年自学考试英语( 模拟试题( 2011 年自学考试英语(二)模拟试题(五)
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I. Vocabulary and Structure
Now many major employers are beginning to demand the completion of school.
A. more than B. rather than C. other than D. better than
Her powers of persuasion were to no .
A. advantage B. avail C. vain D. use
If you in ignoring my instructions, I shall have to punish you.
A. insist B. consist C. persist D. assist 转自环 球 网 校 edu24ol.com
It has taken him a long time to the fact that he won’t be able to go to college.
A. come to terms with B. in terms of
C. in light of D. used to
There are always those who would substitute fantasy lives the rewards of real activity.
A. of B. with C. from D. for
we understand what Jet Lag is, we can go some way to overcoming it.
A. In that B. That C. Now that D. Unless
from the point of view of society is necessary labor is from his own point of view voluntary play.
A. What B. That C. Which D. Although
The programme was televised to the whole world.
A. lively B. alive C. live D. life
It is not how much time you allocate for study that but how much you learn when you do study.
A. accounts B. counts C. amounts D. court
The degree and the ways a school encourages participation in games, sports and cultural pursuits are likely to contribute to the student’s attitude towards leisure.
A. in which … in which B. from which …with which
C. of which … in which D. to which …in which
II. Cloze
Advertising is different from selling. Salesmen depend 11 the person-to-person approach in trying to persuade consumers to buy. Advertising, 12 , has to reach consumers indirectly through messages on radio and television, in the newspapers, or even on handbills(传单) given to you in the street.
Once again, the purpose of advertising is to sell goods. This means that the advertiser is going to try to make you think you want something ? his something ? 13 you need it or not. 14 , the advertiser is creating a(n) 15 for his product. This is fine. Remember, all the goods being produced today have to be sold. And you cannot buy something if you do not know about it.
All consumers are influenced by brand names. Advertisers try to get people 16 to a brand because they know that, in later years, many of the consumers will 17 to this brand. Therefore, commercials are repeated over and over again on radio and television. We soon get to know them by 18 . Some advertisers stay with particular radio or television stars, and consumers come to 19 a product with a famous person.
You are probably wondering, at this point, whether advertising is good or bad. Actually, it may be 20 of both, but decide for yourself.

  11. A. for B. at C. on D. with

  12. A. but B. however C. while D. yet 转自环 球 网 校 edu24ol.com

  13. A. how B. that C. if D. whether

  14. A. In other words B. In any case
C. In addition D. In contrast

  15. A. order B. demand C. command D. request

  16. A. use B. to use C. used D. to used

  17. A. object B. stick C. oppose D. prefer

  18. A. heart B. mind C. soul D. brain

  19. A. connect B. join C. combine D. associate

  20. A. little B. a little C. few D. a few
III. Reading Comprehension
Passage One
A normal conversation between strangers involves more than talk. It also involves the dynamics of space interaction. If one person gets too close, the other person will back up. If the first person invades the other’s space again, the other will back up again. The person who finds himself or herself backing up is trying to increase the distance of the comfort zone. The person closing in is trying to decrease that distance. Most likely neither person is fully aware of what is going on.
In the 1960s American anthropologist (人类学家) Edward T. Hall was a pioneer in the study of human behavioral use of space. His field of study became known as proxemics. Hall said that personal space for Americans can be defined as having four distinct zones: the intimate zone within 18 inches of your body for whispering and embracing; personal zone of 18 inches to four feet, for talking with close friends; social zone of four to 10 feet, for talking with acquaintances; and the social zone of 10 to 25 feet, for talking to strangers or to a group.
Historians say that our standards of personal space began with the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. In cities such as London and New York, people of different social and economics classes were suddenly crammed (塞满,塞进) together, so they unconsciously developed a commonly understood rule of polite behavior and space to restrict the area around them.
People exhibit nonverbal messages of discomfort when their zones are violated. Invaded people might pull at their hair, become rigid, or even become angry. As Hall noted in his work, a comfortable conversation needs to include the range of human personal space.

  21.This passage is mostly about .
what nonverbal communication is
human conversation
the life of Edward T. Hall
human behavioral use of space

  22. Edward T. Hall identified .
talks between strangers
angry people
four zones of personal space
the Industrial Revolution
If you and a close friend began talking when you were eight feet apart, you will probably soon .
move closer together
move farther together
begin talking more softly
ask another friend to join the conversation
The third paragraph provides .
historical view on personal space
an economic reason for personal space
an overview of Edward T. Hall’s field of study
a definition of personal space
The word “dynamics” means .
forces or influence that cause change
explosions so large that they are beyond belief
Passage Two
How often one hears children wishing they were grown up, and old people wishing they were young again. Each age has its pleasures and its pains, and the happiest person is the one who enjoys what each age gives him without wasting his time in useless regrets.
Youth is a time when there are few tasks to make life difficult. If a child has good parents, he is fed, looked after and loved whatever he may do. It is impossible that he will ever again in his life be given so much without having to do anything in return. In addition, life is always presenting new things to the child ? things that have lost their interest for older people because they are too well-known. But a child has his pains: he is not so free to do what he wishes to do; he is continually being told not to do things, or being punished for what he has done wrong.
When the young man starts to earn his own living, he can no longer expect others to pay for his food, his clothes, and his room, but has to work if he wants to live comfortably. If he spends most of his time playing about in the way that he used to break the laws of his parents, he may go to prison. If, however, he works hard, keeps out of trouble and has good health, he can have the great happiness of building up for himself his own position in society.
People can experience happiness if they .
always think of the past and regret it
value the present
are no longer young
become old and have much experience
When people were young, they used to .
be in charge of many businesses
have few things to think about and take on
look after their younger sisters and brothers
face a lot of difficulties
The pains of children lie in the fact that .
no one helps them make right decisions
they are often beaten by their parents
they can not be accepted and praised by others
D. they are not allowed to do what they like to do
Children are usually happy because .
old people lose interest in them
they are free to do wrong
they are familiar with everything going on around them
things are new to them
Which of the following is NOT needed for a young man to be happy?
A. Hard work B. Being free from troubles
C. Wealth D. Health
Passage Three
Can you remember the first time you learned how to ride a bike or drive a car? Learning these skills changed your life forever and opened up new horizons. Learning about computers can be like learning how to ride a bike or drive a car. Once you have invested the time to master the skills, you will never go back to the old days. The new technology is simply too convenient and too powerful.
Technological developments through the years have enabled us to do more with less effort. We have continuously looked for better ways of doing things. Each invention and new development
has allowed us to extend our capabilities. Today we see one of the most dramatic technologies ever developed ? the computer. It extends the capabilities of our minds.
Computers have saved organizations millions of dollars. Furthermore, these same computer systems have opened up new opportunities that would have gone undiscovered or neglected. The computer can multiply what we can do, and the return on investment (投资) is high. The growth of computer usage is surprising. On the other hand, the computer can do serious damage. Invasion of privacy , fraud, and computer-related mistakes are just a few shocking examples.
The computer is like a doubt-edged sword. It has the ability to cut us free from some activities, but it can also cut deeply into profits, personal privacy, and our society in general. How it is used is not a function of the current technology. It is strictly a function of how people decide to use or misuse this new technology. The choice is yours, and only through a knowledge of computer systems will you be able to avoid the dangers while enjoying the many, many benefits of the computer age.
The writer thinks learning about computers is like learning how to ride a bike or drive a car because .
it is simple and practical
it needs a lot of practice
it leads people to new life experiences
it takes much time to master the skills
The word “extend” in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to .
A. change B. multiply C. save D. master
According to the passage, computers bring people the following benefits EXCEPT .
A. avoiding mistakes B. saving money
C. making money D. opening up opportunities
According to the writer, the bad effects of computers can be avoided if we .
have sound knowledge of computer systems
tell people not to misuse computers
have strict rules over the use of computers
make more investments in the technology
This passage is probably written for .
A. computer teachers B. computer producers
C. computer learners D. computer programmers
IV. Word Spelling

  36. 完成,成就 n. a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  37. 被提名者 n. n _ _ _ _ _ _

  38. 反对 v. o_ _ _ _ _
  39. 热带的,炎热的 a. t_ _ _ _ _ _ _

  40. 多数,大半 n. m_ _ _ _ _ _ _
  41. 法律上的;合法的 a. l_ _ _ _

  42. 乐器,仪器 n. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  43. 危机 n. c_ _ _ _ _

  44. 下降,拒绝 v. d_ _ _ _ _ _
  45.竞赛,竞争 n. c_ _ _ _ _ _

  46. 人群,群 n. c_ _ _ _
  47. 预算 n. /v. b_ _ _ _ _

  48. 照相机 n. c_ _ _ _ _
  49. 自动的 a. a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  50. 护照 n. p_ _ _ _ _ _ _
  51. 个性,人格 n. p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  52. 韵律,格律 n. r_ _ _ _ _
  53. 敏感的,灵敏的 a. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  54. 统计数字 n. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  55. 投票,选举 v. v_ _ _
V. Word Form

  56. The number of animals used in laboratory tests (decline ) over the last 20 years.

  57. But for his encouragement and help I ( not make) so much progress.

  58. In the US, one experiment in nerve regeneration involves (cut) a big nerve in a rat’s leg, leaving its leg paralyzed.

  59. Facts are terrible things if (leave) spreading and unexamined.

  60. Many other new techniques are now available that enable more researches ( do ) in the test tube.

  61. When (present) with a common use, sales managers tend to see sales problems.

  62. It is absolutely essential that all the applicants (interview) one by one.

  63. By the time you arrive in London, we ( stay )in Europe for two weeks.

  64. While exercising your imagination , you should be alone and completely ( disturb )

  65. The (far) away an object is from you, the smaller it looks.
VI. Translation from Chinese into English

  66. 众所周知,美国总统选举每四年一次。

  67. 每个人都应关心自己国家的未来。

  68. 他的肤色与他是否是个好律师无关。

  69. 如果你束手无策,就听其自然好了。

  70. 黑洞是什么,天文学家还没有完全解决这个问题。
VII. Translation from English into Chinese
The intelligent person, young or old, meeting a new situation or problem, opens himself up to it; he tries to take in with mind and senses everything he can about it; he thinks about it, instead of about himself or what it might cause to happen to him; he copes with it boldly, imaginatively, resourcefully; and if not confidently at least hopefully; if he fails to master it, he looks without shame or fear at his mistakes and learns what he can from them. This is intelligence. Clearly its roots lie in a certain feeling about life, and one’s self with respect to life. Just as clearly, unintelligence is not what most psychologists seem to suppose, the sa



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