Translation Nowadays people are more concerned about food safety. I don’t think he will change his mind easily. We senior high students should have great ambition and should not be satisfied with the present situation. Be sure to protect the environment and think of others when travelling. We hold the same view that everyone, whether (he or she is) gifted or not, is a successful person as long as he or she makes certain contribution to the society.
Translation The completion (building) of the tunnels under the Huangpu River has greatly promoted the development of Pudong. In western countries, it is quite common for a person to consult a psychologist if / when he has some psychological problems. It’s kind of responsible tourism which seriously takes ecology and culture into consideration. All the students present wish that the speaker would confine himself to the subject. He is superior to any member in the company in computer technology. 长宁 Translation It is your effort(s) not your intelligence that determine your success. It’s bad manners to smoke in public places where smoking is not allowed/ Dim light and soft music are supposed to produce a romantic atmosphere. Hearing the news that his favorite team won the match, he was too excited to fall asleep last night. Even if peace should come to Korean Peninsula, many problems would remain to be solved.
或 Even if peace came to Korean Peninsula, many problems would remain to be solved.
或 Even if peace comes to Korean Peninsula, many problems remain to be solved. 闵行 Translation
Wish you success in the interview. The poem is too abstract for me to fully (totally / completely / entirely)understand. To keep us in good health, we should set aside (spare) some time to exercise ourselves (do exercises) everyday. You won’t be able to know the joy the game brings about unless you participate in it yourself. (The sense of ) Fire protection should not be neglected ( We should not neglect fire protection ), or great damage might be caused to the lives and property. 虹口 Translation It is pleasant having / to have a hot drink on a cold winter day / on cold winter days. All the senior three students are required to have a physical examination / check-up before they take the entrance examinations. These colorful fruit bowls caught my eye at that time, reminding me of the happy childhood. In some cases, what matters is not the result but whether you have enjoyed the process. Now that the tickets for economy class are popular, we should call the booking / ticket office to inquire as soon as possible, so that we won’t miss/ lose the golden chance. 卢湾 Translation Professor Wang mentioned his new argument in the article. You may consult these experts / specialists if you have some problems. That old lady cannot put up with the noises from the construction field and called the police. He failed to resist the temptation of the delicious food in the reception and ate a lot. Those women pointed out that they were not servants of the family and they should have more time to enjoy the life.
徐汇(松江) Translation The students take an active part in physical exercise. Confidence and patience are considered ( to be ) the key to success. There are many simple and effective ways to assess a person’s knowledge and ability. The performance put up by the disabled / The disabled people’s performance last night was so successful that many people were moved to tears. He was busy reviewing his lessons and preparing for the exam the whole weekend, only taking a break at meal time. 嘉定 Translation Regardless of its price, she is going to buy the beautiful dress. Do those paintings exhibited in the gallery last week appeal to you? Lack of communication between parents and children has become a social problem. Shanghai successfully hosted World Expo, which makes a great difference for the economic development in Shanghai. The survey conducted recently in our school indicates that the majority of the students have participated in the discussion online / on the Internet about what has happened in the school. / According to a survey conducted recently in our school, … 静安 Translation Now everyone has access to education. Many international soccer competitions occur around the world every year. Tom can’t communicate well with others because / for he always lacks eye contact. 或 Tom can’t communicate well with others because of / for his lack of eye contact.
To help prevent the visitors’ / tourists’ safety, visitors are not allowed to be admitted to the park / parks after nine. Though he is equal to me in skill and experience, either of us is likely to win the championship.
Reading electronic books is becoming a new trend for young people. The high speed line between Hangzhou and Shanghai cut travel time to one hour. After a month’s redecoration, the China Pavilion reopened to the public. To the students’ delight / joy, they can also have access to the school library during the vacation. / What delights the students is that… Internet plays such an important role in our daily life that people feel at a loss when they can’t go online / surf the Internet / don’t’ have Internet access. 黄浦
How / What about having another cup of coffee? If it is convenient, please show me around the museum at the weekend. The wife spent 2000 yuan buying the bag / The wife bought the bag for 2000 yuan / It took the wife 2000 yuan to buy the bag, while the husband thought it wasn’t worth the price. Whatever difficulties you may meet with, keep working (hard) until you realize your dream. To my surprise, the little boy was so clever that he worked out the problem that many adults failed to answer in so short a time / in such a short time.
宝山 Translation
I’m sorry / I’m unable / not able to / can’t attend the meeting today. Don’t worry. I’ll be sending the material you require by e-mail.
Different kinds of media make it possible that we obtain a large amount of valuable information in time. Share your progress, challenges, failure with the people around you, and you’ll find help from them. With the rapid development of society, a growing number of people are eager to show themselves to the public, which has resulted in various / all kinds of amusements.
Language learners should take ( advantage of ) every chance / opportunity to use / practice the language. Students should be encouraged to get into / fall into / develop / form / cultivate / acquire / be in / have the good habit of thinking independently. 或 We should encourage students to…
Before setting out on / for / going on a journey / travel / journey / starting out / off / (going) travelling, make sure / see to it / ensure / guarantee / assure yourself that you get / have got everything ready / get fully prepared / make full / good preparations. 或 Before (going) travelling / going on trip, be sure to get everything ready / get fully prepared / make full preparations.
Although / though two-thirds of the earth’s surface / the surface of the earth is covered by / with water / water covers two-thirds of the earth’s surface / the surface of the earth, many places around the world still seriously lack water / are still terribly / very short of water / water / it is (still) in short supply / is needed badly in many places on the earth. However demanding and challenging the task is, she firmly believes / she holds a firm belief / she is fully convinced that as long as she perseveres (in it) / keeps on trying hard, she is bound to / is sure to fulfill / accomplish / complete / succeed in it.
He adopts / (has) adopted my advice / suggestion(s) / proposal(s). I appreciated what she had done for me. 或 I appreciate what she had done for me. Despite difficulties, we will try hard to complete / achieve / accomplish / fulfill the task. 或 Despite the fact that there are difficulties, we will try to complete / achieve / accomplish / fulfill the task. To meet the needs of the 2010 Shanghai Expo, a lot of modern hotels and exhibition halls have been set up in Shanghai. 闸北
Many students like playing basketball indoors in winter. Children should be encouraged to play a main role in class activities. However cold it was, he insisted on going to school on foot despite parents’ objection. To meet residents’ need, the school is accessible to the public at weekends. It is no longer a dream to live comfortably without stepping out of the room with a variety of modern purchase methods.
He is reluctant to set aside some money.
Many experts / specialist appealed to people to preserve / protect the old buildings well. As the singer had no idea how to sing the new song well, she / he decided to consult Steven. Whatever you are for or against the plan, you have to vote by 12 tomorrow noon. It is more likely that those who are well-educated will understand that fact that donating blood requires only a little courage.
The book on computer is worth reading. We’d appreciated it very much if you’d help us (to) solve / work out the problem. Despite / In spite of many difficulties, his rich working experience qualified him for / to do the job. There is no doubt that / No doubt, only those who face up to challenges are likely to succeed. / to be successful / to achieve success. Great changes have taken place in Chongming / Chongming has experienced great changes since the Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel and Bridge was opened to traffic, and Chongming is no longer what is used to be



   奉贤 I. II.Grammar and vocabulary 25-29 ADBCC 41-45 GADBH III.Reading 50-64 BCDAB 65-68 BCDD 76-80 BCFAD CADAB 69-71 CDD BCDBD 72-75 CADB 30-34 BCACD 46-49 JFEC 35-39 AADDC 40 D 81. it is hosting the climate talks. / 190 world leaders are attending t ...


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   概念 句子是由词按照一定的语法结构组成的。组成句子的各个部分叫做句子的成 分。句子的成分包括:主语、谓语、表语、宾语(直接和间接宾语) 、宾语补足 语、定语和状语。主语和谓语是句子的主体部分(在英语中,一般句子必须有主 语和谓语) ,表语、宾语和宾语的补足语是谓语里的组成部分。其他成份如定语 和状语是句子的次要成分。 ▲句子成分分类 句子成分分类 1.主语 主语 主语是谓语讲述的对象,表示所说的“是什么”或“是谁”。一般由名词、代词、 不定代词或相当于名词的单词或短语来充当,也有从句充当的现 ...