漫画“瞎子摸到了真象” 影射国际对于中国认识的前后变化。
范文演示:Introduced as a widely known Chinese fable “Blind men and an Elephant”, it tells us never to draw a conclusion from incomplete data. For tremendous years, people outside China could only get narrow and unilateral knowledge about China, leaving a real China far from being unveiled. Nevertheless, the past 2008 Beijing Olympics was the very and perfect time to lift the curse.
  For most people who are non-Chinese, they tend to have a picture of Chinese who are just Confucius-like, living in a highly polluted place or even having no freedom to speak in public, etc. Reasons behind are usually the following two: one is that westerners are not so eager to learn about China just as our Chinese do about them, the limited information that reached them are mostly outdated or biased one which were more often than not stipulated by a third party with a special interest; the other is that Chinese government were not so open as the one today and did inadequate publicity about its country, thus the image of China is always kind of mysterious to outsiders, then the image depicted above about China, though misleading, is understandable.
  However, the grand Olympic Games provide an golden opportunity for people around the world to see a complete and “brand-new”China. Therefore, a better world characterized by harmony between China and all the other countries is to come.

漫画“相互推卸责任” 影射食品安全事件中的社会责任感和道德感缺失。
重点推荐: the lack of responsibility
  范文演示:When the issue of poisonous milk powder gains an overwhelming focus from the public, what are these malefactors doing? As we can see from the depiction, enterprise, milk station, milch cow and even grass are trying to find someone scapegoating for this credit crisis, in my view point, that’s nothing to do with the credit but the problem of responsibility.
  Responsibility is a keyword that we should never disregard, defined not only as the courage to face every foreseeable risk, but as the braveness to entail every malpractice when it really takes place as well. The causes of the shortage of responsibility or even conscience may be as follows. Firstly, inner cause ascribing probably to the destructive influence emanating from the decay of morality may result in the over-materialism .Furthermore, outerly , deficient supervisal gives rise to the fearless adventurer who is at the risk of anything ,not to say to deviate from his own liability ,to pursue as many as profits. A case in point is the Melamine-laced Milk Incident which almost destroyed the whole of China’s milk industry.
  It is imperative that drastic measures should be taken to end this thorny situation, such as enacting related law to reinforce our supervisal mechanism to avoid the behavior of kicking the ball when something bad happen and promoting social entities to regain one of Chinese traditional virtues, which is called “who would enter the hell if I wouldn’t”,that means, undoubtedly, to learn to be responsible for the blunder means sensible unflinchingness.

漫画“把我整成**明星的样子” 影射整容现象以及山寨现象

  KEYWORDS: “Shanzhai” or “copycat”(山寨)
  As is indicated in the illustration given above, one well-known historical notability named Li Kui is being astonished by his another-self, who is standing in the opposite side, with a disgraceful note in his hand announcing “giving you the parallel experience as the original edition could pay”. So, paid for what? Definitely, he would be paid for his special reputation as a so-called “Copycat Big Star” or “Shanzhai Superstar” which is rampant in today’s China.
  The trend of the variety of human culture is unchangeable even without the action delivered by human beings ascribing to the various individualities themselves, so is this round of culture revolution. The novelties emanating from the “Copycat Culture”“Shanzhai Movie”, “Shanzhai Camera” and even “Shanzhai Celebration of Spring Festival” have brought a lot of entertainment to the public to some extent, but what we should never be blind to is their negative influence if they go to extremes hypothetically. Just as the exemplification demonstrated in the cartoon goes, “Shanzhai Star” is taking advantage of the fame or profitable value generating from the true superstar, sometimes this kind of behavior is a typical infringement to the intellectual property indeed, which we can never fail to recognize from TV programs or newspapers always.
  Then, the question goes to another orientation, that is, whether or not should we admit the existence of “Copycat Culture” or to what extent could we make efforts to protect the rights of original authority? It goes with no denying that the engine of the development of a country is subject to the nation’s creative power, which needs the much strongest protection from no matter government or civilian to fight with any behavior ravaging this kind of ecological balance. Fortunately, the first good news has been coming in “a unique 15-digit code, the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), is being applied to China’s more than 200 types of registered mobile phones. The effort will combat “Shanzhai” mobile phones, or copycat phones, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said recently. ”
  Last year we achieved a 15% increase in the sales of our . we believe that this happy state of affairs can be attributed to two causes. First, we managed to avoid passing on any part of our increased manufacturing costs to our majestic clients. Second, we believe our designs and colors are the most attractive that we have ever produced.
  And so we are happy to be able to tell you that our new season’s are, if anything, more attractive than last year’s and our prices will compare very favorably with those of any of our competitors. We believe that you will agree that our samples prove the truth of our claims.
  We look forward for you to favor us an order.
  Could you give us some idea about your price?
  Full information as to prices, quality, quantity available and other relative particulars would be highly appreciated.
  It will be greatly appreciated if you will kindly send us your samples.
  However, we find that we can obtain a price less by 30% than yours with local firm.
  Dear Sir or Madam,
  I, the undersigned, am a job applicant who had participated in the interview held by your company last Wednesday. I feel bad to trouble you but I am afraid that I have to make a complaint about this jod-striving experience.
  The reason for my dissatisfaction has nothing to do with the outcome but the tone of your interviewer, Mr Wang. First, when I was about to illuminating my deep thought, he began to blame on my so-called nonsense according to his perspective. Additionally, his cynical eyesight always made me feel that I am a reject , after all, I am a novice who has stepped into this ruthless carrer world for the first time.
  I appreciate it very much if you could take my letter into consideration, what I really want is just an apology delivered from him,and I would like to have this matter settled by this Friday.
   Li Ming



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