析】选 A。考查人称代词的用法。根据题意“王先生非常友好,我们非常喜欢他”可排除 B、C、D 三项,故选 A。
  31. (2009?安顺中考) College students are old enough to teach . A. them 【解析】选 C
  32. (2009 湖北黄石) I asked her for orange juice, but she didn’t have . A. any; any 【解析】选 B
  33. (2008?河北中考) Look at the photo. The girl beside is Nancy. A. I B. my C. me D. mine B. some; any C. some; some D. any; some B. their C. themselves D. they
【解析】选 C。beside 是介词,后面接人称代词的宾格形式作宾语。故选 C。
  34. (2008?大连中考) My father is a teacher. saved four students from a falling building in the earthquake (地震). A. He 【解析】选 A
  35. (2008?山西中考) Miss Li is music teacher. We all like her very much. A. we B. us C. our B. I C. She D. You
【解析】选 C。三个选项分别意为“我们(主格)”、“我们(宾格)”、“我们的”,根据题意 “李小姐是我们的音乐老师,我们都非常喜欢她”可选出正确答案为 C。
  36. (2008?襄樊中考) -Is this your pencil case, Tim? -No, it isn’t, is over there. A. Mine 【解析】选 A
- 5 -
B. My
C. Myself
D. I

  37. (2008?南京中考) His name is James but he calls Jim. A. his B. himself C. him D. 不填
【解析】选 B。考查反身代词的用法。前三个选项分别意为“他的”、“他自己”、“他”,根据 题意“他的名字是 James,但是他叫他自己 Jim”可排除 A、C、D 三项,选 B。
  38. (2008?宁波中考) I guess Tom and his sister Celia enjoyed at the party. A. myself B. himself C. herself D. themselves
【解析】选 D。考查 enjoy oneself/ oneselves 短语。四个选项分别意为“我自己”、“他自己”、 “她自己”、“他们自己”,因为题中 Tom 和他的妹妹 Celia 是两个人,故用 themselves。enjoy oneself/ oneselves 意为“过得愉快”。
  39. (2008?长沙中考) There are many tall buildings on sides of the street. A. either B. all C. both
【解析】选 C。考查 either, all 和 both 的辨析。either 指“两者中任一的”,both 指“两者都”, all 指“所有的”。由于 sides 是复数,又指街道,故指两边,应选 C。
  40. (2008?苏州中考) She has written a lot of books, but are good ones. A. any B. some C. few D. many
【解析】选 C。考查 any, some, few 和 many 的辨析。此题中的 but 表示转折关系,结合题意 “她已经写了许多书,但是几乎没有好的”,可选出正确答案为C。few 表示否定意义,符合 题意。
  41. (2008?哈尔滨中考) Believe yourself. You’re better than . You’re the best. Wish you success! A. anyone else 【解析】选 A
  42. (2008?攀枝花中考) ?What else do you want? ? else. I think I have got everything now. A. Something B. Everything C. Nothing D. Anything B. someone else C. else anyone
【解析】选 C。something,anything 和 nothing 都意为“一些”,其区别是:something 用在肯 定句中,anything 用在否定句和疑问句中,而 nothing 用在肯定形式的否定句中。Everything 意为“每件事情”,用在肯定句中。结合关键信息“I think I have got everything now.”可排除 A、 B、D 三项,选 C。
  43. (2008?扬州中考) is watching TV. Turn it off, will you?
- 6 -
A. Nobody 【解析】选 A
B. Somebody
C. Anybody
D. Everybody

  44. (2008?海南中考) - does your father do? -He is a policeman. A. What 【解析】选 A
  45. (2008?安徽中考) ?Who is singing in the next room? - must be Marie. A. It B. She C. This D. There B. Why C. How
【解析】选 A。it 在本题中指代陌生人或不知道人的性别时, 故选 A。
  46. (2008?湖北中考) Your MP4 is quite cheap. Where did you buy ? I want to buy , too. A. one; one B. it; it C. it; one D. one; it
【解析】选 C。考查代词 it 和 one 的辨析。it 代替上文提到的 MP
  4,one 泛指“一个 MP4”, 故选 C。
  47. (2008?宜昌中考) -They are discussing what to do for the disabled. - is necessary to provide them with more positions. A. That B. This C. It D. There
【解析】 C。 选 考查 it 作形式主语。 题中真正的主语是后面的动词不定式短语 to provide them with more positions。故正确答案为 C。
  48. (2007?济南中考) ?Who’s that speaking ? -. A. This is Jack speaking C. Jack is me B. I am speaking D. I am Jack
【解析】 A。 选 从问句“Who’s that speaking?”可知这是打电话的常用语, 回答时要用“This is … speaking.”代替“I am … speaking.”,故排除 B、C、D 三项,选 A。
  49. (2007?金华中考) -Would you like some bread or cookies? -, thanks. I don’t have any food before going to bed. A. Any 【解析】选 D
- 7 -
B. None
C. Either
D. Neither

  50. (2007?重庆中考) This English newspaper is very easy for the students because there are new words in it. A. little B. a little C. few D. a few
【解析】选 C。little 和 a little 用来修饰不可数名词,few 和 a few 用来修饰可数名词;little 和 few 意思是“几乎没有”,含有否定意义,a little 和 a few 意思是“有点儿”,含有肯定意义。 结合题意“对于学生来说,这份英文报纸很容易”可知“这份英文报纸里面几乎没有生词”,故 正确答案为 C。
  51. (2007?山西省) It rained heavily this morning, but of my classmates were late for school. A. neither 【解析】选 B
  52. (2007?河南中考) ?Barbara, where do you work? -I work for a company sells cars. A. which B. where C. what D. who B. none C. all
【解析】选 A。考查关系代词 which 的用法。四个选项中,除了 C 之外,都可以引导定语 从句。由表示物的先行词 company 可知用 which,故舍 B、D,选 A。
  53. (2007?哈尔滨中考) ?Harbin is really a beautiful city and there’re many places of interest. -So it is. Why not stay here for two days. A. other B. others C. another
【解析】 C。 选 表示“另外的两天”应该用 another two days, 分析三个选项可知正确答案为 C。
  54. (2007?包头中考) You should express your thanks by returning the kindness when you get help from . A. other B. another C. others D. the other
【解析】 C。 选 考查 other, others, the other 和 another 的辨析。 other 泛指“别的、 其他的”, 用 在单数名词或复数名词的前面;others 泛指“其他的人或物(复数)”,常用于“some …, others ….”结构; other 特指“两个中的另一个”, the 通常与 one 搭配使用, 构成 one … the other; another 泛指“三者或三者以上的另一个。分析比较


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