2011 年中考英语复习专题二十三 反疑句
  1.(2010 三亚中考)He hardly hurt himself in the accident? A. doesn’t he 【解析】选 C
  2. (2010 巴中中考) Let’s search the Internet for some information about famous people,? A. will you 【解析】选 C
  3. (2010 苏州市)Eric’s never seen a three-D movie at the cinema,? A.hasn’t he 【解析】选 B
  4.-(2010 兰州市)--He didn’t go to the lecture this morning, did he? . Though he was not feeling very well. A. No, he didn’t. C. No, he did. 【解析】选 B
  5. (2010 常州市)?He’s already back to Australia, ? ? . He is on a visit to Shanghai. A. isn’t he; No C. isn’t he; Yes 【解析】选 A
  6. (2010 娄底中考) ?She doesn’t like geography, does she?? ? .?? A. Yes, she does 【解析】选 A
  7. (2010 绥化中考) He’s flown to Hainan for a holiday, he? A. isn’t 【解析】选 B
  8. Let’s go skating,? OK. Let’s go. (2010 湖北十堰市) A. do you 【解析】选 D
  9. (2009?滨州中考) ?There is little milk in the milk bag, there? -OK. I’ll get you a new bag. B. don’t you C. will you D. shall we B. hasn’t C. wasn’t B. Yes, she doesn’t C. No, she does B. hasn’t he; Yes D. hasn’t he; No B. Yes, he did. D. Yes, he didn’t. B.has he C.isn’t he D.is he B. won’t you C. shall we B. didn’t he C. did he D. does he
A. is 【解析】选 A
B. isn’t
C. aren’t
D. are

  10. (2009?孝感中考) Bob, you watched the fashion show last night, ? A. weren’t you B. didn’t you C. haven’t you D. won’t you
  11. (2009 山东东营) -Are you going to the picnic with us tonight? ?Yes. -You won’t be late, ? A. should you B. will you C. don’t you D. can you
【解析】 B。 选 考查祈使句的反意疑问句。 祈使句的反意疑问句后面的简略问句用 will/ won’t you,分析比较四个选项可知正确答案为 B。
  12. (2009 黑龙江绥化) There is no important information in the newspaper, ? A. isn’t there B. is it C. is there
【解析】选 C。考查 there be 结构的反意疑问句。there be 结构的反意疑问句后面的简略问句 部分仍然要用 there。分析比较三个选项,由关键词 no 可排除 A、B 二项,选 C。
  13. (2009 四川南充) There are two libraries in this city, ? A. aren’t there 【解析】选 A
  14. (2009 山东威海) Mom, my grandfather goes for a walk after supper every day, ? A. does he 【解析】选 C
  15. (2009 山东临沂) Liu Qian has made “magic” a hot word, he? A. doesn’t 【解析】选 C
  16. (2009?山东中考) ?You aren’t a professional athlete, are you? -. I am just a football fan. A. Yes, I am B. No, I’m not C. Of course D. Sometimes B. didn’t C. hasn’t D. isn’t B. is he C. doesn’t he D. isn’t he B. aren’t they C. are two
【解析】选 B。考查对反意疑问句的回答。回答反意疑问句时要以事实为依据,不管问题的 提法如何。 如果事实是肯定的, 就要用 Yes, 事实是否定的, 就要用 No。 由关键信息“I am just a football fan.”可知“我不是专业运动员”,故排除 A、C、D 三项,选 B。

  17. (2009 福建福州) ?Millions of people know about Susan Boyle now, ? -, she becomes well-known because of her success on Britain’s Got Talent. A. do they; No 【解析】选 D
  18. (2009?锦州中考) He’s fed the dog and the cat, ? A. doesn’t he B. isn’t he C. wasn’t he D. hasn’t he B. do they; Yes C. don’t they; No D. don’t they; Yes
【解析】选 D。题中的 He’s 是 He has 的缩写,所以后面的简略问句要用 hasn’t he,故正确 答案为 D。
  19. (2009 安徽芜湖) John, clean your room, ? A. will you 【解析】选 A
  20. (2009 柳州) I don’t think she has gone to Beijing, ? A. has she 【解析】选 A 21 (2009 新疆) Don’t forget to give Polly some food and change her water, ? A. shall we 【解析】选 B
  22. (2008 湖南益阳) There is little juice in the glass, ? A. is there B. isn’t there C. is it B. will you C. won’t you D. do you B. hasn’t she C. do I D. don’t I B. shall we C. don’t you D. doesn’t he
【解析】选 A。考查反意疑问句。因为前面的陈述句 little 表示否定意义,故后面的简略问 句要用肯定形式,选 A。
  23. (2008 江苏宿迁) -He’s seldom late for school, ? -No. He is used to going to school early. A. isn’t he 【解析】选 D
  24. (2008 杭州) ?This bus is always late, ? -Sure, it is. A. is not it 【解析】选 B
  25. (2008 重庆) ?You’re new here, ? B. isn’t it C. isn’t the bus D. doesn’t it B. has he C. hasn’t he D. is he
-Yes, I’m from Dujiangyan. I came here last week. A. do you 【解析】选 D B. don’t you C. are you D. aren’t you


2011年中考英语复习专题二十三 反疑句

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