2011 年同等学力英语先导班讲义
2010 年同等学力人员申请硕士学位外国语水平全国统一考试 2010
Paper One 试卷一
Part I Dialogue Communication (10minutes, 10points, 1 for each) Section A Dialogue completion Directions: In this section, you will read 5 short incomplete dialogues between two Speakers, each followed by 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the answer that best suits the situation to complete the dialogue. Then make the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.
  1. A: Can you take over for me here for a little while? I have a friend coming to see me. B: I'd like to, but Ask Peter, he's not so occupied at this moment. A. how can I do it? B. that's alright. C.I have my hands full. D. that's impossible
  2. A: To get an outside line, just dial 0 and the phone number. Or we can place a Call for you, if you want. B: No, thanks a lot. A. Just put me through. B. I'll try it myself. C. I'd rather not. D. I'll appreciate your help.
  3. A: Now, it's just work, work, work. I work hard all day, every day. B: Oh, come on.. You're making a good salary now. A. Don't complain. B. Sorry to hear about it C. Anything I can do for you? D. What's your plan?
  4. A: Pamela, can you come to a meeting on Friday? B: . Let me check my schedule. When are you having it? A. No big deal. B. I'm not sure. C. Can I? D. Sure thing!
  5. A:I'm really getting fed up with the salespersons who keep calling. B: . A.I hope it's nothing serious. B. They are so stupid! C. So am I. It's so annoying. D. You are right. Forget it. Section B Dialogue Comprehension Directions: In this section, you will read 5 short conversations between a man and a woman. At the end of each conversation there to the question from the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best answer to the question from the 4 choices by marking the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.
  6. Man: I've figured it out. It looks like it'll take us about 5 hours to drive from here to Chicago. Woman: It'd be more relaxing to take the train. But I guess we should watch our expenses. Question: What does the woman imply? A. She likes to drive when she travels.
B. She doesn't want to go to Chicago. C. She doesn't know the cost of the train trip. D. It's cheaper to go to Chicago by car.
  7. Man: How about the examination last week? Woman: If I'd got more time, I could have made it. Question: What does the woman imply? A. She was asked to take another examination B. She failed the examination last week. C. She did quite well in the examination. D. She didn't take the examination last week.
  8. Man: Harvard or the State University, have you decided yet? Woman: Well, I'd rather be a big fish in a small pond. Question: Which university is the woman likely to choose? A. The State University. B. Harvard C. Neither D. She hasn't decided yet
  9. Man: I’ve just found a great location to open a new shop. Women: But you haven’t researched the market. Don’t you think this is putting the cart before the horse? Question: What does the woman mean? A. The man shouldn’t make the decision so quickly. B. It’s too risky to choose such a location. C. The man is doing thins in the wrong order. D. It’s possible for him to make a better choice.
  10. Women: My results are a bit flattering because I’ve had quite a lot of luck. Man: Nonsense, you’re head and shoulders above the others in your group Question: What does the man think is the reason for the woman’s success? A. She’s really lucky. B. She’s far better than the others. C. She’s got the others’ support. D. She’s been working hard. Part II Vocabulary Section A Directions: In this section there are 20 sentences, each with one word or phrase underlined. Choose the one from
the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D that best keeps the meaning of the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

  11. Betty was offended because she felt that her friends had ignored her purposefully at the party. A. desperately B. definitely C. deliberately D. decisively
  12. There has been enough playing around, so let’s get down to business. A. make a deal B. begin our work C. reach an agreement D. change our plan
  13. How is it possible for our human body to convert yesterday’s lunch into today’s muscle? A. alter B. develop C. modify D. turn
  14. It is important for families to observe their traditions even as their children get older. A. notice B. watch C. follow D. celebrate
  15. It is difficult to comprehend, but everything you have ever seen, smelt, heard or felt is merely your brain’s interpretation of incoming stimuli.
A. explanation B. evaluation C. recognition D. interruption
  16. Life is more important than the pressures and stresses that we place on ourselves over work and other commitments. A. appointments B. arrangements C. obligations D. devotions
  17. If you continue to indulge in computer games like this, your future will be at stake. A. in danger B. without question C. on guard D. at large
  18. Romantic novels, as opposed to realistic ones, tend to present idealized versions of life, often with a happy ending. A. in contrast to B. in regard to C. in terms of D. in light of
  19. Most people would agree that, although our age far surpasses all previous ages in knowledge, there has been no correlative increase in wisdom. A. improves B. precedes C. imposes D. exceeds
  20. Many students today display a disturbing willingness to choose institutions and careers on the basis of earning potential. A. offensive B. depressive C. troublesome D. tiresome
  21. My oldest son had just finished an holiday stay prior to moving to a new state, a new job , and the next chapter in his lift. A. enlarged B. expanded C. extended D. increased
  22. Blacks and American Indians less than 10% of students in the top30 business schools, while they are about 28% of the U.S population. A. make up B. take up C. reach out D. turn out
  23. With demand continuing to rise in economies such as China and India, energy traders believe that oil futures are a good bet. A. employing B. emerging C. embracing D. emitting
  24. Laws and regulations in each country have to be made the constitution of the country. A. in honor of B. in memory of C. in return for D. in line with
  25. The jury’s was that the accused was guilty. A. verdict B. sentence C. trial D. debate
  26. In English learning, a cycle occurs when a student makes more errors after being scolded. A. vertical B. vicious C. vivid D. vigorous
  27. Isn’t it when you learn something you’ve never known before? A. cool B. crazy C. cold D. cute
  28. There are several factors the rapid growth of sales promotion, particularly in consumer markets. A. resorting to B. appealing to C. applying to D. contributing to
  29. The Internet has been developing at a speed people's expectations in the past two decades. A. over B. of C. under D. beyond
  30. It is obvious that the sports games are no longer amateur affairs; the have become professionally . A. laid off B. laid out C. put off D. put out Part III Reading Comprehension (45 minutes, 30points, 1 for each) Directions: There are 5 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET. Passage One Loneliness has been linked to depression and other health problems. Now, a study says it can also spread. A
friend of a lonely person was 52% more likely to develop feelings of loneliness. And a friend of that friend was 25% more likely to do the same. Earlier findings showed that happiness, fatness and the ability to stop smoking can also grow like infections within social groups. The findings all come from a major health study in the American town of Framingham, Massachusetts. The study began in 1948 to investigate the causes of heart disease. Since then, more tests have been added, including measures of loneliness and depression. The new findings involved more than 5,000 people in the second generation of the Framingham Heart Study. The researchers examined friendship histories and reports of loneliness. The results established a pattern that spread as people reported fewer close friends. For example, loneliness can affect relationships between next-door neighbors. The loneliness spreads as neighbors who were close friends now spend less time together. The study also found that loneliness spreads more easily among women than men. Researchers from the University of Chicago. Harvard and the University of California, San Diego, did the study. The findings appeared last month in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The average person is said to experience feelings of loneliness about 48 days a year. The study found that having a lonely friend can add about 17 days. But every additional friend can decrease loneliness by about 5%, or two and a half days. Lonely people become less and less trusting of others. This makes it more and more difficult for them to make friendsand likely that society will reject them. John Cacioppo at the University of Chicago led the study. He says it is important to recognize and deal with loneliness. He says people who have been pushed to the edges of society should receive help to repair their social networks. The aim should be to aggressively create what he calls a "protective barrier" against loneliness. This barrier, he says, can keep the whole network from coming apart.
  31. Besides loneliness, which of the following can also spread among people? A. Friendship B. Happiness C. Depression D. Smoking
  32. The Framingham Heart Study starting from 19
  48. A. expanded its research topics B. involved 5,000 patients of depression C. identified loneliness as one key factor for heart disease D. examined the relationship between loneliness and depression
  33. Which of the following is true about the spread of loneliness? A. It leads to a gradual loss of friends. B. It is a common phenomenon among women. C. It is often found in the neighborhood. D. It ruins the relationships between close friends.
  34. Having a lonely friend, you are more likely to . A. strengthen your friendship B. develop new friendship C. Increase the sense of loneliness D. reduce the sense of loneliness
  35. According to John Cacioppo at the University of Chicago, loneliness can. A. result in aggressiveness B. Cause people to be overprotective
C. Infect social networks D. Push people to the verge of poverty
  36. What is the main idea of the passage? A. Loneliness can spread. B. Loneliness is linked to depression. C. Lonely people tend to grow fat. D. Lonely people need more friends. Passage Two California has a new program called the Digital Textbook Initiative. "Starting this fall with high school math and science, we will be the first state in the nation to provide schools with a state-approved list of digital textbooks." That was Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in June. talking about his effort to get schools to use materials available free online. He listed reasons why he thinks digital textbooks make sense. California approves traditional textbooks in six-year cycles. Digital ones can offer the latest information. They lighten the load of school bags. They save paper and tress, and make learning more fun and interactive. And above all, he said they help schools with their finances. The state has had to make severe cuts in school spending because of deep financial problems. More than six million students attend California public schools. Earlier this year, California invited content developers to offer digital math and science materials for high schools. These had to meet at least 90% of the state's learning requirements. Specially trained teachers examined 16 textbooks and approved ten of them. Six of the ten were published by the CK12 Foundation, a nonprofit group that had been developing digital science and math books for about two years. The foundation paid teachers and other education professionals to write and edit them. The money came from a group financed by the Khosla Family. California cannot require schools to use the digital textbooks. Individual school districts will have to decide for themselves. Susan Martimo, a California Department of Education official, says she does not expect widespread use right away. He best guess is that some schools with a lot of technology will be the first to use them, but only in addition to their traditional books. School administrators point out that the texts may be free online, but students need a way to access them. Not everyone has a computer or electronic reader. Schools could print out copies, but that would not help the environment. Also, there is the cost to train teachers to use digital textb



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