学年度高三年级第 次调研测 高三年级 淮安市 2010-2011 学年度高三年级第三次调研测试

一、听力部分(20 分): 听力部分 : 1-5 CBBCC 6-10 ACBCA 11-15 CCCAC 16-20 CBCCB 单选部分(15 分): 二、单选部分 : 21-
  25. CBBDA 26-
  30. DAABC 31-
  35. DDCCB 完形部分(20 分): 三、完形部分 : 36-40 DABCC 41-45 ABDBA 46-50 CDDAB 51-55CBDAB 阅读部分(30 分): 四、阅读部分 : 56-59 DBAC 60-
  63. CABD 64-66 ADB 67-70 CDCA 任务阅读(10 分): 五、任务阅读 :
  71. negative
  72. passing
  73. comparison
  74. result
  75. others
  76. emotions
  77. decisive
  78. Observe
  79. beneficial / helpful /valuable / useful
  80. successful 写作部分(25 分): 六、写作部分 : A possible version: For a time, disposable chopsticks( 一次性筷子 ) became popular, which caused great damage to forests. But since our country began to ban the use o fthem in 2004, things have changed. As is vividly shown in the left cartoon, in the past disposable chopsticks made of wood were often used in our daily life. It is a waste of wood and does harm to the environment. Due to the abuse of disposable chopsticks, many trees were cut down, which resulted in the decrease of the forest. Since 2004, with the ban of using disposable chopsticks and the awareness of forest protection, people begin to reject using disposable chopsticks. Our government has also taken measures to prevent factories from producing such chopsticks and attach importance to forest conservation. Now disposable chopsticks are out sight and more trees appear.. This teaches us a good lesson. In our daily life, we should try to use less wood and plant more trees so that our resources can be sustainable and our world can be a better place to live in. (148 words )
学年度高三年级第 次调研测 高三年级 淮安市 2010-2011 学年度高三年级第三次调研测试

“ 后的衔接概括语( 一、 2004”后的衔接概括语(2 分) 漫画描述( 二、漫画描述(6 分) 图表信息概述( 三、图表信息概述(6 分) 发表自己观点( 四、发表自己观点(6 分) 行文逻辑和卷面( 五、行文逻辑和卷面(5 分)
附:听力原文: 听力原文:
Text 1: W: I won the first prize in the national writing contest and I got this camera as an award. M: It’s a good camera. You can take it when you travel. I had no idea you were a marvelous writer. Text2: W: I’ll have the steak, French fries, and let’s see, chocolate ice cream for dessert. M: Oh, oh, you know these things will ruin your health, too much fat and sugar, how about ordering some vegetables and fruit instead? Text3: M: Could you describe the two people who robbed the bank? W: Well, the man was tall with dark hair and he was wearing a black sweater. The main thing that I remembered about the woman was that she did most of the talking. Text 4: M: Jane missed class again, didn’t she? I wonder why. W: Well, I knew she had been absent all week, so I called her this morning to see if she was sick. It turned out that her husband was badly injured in a car accident. Text 5: W: Hello! I want to apply for a job in your agency, Sir. M: Go to www. KFC. com for more information. W: Fill in a form on the Internet? M: Yeah, made by our company. Text6: W: Pardon me, officer. M: Yes? W: We are looking for a big department store around here. M: I’m afraid you’re headed in the wrong direction. W: But we were told that there was one here in the downtown area. M: Yes, it is. But I meant you are walking the wrong way. W: Oh, I see. Could we trouble you for directions to get there? M: It’s no trouble. It’s only about 10 minutes’ walk from here.
W: Oh, that’s all? M: Just walk back the same way you came for about a block then turn right and stay on that street until you come to the next intersection. W: That’s the corner around Granger and Forest, isn’t it? M: That’s right. You’ll see the big store on the left side of this tree. You can’t miss it. W: Down the block to Granger and right for another block to Forest. Thanks very much. M: Don’t mention it. Text7: M: How is the weather today? W: Nice and bright, not too cold. M: Much better than yesterday, isn’t it? W: Yes, but it may be windy and colder later. M: I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t snow. W: What was the temperature yesterday? M: It was five below. W: I guess the lake is covered with ice. Skating today would be nice. M: But I don’t think the ice is strong enough yet. It might be dangerous. W: Perhaps you are right. I hope for colder weather. M: I hope so. Text8: W: Hello, can I help you? M: Yes, I hope so. I would like to register for Comp Lit 2
  87. W: I’m sorry, but that class is already full. And also, students are supposed to register through the touch-tone registration system. M: I know. I already tried to register for it by phone, but the computer wouldn’t let me. W: That’s because it’s full. M: But I’m a new student here. I thought maybe there was some way I could get into the class. W: Well, I could put you on a waiting list. But that doesn’t guarantee you will get into the class. What is your name? M: My name is Kevin Huang. That’s spelled H-U-A-N-G. W: Alright. And what’s your major? M: I’m a Comparative Literature major. W: Wait a minute. You’re a Comp Lit major? M: Yes, that’s right. W: Why didn’t you tell me? I didn’t know you were one of our students. M: That’s why I’m trying to get into Comp Lit 2
  87. I know it’s a required class. W: The university computer system saves extra places in class 287 for Comp Lit students. I can give you a special code. When you register by phone, you can use the code to get into the class. M: Thank you. Text9: W: I’m thirsty. How far is the closest store? M: Probably thirty miles. I don’t know. I feel like a cigarette myself. W: You have three packs with you, haven’t you? M: Well, I smoked them all. W: Oh, you’re such a heavy smoker. We’ve just been out for six hours. M: I can’t drive without cigarettes. I’ll doze off. W: Hey, there seems to be a service station ahead. M: Let’s stop for a while and see what we can get there. W: ( Get out of the car. ) Anybody here? …Hello?... It’s closed. Isn’t a service station open
round the clock? M: Well, it’s supposed to be. Who knows? W: Hey, there’re vending machines over there. M: Oh, great! A cigarette vending machine. W: And a soft drink vending machine. M: Now you can have the drink you want and I can have my cigarette. W: Wait a second. Do you have any change? M: Let me see. ( He feels about the change in his pocket. ) Here we are. One dollar, two quarters, and three dimes. W: Good. That’ll be just enough for my drink and your cigarettes. M: Are you kidding? I need them for my cigarettes. I’ll give you the left over change after I’ve bought my cigarettes. ( He starts inserting the change into the slot. ) W: You can’t do that! Stop! Oh, you… Text 10: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! I’d like to tell you something about the holiday we have arranged for you. For those who want to ski, you can rent skis on the spot, and boots too. Surely it’s better if you have your own boots. Don’t forget that it can get quite cold in the day, so warm clothes are quite important. This isn’t the season for sunbathing, but the ski-slopes are often very sunny, so be careful not to get burnt. The hotel booked for you is very comfortable, but the nights do get very cold sometimes, so be prepared for that. For those looking for other activities, there are lovely walks, good views and interesting birds up the hill. And higher up climbers can enjoy the mountains. But be prepared for wet weather in the valleys. Finally, I’d like to mention that we offer excellent opportunities to try delicious and unusual local food, many restaurants, clubs and discos.



   学年度高三年级第 次调研测 高三年级 淮安市 2010-2011 学年度高三年级第三次调研测试 英 语 试 题 参考答案 一、听力部分(20 分): 听力部分 : 1-5 CBBCC 6-10 ACBCA 11-15 CCCAC 16-20 CBCCB 单选部分(15 分): 二、单选部分 : 21-25. CBBDA 26-30. DAABC 31-35. DDCCB 完形部分(20 分): 三、完形部分 : 36-40 DABCC 41-45 ABDBA 46-50 CDDAB 51-5 ...


   卢湾 Section A 1-5 BDCCD Section B 11-13 BAA Section C 17. 1808 18. toilet 19. leaking 20. three-day 14-16 BCD 6-10 DBBDB 21. angry customers 23. Early next month II. Grammar and Vocabulary Section A 25. B D 33. C Section B 41. H 42. E 43. D 44. A 45 ...

2011哈三中四校联考一模 英语

   2011 年四校联考第一次高考模拟考试 英语试卷 英语试卷 本试卷分第Ⅰ 选择题 和第Ⅱ 非选择题 两部分。 选择题)和第 非选择题)两部分 分钟。 本试卷分第Ⅰ卷(选择题 和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题 两部分。满分 150 分,用时 120 分钟。 第 I 卷 (选择题 共 115 分) 选择题 注意事项: 1. 答题前, 考生在答题卡上务必用直径 0.5 毫米黑色墨水签字笔将自己的姓名、准考证号填写清楚,并贴好条形码。请 认真核准条形码上的准考证号、姓名。 2. 每小题选出答案后,用 2B 铅笔把 ...


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2011苏北四市第三次调研测试试题 英语(附答案)

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   苏北四市 2010-2011 学年度高三年级第三次调研测试 英 语 试 题 参考答案 一、听力部分(20 分): 1-5 CBBCC 6-10 ACBCA 11-15 CCCAC 16-20 CBCCB 二、单选部分(15 分): 21-25. CBBDA 26-30. DAABC 31-35. DDCCB 三、完形部分(20 分): 36-40 DABCC 41-45 ABDBA 46-50 CDDAB 51-55CBDAB 四、阅读部分(30 分): 56-59 DBAC 60-63. ...


   2011 年高考英语词汇表 A absence n. 不在,缺席 absent a. 缺席, 不在 accent n. 口音,音调 according to ad. 按照, 根据 account n. 账目;描述 ad (缩) =advertisementn.广告 addvt.添加,增加 addition n. 增加; (算数用语)加 address n. 地址 admire v. 钦佩; 羡慕 admission n. 准入, 接纳 advance v. 推进,促进;前进 advantag ...


   英语四级考试高频词汇 1. alter v.改变,改动,变更 2. burst vi. n.突然发生,爆裂 3. dispose vi.除掉;处置;解决;处理(of) 4. blast n.爆炸;气流 vi.炸,炸掉 5. consume v.消耗,耗尽 6. split v.劈开;割裂;分裂 a. 裂开的 7. spit v.吐(唾液等) ;唾弃 8. spill v.溢出,溅出,倒出 9. slip v.滑动,滑落;忽略 10. slide v.滑动,滑落 n.滑动;滑面;幻灯片 11. ...


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   考研英语小作文冲刺急训系列三、书信格式: (一)称呼: 1、写给机构:Dear Sir or Madam, (06、07) 2、写给个人: (05)Dear Mr. Wang, (08)Dear Bob, (09)Dear Editors, (二)正文:3 段,7 句左右,100-130 词,3-5 个关联词(适可而止) ,3-5 个从句(多多益 善) 1、第一段:2 句左右 1)自我介绍(私人书信除外) : (1)工作人员: 05 年:I am a staff member from yo ...

英语口语对话-chit chat闲聊

   英语口语对话:chit 英语口语对话:chit chat 闲聊 生活中无聊的时候,我们有很多种消遣的方式,比如看电影,听音乐,玩游戏等等,还有一 种就是打电话和朋友聊天. 今天我们就来学一下闲聊英语. Larry 告诉李华他连续几天给他哥哥打电话,可是总也找不到他. 李华会学到两个常用语: phone tag 和 chit chat. LL: Argh! I just got my brother's answering machine AGAIN. I've been playing ph ...


   2011 年英语四级快速阅读解题思路及方法 快速阅读要求考生在 15 分钟内完成一篇 1200 字左右的文章和后面的 10 道题。前面 7 个题 是判断正误(包括 NOT GIVEN),后 3 个是填空题填根据阅读的理解,填三到四个单词(答案 基本都是原文中出现的原词)。 一、考试形式与所考察能力。 考试形式与所考察能力。 快速阅读要求考生在 15 分钟内完成一篇 1200 字左右的文章和后面的 10 道题。前面 7 填三到四个单词(答 个题是判断正误(包括 NOT GIVEN), 3 个是 ...


   China daily vocabulary list ( Chinese-English) 中国日报单词表(汉英)updated March 24, 2002 China daily vocabulary list ( Chinese-English) 中国日报单词表(汉英)updated March 24, 2002 A/ "爱国者"导弹 Patriot missile/ AA 制 Dutch treatment; go Dutch / A 股市场 A share m ...


   商务英语应用文写作 第一部分 商务信函中,通常使用的职务名称 CEO (Chief Executive Manager) President Vice-president Director Managing Director Executive Director 1. General Manager/Executive Manager/Chief Manager 2. Manager 3. Deputy Manager 4. Associate Manager (襄理) 5. Departm ...