参考模板及范文(一) Model 1 Negative Subject 问题解决型 Paragraph 1 介绍主题 With the rapid development of market-oriented economy, an increasing number of people are concerned about the problem of 问题 in our society. It has brought about a great influence on people’s work and living. Therefore, not only … but also … have to pay more attention to this phenomenon. Paragraph 2 原因分析 So far as I know, some driving factors that contribute to the above-mentioned prblem can be illustrated as follows. To begin with, …. In addition,…. And furthermore, …. Paragraph 3 解决办法 Based on what has been discussed so far , it follows that some effective solutions should be found to deal with the problem of . One the one hand, …; on the other hand, …. Only in this way can we finalize this problem successfully and effectively. (解决问题的具体方法可根据具体情况从政府、老百姓以及个人入手) How 类 Paragraph 1 介绍(描述现象、形势、困难) Paragraph 2 列举解决方法 Paragraph 3 总结/评论或自己选择及其理由 Model 2 Positive Subject 积极有利型 Paragraph 1 引出话题,描述话题的重要性; Along with the rapid development of science and technology ( market - oriented economy, electric industry, higher education…) an increasing number of people come to realize that is something that we cannot do without, especially in such an intensely competitive society. Paragraph 2 分析其重要性的原因或具体表现;( 事物本身的价值属性 + 社会意义) There can be no doubt that the importance of 主题 can be most clearly seen in the following aspects. To begin with, …. In addition,…. And finally, …. (附加句 it is extremely difficult for us to imagine what our modern life would be like without. ) Paragraph 3 如何发扬光大。 As the issue has become so important that all of us should pay much attention to it and promtote it in following ways. For one thing, …. For another,… 关于事物的好处或重要性可从以下几个方面描述
  1)convenience 方便;
  2) efficiency 效率;
  3) safety 安全;
  4) economical 经济;
  5) entertainment 乐趣;
  6) health 健康;
  7) communication 交流;
  8) character training 性格培养;
  9) achievement 成就;
  10) durability 耐久性,耐用性 Model 3 Positive and Negative Subject 利弊分析型 Paragraph 1 介绍现象(观点一和观点二) When it comes to 主题 , it is the belief of some people that _观点一,and it is often argued by other people that 观点二 (或 the opposite is true ). There is probably some truth in both statements. Paragraph 2 分别描述观点一和二 It goes without saying that the advantages of can be seen clearly in the following respects. To begin with, …. In
addition,…. And finally, …. However, just as the proverb goes, every coin has tow sides , there is no exception to the above discussed issue of . One the one hand, …; on the other hand, …. Paragraph 3 作者的观点或结论 Weighing the pros and cons of both sides, we may reasonably reach the conclusion that the advantages of __主题 carry far more weight than its disadvantages. Therefore, we should manage to make the most of its benefits, while trying to avoid its harmful effects.
Model IV: Story Type Paragraph 1 描述文字+得出结论 It is quite obvious / apparent to all of us that the above story describes that 讲故事(
  2-3 句慨述. From this story, we can easily arrive at such conclusion that _结论(参考提示语). Paragraph 2 根据主题分类展开或举例说明 Undoubtedly, such case frequently occur in our daily life. A case in point is that . There is another example to illustrate this pooint. 例子 (也可根据主题分类, 参考前面的 models 1-
  3) Paragraph 3 作者的结论或评论 Based on what has been illustrated above, we should have a correct attitude towards 主题 ――(解释主题) (如 one’s life consists of lots of goals. )If we … , we will necessarily benefit a lot from it.
参考模板及范文(二) 如何造句及英语写作句型训练 考生造句标准和原则必须符合下列句型原则
  1. 基本句型
  2. 扩展句型
  3. 特殊句型 英语写作句型训练示范
  1. From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that advantages of bicycle far outweigh its disadvantages and it will still play essential roles in modern society. 通过以上讨论,我们可以得出结论:自行车的优点远大于缺点,并且在现代社会它仍将发挥重要作用。
  2. It is widely acknowledged that computer and other machines have become an indispensable part of our society, which make our life and work more comfortable and less laborious. 人们普遍认为计算机和其他机器已经成为我们社会必不可少的一部分。 它们使我们的生活更舒适,减少了大量劳动。
  3. There are several reasons for this problem. One of the main reasons is that the number of vehicles is increasing much more rapidly than building of roads. Another primary reason is that there seem to be too many private cars and not enough public buses. 关于这个问题,有很多原因。一个主要原因是车辆增加的数量远快于道路的建设。另一个主要原因是私家车过多而公 交车不够。
  4. Today an increasing number of people have realized that law education is of great importance. In order to keep law and order, every one of us is supposed to get a law education. 现在,愈来愈多的人认识到法制教育的重要性。为了维护社会治安 ,我们每人都应该接受法制教育。
  5. From what I have mentioned above, we can see clearly that violence on TV has great influence on youngsters' behavior.
  6. People differ in their attitudes towards failure. Faced with it, some of them can stand up to it, draw useful lessons from it and try hard to fulfill what they are determined to do. Others, however, lose heart and give in. 人们对失败持有不同的态度。面对失败,有人能够经得起考验,从失败中汲取教训,并努力去完成他们下定决心要做 的事情。然而,另一些人却丧失信心并退却了。
  7. Let's take cars for example. They not only pollute the air in cities, but make them crowded. Furthermore, they are responsible for a lot of traffic accidents. The noise made by cars disturbs the residents living on both sides of streets all day and night. 就拿汽车为例。汽车不仅污染城市空气,而且使城市拥挤不堪。此外,汽车造成许多交通事故。汽车所产生的噪音使 居住在街道两旁的居民日夜不得安宁。
  8. As is known to all, fake and inferior commodities harm the interests of consumers, and the progress of the society is based on harmony. 众所周知,假冒伪劣商品损害了消费者的利益, 社会的进步是以和谐为基础的。
  9. It is time the authorities concerned took proper steps to solve the traffic problems. Those who violate traffic regulations should be punished. 该是有关当局采取适当的措施来解决交通问题的时候了。那些违反交通规则的人应该受到处罚。
  10. There is no doubt that our educational system leaves something to be desired and that the qualities of our living have gone from bad to worse. Nothing is more important than to receive education. The more books we read, the more learned we become.. 毫无疑问,我们的教育制度令人不满意, 我们的生活品质也已经每况愈下。没有比接受教育更重要的事。 我们书读得 越多,我们越有学问。
参考模板及范文(三) 写作练习及参考范文
  1. Income Gap There has been a heated discussion over the growing income gap now. Some people hold that the gap is natural because it reflects different contributions that different people make in their work.. In their view, those people with high income work hard and long. Besides, these people bring high efficiency, and create more wealth. Accordingly, they deserve high pay. On the other hand, there are always some people who view this gap negatively. They believe that a lot of crimes happen as a result of this income gap. Some people make so little from their work that they risk taking criminal acts to get rich. In fact, experts have long found out that most cases of crime are directly related to low income. There is another point to back up a negative view against income gap. For most people, income gap may destroy the satisfaction that they obtain from work. As anything has two sides, so has the problem of income gap. Personally, I believe that this gap may motivate people to compete better in job market. When this gap is growing too wide, however, our government should make some policies to get rid of its negative consequences.
  2. How I Finance My College Education Nowadays, more and more young people have chances to receive higher education, but how to finance our college education has become something we have to deal with. We can get all the money from our parents. We can apply for a loan set up for college students?especially those whose parents are farmers or laid-off workers. Besides, we can also get the money independently by doing par-time jobs during summer or winter vacations. In addition, some of us can ask our parents for most
of the money and earn the rest in our spare time by taking up odd jobs. In my opinion, I prefer the last way to solve the problem. Being financed with most of the tuition and fees by my parents, I do not have to worry about the money. Thus I can concentrate on my study. What is more, by doing part-time jobs, I can make my campus life more interesting. I can make friends, improve my abilities and obtain more knowledge. Therefore, I choose this way to cover my tuition and fees. (177 words)

  3. Harmfulness of Fake Commodities Fake Commodities have almost found their way into every field. Compared with the genuine products, they have more attraction for the consumers because of their much lower prices. This, of course, causes great economic losses to the genuine-product manufacturers. Besides, as fake commodities are often of poor quality, they will damage the credibility of the genuine products. Fake Commodities also cause much trouble to consumers. For example, if something goes wrong with the fake commodities, consumers can not enjoy the free post-sale services provided by the genuine-product manufacturers, which may bring about economic losses to consumers. Furthermore, fake commodities can be dangerous and sometimes even involve the lives of consumers. For example, once some consumers were reported to have died after drinking fake wine. So fake commodities are a serious problem in our country which deserves attention from all angles. The legitimate producers should safeguard their legal rights by powerful precautions and, at the same time, try to improve their products and cut their prices so as to attract more consumers. The authorities should redouble their efforts to forbid the production and sale of fake commodities. Also, consumers should free themselves from the temptation by the cheaper fake commodities and not create any opportunities for them. (206 words)

  4. Innovatory Spirit With the rapid development of science and technology, the competition we are being faced with is becoming more and more fierce. This requires us to possess innovatory spirit which is not only the lifeline of businesses’ subsistence, because only constant innovation can make an enterprise superior to his rivals in such an competitive market, but also the foundation of a country’s development. If a country doesn’t innovate in science and technology, system and management, she must undoubtedly lag far behind other developed countries immediately. As far as I am concerned, innovatory spirit is something that we cannot develop without, especially in hi-tech and information age, because it can not only improve our life but also change our life. Of the many values that consist of our civilized society, such as honesty, kindness and so on, innovatory spirit may be the most important of all. Without it, there will be no progress, no colorful life and ultimately no modern society. Then, how should we cultivate the innovatory spirit? Here are a few suggestions, which may be of some help. For one thing, the government should set up a mechanism of innovation and encourage people to invent and create bravely. For another, the fund of risk investment should be provided by some organizations. Only in these ways will people carry forward the innovatory spirit in every field where they are working and studying. ( 230 )
  5. The significance of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games It is in Moscow on July 13 that Beijing succeeded in bidding for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. This great event cheered every Chinese in the world. As an international sports meeting, the 2008 Olympic Games is of great importance to China and Chinese people. There can be no doubt that the significance of the 2008 Olympic Games can be clearly seen in the following aspects. To begin
with, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will improve China’s inte



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