年自学考试英语( 模拟试题( 2011 年自学考试英语(二)模拟试题(二)
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  1.根据给出的汉语词义和规定的词性写出相应的英语单词,每条短线上写出一个字母。该词的首字母 已给出。

  1)预言,预示 v.t/vi.p 转自环 球 网 校 edu24ol.com

  2)预算 n.b

  3)计划,策划 n./v.s

  4)进行中的 a.o

  5)展望,景象 n.p

  6)摘要,个人简历 n.r

  7)超短裙 n.m

  8)安装 vt.i

  9)特有的,具体的 a.s

  10)装配,集合 vt./vi.a

  11)预测,预报 vt.f

  12)麻朽,衰败 n./v.d

  13)偏袒的,部分的 a.p

  14)牛痘苗 n.v

  15)假装,模仿 vt.s

  16)伦理观,道德标准 n.e

  17)使麻痹,使无力 vt.p

  18)评伦,看法 n./v.r

  19)安详的,宁静的 a.s

  20)捐献,赠送 n.d

  2.根据句子意思将括号中的词变成适当的形式。转自环 球 网 校 edu24ol.com

  1)(cry)is considered to be characteristic of women.

  2)I take it for (grant)that we'll build a new highway.

  3)Those parents who have ever cared for pets will become more patient and (understand)with their children.

  4)(assume)the care for them can help bring out the humanity in our children and even in us.

  5)While this is a small start,it is still a (begin)。

  6)the robots used in nuclear power plants handle the radioactive materials,preventing human personnel from(expose)to radiation.

  7)The(reluctantly)you accept the decision,the (bad)the situation will be.

  8)He was a bit nervous,for he(never,operate)on before.

  9)I would realy rather you(leave)it until next month.

  10)He(give)you more help,but be has been so busy.


  1.A decision made today may have consequences farthe future.

  2.They have no ideathe day to day work of the job brings about.

  3.If you do receive a letter offering you the job,you must replyletter as soon as possible.

  4.Change your mindyou will,you will gain no additional support.
C.as if
D.even though

  5.You should be responsiblethe work as a whole.

  6.Several difficulties arose when we began to the new design.
A.work on
B.work at
C.work in
D.work for

  7.Many countries agreed toan international organization to maintain peace.
A.take over
B.set up
C.attend to
D.take to

  8.The examiner's smile put all the applicants.
A.at best
B.at least
C.at large
D.at ease

  9.Please don'tour conversation.
A.break into
B.berak off
C.break in on
D.break out

  10.his talk when someone rose to ask him qustions.
A.Hardly had he finished
B.Hardly he had finished
C.He hardly had finished
D.He had finished hardly

  4.下面的句子中每个句子都有四处带有括号并标以 A、B、C、D,其中有一处是错误的。指出你认为错 误之处。

  1)There is little likeihood (that)/A a panel of five (want)/B to go through the process of (all shaking)/C hands with you (in trun)/D.

  2)Engineers (working on)/A other advances are designing and (experimenting with)/B new types of mental (hands and fingers)/C ,(to give)/D robots a sense of touch.

  3)These countries (have set up)/A seismic networks (in areas)/B of their countries (that)/C earthquakes are known (to occur)/D.

  4)As (research techniques)/A become more advanced,the number of animals (used)/B in experiments may decrease,but stopping (to test)/C on animals altogether is (a long way away)/D.

  5)(Being practical)/A ,I (am suggesting)/B that if we do not (now have)/C a pet we should not (acquire one)/D.

  5.阅读理解。本题共有三段短文,每段短文后面有三至四道小题,共计 10 道小题。每道小题都有四个 选择项。找出你认为正确的答案。
Passage 1
Some people think they have an answer to the troubles of automobile crowding and dirty air in large cities.Their answer is the bicycle,or “bike”。
In a great many cities,hundreds of people ride bicycles to work every day.In new York City,some bike riders bave even formed a group called Bike for a Better City.They claim that if more people rode bicycles to work there would be fewer automobiles in the downtown stction of the city and therefore less dirty air from car engines.
For several years this group has been trying to get the city government to help bicycle riders.For example,they want the city to draw bicycle lanes on some of the main streets,because when bike riders must use the same lanes as cars,there are accidents.Bike for Better City feels that if there were special lanes more people would use bikes.
But no bicycle lanes have been drawn.Not everyone thinks it is a good idea-they say it will slow traffic.Some store owners on the main streets say that if there is less traffic,they will have less business.And most people live too far from downtown to travel by bike.
They city goverment has not yet decided what to do.It wants to keep everyone happy.Only on weekends,Central Park is closed to cars,and the roads may be used by bicycles only.But Bike for a Better City says that this is not enough and keeps fighting to get bicycle lanes downtown.

  1)According to the passage,bicycles.
A.are more convenient than cars
B.are safer traffic tools than cars
C.are ridden by most people in U.S.
D.are the solution to some city problems.

  2)The idea of special bicycle lanes is most favored by.
A.the city government
B.some bike riders
C.people living far from dountown
D.some store owners

  3)The hest title for this passage is .
A.Traffic Crowding in New York City
B.Air Pollution in New York City by Cars
C.Special Lanes for Passengers
D.A Solution to Traffic Problems in New York
Passage 2
Visitors to Spain often feel jet lagged(时差综合症)forever.Work time,meal time and sleep time all come at strange hours.From Krakow to Cordoba,most of Continental Europe is in the same time zone(时区),but once you're in Spain,you're out of the time zone system.
The Spanish day consists of four parts.Morning runs from about 7:00 a.m.to 3:00 p.m;afternoon lasts until around 10:00 p.m.After night comes la madrugada-a fourth part of the active say special to Spain.You may have a prelunch business meeting at two o'clock de la manana (meaning 2:00 p.m), for example,then stay with the same people at a night club till two o'clock de la madrugada (2:00 a.m.)。Similarly,foreigners might be puzzled when given an appointment at 8:30 “in the afternon”, an hour feels like evening to the end.
Such customs,developed long ago when the sun and the heat were the ,most important tacts of life,present some obvious difficulties in the year of Olympics in Europe.There are only very few hours when Spaniards(西班牙人)and their counterparts on the rest of the Continent are in the office at the same time;from about 8:30 a.m.to about 12:30 p.m.To try to make up for it,many ,modern Spaniards have given up the traditional afternoon nap.

  4)Which of the following is the best topic of the passage?
A.A peculiar way of holding meetings.
B.People who have dinner late.
C.Different customs is Spain.
D.A country with a very different timetable.

  5)According to the passage,the Spaniards developed a different timetable from other European countries because of .
A.their unbearable hot climate
B.their different time zone
C.their different business habits
D.their historical and cultural traditions

  6)According to the passage,some Spaniards try to make up for time difference from other countries by .
A.setting the clock right
B.sleeping less during the night
C.not having a light sleep in the afternoon
D.making themselves fit for the jet lag as quickly as possible
Passage 3
You might think that the world no longer believes in demons (魔鬼雕像)or magic symbols.But are you sure?consider military regiments(军团),they have mascots(吉祥物),often a goat or a horse,while ships'captains still believe having a cat on board will bring luck.
Certain symbols have a very ancient ancestry;the swastika,for example,is an ancient sign brought to Europe by the Crusaders from the Saracens in the Middle Ages.It signified the movement of the seasons,and used to appear on horse brasses along with stars,circles,crescents(新月)and other protective symbols.In the Second World War a clockwise swastika was adopted by Adolf Hitler as the Nazi symbol.Hitler was extremely superstitious(迷信的)and believed in the swastika's lucky power,rather misguidedly as it turned out.
Corn dollies(洋娃娃),made from the last bundle of corncut,are still popular in countries as far apart as Mexico,the Balinese Islands and Great Britatin.Originally they were a means of encouraging pagan(异教徒)gods to provide a good harvest the following year;now they are just hung up as a decoration in the kitchen,but perhaps some of the old powerful meaning attached to them is dimly remembered.
The peasants in southern China when working on their harvests used to wear special dresses.The patterned border on these always had two broad hands,representing rivers enclosing lands,and numerous squares represented fileds,each with a different pattern symbolising a particular crop.In this way the peasants indicated to their gods what was expected in each field.These dresses nowdays are worn for festivals and ceremonies connected with agriculture-so the original symbolism is not for gotten.Another wuperstition of the Chinese was that demons fly in straight lines,hence all the important public buildings in China have curved corners to confuse the demons and prevent them from getting a hold as they fly past.For the same reason,the paths up to chinese front doors are winding,and the doors are painted a ‘demon-defying’red as an added protection.
To find some kind of protection aggainst the power of demons has always been of importance,and all over the world certain strange customs evolved.In Asia and Europe,because baby boys were always valued above girls,the curous habit of dressing boy as girls to trick the demons occurred.Even
in Victoran Britain boys wore dresses until they were about seven years old.Nowadays,girls and boys both wear ieans so perhaps the demons are still being confused.

  7)the author's mention of animals,such as goats,horses or cats,is meant to show.
A.how superstitious people were in the past
B.the ignorance of the army and merchant navy
C.an example of present-day wuperstition
D.the necessity of having a mascot for luck

  8)Hitler's faith in the power of the swastika was misguided bacause it .
A.only offered protection to horses
B.possesssed symbolic meaning only
C.was ineffective facing the wrong way
D.had only a seasonal use

  9)the continued use of corn dollies seems to indicate mankind's.
A.dependence on agricultural symbols
B.wish to be surrounded by decoration
C.continued belief in ancient gods
D.desire to keep a link with the past

  10)Crops were represented in the Chinese peasant's dresses by .
A.an abstact design
B.a varied pattern
C.a chequered effect
D.some wide stripes

There are many commonly held deliefs about glasses and eyesight that are not proven facts.
  1),some people believe that wearing glasses too soon
  2)the eyes.But there is no evidence to show that the structure of eyes is changed by wearing glasses
  3)a young age.Wearing the wrong glasses,however,can prove harmful.Studies show that for adults there is no danger,but
  4)children can develop loss of vision
  5)they have the wrong glasses.
We have
  6)heard some of the
  7)myths about how eyesight gets bad.Most people believe that reading in dim light causes poor eyesight,but that is untrue.Too
  8) light makes the eyes work harder,so they do get tired and strained.Eye strain also results
  9)reading a lot,redaing in bed,and watching too much television,But,
  10)eyestrain may cause some pain or headache,it does not permanently damage eye-sight.

B.That is
D.For instance

C.has weakened
D.are weakening



D.so that



B.a few
D.a little


C.in case
D.so that

Nuclear power is obtained from the energy which can be released from the uncleus of an atom.Until the twentieth century man used water,wood and the fossil fuels (coal,oil and gas)as sources of power,During the first quarter of the twentieth century physicists investigated the structure of the atom.
In 1919 Rutherford split the atom artificially.Thirteen years later the neutron was discovered.In 1939 Hahn and Strass-man investigated the action of neutrons on uranium 2
  35.They found that it was split into two equal pieces.This process is known as fission.It released in
fossion produce fissions in other atoms.This is known as a chain reaction.On 2nd December 1942 EnricoFermi and his colleagues produced the f



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