2011 年中考英语一轮复习专项测试题(一) 中考英语一轮复习专项测试题( 一轮复习专项测试题 Ⅰ. Choose the best answer from A,B or C according to the meaning of the sentence. ( )
  21. ?Oh, there isn’t enough for us in the lift. - It doesn’t’ matter. Let’s wait for the next. A. ground B. place C. room
( )
  22. ?A latest English newspaper, please! -Only one copy left. Would you like to have sir? A. it B. one C. this
( ) 23 .-- What do you think of the environment here? - Wonderful! of the land covered with trees and grasses A .Two fifths, is B .two fifth, is C .two fifths, are
( ) 24 -What did you get your mother Mother’s Day? -A beautiful card with “Thank you , Mom”. A . for , in B .for ,in C ,to , for
( ) 25 ?I won’t go to Ann’s birthday party this coming Saturday . - you told me you would . What’s happening? A . But B .So C. And
( )
  26. Cathy did quite in the English competition,, I did even . A. better, well B. well, well C. well, better
( )
  27. Jack said that joining the English club at school was best way to improve her English. A. / , the B. / ,/ C. the, /
( )
  28. ? Listen!Helen is singing in the next room. - It be Helen. She has gone to Beijing. A. can’t B. mustn’t C. may - If your work C. has done
( )
  29. ? Mum, can I go out and play? A. will be done B. is done
( )
  30. There’s no difference between the two words. I really don’t know . A. what to choose B. which to choose C, to choose which
( )
  31. ? You forgot the door.
? Oh, . I’ll go and close it. C. closing, nor did I
A. closing, so did I B. to close, so I did ( )
  32. We haven’t decided if . A. will we take a field trip B. we take a field trip ( )
  33. Who is the made mistakes? A. that B. what C. whom
C. we’ll take a field trip
( )
  34. ? There’s not much news in today’s newspaper, ? - Sorry, I didn’t see it. A. isn’t it B. isn’t there C. is there
( )
  35. The young man is driving so fast. it is! A. How dangerous the scene Ⅱ. Cloze test B. How a dangerous scene C. What a dangerous scene
Choose the best answer to complete the passage.
A mother gives 36 to her child. The great mother brings the baby from a dark world to the bright one. 37 does the child learn about the world? Scientists have done a lot of research on it. They came to a conclusion(结论). A child 38 the living world using five ways: to touch, to smell, to see, to hear and to 39 . To 40 : A baby reaches his pillow with his small hands. He feels soft and comfortable. To smell: A person’s nose can smell many different things. A baby can use his nose to know the world. His nose is 41 his hand. To see;the baby’s parents are always 42 him. He sees them in his eyes. He knows that it is they who give them food and love. A baby usually feels 43 about his kind mother, because his mother always cares about him. To hear: Our world is 44 sounds. Some sounds can be heard by people. But some are not. A baby can learn about the world around him in the way of 45 it. Big noises can make him 46 Of course, nice music can make him feel relaxed. To taste: A baby always likes to taste everything, his finger, his doll or 47 a piece of wood. Something tastes bitter. He will not like it. It’s very 48 to feed a baby bitter medicine. In five ways above, a baby learns more about the 49 world. Touching, smelling, seeing, hearing and 50 go well with a person’s growing up. ( )
  36. A. a name ( )
  37. A. What ( )
  38. A. studies ( )
  39. A. feel ( )
  40. A. smell ( )
  41. A. smart than ( )
  42. A. without ( )
  43. A. good ( )
  44. A. filled ( )
  45. A. listening ( )
  46. A. uncomfortable ( )
  47. A. but ( )
  48. A. easy B. a birth B. How B. learns about B. listen B. see C. a flower C. Where C. knew about C. taste C. touch C. as smarter as
B. as smart as B. together B. well B. full of B. hearing B. friendly C. yet
C. with C. worse C. like C. looking C. quiet
B. even B. good B. likely B. taste
C. hard C. lovely C. tasting
( )
  49. A. love ( )
  50. A. taster
Ⅲ. Communication A: (
(B) Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences.
, Jim. Let me introduce my friend to you, Ron. ?
B: Nice to meet you, Ron. (
  57) C: For five months. B: Do you (
  58) ?
C: Yes, I am used to staying here and using chopsticks. B: That’s good! A: We are going to a cafeteria and have some tea. (
  59) B: Sorry, I am going to meet my friend at
  00. A: That’s too bad. I hope you (
  60) B: Thank you very much. Ⅳ.Reading comprehension. (D) The people of Egypt began their new year in summer. Why? Because the river will rush down the banks of the river, and bring water to the land at that time. They wan to show their love to the river. The ancient Baylonians celebrated by forcing heir king to give up his crown and clothing. They made him get down on his knees and admit all the mistakes he has made during the past year. They think it is a good way to celebrate the New Year. Making New Year’s wishes is a common American tradition. Today, popular wishes might be the promise to lose weight, stop smoking, or harder at work. People give New Year’s wishes of their own. For example, one person decided to get a cat. Another promised to stop telling stories about other people. Different people have different wishes on New Year’s Day. Other people use New Year’s wishes to make changes in their lives. One wish might be to “stop and smell the flowers.” This means to take time to enjoy simple pleasures. Don’t work all the time and we’d better stop to take time to enjoy our happiness. Fill in the blanks according to the passage. Only on word for each blank. Different people have different ideas and ways to celebrate the New. The people of Egypt began their new year in summer. They want to show their(
  76) to the river; The (
  77) Babylonians celebrated by forcing their king to(
  78) all the mistakes he had made during the past year; Making New Year’s(
  79) is a common American tradition. And other people will use New Year’s wishes to make(
  80) in their lives. . ?


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