中考题库 5 选择题
  1.(2010 ?中考) Jenny, put on your coat A. but B. and C. or D. so
you will catch a cold.
【解析】选 C
  2.(2010?内江中考)?What do you think of this skirt? --It’s beautiful and it fits we well,I like it very much. A.since 【解析】选 B A.taught B.has taught C.is taught D.has been taught B.so C.but

  3.(2010?南京中考)-I don’t think your uncle really like drama series. --No,he still watches the programe A.and 【解析】选 D
  4.(2010?宿迁中考) they are twin brothers, they don’t look like each other. A. Though 【解析】选 A
  5.(2010?上海中考)Money is important ,it can’t buy everything. A.for 【解析】选 B
  6.(2010?成都中考)I won’t be able to understand what you say,you speak too quickly. A.if 【解析】选 C
  7.(2010?黄冈中考)?Wang Jinquan,a teacher from Qichun,has supported many poor students to college. --he himself lives a plain(相素的)life. A.So 【解析】选 B
  8.(2010?湖州中考)?Is everyone here today?
- 1 -
B. Since
C. However
D. When
--No.Tom is at homehe has got a bad cold. A.because 【解析】选 A
  9.(2010?通化中考)?What is our head teacher like,do you know? --Oh,he is very kind he looks very serious. A.because 【解析】选 B
  10.(2010?山西中考)In summer , food goes bad easily it is put in the refrigerator. A. until 【解析】选 C
  11. (2009?河北中考) they may not succeed, they will try their best. A. Though B. When C. Because D. Unless B. if C. unless B.though C.if D.when B.if C.until D.unless
【解析】选 A。考查 though 引导的让步状语从句。结合题意“尽管他们不可能成功,但是他 们将尽全力”可排除 B、C、D 三项,故正确答案为 A。
  12. (2009?龙岩中考) Maria didn’t catch the last bus, she had to walk home. A. because 【解析】选 B
  13. (2009?北京中考) Money is important it’s not the most important thing. A. and B. but C. or D. so B. so C. but
【解析】 B。 选 考查 but 的用法。 结合“Money is important”和“it’s not the most important thing.” 前后两句之间的关系可排除 A、C、D 三项,故选 B。
  14. (2009?义乌中考) Don’t forget to wash your hands you have meals. A. until 【解析】选 B
  15. (2009?安徽中考) Linda tried to become an excellent teacher, at last she succeeded. A. so B. or C. but D. and B. before C. when D. while
【解析】选 D。考查 and 的用法。结合题意“琳达尽力变成一名优秀的教师,最后她成功了” 可排除 A、B、C 三项,选 D。
  16. (2009?施恩中考) He will come here right away he hears the news. A. so B. as soon as C. because
- 2 -
D. though
【解析】选 B
  17. (2009?兰州中考) You’d better look up the new word in a dictionary you don’t know it. A. if B. that C. though D. whether
【解析】选 A。考查 if 引导的条件状语从句。结合题意“如果你不知道那个新词,你最好在 字典里查阅它”可排除 B、C、D 三项,选 A。
  18. (2009?南昌中考) Help others whenever you can you’ll make the world a nicer place to live. A. and 【解析】选 A
  19. (2009?绵阳中考) She can speak little English she dare to talk with foreigners. A. so 【解析】选 D
  20. (2009?绵阳中考) My uncle has been taught in this school he was twenty years old. A. since B. for C. until D. after B. or C. as D. but B. or C. unless D. but
【解析】选 A。考查 since 引导的时间状语从句。结合题意“我的叔叔自从二十岁以来就一直 在这所学校教书”可排除 B、C、D 三项,选 A。
  21. The little boy is young he can’t go to school. A. enough; to 【解析】选 C
  22. (2009?孝感中考) Switzerland is very small, it is the land of watch and it is very rich. A. Though; but B. Because; so C. Because; / D. Though; / B. too; to C. so; that D. such; that
【解析】选D。though和but, because和so不能同时用在一个句子中,先排除A、B二项;另结 合题意“虽然瑞士非常小,但是它是手表之乡,且很富有”可舍C选D。
  23. (2009?东营中考) Remember to return the book to the school library in time, you will be fined (罚款). A. or B. and C. but D. then
【解析】选 A。考查 or 在“祈使句+or+简单句”结构中的运用。题意为“记得按时把书归还给 图书馆,否则你将被罚款”。or 是连词,意为“否则”。 24 (2009?德州中考) Henry’s mother his father speaks English. They
- 3 -
both speak Chinese. A. Either; or B. Neither; nor C. Both; and D. Not only; but also
【解析】选 B。考查 neither … nor 的用法。结合关键信息“They both speak Chinese.”可知题 意为“亨利的母亲和父亲都不说英语”,故排除 A、C、D 三项,选 B。
  25. (2009? 兰 州 中 考 ) Tom Mary speaks good Chinese, so they can communicate with these Chinese students very well. A. Neither; nor C. Both; and B. Not only; but also D. Either; or
【解析】选 B。考查 not only … but also …的用法。结合题意“不但汤姆而且玛丽说汉语很流 利,因此他们能和这些中国学生很好的交流”可排除 A、C、D 三项,选 B。
  26. (2008?扬州中考)Work hard, you’11 pass the English exam this time. A. or B. but C. because D. and
【解析】选 D。考查连词 and 在“祈使句+and+结果句”句式中的运用。根据题意“努力学习, 你会通过这次英语考试”应选 D。
  27. (2008?长沙中考) -Was the boy saved? -No. The doctors tried their best, they failed A. and 【解析】选 C
  28. (2008?南昌中考) We’re going to the bookstore. You can come with us you can meet us there later. A. and B. but C or D. then B. so C. but
【解析】选 C。考查 or 的用法。or 在此表示“或者”,选择 C。
  29. (2008?恩施中考) Lucy Lily may go dancing with you, because they are not allowed to go out on school nights. A. Either; or 【解析】选 B
  30. (2008?徐州中考) I don’t like bread. I won’t eat it I am very hungry. A. if B. when C. as D. unless B. Neither; nor C. Both; and D. Not only; but also
【解析】选 D。考查 unless 的用法。四个选项都可以引导状语从句,根据题意“我不喜欢面 包,我永不吃它,除非我非常饿了”可选出正确答案。
- 4 -

  31. ( 2008?恩施中考) I can’t still understand the passage there are few new words in it. A. so 【解析】选 D
  32. (2008?宁波中考) It’s a serious problem. We can’t decide Mr. Harris comes back. A. while B. since C. until D. so B. because C. if D. though
【解析】选 C。考查 until 的用法。根据题意“这是个严重的问题,直到 Harris 回来我们才能 决定”可选 C。not….until…意为“直到……才”。
  33. (2008?烟台中考) Mr. Black comes from America, and he has studied Chinese in China for 5 years, so you can talk with him . B. not in Chinese but in English D. neither in Chinese nor in English
A. either in English or in Chinese C. just in English not in Chinese
【解析】选 A。考查 either...or…。由题意“布莱克先生来自美国,他已在中国学汉语 5 年了”可知“他既能讲英语又能讲汉语”,故选 A。
  34. (2008?北京中考) It’s a nice house it hasn’t got a garden. A. and 【解析】选 C
  35. (2008?襄樊中考) -When are you going to tell Henry the good news. - he comes back. A. Since B. As soon as C. Because D. Until B. or C. but D. so
【解析】选 B。考查 as soon as 的用法。由答语“他一回来我就告诉他这个好消息”可知正确 答案为 B。
  36. (2008?绍兴中考) I like watching CCTV 4 it can help me learn more about the world. A. if B. because C. though D. until
【解析】选 B。考查 because 的用法。四个选项分别意为“如果”、“因为”、“尽管”、“直到…… 为止”,结合题意可选 B。
  37. (2007?辽宁十二中考) I could speak Japanese Chinese, so I had to talk with him in English. A. not only; but also C. neither; nor B. both; and D. either; or
- 5 -
【解析】选 C
  38. (2007?重庆市课改区中考)Tony is a clever boy, he usually fails in Chinese exams. A. so 【解析】选 B
  39. (2007?潜江、 仙桃、 江汉、 油田中考) When someone is ill, he she should try to smile at life. A. and B. but C. or D. so B. but C. or D. because
【解析】选 C。考查 or 的用法。根据题意“当有人生病时,他或她应该尽量笑对生活”可知 本题要用 or 表示选择关系,故排除 A、B、D 三项,正确答案为 C。
  40. (2007?河南中考) Tom, keep away from the fire, you will get hurt. A. and 【解析】选 C B. so C. or D. but
- 6 -


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