中考题库 6 一、选择题

  1.(2010?自贡中考)?Good morning ,madam. Can I help you? --Sure, I’d like for cooking vegetables. A. two cups of tea 【解析】选 C
  2. (2010?无锡中考)Nearly of the earth covered by sea. A. three fourth; is C. three fourth; are 【解析】选 B
  3.(2010?黄冈中考)?We’ll be back for our school’s anniversary ceremony. --I see. That means you’ll have a get-together with your classmates in years . A. fifteen; seven 【解析】选 B
  4.(2010?聊城中考)?Which class won the match in the end? --I’m not quite sure. Perhaps did. A. Class Third 【解析】选 C
  5.(2010?莱芜中考)There are people in the supermarket. It's so crowded. A.hundred 【解析】选 D
  6. (2010?铜仁中考) number of the students in our school is about nine . of them are The boys. A. hundred; Two thirds C. hundreds; Two thirds 【解析】选 A
  7. (2010?定西中考)( them succeeded. A. Million of B. Many million of C. One million of
- 1 -
B. three pieces of bread
C. five kilos of oil
B. three fourths; is D. three fourths; are
B. fifteenth; seven
C. fifteen; seventh D. fifteenth; seventh
B. Third Class
C. Class Three
D. Three Class
C.hundred of
D.hundreds of
B. hundred; Two third D. hundreds; Two third
girls took part in the Happy Girl Competition but only few of
D. Millions of
【解析】选 D
  8.(2010?达州中考) A. Two hundreds 【解析】选 C
  9.(2010?天津中考)Because of Project Hope, children have better lives. A. thousand 【解析】选 D
  10. ( 2010? 咸 宁 中 考 ) The the morning of May 25, 2010 A. Fifty; in; in 【解析】选 B
  11. (2009?孝感中考) -There is a wrong word in line . -Where? -In the line. A. two; two B. two; second C. second; two D. second; second B. Fiftieth; on; in World Table Tennis Championship began Moscow, Russia. C. Fiftieth; in; on D. Fifty; on; in B. thousands C. thousand of D. thousands of trees have been planted near here, so the air is very fresh. B. Hundred of C. Hundreds of D. Hundreds
【解析】选B。表示“在二/三排”应用in line two/ three或in the second/ third line两种表达方式。 分析比较四个选项可排除A、C、D三项,故选B。
  12. (2009?连云港中考) -I hear your pen friend is visiting Lianyungang again. Is it the time for him? -Yes, and he will come for a third time next spring. A. first 【解析】选 B
  13. (2009?东营中考) years ago, very large animals called dinosaurs in some areas of the world. A. Many million; have been living C. Several millions of; are alive B. Million; had lived D. Millions of; lived B. second C. third D. fourth
【解析】选 D。表示“百万年以前”用 millions of years ago,由此可先排除 B;另 million 前面 有 several 时其后不能加-s,也不能加 of,由此 C 也错误;另结合题意“数百万年以前,被叫 作恐龙的巨物生活在世界的某些区域”可知第二个空要用一般过去时。
  14. (2009?哈尔滨中考) -Good news! Bill won medal in the long jump just now.
- 2 -
-Really? That’s his one at our sports meeting. A. a; four B. an; fourth C. a; fourth
【解析】选 C。medal 是以辅音音素开头的单词,先排除 B;另结合题意可知第二个空要用 序数词,故舍 A 选 C。
  15. (2009?长沙中考) Father’s Day is on Sunday of June. A. three 【解析】选 C
  16. (2009?贵阳中考) “What time do you usually get up, John?” “I usually get up at .” A. half past six B. half to six C. half after six B. third C. the third
【解析】 A。 30 的正确表达为 half past six; 当分钟数小于或等于 30 分钟时, 选
  6: 结构是“分 钟+past+该点钟“意思是“几点过几分”;如果分钟大于
  30,就用 to 来表示,结构是“分钟+to+ 下一点钟”意思是“差几分到几点”;注意 15 分钟可以用 quarter 来表达,而 30 分钟可以用 half 来表达。
  17. (2009?泰安中考) It is reported that the H1N1 flu. A. several thousands of C. thousands of B. ten thousands D. thousands people in the world are suffering from
【解析】选 C。当 thousand 前面有具体的数字时,后面不能加-s,也不能加 of,反之其前面 有具体的数字时,后面要加-s,加 of。故排除 A、B、D 三项,选 C。
  18. (2009?宿迁中考) Today is my mother’s birthday. I will buy her a gift. A. fourteen 【解析】选 D
  19. (2009?广东中考) A war took place in . A. the 1720’s B. 1720s C. 1720’s D. the 1720 B. fourteenth C. forty D. fortieth
【解析】选 A。考查年代的表示法。表示“在十八世纪二十年代”要用 in the 1720’s,故正确 答案为 A。
  20. (2008?泰州中考) It’s not easy for trailwalkers to finish walking a trail within 48 hours. A. 100-kilometre B. 100-kilometres C. 100 kilometres D. 100 kilometres’
【解析】选 A。考查“数词+单数名词”的用法。数词用连字符号加上名词的单数形式常常构
- 3 -
成复合形容词,用来修饰名词。故正确答案为 A。
  21. (2008?攀枝花中考) There were about six students in the school building during the earthquake, and of them didn’t run out. A. hundred, two third C. hundreds, two thirds B. hundred, two thirds D. hundreds, two third
【解析】选 B。考查 hundred 的用法和分数的表示方法。hundred 前面有具体的数字时,后 面不能加-s,先排除 C、D;另分数中的分子大于 1 时,分母要用复数形式,故舍 A 选 B。
  22. (2008?汕头中考) The old man began to learn to drive a car at the age of A. sixty B. the sixtieth C. sixty years old D. sixties .
【解析】选 A。“在 60 岁时”用英语意为 at the age of sixty。故正确答案为 A。
  23. (2008?陕西中考)?Peter, how old is your father this year? -. And we just had a party for his birthday last weekend. A. Fortieth; forty 【解析】选 C
  24. (2008?无锡中考) About of the workers in the factory were born in the . A. two-thirds; 1970 C. two-third; 1970 B. two-thirds; 1970s D. two-third; 1970 B. Forty; forty C. Forty; fortieth D. Fortieth; fortieth
【解析】选 B。考查分数和年代的表达法。表示分数“三分之二”用 two thirds,另表示“二十 世纪七十年代”时用 in the 1970s,故正确答案为 B。
  25. (2008?山西中考) ?Excuse me, how many students are there in your art club? ?There are . A. twelve B. twelfth C. the twelfth
【解析】 A。 选 考查基数词的用法。 根据问句题意“打扰了, 在你的艺术俱乐部有多少学生?” 可知本题要用基数词,故正确答案为 A。
  26. (2008?恩施中考) -How old is your daughter? -. We had a special party for her birthday last week. A. Ninth; ninth B. Nine; nine C. Ninth; nine D. Nine; ninth
【解析】选 D。根据问句“How old is your daughter?”可知第一个空要用基数词;结合题意“我 们上周有一个特殊的聚会为她的第九个生日”可知第二个空要用序数词。故正确答案为 D。
  27. (2008?长沙中考) All the teachers live on floor.
- 4 -
A. the second 【解析】选 A
B. two
C. second

  28. (2008?宿迁中考) The work is too difficult for Mr. Zhu to finish in a week. He needs days. A. more two B. two more C. two another D. another more
【解析】选 B。根据前面的题意“对于朱先生来说,那项工作在一周内很难完成”和所给选项 可知本题考查“基数词+more”或“another+基数词”的用法。分析比较四个选项可知 A、C、D 都是错误的,故正确答案为 B。
  29. (2008?鸡西中考) soldiers and doctors have been in Wenchuan to help the people there. A. Thousand of 【解析】选 C
  30. (2008?哈尔滨中考) Shanghai has opened its TV chapel (频道) that sends programs in foreign languages. -Great! I can improve my English over it. A. first B. a first C the first B. Two thousands C. Thousands of
【解析】选 A。形容词性物主代词出现后序数词前不加任何冠词,故选 A。
  31. (2008?厦门中考) The letter in the word “develop” is “v”. A. second 【解析】选 B
  32. (2007?怀化中考) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, book of the series (系列), will be for sale on July 21, 20
  07. A. seventh B. the seventh C. seven B. third C. fifth
【解析】选 B。在序数词前要加定冠词 the,先排除 A;另结合题意“《哈利?波特与死亡圣 器》,《哈利?波特》系列的第七本书在 2007 年 7 月 21 日待售”可舍 C 选 B。
  33. (2007?黄冈中考) -How old is your son? -. We had a special party for his birthday last Sunday. A. Nine; ninth 【解析】选 A
  34. (2007?长沙中考) ?What do you think of the new book?
- 5 -
B. Nine; nine
C. Ninth; nine
D. Ninth; ninth
-There are so many new words in chapter (章节)。It’s a bit hard. A. fifth B. five C. the fifth
【解析】选 C。表示“第几”时要用序数词,且前面要加定冠词 the。结合题意“在第五节里有 如此多的生词”可排除 A、B 二项,正确答案为 C。
  35. (2007?广元中考) ?Sandy, our son is 9 years old tomorrow. -Oh, yes. We should have a party for his birthday. A. nine 【解析】选 B 二、填空题
  1. (2009?河北中考) This is our (三) time to plant trees. 【答案】填 third
  2. (2009?江苏中考) Cindy told me it was her (第二) time to visit Jiangxinzhou Island during Grape Festival. 【答案】填 second/2nd
  3. (2009?临沂中考) Their apartment is on the (seven) floor of the building. 【答案】填 seventh
  4. (2009?常州) His 【答案】填 first
  5. (2009?恩施中考) He is going to celebrate his (forty) birthday this Saturday. 【答案】填 fortieth (one) name is Mike. But I don’t know his family name. B. ninth C. the ninth
- 6 -


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