学年曹杨中学 曹杨中学高三年级英语试卷 2010 学年曹杨中学高三年级英语试卷 (考试时间:120 分钟 试卷分值:150 分) 考试时间 试卷分值
II. Grammar and Vocabulary Section A Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.
  25. In recent years much more emphasis has been put developing the students productive skills. A. onto B. in C. over D. on
  26. Passengers fasten their seat belts and remain in their seats when the plane is taking off. A. shall B. might C. need D. would
  27. Of all the books on the shelf in that bookstore, is of any use for our English study. A. nothing B. either C. neither D. none
  28. With aging parents and young children, a growing number of Americans find themselves in the middle. A. being caught B. having been caught C. caught D. catching
  29. Americans eat vegetables per person today as they did in 19
  10. A. more than twice B. as twice as many C. twice as many as D. more than twice as many
  30. The number of deaths from heart disease will be reduced greatly if people to eat more fruit and vegetables. A. persuade B. will persuade C. are persuaded D. were persuaded
  31. The dangerous chemical should be put in the place is inaccessible to children. A. where B. when C. in which D. which
  32. We’d like to know a businesswoman like your age has succeeded in remaining beautiful. A. what it is that B. what is it that C. how it is that D. how is it that
  33. Mayor will make an inspection of our school on Monday, you can tell him how hard the situation is. A. where B. which C. when D. that
  34. Mr. Green is said an experiment to prove the new method of solving the problem when young. A. to have done B. to do C. to be doing D. to have been doing
  35. The performance of the host, to please the audience and draw their attention, was greeted with a cold silence, however. A. designed B. had designed C. to design D. being designed
  36. which way to take, the little boy behaved like a real gentleman who comforted his sister from time to time.
A. Leaving to wonder B. Having left to wonder C. Left wondering D. Left to wonder
  37. to advertising usually creates in one’s mind a self-interest and a restless attempt to become more comfortable. A. Exposed B. Exposing oneself C. Being exposed oneself D. Exposed oneself
  38. The book has been translated into thirty languages since it on the market in 19
  73. A. had come B. has come C. came D. comes
  39. If a child is not disciplined, he’ll never learn that life is sometimes hard, even unfair, ? A. won’t he B. isn’t he C. will he D. is he
  40. some people try to protect examination in the name of equality, others, still in the name of equality, want only to destroy it. A. While B. After C. Just as D. Once Section B Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need. A. predicting B. temporary C. poured D. flow E. Despite F. steps G. Because of H. supplies I. constantly J. snaking After more than 1 million visitors visited the Shanghai World Expo site on Saturday, another 700,000-plus __41__ in on Sunday, pushing attendance figures to over 65 million. The Urban Best Practices Area, which had been attracting 15 to 20 percent of Expo visitors, had long queues _42 __ around pavilions and the total number of pavilion visits exceeded 1 million on Saturday, or over 30 percent of total visits to all the Expo pavilions. Sun Liansheng, director of the UBPA, said they had not taken measures to control visitor __43__ before, but railings had been put up in front of every pavilion to keep the queues in order. With Expo authorities __44__ that about 500,000 visitors would visit the next day, Sun said they would keep the railings up and even consider extending their length for the next rush of visitors expected the following weekend. The Expo authorities managed to cope with the huge number of visitors over the weekend thanks to the broadcasting system which __45__ advised visitors which pavilions had smaller queues and which they should not visit because of too many people. The Expo Bureau said that they would ask restaurants inside the Expo site to prepare more food and increase food __46__. To cut queuing times to get into the Expo site, there will be two security guards at each entry point. __47__ the addition of 20 more buses, visitors had to wait around at least half an hour if they wanted to travel across the Huangpu River, which splits the Expo site into
two sections. On the Metro, more trains were running at night while some of the 12 stations which connected to the Expo site imposed __48__ restrictions on passengers. And no passengers were allowed into the Yaohua Road station on Line 7 and 8 for safety concerns. “Everything will be okay as a result of the many __49__ we have taken,” Sun said. He said more measures were under consideration and details would be announced that day. III. Reading Comprehension Section A Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. Children model themselves largely on their parents. They do so mainly through identification. Children _50__ with a parent when they believe they have the qualities and feelings that are characteristic of that parent. The things parents do and say?and the _51_ they do and say to them?therefore strongly influence a child’s _52_ . However, parents must consistently behave like the type of person they want their child to become. A parent’s actions __53__ affect the self-image that a child forms through identification. Children who see mainly positive qualities in their __54 will likely learn to see themselves in a positive way. Children who observe chiefly __55__ qualities in their parents will have difficulty seeing positive qualities in themselves. Children may __56__ their self-image, however, as they become increasingly __57__ by peers groups standards before they reach
  13. Isolated events, __58__ dramatic ones, do not necessarily have a __59__ effect on a child’s behavior. Children interpret such events according to their established attitudes and previous training. Children who know they are loved can, __60, accept the __61__ of their parent’s or a parent’s early death. But if children feel unloved, they may interpret such events as a sign of __62_ or punishment. In the same way, all children are not influenced alike by toys and games, reading matter, and television programs. __63__ in the case of a dramatic change in family relations, the __64__ of an activity or experience depends on how the child interprets it.
  50. A. qualify B. recognize C. classify D. identify
  51. A. gesture B. expression C. way D. extent
  52. A. behavior B. words C. mood D. reactions
  53. A. in turn B. also C. nevertheless D. as a result
  54. A. eyes B. parents C. peers D. behaviors
  55. A. negative B. cheerful C. various D. complex
  56. A. modify B. copy C. give up D. continue
  57. A. mature B. influenced C. unique D. independent
  58. A. not B. besides C. even D. finally
  59. A. short-term B. temporary C. contemporary D. permanent

  60. A. luckily
  61. A. divorce
  62. A. injection
  63. A. So
  64. A. result
B. for example B. rewards B. rejection B. Because B. influence
C. at most C. advice C. conclusion C. Though C. scale
D. theoretically D. award D. consideration D. As D. cause
Section B Directions: Read the following four passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. A Here’s an unusual story: a diamond ring was recently found in an egg.The magician, Liu Qian, discovered it, in front of an audience of millions at CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala. Liu’s magic tricks have made the centuries-old art of magic fashionable once again,and made him the hottest magician in China. As a seasoned young magician from Taiwan, Liu is popular worldwide for his magic shows.Countries he has performed in include the United States, Japan, South Korea and the UK. Witnessing something impossible happen right before your eyes is the root of people’s love for magic. Liu is known for his interaction with his audiences. He has a unique understanding of showmanship (演出技巧). “It’s actually thinking rather than one’s controlling skills”, that is more important to achieving a successful magic show. We think carefully about how to design the shows creatively, to make them appear more interesting, Liu said. Liu Qian’s success dated back to his childhood. Born in 1976 in Taiwan, he found himself attracted to a magic toy in a shop when he was seven years old.At the age of 12, he won Taiwan’s Youth Magic Contest, which was judged by the great American magician, David Copperfield. Yet, Liu never planned on becoming a professional magician.He studied Japanese literature at university and only hoped to be an amateur magician in his spare time.However, his failure to find a proper job after graduation pushed him towards magic as a career. To refine his performing skills, he has performed on streets, roads and fields, for passers-by, policemen and farmers. “Street shows are the biggest challenge for us magicians. We have to deal with unexpected situations and tough crowds,” Liu said.
  65.The story is mainly about. A.how Liu Qian became China’s hottest magician B.why people love magic C.what magic tricks are D.how fashionable magic is
  66.People love to watch magic because.
A.they can’t figure out the secret of magic B.it arouses their curiosity C.they love watching magicians make the impossible happen D.it is a centuries-old art
  67. Which of the following is the key reason why Liu Qian decided to make magic his career? A.He was interested in magic when he was young. B.He had won Taiwan’s Youth Magic Contest. C.He became all amateur magician in his spare time. D.He couldn’t find an acceptable job after graduation. B Attention Tim Hortons Stainless Steel Travel Mug Owners Lid Recall--15 oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug A fault at the cup has been recognized.The fault may result in some lids lifting slightly from the body of the mug, and could probably cause injury from hot liquid leaking.Therefore, we have given an immediate lid recall notice. This recall notice is related only to Tim Hortons15 oz stainless Steel Travel Mugs sold between October 2005 and January 20
  06.The bottom of the mug is stamped with distributor's(经销 商)name, Thermo Serv.There is no printing on the handle of the mug. At Tim Hortons, we value our customers’ safety above anything else. So, whether your lid is leaking or not, in the interest of your safety, we are requesting that you bring your mug to your nearest Tim Hortons(excluding Esso Tim Hortons), where they will exchange the lid for a new lid that fits safely.The new lids will be available February l, 20
  06. Please do not use your mug until you exchange the lid. Here’s what you do: ● Please do not use your mug until you have exchanged the lid for a new one. ● New lids will be available February 2, 20
  06. ● Return your travel mug to a Tim Hortons store. ● Your lid will be exchanged for a new lid. If you prefer to return the entire mug,bring it back at any time for a full repayment. If you have any questions regarding his recall,please contact us at: Toll Free Number: l?888?508 一 77l7 8: 30 a. m.~5: 00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Tim Hortons
  68.This advertisement is trying to . A.introduce a new type of mugs B.persuade people to buy a new steel mug lid C.inform people of exchanging a lid D.warn against the danger of using the faulty mug .
  69.The advertisement is mainly aimed at those who
A.often travel around B.have 15 oz Stainless mugs C.want to buy 1 5 oz Stainless mugs D.are selling the Tim Hortons mugs
  70.Your lid will be exchanged for a new one . A.if the distributor’s name is on the handle of the mug B.if you go to the nearest Esso Tim Hortons C.if you bought the mug in February 2006 D.if your lid is not leaking
  71.According to the advertisement, which of the following statements is NOT true? A.People should stop using the Tim Hortons15 oz stainless steel travel mug immediately. B.People can return the lid between October 2005 and January 20
  06. C.People can get the money back if they return the faulty mug. D.Tim Hortons does its duty to care about the customers’ safety. C Scientists have devised a way to determine roughly where a person has lived using a strand(缕)of hair, a technique that could help track the movements of criminal suspects or unidentified murder victims. The method relies on measuring how chemical variations in drinking water show up in people’s hair. “You’re what you eat and drink, and that’s recorded in your hair,” said Thure Cerling, a geologist at the University of Utah. While U.S. diet is relatively identical, water supplies vary. The differences result from weather patterns. The chemical c



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