2011 年自考英语:自考英语 二)模拟试卷(
  1) 年自考英语:自考英语(二 模拟试卷 模拟试卷( ) 代码:0015 代码 Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure (10 points,1 point for each item) 从下列各句四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 从下列各句四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。
  1.He can't the meaning of this poem because it's too vogue. A.stick with B.work on C.work out D.refer to 【】
  2. We that the plan should be fully discussed before being put into execution. A.want B.prefer C.hope D.wish 【】
  3. Middle school students are heavily burdened home assignments. A.for B.in C.on D.with 【】
  4. , he can speak two foreign languages. A.Child as he is B.A child as he is C.Child as is he D.A child as is he 【】
  5. their differences, they fell passionately in love with each other. A.As for B.Owing to C.Despite D.Through 【】
  6. The peace talks were because of disagreement. A.put up B.held on C.put off D.slowed down 【】
  7. Different people react in different manners to psychological pressures and tensions they in their lives. A.are faced with B.are faced C.are faced in D.are faced for 【】
  8. English, they have to study a second foreign language. A.Except B.Except for C.Beside D.Besides 【】
  9. Many sleepwalkers do not seek help and so are never put on record, means that an accurate count can never be made. A.that B.it C.which D.what 【】
  10. The security department suspected him giving information to a foreign company. A.of B.at C.for D.in 【】 Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure (10 points,1 point for each item) 1C 2B 3D 4A 5C 6C 7A 8D 9C 10A Ⅱ. Cloze Test(10 points, 1 point for each item) 下列短文中有十个空白, 每个空白有四个选项。 下列短文中有十个空白, 每个空白有四个选项。 根据上下文要求选 出最佳答案 佳答案。 出最佳答案。 Yellow fever is a disease of warm lands that is found mainly along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. It was first 11 in the Americas, but may well have come from Africa and reached the New
World with or soon after Columbus. Until about fifty years ago, yellow fever was still one of the most 12 diseases in the United States, 13 many died in repeated outbreaks. An outbreak which was to lead 14 surprising developments was one that happened in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. 15 , an army group under Major Walter Reed was sent there in June, 1900 16 orders “to give special attention to questions concerning the cause and prevention of yellow fever”. In a daring group of experiments using human beings, Major Reed proved the truth of an idea advanced in 1881 by a Cuban doctor, that the city type of mosquito 17 the disease. The successful result of these experiments gave 18 to another and still more important idea: kill off the city type of mosquitoes and there will be no more yellow fever. 19 , these mosquitoes are one of the easiest types to destroy. They are 20 in pools of quiet, warm water, within a short distance to people's home.
  11.A.seen B. looked into C. noticed D. felt
  12.A.feared B. fearing C. fear D. felt
  13.A.which B. where C. that D. how
  14.A.for B. in C. to D. at
  15.A. As results B. As the result C. As result D. As a result
  16.A.for B. on C. with D. in
  17.A.passed on B. passed to C. passed over D. passed away
  18.A.time B. result C. birth D. order
  19.A.Unfortunately B. Fortunately C. Consequently D. Subsequently
  20.A.fed B. lived C. made D. born Ⅱ. Cloze Test(10 points, 1 point for each item) 11C 12A 13B 14C 15D 16C 17A 18C 19B
Ⅲ. Reading Comprehension(30 points, 2 points for each item) 从下列每篇短文的问题后所给的四个选择项中选出一个最佳答案。 从下列每篇短文的问题后所给的四个选择项中选出一个最佳答案。 Passage One Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage. Many a young person tells me he wants to be a writer. I always encourage such people, but I also explain that there's a big difference between “ being a writer ” and writing. In most cases these individuals are dreaming of wealth and fame, not the long hours
alone at a typewriter. “ You ? ve got to want to write, ” I say to them, “ not want to be a writer ” . The reality is that writing is a lonely, private and poor ? paying affair. For every writer kissed by fortune there are thousands more whose longing is never rewarded. When I left a 20 ? year career in the U.S. Coast Guard to become a freelance writer ( 自由撰稿者 ), I had no prospects at all. What I did have was a friend who found me in my room in a New York apartment building. It didn't even matter that it was cold and had no bathroom. I immediately bought a used manual typewriter and felt like a genuine writer. After a year or so, however, I still hadn ? t gotten a break and began to doubt myself. It was so hard to sell a story that barely made enough to eat. But I knew I wanted to write. I had dreamed about it for years. I wasn't going to be one of those people who die wondering, What if? I would keep putting my dream to the test ?? even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of failure. This is the Shadowland of hope, and anyone with a dream must learn to live there.
  21. The passage is meant to . A. warn young people of the hardships that a successful writer has to experience B. advise young people to give up their idea of becoming a professional writer C. show young people it's unrealistic for a writer to pursue wealth and fame D. encourage young people to pursue a writing career 【】
  22. What can be concluded from the passage? A. Genuine writers often find their work interesting and rewarding. B. A writer's success depends on luck rather than on effort. C. Famous writers usually live in poverty and isolation. D. The chances for a writer to become successful are small. 【】
  23. Why did the author begin to doubt himself after the first year of his writing career? A. He wasn't able to produce a single book. B. He hadn't seen a change for the better. C. He wasn't able to have a rest for a whole year. D. He found his dream would never come true. 【】
  24. “ ... people who die wondering, What if? ” (Line 3, para.
  3) refers to “ those ” . A. who think too much of the dark side of life B. who regret giving up their career halfway C. who think a lot without making a decision
D. who are full of imagination even upon death 【】
  25. “Shadowland” in the last sentence refers to . A. the wonderland one often dreams about B. the bright future that one is looking forward to C. the state of uncertainty before one's final goal is reached D. a world that exists only in one's imagination 【】 21A 22D 23B 24B 25C Passage Two Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage. Britain almost more than any other country in the world must seriously face the problem of building upwards, that is to say of accommodating a considerable proportion of its population in high blocks of flats. It is said that the Englishman objects to this type of existence, but if the case is such, he does in fact differ from the inhabitants of most countries of the world today. In the past our own blocks of flats have been associated with the lower-income groups and they have lacked the obvious provisions, such as central heating, constant hot water supply, electrically operated lifts from top to bottom, and so on, as well as such details, important notwithstanding (然而 as easy facilities for disposal of dust and rubbish and storage 然而), 然而 places for baby carriages on the ground floor, playgrounds for children on the top of the buildings, and drying grounds for washing. It is likely that the dispute regarding flats versus (对, 对抗 对 对抗) individual houses will continue to rage on for a long time as far as Britain is concerned. And it is unfortunate that there should be hot feelings on both sides whenever this subject is raised. Those who oppose the building of flats base their case primarily on the assumption (设想 设想)that everyone prefers an individual home and 设想 garden and on the high cost per unit of accommodation. The latter ignores the higher cost of providing full services to a scattered community and the cost in both money and time of the journeys to work for the suburban resident.
  26. We can infer from the passage that . A. English people, like most people in other countries, dislike living in flats B. people in most countries of the world today are not opposed to living in flats C. people in Britain are forced to move into high blocks of flats D. modern flats still fail to provide the necessary facilities for living 【】
  27. What is said about the blocks of flats built in the past in Britain?
A. They were mostly inhabited by people who did not earn much. B. They were usually not large enough to accommodate big families. C. They were sold to people before necessary facilities were installed. D. They provided playground for children on the top of the buildings. 【】
  28. The word “ rage ” (Line
  10) means “” . A. be ignored B. develop with great force C. encourage people greatly D. be in fashion 【】
  29. Some people oppose the building of flats because . A. the living expenses for each individual family are higher B. it involves higher cost compared with the building of houses C. they believe people like to live in houses with gardens D. the disposal of rubbish remains a problem for those living in flats 【】
  30. The author mentions that people who live in suburban houses . A. do not have access to easy facilities because they live away from the city B. have to pay a lot of money to employ people to do service work C. take longer time to know each other because they are a scattered community D. have to spend move money and time travelling to work every day 【】 26B 27A 28B 29C 30D Passage Three Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage. Brazil has become one of the developing world ? s great successes at reducing population growth - but more by accident than design. While countries such as India have made joint efforts to reduce birth rates, Brazil has had better result without really trying, says George Martine at Harvard. Brazil's population growth rate has dropped from
  2.99% a year between 1951 and 1960 to 1 ? 93% a year between 1981 and 1990, and Brazilian women now have only
  2.7 children on average. Martine says this figure may have fallen still further since 1990, an
achievement that makes it the envy of many other Third World countries. Martine puts it down to, among other things, soap operas (通俗 通俗 电视连续剧) 分期付款) 电视连续剧 and installment (分期付款 plans introduced in the 分期付款 1970s. Both played an important, although indirect, role in lowering the birth rate. Brazil is one of the world ? s biggest producers of soap operas. Globo, Brazil's most popular television network, shows three hours of soaps six nights a week, while three others show at least one hour a night. Most soaps are based on wealthy characters living the high life in big cities. “ Although they have never really tried to work in a message towards the problems of reproduction, they describe middle and upper class values ?? not many children, different attitudes towards sex, women working, ” says Martine. “ They sent this image to all parts of Brazil and made people conscious of other patterns of behavior and other values, which were put into a very attractive package. ” Meanwhile, the installment plans tried to encourage the poor to become consumers. “ This led to an enormous change in consumption patterns and consumption was incompatible (不相容的) with 不相容的 不相容 unlimited reproduction, ” says Martine.
  31. According to the passage, Brazil has cut back its population growth . A. by educating its citizens B. by careful family planning C. by developing TV programmes D. by chance【】 【】
  32. According to the passage, many Third World countries . A. haven?t attached much importance to birth control B. would soon join Brazil in controlling their birth rate C. haven?t yet found an effective measure to control their population D. neglected the role of TV plays in family planning【】 【】
  33. The phrase “ puts it down to ” (Line 1, Para.
  3) is closest in meaning to “ ” . A. attributes it to B. finds it a reason for C. sums it up as D. compares it to 【】
  34. Soap operas have helped in lowering Brazil?s birth rate because . A. they keep people sitting long hours watching TV B. they have gradually changed people?s way of life C. people are drawn to their attractive package D. they popularize birth control measures 【】

  35. What is Martine?s conclusion about Brazil?s population growth? A. The increase in birth rate will promote consumption. B. The desire for consumption helps to reduce birth rate. C. Consumption patterns and reproduction patterns are contradictory. D. A country?s production is limited by its population growth. 【】31D 32C 33A 34B 35B 【】 Ⅳ.Word Spelling (10 points,1 point for two items) 将下列汉语单词译成英语。作为提示,每个单词的词类、 将下列汉语单词译成英语。作为提示,每个单词的词类、首字母 及字母数目均已给出。 及字母数目均已给出。
  36.请求 恳求 v. s 请求;恳求
  37.电子的 a. e 电子的; 请求 电子的
  38.运动员 n. s



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